PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Holiday Box – NOW AVAILABLE!

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PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Holiday Box
PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Holiday Box

The PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Holiday Box is now on sale! It’s $100 and just went on sale! If you’ll recall the PopSugar Neiman Marcus Must Have Box sold out FAST (in less than 12 hours) and while I expect that they have more of these boxes available, I expect it to sell out as well (maybe not as fast though, but I really have no idea).

Are you planning to order? What are you hoping for in this one? It says it will be delivered mid-December, so just in time for the holidays! If you want to order this Limited Edition Box or the regular monthly PopSugar Must Have Box, click here. Don’t forget that PopSugar is increasing the prices on their monthly boxes beginning on 11/4, so if you’ve been waiting to order, don’t delay (use code REFER5 to save $5 on a one month subscription or SQUAD10 to save $10 off a 3-month subscription).

If you are interested in checking out last’s years PopSugar Must Have Holiday Box (this was called the Luxury Box), click here. And if you still have your heart set on that PopSugar Neiman Marcus Must Have Box, head over to their Facebook page because they are giving away a box each week until the contents are revealed on 11/21/13.

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  1. Lisa D

    ugh IDK!!! no idea what is in it??

    1. Lisa D

      ugh I purchased it

      1. Jennifer

        It didn’t take you long to crack.

    2. Jennifer

      Nope. Not yet anyway.

  2. Mrs. L

    Yeah. Got one. Couldn’t resist.

    1. Jennifer

      At least you were able to spend some of the money you saved by not buying the NM box!

  3. Alyssa

    I bought one and resubbed for three months hopefully a November box becomes available if not o well I’m sure December will be awesome!

    1. Jennifer

      Hopefully it does!

  4. Bre

    Got one! Yay! (I’m almost done with Christmas shopping too!)

    1. Jennifer

      That’s awesome!

  5. Melissa Hammons

    Bought it immediately! I didn’t even need to see spoilers. Couldn’t risk it selling out!

    1. Jennifer

      Me either. I know I want whatever is in it.

  6. Kam

    I was so unhappy with the Fall Luxury Box that I don’t want to gamble again.

    My bag was a hideous pattern and smelled moldy. They sent a replacement. The replacement was the same hideous pattern and also smelled moldy. It made me sneeze.

    The pallette was available for 8$ on hautelook.

    The cookies were crushed.

    The bubble bath can was dented, they sent a replacement which was great.

    Overall, while I was grateful they replaced items, even if they were still defective, I didn’t feel like the value was there. Maybe if the bag hadn’t caused an allergic reaction and looked like the 80s threw up on it? 😉 😛

    If I hadn’t wasted money on the fall box, I would have maybe considered the NM box. But now for another seasonal box? Very hesitant. Disappointed too bc the summer box looked great.

    I subbed for 3 months of the regular box, and while I’ve enjoyed it, the quality of boxes this year vs last year is down. I don’t see myself resubbing after Jan.

    1. Jennifer

      I NEED to see the print on this bag!!!!

      1. Lindy

        Me too! I got a Black/red/yellow South Western Ikat type pattern. While I really don’t like it, the fabric was so sturdy and well made, it has become my new daily work bag…

        1. Jennifer

          Some of the bags were wild!

  7. Caroline

    I regrettably passed on the NM box but I could not pass on this one! My sister & I decided to both buy one and gift them to one another for Christmas, so we save money on buying gifts because, let’s face it, we both had to have one regardless!

    1. Jennifer

      That’s an awesome idea!

  8. Lisa D

    OHHHH I hope I am not disappointed. I didn’t like the Luxury Box from last year….but hey whatever. Make for great gifts.

    1. Lisa D

      I didn’t get the luxury box from 2012- just viewed the link from Jen

    2. Genevieve

      I didn’t either but I ordered before I looked! Lol!

  9. Genevieve

    I just blindly ordered it without bothering to think. I’ll want it and it’ll be sold out if I don’t!

    1. Jennifer

      This is true.

  10. Judy

    Ugh I just bought my first limited edition box! After the NM price point, spending $100 didn’t seem quite as bad. I justified it by knowing I could probably trade or sell anything I don’t like. I’m just hoping that the curation of this box doesn’t fall on the wayside with all the effort going into the NM box…hopefully I’ll like everything. Oh no, the guilt is setting in. lol.

    1. Jennifer

      Don’t feel guilty!! You are right, anything you don’t love you can easily trade or gift!!

  11. Jill

    I ordered for my best friend for her birthday. *Nervous* I hope it’s good!

    1. Jennifer

      You are a good friend!!

  12. Kelsey Ellen

    I want it so bad but I can’t justify it.. and i’m pretty sure N would kill me if it showed up on our doorstep. I’ve been smuggling all of my online purchases into the house as-is… and have 3(!!) boxes scheduled to show up tomorrow…. though if it’s still around Friday when I get paid I have a feeling it’s all over…

    1. Jennifer

      I bet it’s still up tomorrow. You’ll be getting that box!

      1. Kelsey

        lol why do i know you’re right? LOL

  13. Adrienne A.

    Thanks for the heads up on the Facebook contest! I can’t quite see spending even $100 on a luxury box, but a free one sounds pretty awesome!

  14. Sheena W.

    I ordered this one & the Neiman Marcus box! Im SUPER excited for when they come in Nov & Dec! Some Christmas gifts for myself 🙂

    P.S. Thank you so much Jennifer for this blog, without it, my mail box runs would be a bore! I would’ve never known about some of these boxes if it wasn’t for your reviews!

    1. Jennifer

      Awww, thank you! Your mail box must have been so sad before!

  15. Nich

    Once again, I missed out and payday is tomorrow and I was hoping it wouldn’t sell out and I would be able to purchase a box . Why aren’t there more boxes available, uggg!

    1. Jennifer

      Boo!!!! Maybe PopSugar will give some away??

      1. Nich

        They have a contest on FB and I’m not on FB:(
        Oh well, maybe I will snag a luxury box in the new year. Everyone enjoy your luxury boxes.

        1. Jennifer

          Just make an account!!

  16. Emi

    Arg, pooooop. I wanted one but have been away from the computer for a few days and UGHHH DARN ITTTTT
    I avoided the Neiman Marcus for this one too.
    Oh well 100 dollars my husband can’t complain about.

    1. Jennifer


  17. Rachel Wagner

    I have loved my pop sugar must have boxes. One of my favorites. It’s so well rounded. I just had to order the holiday one. I have several holiday boxes and am saving them to open on Christmas. Present to me! 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      That should be a fun morning!

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