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It’s time for another edition of Tuesday Troubles. I’ve said it before, but this should be named “things i’m annoyed / confused / want to complain about”, however I couldn’t figure out how to make any of those into a snappy title, so Tuesday Troubles it is. And yes, I do realize that these aren’t true “troubles”. I know that many of these for sure could be defined as first world problems!

~I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here, but my hair girl is gone. Like she doesn’t work at the salon anymore and I don’t know where to find her. I ask where she went and all I get is she’s not here anymore. I know they KNOW where she is (i.e. at another salon), but no one is talking. Grr. L, B and I all went to her and we really liked her. The boys have been going to a different girl there, but L’s not as big of a fan of hers. So where’s Dana? How can I find her? And why, after all those years of seeing her, do I not know her last name???

~Did anyone else see this on TMZ with Tommy Hilfiger about washing your jeans? Never?  I mean really?  I can see going, cough, cough, “a few” wears (okay a lot), but never??  How often do you wash your jeans?  It does totally suck just after you wash them.  You get them broken in all perfect and then you dump food on them and grr, you need to wash!

~I was going to post about my “troubling” experience in buying an Erin Condren (*) planner, but I finally got it figured out.  I say “trouble” because it was all on my end.  I could NOT decide what cover to order.  I’ve seriously been thinking about this for weeks. I go to the site, stare at it for awhile, close the page, come back the next day, etc.  I settled on the “zig zag” with an orange background sine that will match my office.  LOL!!!  Do you ever troubles like this?  Why is picking something like this SO hard???  I’ve made much harder life decisions in like 1/20th of the time.

~Does anyone know why my FB  doesn’t post comments in the order in which they were received in a thread?  They are seriously all over the place and I can’t figure out who posted what when or what’s it’s supposed to be related to.  Do I need to switch something?? Because I can’t stand getting a notification for a new comment and then not being able to find it!

~Does anyone have any ideas for a quick / easy / cheap Halloween custom for a 5 year-old boy?  I just ordered L’s costume yesterday, but we have a Halloween event this weekend and I don’t think I will have it in time.  Any ideas???

That’s it from here for now! What’s troubling you today?

(*) There is a coupon code “GIFT20” right now that lets returning customers save $20. I had an EC planner last year, switched to Plum Paper Designs this year and like it, but I wanted to go back to a thicker cover for 2014.
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  1. alison

    I saw that on TMZ about Tommy Hilfiger and the jeans and I was like uhh no way… then I thought – he probably has endless amounts of Jeans. Like I have 8 pairs and only like 2 right now. Tommy probably has 100 in his closet at his main home. And I wonder if he has a ridiculous laundry room – where they have tide to go (or some version) his food stains on jeans to avoid washing them.
    So I googled easy boy costumes and looked around and I don’t know if this will be “easy” or if L would go for it…. but look at the gnome costumes for boys. Blue shirt, some pants, a belt or suspenders, white beard, and a red hat that could be made. The google image pictures are so funny/cute!

  2. Krystal

    One of my besties cuts hair at Angela Mark on Hayes. Her name is Annette. She does a great job 🙂

  3. Tabitha

    Hair girl…I think you gotta start googling her, trying all kinds of combinations of works like “salon” or “hair” and hope you get a hit. It’s a bummer you don’t know her last name or it would be so much easier, but now that I think about it I don’t know my hair girl’s last name either. You can also call the previous salon and act totally clueless…like you had an idea of where she went but forgot.

    TMZ…was Tommy being serious? Months without washing jeans seems a bit excessive and gross, doesn’t it? Maybe if I was rich and famous, I would change my jeans a billion times a day and it wouldn’t matter, but really…never?! IDK about that. I totally am with you though on a few wears though.

  4. Judy

    I had the same issue! I did something to fix it, but I can’t remember what. I think there was a pull down option within the thread itself where you could rearrange the order of the comments in order of posting rather than most commonly liked!

  5. April K

    I wash my jeans after a couple wears. Mostly 2-3 wears because they stretch out and I’m constantly pulling them up. Then I wash them and put them in the dryer and need a jeans-horn (reference: shoe horn) to get them back on. It’s usually a lose lose situation for me and my big butt. At least my jeans are clean.
    Eww Tommy. Eww.

  6. Gina F.

    I work with kids and wear jeans a lot. There is no way I could go past a wear or two…gross.

  7. Jill

    I wash my jeans after every wear. I just thought that was the norm…I had no idea people did otherwise. Eek!

  8. Ally

    It wasn’t until a couple years ago that I realized you don’t need to wash jeans after every wear. I probably go 2-3 times of wear now.

    Also, I have always wondered about your FB comments…

  9. Hmm costume ideas …. how about super hero which you only need the super man or batman logo on a plain shirt and a cape ! smurf cracks me up and just wear all blue with a white hat . or what about ghost or mummy or something like that !

  10. Steph Pilbeam

    About Tommy and his jeans: 1) yeah, he probably has tons and does not think about it, but does he ever wash any of his clothes. I’m sure someone does that for him.b) in general, ew. Jeans get dirty like anything else, I personally don’t want smelly,dirty clothes on me. And if they are not quality enough to handle a washing( cold, gentle, air dry for more delicate, nice things) then I’m not to pleased with that brand. 3) jeans are supposed to have a certain toughness in my mind. I love them and wear them all sorts of places. I’d hate to miss an experience because I might get my jeans dirty and can’t wash my jeans.
    About the costume: black/dark long shirt and matching like pants/sweats. Make a skeleton with wite felt along the clothes and use face paint for face to make skull. The felt does not need any real perfection. Make it simple and it adds to the cute charm. even better if you can find glow in the dark felt, then use glow face paint. Use stitch witchery or other easy fabric glue of afix bits onto clothing.
    Or you can make a pirate costume. Less damaging to current clothing, go to a dollar store ( where every thing is a dollar. Get the sword, bandana,scarves if you don’t have any just right. Place the bandana on head. Draw in beard, mustash, thick eyebrows, however works for you. Place scarves around waist. Make fake treasure map out of paper in house and tuck in waist wrap. Add any accessories as found, hoop earring, hook hand act.
    Or green clothes with green face paint as lizard dragon, or dinasour, option for green felt to further effect. Frankenstine. Brown pants, wrap felt around bottom of legs in color similar to shoes he already has to make it boot looking( can do for pirate as well), lighter shirt and face paint for face something silvery for bolts, and eyeliner to draw stitching pattern on face.
    Dracula, black paints, white shirt. Maybe cape at dollar store, or cut plastic black table cloth to make cape. Color hair with spray in color-black, or cheap wig. Draw in widows peak black with eye liner or part of makeup kit. Add fangs by drawing in. Red drops at end if want to for “blood”. Red ribbon and broach for collar. Can be cheapo one from dollar store or use old tacky jewelry, lost earring act. Something red matches theme.
    Hope this helps 😉

  11. Stephanie

    Costume for L. Mine is going as a handy man this year. He picked it. I went in his playroom, got a bunch of his tools, tool box, tool belt, a hard hat, jeans and a plaid shirt. Done. He looked super cute in his pictures. It cost me nothing.

  12. Patty

    Jennifer, my hair guy dropped off the face of the earth! Our whole family went to him, too. I literally have not gotten my hair cut in six months because I don’t want anyone else to do it, and I’m in denial that he’s gone. Gone! Why, God, Why??? Kidding. But seriously, I’m sad.

  13. Ashley C.

    i didn’t see the bit on not washing jeans EVER … but I have heard that as long as its not a big mess that needs to be washed out, you can actually fold them gently and place them in the freezer for a short amount of time. I doesn’t really CLEAN them, so to speak, but kills bacteria, and supposedly leaves them feeling “crisp” like they were just washed. I haven’t tried it though …

  14. Amanda

    I thought I had to post a comment because I am in the don’t wash my jeans club. I repeat, I DO NOT WASH MY JEANS. I used to go through jeans every few months, they’d stretch out, wear holes, or just not fit right anymore. I skip the washer, and every week or so just throw them in the dryer, inside out, on a medium heat cycle. It’s hot enough to kill any bacteria, so they aren’t gross or smelly, but they also fit like brand new jeans. I’ve had friends that have done the soak, where you wear your jeans while in a cool bath to “shape them” before washing them, and I’ve had other friends put them in the freezer. Jean rituals are silly!

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