November Birchbox Man Review – “More Good”

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November Birchbox Man Review
November Birchbox Man Review

It was another crazy mail day around here (Christmas gifts I’ve ordered are arriving and are in BIG boxes) and one of the packages I received was B’s November Birchbox Man! I always open it before B gets to it so I can pictures of it all and then package it all back up so B can open it in peace.

November Birchbox Man Review
The Box

Birchbox Man ships via Newgistics (which is delivered by USPS) and took around a week to arrive. That’s about the standard for Birchbox (for me anyway), so I try not to stalk my tracking too much. It doesn’t help ;).

November Birchbox Man Review
The Box in the Box

This month’s Birchbox Man shipped in a larger box than normal. We’ve been getting Birchbox for a little over a year and I don’t think we’ve ever gotten a different sized box.

November Birchbox Man Review
First Look

I thought I knew what I was getting since I peeked when the boxes were first posted, but the actual box picture wasn’t posted yet (just the individual products were).  I was even more excited when I opened the box because it was a tad different (better) than it showed online!

November Birchbox Man Review
The Information Card

The November Birchbox Man theme is “More Good” and includes brands that do good in unique ways.  The card also referenced Birchbox’s Movember Team and invites everyone to participate and raise money for charity (which will be matched by Birchbox). B received Box #20 (*) this month which included the following:

~Baxter of California After Shave Gel ($9): This works as both a postshave balm and a moisturizer.  I think one of the best things about B joining the National Guard is that he won’t be able to grow some crazy beard and keep it for some crazy long time.  This will come in handy and of course, I love the name ;).

November Birchbox Man Review
Baxter of California After Shave Gel

~Billy Jealousy Combination Code Face Moisturizer ($8.67): B received the facial cleanser from this line a few months back and really enjoyed it.  It keeps oil in check and wrinkles at bay.  And it smells really good too!

November Birchbox Man Review
Billy Jealousy Combination Code Face Moisturizer

~English Laundry Notting Hill ($1.75): This is described as a citrus fragrance with notes of lime, jasmine and cedarwood.  B thought it was on the strong side, but I liked it.  It probably isn’t my favorite scent we’ve gotten from Birchbox, but I don’t hate it either.

November Birchbox Man Review
English Laundry Notting Hill

~Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes ($1.20):  This is never something B would use daily.  I mean he might want to, but it’d be way too expensive.  But for emergencies and travel?  Yeah, I can see these working out perfect!

November Birchbox Man Review
Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes

~Bombas Socks ($9/each – $18): This is what I was excited about!  I was expecting to receive only one pair of socks, but we got two!  Both the ankle and the calf socks.  When I was growing the boxes I was originally sad because we didn’t get the candle, but now that we have two pairs of socks, that’s all been forgotten.  B didn’t need a mandle anyway ;).

November Birchbox Man Review
Bombas Socks

All totaled, B’s November Birchbox Man had a value of $38.62, (NOT including points for doing reviews and purchasing the box itself (**) – which would bring the value up to $45.62!  Birchbox Man is $20/month and as always, this month’s box was well over the cost of the box itself.  This is one of my favorite BB Man boxes in months.  Everything is totally practical and totally usable and I love that!

Did you get a Birchbox Man box this month?  Which box did you get?  And if you have yet to sign up for Birchbox Man but have been thinking about it, click here to check it out in more detail. Also, Birchbox just launched their Holiday Shop which is totally worth checking out.  If you are making a Shop purchase of $55 or more, make sure you use the code “KSSGIFT” to get a free Kate Spade Cosmetic Case!

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(*) If you want to see all the boxes this month, click here and change the 1 at the end to anything from a 2 to 29 since there were 29 (up from last month’s 24 variations) box variations this month. If you can’t figure out which box number you got, login into Birchbox and then Click “Box” and select Men’s or Women’s. Scroll down a bit to were it says “Box History” and click the month of the box (in this case October 2013). The number at the end of the URL is your box number. B’s box ended in “november-2013-bb20″ which means he got box #20.
(**) You only get points for purchasing the box if you buy a prepaid annual subscription (or 3-month, 6-months, etc.). You don’t get points if you are on a month to month subscription.
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  1. Kathy

    I’ve been waiting for your review of B’s birchbox man to see if he got 2 pairs of socks as well. When we (I) stalked online to see what box the hubby was getting it seemed like it would just be one pair but we were thrilled to see the two when he opened it. I agree that this is one of the better boxes in a while, even without the mandle. 😉 (he got 11 and I’m stealing the YesTo face wipes).

    1. Jennifer

      OMG I know. I thought we were only getting one pair and was like meh that sucks. But when I opened it and saw two pair I was so excited!

  2. Bobbi

    Are the socks (the long ones) something that could be worn with dress shoes? My husband loves fun socks for work since he has to wear a suit. Their website makes them out to be more for athletics but they don’t look like they are…

    1. Jennifer

      I would think they are more athletic.

    2. Steven

      The card says that the longer socks are good for dress or work to add some color accents.

  3. Sarah

    I wish Birchbox had a “Man” box that had more/all lifestyle products. We used to get Birchbox Man, but we ended up canceling because boyfriend LOVED the lifestyle product (and the occasional hair product or cologne) each month, but he is unfortunately not into shaving cream, facial cleanser, etc.

    1. Jennifer

      Sort of like a Man’s version of PopSugar? We’d love that over here too!

  4. Marcus

    This was by far the worst month I’ve had so far. A ‘travel candle?’ Who on earth can’t be away from home without a candle. And then a bunch of very tiny samples.

    Can someone please tell me again why the Men’s box is double the price of the Women’s?

    I keep hanging on to my subscription thinking the next month will be better, but good grief I just keep getting more disappointed with each passing month.

    1. Jennifer

      We don’t get any “lifestyle” items like that. I think my husband was quite glad he didn’t get a candle. Socks are way more him!

  5. Anna

    My husband got the balm and the moisturizer like yours did, but he also got the candle, some other kinds of wipes, and some Evolution Man cleanse & shave. Overall he was very pleased, although I think he doesn’t quite know what he’ll do with the candle. I will use it though! It has a wonderful scent.

    1. Jennifer

      I think I kind of wanted the candle just for me?.

  6. Jaime

    This was my first box. I must admit I was looking forward to it. But upon getting it, I was very disappointed. I got the candle, the cologne sample, which I do like, and the wipes. Really didn’t see the value in it. I will use the wipes but was actually looking forward to the possibility of getting socks! I’ve tried to follow your link to see the different boxes but maybe I’m just not figuring it out!

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