November bluum Review – “Let’s Play”

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November bluum - Let's Play
November bluum – Let’s Play

I was shocked when my mailman (my mail lady must be sick) appeared today with my November bluum box! I was expecting a few boss which didn’t come, but never did I think bluum would appear.

November bluum - Let's Play
The Box

bluum ships via FedEx Smart Post and wasn’t scheduled to arrive until Friday.  I have never a package from SmartPost three full days early, but I hope it’s a sign of things to come!

November bluum - Let's Play
First Look

I had seen some quite impressive bluum boxes this month, but I knew from the first look that mine was not one of those.  Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t OMG amazing either.  The box was also probably 90% fill of packing materials and 10% full of product which kind of lessened my excitement.

My November bluum theme was “Let’s Play” which is the 23 (?) month-old bluum box theme (I have WB aged up for some reason and I can’t age him back down or I will get repeat themes) and was all about, well, play time.  It usually comes with a general information card, but mine was missing this month. I mention it every month, but I think it’s important to note in case you stumble here wondering what you’ll get in your “Let’s Play” box.  Although bluum uses the same themes for each monthly age group box (i.e. the 21 month-old box will always be “Brush Up”, the 20 month-old box will always be “World of Colors”, etc.), not everyone gets the same items in their box.  Box contents vary from month to month, so you don’t really ever know what you will get.  Because of that, they e-mail you a box list with contents and links and descriptions on the day you get the box.

Here’s what my box contained this month:

~Hohner Kids – Animal Bell ($5): WB loved this and I am lucky I even got to take pictures of it.  As soon as he saw it, he NEEDED it.  Like freaking out needed it.  What’s not to like it guess?  It makes noise and it’s shaped like an animal.  My mailman and I were cracking up because the box was making noise when he handed it to me.  He says that it’s super creepy when there are dolls in boxes that randomly start talking in the back of the truck.  Says it freaks him out every time!

November bluum - Let's Play
Hohner Kids – Animal Bell

~Happy Family – Happy Yogis (Strawberry and Banana Mango) ($7.98): These are a favorite around here, but I haven’t bought them in a while, so they were a welcome item.  WB already cracked into the strawberry ones and had a nice little snack while watching Elmo this afternoon.

November bluum - Let's Play
Happy Family – Happy Yogis (Strawberry and Banana Mango)

~Little Pim French Bop CD ($14.99):  At first I was like ugh, a CD, but I realized that no, this is good for car rides and playing in the playroom.  I have it in my purse so I totally remember to play it next time we go for a ride.  WB and I are in the car a lot, so this will work out quite nicely.

November bluum - Let's Play
Little Pim French Bop CD

~Happy Family Breakfast Smoothie ($1.99): I haven’t been able to talk WB into trying this yet (we still have Elmo pouches and those get eaten first around here), but it’s something he will for sure eat and enjoy.  I want to find these at a store be near me!

November bluum - Let's Play
Happy Family Breakfast Smoothie

~Baby Legs (Jigsaw) ($10):  Hmm.  I, by no means, think that boys can’t wear pink and purple or that sort of thing, however, I don’t even know if WB could pull these off.  B would certain say he couldn’t.  LOL.  I’ll probably end up trading these or gifting them, but I do think they are totally adorable.

November bluum - Let's Play
Baby Legs (Jigsaw)

All totaled I came up with a value of $39.96 for the November “Let’s Play” bluum box.  I enjoyed this box more than last month’s and I am hoping that next month’s is even better.  Either way, it was over the $24.95 cost of the box and I felt like it was worth the cost!

Did you get bluum this month?  What’d you think?  And what was your theme?  And if you are interested in subscribing or want to learn more, click here.  If you use my link (or anyone else’s), you’ll get 50% off your first month!

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  1. alyssa t KAPLAN

    was not happy with my box-the sticker book was way too old for my son. they will be sending me something to replace it

    1. Jennifer

      What age did you get?

  2. Lauren

    I ordered this My Little Pony baby doll for my daughter for Christmas and it would start talking randomly- even before I moved the box! I bet my mailman was super freaked out, haha. One night around Halloween I was reading ghost stories in bed and it started going “I love you mama!” even though it was up on a self in the closet! The batteries were removed soon after, hahaha.

    1. Jennifer

      So creepy!!!!!! I don’t even like walking down the doll aisle at the toy store. They all start talking and it’s so creepy!

  3. Denise

    I got the “mini cruiser” box for a 12 month old girl. I complained in my review About the multitude of stuffing too! They should have just used smaller boxes this month! I agree that your box wasn’t that great this month compared to some others I saw and I had my box for 2 days before is got emailed the card and the ability to review the items (I looked in my account and it was all blank) now it’s all there though – must have been a system glitch! mine was pretty good – check out my review here:

    1. Jennifer

      Sooo much packing material this month! I’ll go check our yours!

  4. Mary

    Ok, I have been “surfing” the different toddler boxes. My daughter is 33 months old. I want to subscribe long-term to a quality box that she is excited about. However, all of the boxes we’ve tried (citruslane, bluum, stork stack etc.) have sent her paper/crayons, socks, toiletry item, and a snack. She is 2. Is there a box that gives 2-3 year old toys to play with? Are there no moms at these companies? What 2 year old is excited about socks?

    1. Jennifer

      THat’s a hard one. But what about Austin lloyd? Its’ all toys and they have a 2-3 year old box! It’s a little more money, but might be one to try???

  5. Carin

    I am done with Bluum Boxes. They are very inconsistent and this company has terrible customer service. I have received several less than stellar boxes, often with the same product over and over again. I called them to discuss and received the run around and a lot of attitude. They tried to blame me for the problem. It seems to me this company is not long for this world as the other gift boxes I subscribe to are much, much better. I wonder if they are having difficulty getting free products from reputable companies to give away since the variety is lacking and there is a lot of “filler” in the box. Smoke and mirrors for sure : (

    1. Jennifer

      Some months are great. Some not so much at all. I don’t know what was going on with all the packaging this month. That was crazy!!

  6. CS

    I feel like Bluum needs to step it up a bit more. Doesn’t seem like you got a Mommy item in this month’s box.

    1. Jennifer

      I didn’t even think about that. I am okay with no mommy item. I just would have liked less paving material and more other stuff.

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