POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review + Coupon Code – November 2013

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November PopSugar Must Have Box
November PopSugar Must Have Box

My November PopSugar Must Have Box is here!  My Neiman Marcus PopSugar Must Have Box is still in transit (it’s scheduled to arrive on Saturday), but this should tide me over quite nicely.

November PopSugar Must Have Box
The Box

PopSugar ships via FedEx Smart Post and took the standard week to arrive.  It wasn’t scheduled to arrive until tomorrow, so I feel like I got lucky that it came today.

I always always peek at (okay stalk for) PopSugar spoilers, but it never makes me any less excited to get my box.  I was so excited this month I even forgot to take a first look!  There are always variations to the items so you don’t know exactly what you are going to get until you get the box.

November PopSugar Must Have Box
The Information Card

As always the November PopSugar box has the information booklet with pictures, Must Have category information, etc.  This month PopSugar has selected practical, but swoon-worthy pieces to help make your life easier. They include:

Must Have Fashion:
~Michael Stars Folk Art Wrap ($42): When I first saw this in the spoiler I just wasn’t sure.  But now that I have it in my hands I love it.  It’s super big and I plan to use it around the house as a wrap / blanket.  We keep our house chilly (well it’s chilly to me), so this is awesome.

November PopSugar Must Have Box
Michael Stars Wrap

Must Have Home:
~Illume Candle (6.2 oz) (Naughty) ($15.75) : Love love love!  I know some people aren’t thrilled by getting lots of candles from PopSugar, but they could send me a candle every month and I would be fine.  I love the Naughty scent that I received, but now I feel like it’s only right that I pick up the Nice scent to so I can have a set ;).

November PopSugar Must Have Box
Illume Candle

~Lands End Single Canvas Wine Tote ($14.50): I haven’t quite figured out what I will use this for.  Someone mentioned BYOB restaurants, but we don’t really have those around here.  And even if we did, I bet I’d just stick a bottle of wine in my giant purse.  I can see maybe using it to better secure a wine bottle so it doesn’t break when packing a picnic lunch?  I’ll figure something out.

November PopSugar Must Have Box
Land’s End Single Canvas Wine Tote

~Canvaspop Gift Card ($30): We received a Canvas Pop gift card in last November’s (?) PopSugar and I never got around using that one.  But I am going to try and make it a point to use this.  I do need some new canvas prints anyway, so why not.

November PopSugar Must Have Box
Canvas Pop Gift Card

Must Have Food:
~Maison de Monaco Strawberry and Blackcurrant Cream Preserves ($6): Mmmm, this looks delicious.  I am cracking this open for breakfast tomorrow and will be putting it on our toast.

November PopSugar Must Have Box
Maison de Monaco Strawberry Blackcurrant Cream Preserves

Must Have Beauty:
~The Soap and Paper Factory Shea Butter Soap (Roland Pine)($8): This is totally a B item.  It’s not a scent I would use, but I know it’s something he will love.  Plus I still am not into the whole bar soap thing.

November PopSugar Must Have Box
The Soap & Paper Factory Roland Pine Shea Butter Soap

~Absolute A! Nail Polish Remover (Lavender Scent) (32 pads) ($1.99): I can always use nail polish remover and these little pads are perfect for traveling.  I am putting them in my travel bag so I will have them when I need them.

November PopSugar Must Have Box
Absolute! Nail Polish Remover Pads

Must Have Special Extra:
~Barefruit Crunch Sea Salt Caramel Apple Chips ($1): My cousin, who also gets this box, texted me last night after she received hers about how good the chips were.  She was surprised and I actually was too.  I’d buy more.

November PopSugar Must Have Box
Barefruit Cruncky Sea Calt Caramel Apple Chips

All totaled, the November PopSugar Must Have Box has a value of $119.24 (that includes the Canvas Pop gift card).   I always love my PopSugar boxes and this one was no exception.  The candle and the wrap made the box for me this month – the rest is just a bonus!

If you are interested in subscribing to PopSugar Must Have Box, don’t forget to use the code REFER5 to save $5 off your first month.  OR, if you are already a subscriber, use the code “HOLIDAYGIFT” to gift a box to a friend or family member and both you and your recipient will receive a free BaubleBar necklace in your next December boxes. The Bauble Bar code is ONLY valid through 11am PST on 11.15.13 or as supplies last, so if you want that necklace, act quickly.  I think PopSugar makes an awesome gift and  I kid you not, the majority of my female relatives have received PopSugar subscriptions from me!

PopSugar BaubleBar Neckace GWP
PopSugar BaubleBar Neckace GWP

Oh and wait, I almost forgot!  I am giving away my extra (I have two subscriptions) November PopSugar Must Have Box!  All you need to do is enter in the Rafflecopter widget below and you’ll be set!  If you can’t see the Rafflecopter box, try a different browser or computer. I know some people have trouble at work with it.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Lisa D

    I got everything you got…but my candle was the Nice one 🙂

  2. Elizabeth

    I LOVE the naughty candle 🙂

    1. kelly t

      i need that naughty candle…so bad!

  3. Maureen

    I am torn I love the candle and the shea butter soap

  4. Sarah Q

    That candle is adorable!

  5. Avery Germaine

    The candle looks cute.

  6. Natasha

    The apple chips are my favorite because I love snacks! lol

  7. jmd

    That wrap blanket is gorgeous! And the OCD proofreader in me hates the break in the middle of the word naughty on the candle, grrrr.

    1. Jennifer

      It must drive you insane to read here!!

  8. Shannon N.

    I really really liked this month’s box. I was really excited about scarf because I plan to give it to my husband’s aunt for Christmas. One present down! And I’m with you…candles every month is awesome.

  9. Savanna

    My favorite item is the scarf! I Love scarfs this time of year!

  10. Ruby Yoshi

    My favorite is the Michael Stars Folk Art Wrap

  11. Jenn S

    the preserves!

  12. Amanda Dukes

    man i missed this box going to try to win it 🙂 good thing i am getting next mouths

  13. Laura

    WANT. Love psmh. Wish I could afford it 🙁

  14. Laura

    I forgot my favorite item – all of them? Probably the candle.

  15. Lynsey

    I loved the candle too (I got Naughty also) and have already got Nice so I have a set! I love them!

  16. Samantha L

    My favorite item is the Michael Stars Folk Art Wrap!

  17. I’m such a candle hoarder! I would never turn one away hah!

    And if you aren’t completely sold on keeping the wine tote you could always put a nice bottle in it and gift it!

  18. Mandy Hillman

    My favorite item is definitely the wrap! It looks so cozy!

  19. rachel

    Love the candle!!

  20. Mallory

    The wrap is probably my favorite item in this months box. Or the candle. I can go through about a candle a week.

  21. Bethany

    Love that Michael Stars wrap!! I’m never as excited when I see the spoilers as when I see the actual box. Looks awesome!

  22. Tiffany

    2 subscriptions! That would be awesome on good months!! 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      Oh I always give the second box away on here!

  23. Melanie K.

    I love the wrap! It’s gorgeous!

  24. Enrica

    My favorite items is the wrap for sure!!

  25. Rachel S.

    Is it weird that the thing that excites me the most from the box is the nail polish remover? I love them!

  26. tammy tinsley

    the candle, I’m a sucker for candles

  27. Mrs. L

    I’m with you, the scarf and the candle made the box for me. Oh and I’m fine with the two food items and the nail polish pads. We don’t use bar soap around here so that may end up in a family members stocking. The wine caddy? Heck, we drink wine and go wine tasting all the time. Would never use the bag. Not even sure who to gift it to. And I didn’t use the CanvasPop Gift Card last year either but do want to try it this year.
    All in all, not my favorite box, but I have no problems with it. (Got the “nice” candle by the way). Except for that wine thingy, everything will be used or end up a nice gift for someone.

  28. Jean Eckert

    I think the candle might be my favorite thing in this month’s box! Or the apple chips….

  29. Marietta

    Love it all! Can’t get enough of pop sugar!

  30. Colleen Boudreau

    The Illume Candle .

  31. Danielle

    Love the candle and the preserves!

  32. Melissa Bean

    My favorite item is the jam. It is yummy!! I’ve been having it every morning on my toast. I got the nice candle and would love naughty 🙂

  33. soon p

    The candle

  34. Kindra

    I got the nice candle and my first thought was that I need the naughty one now too!

  35. Mansi

    the candle is adorable!

  36. Kali

    Those apple chips look delicious!!! Also, I’ve been wanting to do a picture to canvas print. I’ve done the aluminum ones and they turn out SO GOOD!

  37. PGT

    The Michael Stars Folk Art Wrap just looks so adorably and comfy – that’s my favorite item in this box!

  38. Erika

    Wow I think I am the only one, but this was my least favorite box. The only thing I will use is the nail polish remover pads. I was really disappointed. I am surprised so many loved the scarf. It feels very cowboyish to me. ANyway, I am glad everyone else is happy but now I’m questioning my style if I am the only one who was disappointed Ha ha . . . 🙂 Loved last month’s box.

    1. Jennifer

      LOL. This made me laugh!!!

  39. Judy L

    I love the wrap and the candle!

  40. Bonnie Berg

    The wrap is definitely my favorite! It looks so cozy

  41. Ashley

    Love the wrap and candle

  42. Amy S.

    I can’t get over how much I love this candle! I’ve had it sitting by my computer unlit just enjoying the lovely scent! I got the nice version, they must not know me too well!!

  43. Tiffany

    I’m really excited about the wrap <3 I've wanted to buy one the last week and I keep having to stop myself.

  44. Kelly

    I love the wrap! What kind of material is it?

    1. Jennifer

      It’s acrylic.

  45. Sarah Dineen

    The scarf! Definitely! 🙂

  46. Joanne

    I love everything from this month but I especially love the nail polish remover and the soap!

  47. Gina F.

    That wrap looks so cozy!!

  48. Heather Krupinki

    That box just screams comfort and joy for the cold temperatures that are upon us. Even if I don’t win, I would still like to find the apple chips and the Naughty and Nice candles. Thanks so much!!

  49. Wendy

    I need the naughty candle.

  50. Denise

    I love the candle and the wrap!

  51. Christe

    I’m so excited to get the wrap. I think it will be my new favorite thing…until next months box arrives lol.

  52. Susan

    I’m jealous, I haven’t received mine yet. Maybe tomorrow…

  53. Haylee D.

    I think the wrap and the candle! I love candles!

  54. Juli

    Love the Michael Stars Folk Art Wrap!

  55. Kristie

    I always look forward to seeing what is in the Popsugar Must Have box each month! I don’t think I could pick just one item as my favorite in this month’s box, but I’m most excited to smell the candle!

    Can’t Stop Subscribing

  56. Jenny

    I’m loving the wine tote. I’d love to use it when hanging out with the girls at someones house. We normally bring drinks to share so this would work great.

  57. Laurah

    That polish remover looks awesome! I am always looking for alternatives.

  58. Kayla

    Probably the wrap or the naughty candle!

  59. Denise Miller

    I love the wrap and the candle.

  60. Hillary

    The candle and wrap!!

  61. Gretchen E.

    That scarf looks awesome…we also keep our house chilly!

  62. Evelyn

    The wrap and candle. 🙂

  63. melissa g

    Love the candle and the scarf…

  64. Gyps

    I can’t decide if I like the candle or the scarf more.

  65. Nikki K

    I like the wrap!

  66. melinda singer

    I love the wrap and the preserves, I’m a pushover for preserves!

  67. K

    Hmm, the candle? The apple chips? The soap? Hard to choose.

  68. Shana

    Most definitely the wrap

  69. Vanessa F

    That wrap looks amazing. I’m always nervous to try new prints, etc so that would push a bit out of my comfort zone…but in a good way

  70. Julie McLaney

    Thanks for all you do!!!!

    1. Jennifer

      Thanks for reading!

  71. Kendra

    Love the wrap!

  72. Mary Beth

    Have any of you used HOLIDAYGIFT code? I just ordered the gift with the code and I’m worried, because there was no confirmation that the necklace would be included. It just subtracted .40 cents from my total. Has anyone else experienced this?

    1. Jennifer

      I haven’t, but hopefully someone knows!

  73. Jennifer

    I’m giving everyone in my family one subscription box for Christmas, and not even opening it before I gift it, so it will be a surprise for everyone, even me! I’m excited to see how it goes over, and this one would be great for my sister (or maybe for me?!).

  74. Jordan M

    My favorite item is probably the scarf and the nail polish remover wipes. I am not sure if the box all together is wroth it for me though. I an’t decide if I should open it and gift items I don’t like or sell the whole box. I probably will just gift items though and save some money.

  75. alyssa

    I just got the best email ever! They have extra November boxes and I am getting one! Was so hoping I’d be able to get one this month instead of having to wait til december, now I can’t wait til my box gets here!!

    1. Jennifer

      That’s awesome!!!

  76. Mary

    I am loving the scarf! 🙂

  77. audrey

    How cozy and warm. I love the candle. I love illume candles…I have an heirloom pumpkin one out right now.

  78. Sophie

    Definitely the candle!

  79. DA Levin

    The wine tote, make it into a water bottle tote!

  80. Lauren

    My favorite item is definitely the Michael Stars wrap/scarf! If I win I’ll be gifting it! Not sure if you will be able to answer this because you get a bajillion comments on your giveaway posts, but is your scarf black and cream? The one I got is black and grey!

    1. Jennifer

      Of course I can answer! It is black and grey. I can look in the giveaway box and see what that one is if you want!

      1. Lauren

        I was just wondering if the scarves varied in color. Some of the girls on MUT say they got black and cream, but my scarf is definitely grey. In the photo yours looked like it was cream. I guess I just want to know if they are all the same (the info book didn’t say that colors would vary). The stuff I wonder about…

        1. Jennifer

          Mine is totally grey and black. I peeked in the box I am giving away and it’s grey and black as well! I wonder about this kind of stuff too. I can’t help it.

  81. Chrissy S.

    I love the candle!!!!!

  82. Kristina D Moya

    I used my wrap yesterday and love it soooo! I equally love everything in the box though and know someone who would love it too!

  83. Shauna

    I don’t usually love candles, but I have to admit that the Naughty one in this box is darling. I’d want the set, too!


  84. Caroline

    This was my 1st popsugar box and it didn’t disappoint! I loved all the items. If I had to pick one favorite, I’d pick the scarf because it’s something I’d actually buy myself if I was out shopping. I probably wouldn’t have bought the other items if I was out shopping (unless they were a good deal 🙂 ) but I love all the other items and am glad to have them! Can’t wait to read your reviews on the NM box!

  85. Erin

    Love the candle

  86. Meagan M

    I love the wrap! I would totally keep it at school with me- my classroom is always freezing!

  87. Andrea S

    the candle!

  88. Bre

    The naughty candle

  89. Laura

    Love the scarf! I agree that the print looks much nicer in person than in print! And thank you for the giveaway.

  90. Kim Henrichs

    I love the Roland Pine soap!!

  91. Julie S

    The candle is my favorite – can’t have enough candles!!

  92. Sara

    I want that wrap!! Perfect for our 50 degree chill that we’re experiencing here!

  93. Rose D.

    I love the soap. It smells SO GOOD, and my husband and I use bar soap in the shower.

  94. Rachel

    I really want to try the strawberry and black currant cream preserves. I have toast every morning for breakfast and that looks delicious!

  95. Ashley C

    I love the Folk Art Wrap, looks really pretty!


  96. Dawn

    The scarf is beautiful.

  97. Sher

    I am so jealous ? really wish we could get this subscription in Canada.

  98. Caroline P

    The Michael Stars Folk Art Wrap is totally me – would love this!

  99. Hilary

    Love that art wrap!

  100. Chelsea

    Love the wrap!

  101. Dawn

    I actually really love everything in this PopSugar Box!! Everything is really practical and super cute. I must agree that the wrap and candle are pretty awesome!!!

  102. Lisa

    The jam looks yummy

  103. Alison

    Michael Stars Folk Art Wrap and Candle!!!

  104. melissa m

    I like the candle. I love candles.

  105. Kam

    Was hoping for the naughty, but received nice, which is fine. Vanila is the black of scents.

    I didn’t open the scarf, it’s beautiful but I woulf have loved green or orange. I get why PS went with neutral.

    The LE box I tried was a miss for me, but for the most part the monthly box has been nice. Honestly, I’m a terrible person with a misc gift stash for people. Thanks for subs I rarely shop for people anymore.

  106. Ashley

    The wrap and the candle!

  107. Erin

    I’m torn on what I love most! Either the wrap or the apple chips. Or maybe the candle. Mostly b/c of the name. haha!!

    Also, I can’t find you on instagram. 🙁 What’s your user name?

  108. Kelly

    I am loving the scarf and always love a good candle!!

  109. Chandice

    I love the wrap but the candle is a close second

  110. Brandy

    I hope I win this one i cancelled after being disappointed with sept and oct box and this box is perfect for me

  111. Ashley H.

    The Soap and Paper Factory soap seems like it would smell wonderful! I love their products. 🙂

  112. Sara

    Boo, I was going to subscribe again (I got maybe 6 boxes around Nov ’12 – March ’13) but noticed they upped the price to $40/box!

    1. Jennifer

      They just upped it a few weeks ago ;(

  113. Eden

    Hubby loved the jam but I’m loving the wrap and the candle.

  114. Debbie Richardson

    I’m actually thinking of switching up some subscription boxes. Want to get out of Julep for a while – my daughter and I both get it and it seems redundant for us. I also get Ipsy, and while I think it’s a good, it doesn’t ‘Wow’ me. My husband gets Love with Food and that we’re sticking with for now because it was a gift and he’s really enjoying it. This looks like a good one, but I’m also thinking about Glossy Box. Ugh! Decisions. Decisions. 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      I like both! But PopSugar is more of a mixture of items and GLOSSYBOX is all make-up / skincare. But it is hard to pick!

  115. Amanda

    I love the wrap and the candle!

  116. Alexa

    My favorites are the wrap and the candle!

  117. Gabby G

    My favorite item is the wine tote…just got my sister a wine club membership and would love to give her the tote too!

  118. wenz

    the wrap is gorgeous!

  119. PhaeLea

    So fun that you are doing so many giveaways! It feels like Christmas! And I LOVE candles so I don’t know why anybody wouldn’t want to receive one!

  120. Margo D

    How do I do the gift subscription for the necklaces? Ps I love this whole box!!

    1. Jennifer

      I think you just login into your account and select the gift option and then use the code on it!

  121. Megan

    Illume Candle!

  122. Laura

    I’m loving that wrap!!!

  123. wisconsin gal

    I love this box.
    I got it yesterday. Stopped at the library so my kids could pick up some fresh books, and they had Hunger Games available. I think I’m the last person who has not read the book.

    Came home, shower with yes, pine scented soap. The bar soap smelled so amazing. No, no I agree, it smells like a great Christmas candle – not a feminine scent. All the same, I felt like it was Christmas. Put on cozy jammies, lit the candle, glass of wine, cozy wrap from the box (it’s huge!), some of the apple crisps. Started up the fire place for the first time of the season. It was a hit. I loved the box. I love the wrap.

    If I one this rafflecoper I would keep the candle, remover, and maybe share the rest. I wish they had multiple colors of scarves. I’m convinced, you can never have enough lip balm, gloss, scarves, and candles. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    1. Jennifer

      I haven’t read it yet either so you aren’t the total last. I don’t know if I will though. I never saw the movie either.

  124. Kate

    I LOVE popsugar boxes! The preserves, are delicious.

  125. Hannah D

    I LOVE the candle!

  126. Beth

    Probably the candle, I got the “NICE” one. I liked everything, but that was the only thing that I really loved!

  127. miranda

    The candle is my favorite

  128. jasmine

    I love the wrap, its so soft! !

  129. Andrianie

    LOVE the candle. I too wouldn’t mind getting a candle every month since candles have become my obsession lately! I also love the scarf, It has such a beautiful pattern that makes a great statement for this cold weather. Popsugar did a great job this month! I’ve always thought that Popsugar does a better job during the coder months, why is that?haha!

  130. Melaney

    the naughty candle! i love the sound of it!

  131. gary

    Love the candle

  132. kirstyn

    The wrap and the candle! I cant decide which I like more!

  133. Ros

    I want the “naughty” candle. Love, love candles!!!!

  134. Erin DeSelms

    The candle! I’m a candle addict, considering I sell them ;P

  135. Sarah Z

    It’s a tie between the scarf and the candle! Love them both!

  136. Kathy

    The candle, it would be perfect to leave out for the holidays.

  137. Amy

    I want that wrap!

  138. Jocelyn Dunlop

    The wrap looks so lovely!

  139. Melissa

    The candle! I love candles 🙂

  140. Carri

    I adore candles – that’s probably my favorite item. What, exactly, does Naughty smell like??

    1. Jennifer

      I think it smells like a spicy man. In a super good way!

  141. Caitlin

    Actually I love the soap! Anything pine scented at Christmastime is a-okay with me!

  142. Tracey

    My fav is the folk art wrap. Always love black and white anything.

  143. Kristin t

    Folk art wrap!

  144. Lauren

    I’d love one of those candles!

  145. Karen

    I love the scarf! If they included a scarf or jewelry item every month, that’s all it would take to keep me happy 🙂

  146. Caitlin

    I love the folk art throw/scarf!

  147. Theresa

    The wine bag is my fave item!

  148. Allison

    I’d love the wrap it would make a great present and I’d keep everything else for myself 🙂

  149. Kathleen

    Love that candle!

  150. Jamie Miller

    Love the LL Bean wine bag!

  151. Izzy

    The wrap!

  152. Crystal Gregg

    The wrap!

  153. Katherine

    I love the soap and wrap.

  154. Wendy

    Love the packaging and label on that naughty candle. What an adorable mantle piece.

  155. Alice

    I definitely like the gift card to Canvas Pop!

  156. Kate L

    I think I’m loving that wrap the most, but the whole box is amazing!

  157. Ally

    The wine tote is actually my favorite item… but then again, I’m a big wino.

  158. lisa

    the wrap is awesome. I’d also have tons of use for the canvas gift card. i’m in desperate need of art for my walls.

  159. Emily Kim

    I’m intrigued by the apple chips! Ha! And the scarf!

  160. Amanda Engler

    I’m loving that candle. But those crisps/chips look tasty.

  161. Erika W.

    My favorite item is the Illume Candle (6.2 oz) (Naughty)! I love candles and would love to try this out!

  162. emilia

    Maybe the soap.

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