October Spicy Subscriptions Deluxe Box Review 12

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October Spicy Subscriptions

The Box

I am a little behind on this review, but rest assured I actually did receive my October Spicy Subscriptions box in October. I always feel bad about not writing my reviews right away because I don’t want people to think boxes are shipping late! If they are, I will certainly tell you. This delay was all me! And like I do with all my **Adult** reviews, I am going to spoiler from here on out.


October Spicy Subscriptions

The Package

Spicy Subscriptions ships via USPS Priority Mail.  When I got this out of the mailbox I had no idea what it was.  I was shaking the box, checking the return address label, etc.  It’s from “SS Inc.”.  Made completed sense when I opened the package ;).

October Spicy Subscriptions

First Look

I know everything that’s in the box, but this picture kind of makes it look empty. It totally wasn’t though.  I think it’s just because they don’t use a ton of packaging materials?

October Spicy Subscriptions

October Spicy Subscriptions

Spicy Subscriptions doesn’t include an information card, but I kind of wish they did.  I love information cards and sometimes with adult boxes I’m not 100% sure what the items are for ;).  But luckily I have google to help me out.

~Triple Action Vibrating Ring ($14.90): Okay, as I was googling for this item, I mistakenly clicked “images” thinking it would bring me closer finding this item. WRONG. Oh so wrong. I had to take a shower after to get some of that dirty off me. LOL! Now onto the product. I was showing the box to B and he was like wait what? How does that work? Luckily the instructions on the package are super clear 😉 because I was totally unclear on it myself. If you never have before, read the packaging on a sex toy! Totally entertaining.

October Spicy Subscriptions

Triple Action Vibrating Ring

~Liquid Love Warming Massage Lotion ($8.46): Well this is fun! I kind of do just have dreams of B using it while rubbing my shoulders, but I suppose it could be used for other purposes as well. I mean, I guess.

October Spicy Subscriptions

Liquid Love Warming Massage Lotion

~Razzels Three-in-One Warming Flavors (Sinful Strawberry) ($11):  This is suggested as a “must-have treat for those long nights in the bedroom”.  LOL!  I am going to save this for the next naughty bachelorette party I attend because when I think of a long night in the bedroom I think of getting the most amount of sleep humanly possible.  B does too ;).

October Spicy Subscriptions

Razzels Three-in-One Warming Flavors (Sinful Strawberry)

~Love in Luxury Moisture Meringue ($9.99): This doesn’t smell nearly as badly as I expected it to.  And I can’t decide if I totally hate the name or if I love it?  Moisture Meringue.  Hmm.  It’s also infused with a “Pheromone Sex Attractant”.  You know, just in case your man doesn’t think it’s hot enough that you ordered a box of bedroom toys for you two.

October Spicy Subscriptions

Love in Luxury Moisture Meringue

~The Screaming O Warming O Balm ($14.95): This is meant to be disguised as eye shadow, but I personally think it looks like a pot of lip gloss, but they have effectively made it so that you could throw it in your purse and and have it accidentally fall out and no one would have a clue.

October Spicy Subscriptions

The Screaming O Warming O Balm

~System Jo Volt 6V and Frolic Specialty Toy Lubricant (Samples):  Spicy Subscriptions always includes a few samples which I think is fun.  This tingling serum does scare me a little though.

October Spicy Subscriptions


All totaled I came up with a value of $59.30 for the October Spicy Subscriptions Deluxe Spice Box!  The box is $34.95/month or works out to be $30.62/month if you opt for the 8-month prepaid option![/spoiler]

If you want to sign up or just “learn more” (wink, wink) about Spicy Subscriptions, click here. And don’t forget to use the code “ramblings” to save 5% off your first Spice Box!!!

Disclosure: This complimentary box was received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received. This post does contain affiliate links!

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