Plated Review ~ 11.26.13 Delivery + Black Friday Coupon Code

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Plated Review
Plated Review

I wasn’t going to post this Plated review today since it’s Thanksgiving and everyone is probably thinking about turkey, however, they have a great Black Friday deal, so I figured why not.

The Box

Plated ships via FedEx and as long as you order by noon on Monday, you will receive your order on that Tuesday.  So if you order today, you’ll get your first delivery on Tuesday, 12/3.  And yeah, I ordered two boxes this week.  WTF?  I could have sworn I ordered a box but couldn’t find the e-mail confirmation and didn’t see it in my order history so I went ahead and placed another order.  And then got two shipping notices.  Oops.  I dropped one box off to a friend though so it all worked out fine.

Plated Review
First Look
Plated Review
Second First Look

I mentioned it last week, but Fancy has moved to a lighter / thinner version of their old packing material.  Still not sure if it’s just because it’s colder outside and therefore, easier to keep things chilled in shipping or what.  But I like it.

~Acorn Squash with Thanksgiving Sausage Stuffing:  Mmmm! I love stuffing and I knew right away when I say this recipe that I NEEDED to try it. The picture shows larger squash, but we got baby ones in our box so our stuffing was overflowing.  It was still totally delicious and I hope that we recreate this one again SOON!

Acorn Squash with Thanksgiving Sausage Stuffing – The Recipe
Acorn Squash with Thanksgiving Sausage Stuffing – The Ingredients
Acorn Squash with Thanksgiving Sausage Stuffing – The Results

~Creamy Pumpkin Rigatoni: I have always wanted to try pumpkin pasta, so I knew this was another must pick.  I like when I know right away which ones to get from Plated because sometimes it’s so hard to pick because I feel like I am going to miss out on one.  This was also delicious and had a bit of a kick to it that I was not expecting.  I would also make this one again!

Creamy Pumpkin Rigatoni – The Recipe
Creamy Pumpkin Rigatoni – The Ingredients
Creamy Pumpkin Rigatoni – The Results


If you are interested in giving it a try or want to learn more, click here to and use coupon code “freeblackfriday” to get 4 plates, plus a month of Plated Membership (which gives you a discount on Plates) for only $20.  That’s $5/plate and is an awesome deal!  Code is for new customers only and expiration is unknown, so don’t miss out!

Did you get Plated this week?  What were your picks?  Next week’s menus are: Korean-Style Short Ribs with Asian Slaw and Sushi Rice (we picked this), Panko Crusted Pollock with Dijon Potatoes and Lemon Spinach, Autumn Root Vegetable Chili with Cornbread Croutons (we picked this one as well), Barley Risotto with Beets, Swiss Chard, and Goat Cheese, Garlic-Herb Pork Chops with Roasted Sweet Potato Mash, Quinoa-Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms over Wilted Spinach and Stir-Fried Chicken with Snow Peas and Peanut Noodles and all look to still be available!

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  1. Laura

    Any idea if you get the Black Friday deal you have to get the food next week? The hubs is out of town and I don’t want to get it yet. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Jennifer

      Hmm, I’m not quite sure about that? Hopefully it still works on Monday. Or Facebook them. They are super good about that kind of thing.

  2. Amy S.

    I just signed up for the Asian Shortribs. I can. not. wait! Thank you for alerting me to this awesome promo code!

    1. Jennifer

      I am so excited about trying those!!!!!

  3. Diana Garza

    Signed up with your link! My husband and I chose the pollock and the portobello mushrooms. Can’t wait to see what this sub is all about! 😉

    1. Jennifer

      I can’t wait to hear what you think!

  4. Berit

    I’m showing the cost as $30 for 4 plates. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Jennifer

      Did you apply the code “freeblackfriday”? I just tested it and it showed the $20 for me.

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