Subscription Box Deals and Coupon Codes + Allure Winter Beauty Box Info!

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Lots of things going on today..

~Allure Winter Beauty Box: First of all, the Allure Winter Beauty Box goes on sale TODAY at 12:01pm EST. If you want this box, set an alarm NOW and start clicking this link around noon. When it goes on sale there will be a link to purchase and all that good stuff. It’s $39.99 plus shipping (usually around $10) and contains over $300 worth of goodies. Update: SOLD OUT! It was gone in about 15 minutes. The page never updated when it was available, but if you clicked the “Coming Soon” button, it took you to the checkout with your box.

Allure Winter Beauty Box
Allure Winter Beauty Box

~Ecocentric Mom Bonus Mystery Box: Ecocentric Mom is offering their “End of Year” Bonus Mystery Box for only $19. You can opt for the Baby Box, the Mom Box or the Mom-To-Be Box. They have a LIMITED supply of boxes and they are packed full of safe, natural and non-toxic products that are left over from products they have featured in their 2013 boxes.

Ecocentric Mom
Ecocentric Mom

~Escape Monthly: Escape Monthly is offering a Holiday Bonus Box for $39.95. It includes delicious seasonal delicacies, luxurious essentials for self-indulgence, gourmet treats, unique artisan crafted goods and more and is set toy ship in early December.

Escape Monthly
Escape Monthly

~Fancy: OMG, I was so excited to see this yesterday! Fancy is offering 20% off EVERYTHING they sell, which includes off course, Fancy Boxes! You can apply the coupon code “HOLIDAY” to save 20% for one week only. If you’ve wanted to try a Fancy Food Box, the Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box or ANY of the Fancy boxes, the time is now!

Fancy Box
Fancy Box

~Kiwi Crate: Use coupon code “PREVIEW30” to save 30% off the first month of a new subscription. This code expires on Friday 11/22, so you might want to act quick on this one!

Kiwi Crate
Kiwi Crate

~PopSugar: Use coupon code “HOLIDAYGWP” to get a free Bauble Bar necklace in your December box with any new subscription purchase.  Previously they were offering this on gift subscriptions, but now it is on new purchases as well!

PopSugar GWP
PopSugar GWP

That’s it for now!  And don’t forget, the Allure Beauty Box will be on sale in less than two hours!

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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include CAUSEBOX, Boxycharm and Beachly!

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  1. Dara

    Can you post the link for the Ecocentric box deal? I can’t find it on their site. Thanks!

      1. Dara

        Thank you!

    1. Jennifer

      I had not! Thank you!

    2. Tabitha

      There are also deals for NatureBox and Craft Coffee subscriptions on Groupon right now.

      1. Jennifer

        Ahh, I need to do another post!

  2. Tiffany

    OMG! i hope i can get the allure box!!

    1. Jennifer

      Get your credit card ready!

      1. Tiffany

        is it working for you yet!!

        1. Jennifer

          Yes. Click the coming soon bubble.

  3. Tiffany

    LOL i just figured that out before i saw this.. whew! I would of been refreshing like crazy and then probably would of got a sold out and would of been mad!! I use some of the products in there..and alot of them i want to try! what a crazy good deal!

    We can almost feel like we are extreme couponers with this purschase LOL

  4. Well… I refreshed allure page and it went from “coming soon” to “sold out” at about 12:14. Never even had a button to buy one. That thing is getting out of control.

    1. Jennifer

      You had to click the “Coming Soon” bubble ;(. It was clickable and took you to the checkout page. I posted on Facebook ;(

  5. KELLY

    Phew! I got one too. I think I learned to click the button from the last sale. I kept clicking it even before 12:01 until it loaded. I am super excited!!!! Thank you for posting the link last week!!

    1. Jennifer

      I think it actually was “live” before that! That’t what some girls were saying on MUT! Glad you got one!

      1. Emily Kim

        I clicked on the bubble about 10 min before the “start” time and it went to the checkout page.

        1. Jennifer

          They were sneaky this time!!!!

  6. Jessica

    So bummed did not realize I had to click the bubble until it was too late, sold out. Oh well now to consider a fancy box. I have never ordered one before and with the 20% off you posted it might be time. Now the decision to order the JLH or just the regular fancy box.

    1. Jennifer

      I know. I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working and then I randomly clicked on the coming soon and it worked.

    2. Jennifer

      Oh and I would do the JLH!!

  7. Darn that Kiwi Crate! They got me last week with their 25% off deal and now they come out with 30%. Jerks! lol

    I re-up’d on the JLH Fancy Box with the 20% off code. Almost went for TF and AK too but decided to restrain myself.

    1. Jennifer

      LOL! There are just too many of those boxes!

  8. Angela D.

    I have some VERY unfortunate news.

    I couldnt find a section to redeem Fancy’s promo code so I shot them an e:mail and this was the response:

    “Hello There,
    Thanks for reaching out to us with your question, my name is Hannah and I am happy to help! Unfortunately this coupon code is not applicable to any of our subscription boxes, I do apologize about this confusion! Please let me know if there i anything else I can assist you with! Thanks four sing Fancy and I hope you have a great rest fo the week!

    1. Jennifer

      I know a few people have used it and it worked on their boxes? I’ll test it again tonight!!

      1. Shannon

        It worked for me. I used the Fancy app if that helps.

        1. Jennifer

          I’m glad it worked!

  9. alyssa

    I can’t get the apply button to apply the 20% off code on fancy 🙁

    1. Jennifer

      You can’t see the button or it won’t apply? I just tested it on the Fancy Food Box and it worked.

      1. alyssa

        It’s not working on the jlh box

        1. Jennifer

          That’s so weird. I just tested it and it worked on mine? It took $7.80 off.

  10. Kelly M.

    I just used the coupon code to get the JLH box! Woo hoo! My husband’s going to kill me when I get 9 boxes next month!!

    1. Jennifer

      LOL!!!!!!! Hopefully he’s not home when the mail comes.

  11. Jennifer C

    Thanks for the Kiwi Crate code! It’s on my holiday list for my DD.

    1. Jennifer

      Yay. I hope you love it!

  12. erin roach

    Question when do u sign up forbthe summer spring allure boxes?& where?

    1. Jennifer

      They haven’t announced it yet. Maybe sometime in feb / march?

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