Sunday Sentiments

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As usual, I am stealing Jen’s Sunday Sentiments button and idea and making it mine tonight. I’ve “known” Jen for umm, 10 years (and yet we’ve never met), and she knows I do it, so it’s not exactly stealing. But then again, it’s not a link up either ;).

~Is anyone planning on watching the AMA’s tonight? B and I are (he doesn’t know it yet though) and I am totally excited about it. I highly doubt it will be as crazy as the VMA’s (after all this is not on cable), but I hope it entertains. Although, looking at the red carpet pictures, I realized, yeah, I don’t even know who half these people are!

~This weekend was fairly busy (and unproductive), but we did have a good time. I’ll recap tomorrow (it’s not that exciting), but B and L did go to the Lions game this afternoon. I *think* they were there just long enough to buy some stadium food and see a few touchdowns and that was it. They were home watching the end of the game (which was nasty for the Lions BTW) on the couch with WB and I.


~I got a ton of blog reviews up this weekend and hope to be all caught up in the next few days! My mail was crazy last week (as in crazy good with a ton of packages arriving) so I am doing a little catching up. I also realized that I have not updated my “Monthly Subscription Box Reviews” tab in ages, so that is on the agenda for later tonight.

~I posted this on Instagram, but I am still giggling about it (I’m a 12 year-old girl) so I’m posting it here too. We were doing L’s homework tonight and one of his assignments was to draw a picture of how he helped around the house and label it.  And this is what he drew.  It’s him brushing his teeth, but well, you know.

Helping Around the House
Helping Around the House

~I am so excited to see what all the subscription box companies have up their sleeves sale / coupon / deal wise for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  I have seen a few sneak peeks and things are looking good.  I saw a picture of the Bath & Body Works 2013 V.I.P. tote and I’m not overly excited about that one, but for $20, well I could be swayed.  Has anyone seen this year’s Victoria’s Secret bag?  That’s another one I always eye.

How is your weekend going?  Any Sunday night plans?

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  1. Jenny

    I’m watching the AMAs now and WOW they are pretty tame so far. I’m getting ready to switch to Walking Dead and do my nails so I’ll have to catch up tomorrow with the rest of it. I didn’t see the red carpet but the people that are actually presenting and singing I do recognize. And Taylor looked like she was straight out of the 80s with her blow out. LOL

    1. Jennifer

      I know! Boring!

  2. Stephanie McGuire

    I love Bath and Body Works paint can ensemble of goodies they put together and offer closer to Christmas! I got it last year and I still have yet to break into it! I asked Tim if I could it again this year if they offer it and he said it would be my Christmas gift!!

    1. Jennifer

      I don’t know about this paint can? Tell me more!!!

  3. Alexia561

    Subscription boxes offer Black Friday deals? I didn’t know that, but can’t wait to see some good deals!

    1. Jennifer

      Some of them do for sure!!!!

  4. Lauren

    HAHAHAHAHA oh my gosh that picture L drew is classic! You need to keep that around for a long time!

    1. Jennifer

      I know right? I love it!

  5. Angela

    LOL I’m a 12 year old girl too! I was scrolling looking for another post and I stopped like :0

    1. Jennifer


  6. Tiffany

    Victoria secret released their black friday bag.. i dont love it, but i dont hate it..

    1. Jennifer

      I need to go look!

  7. Jill

    VS put a picture up on fb of their Black Friday tote. Black sequins! Love it!!

    1. Jennifer

      Ohh, I need to go look!!

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