Ramblings of a Suburban Mom 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways ~ Day 1

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Day 1: CIATÉ Mini Mani Month
Day 1: CIATÉ Mini Mani Month

Ahh, it’s time! I decided to a 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway and since it’s December 1st, it’s time to begin! My goal is to make sure that ALL of these gifts arrive in time for the holidays so each giveaway will last one week and I will ship the goodies immediately!

Day 1’s giveaway is a CIATÉ Mini Mani Month!  It’s a a festive advent calendar featuring 24 nail art minis.  You can open it all it once or just have your advent calendar start a little later this year ;).

If you want to win all you need to do is enter in the Rafflecopter widget below.  If you can’t see the Rafflecopter box, try a different browser, a different computer, your smartphone, etc.  I know sometimes people have trouble with it at work.  This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only (I’m not sure if it’s legal to ship nail polish overseas?).  The giveaway is set to end on 12.9.12 at 12:00am and the box will be shipped to the winner ASAP! 

Oh and I will be tagging all these giveaways with “12 Days of Christmas” and “December Giveaways“, so they will be super easy for everyone to find and enter daily!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(*) This giveaway is in no way sponsored by or related to Ciate.
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  1. Alena P

    I change my polish every week! 🙂

  2. Diana Garza

    Not often at all! Lol! Maybe once a month.

  3. julie b

    i love nail polish! i want them all!

  4. Oh I so love Christmas!!! I would love to win a little something….but even if I don’t win…I am still a BIG fan 🙂

  5. Jenny

    I’m on about a twice a week change. I could do it everyday I have so many polishes but I get by with about twice.

  6. Lisa D

    How fun 🙂

  7. Debbie

    I would love to win for my 11 year old, funny this is what i want to get her for x-mas because she loves nails and lip stuff and takes mine from the sub boxes. lol

  8. Amanda S.

    I used to paint my nails at most, once a month. Now thanks to julep, I change them every week or when I get a new polish in the mail 🙂

  9. Evelyn Amick

    I rarely change my polish I usually forget about it and it stays onish for months

  10. Melanie K.

    I love this! I usually change mine once a week (if I’m lazy, it’s every two weeks).

  11. Adrienne

    I don’t change my polish too often. I work in the medical field and I’m changing my gloved and washing my hands all day. It chips off so fast! I usually only paint my toes or on longer weekends. I don’t like it to look shabby.

  12. Nikki K

    So sweet of you to have so many giveaways!

  13. Jill

    Oh, this is a very cute calendar! It might help make up for the fact that ZI missed the Benefits advent calendar.

  14. Avery Germaine

    About twice a month.

  15. Kellie

    I sometimes do it like 5 times in a week, and other times go like 2 weeks with chipped polish. As often as I can find the half hour

  16. Hanna Clark

    I try to change my polish about once every 2-3 days.

  17. Gina

    It’s so nice of you to be doing this giveaway! I change my nail polish every week. I often get bored of it and there are just so many great Winter polishes out there. I need to wear them all!

  18. Meghan C

    Only whenever the old polish is looking icky, so maybe once every two weeks!

  19. Ricki

    I change mine once or twice a week.

  20. Pilar

    I don’t change my polish often but sometimes once a month.

  21. Ashley

    I’ve been wanting to try these!

  22. Mikkii

    This is awesome. And would look great beside all of my Julep polish. Plus my two year old daughter would have a heart attack from delight if we won 🙂

  23. Judy L

    I don’t always wear polish because I hate when it chips and I am too lazy to keep changing it, so I only wear polish about once a month for about 1 week. So boring, I know!

  24. Shannon

    I change my polish twice a week usually.

  25. Melody

    about every two weeks

  26. Jean Eckert

    I only paint my toenails, so in the summer I change weekly but I get a little lazy in the winter and change polish only when I’m bored 🙂

  27. Ashley

    Since I work in food service, I’m not allowed to wear nail polish, but my sister would LOVE this!

  28. Lauren

    Usually once a week!

  29. Juli

    Being a nail polish junkie, I change my polish every other day.

  30. Stephanie B

    I don’t wear nail polish but my cousin would LOVE this! She posts her nails regularly on Facebook!

  31. Alexia561

    I usually change my polish when it starts to chip, so depends on the polish. I try to go 3-4 days, unless I have a new color that I really, really want to try!

  32. Samantha

    I just found your blog a few days ago. I think I’m in love with your blog. I spend a way to many house going through your pages.

  33. Suzanne

    I change my polish 2-3 times a week. I never wore polish before but I had a gel manicure that I peeled off & my nails have never been the same!

  34. caroline p

    I change my polish about every 2 weeks

  35. Kindra

    I typically change my nail polish/ color twice a week- sometimes 3 times a week if I was especially hard on my nails.

    1. Kelly

      Once maybe twice a week. I love nailpolish!!

  36. Darlene Wright

    I don’t wear polish all the time, only occasionally.

  37. Meredith

    I usually change polish once a week, granted that’s if I have the time

  38. My daughter might just be a nail polish addict. Check out her Instagram pics #nailsbycaitlin. This is adorable.

  39. Gina

    After starting an office job, I found that I was more conscious of my nail polish chipping. I now change it every 4 days or so, and actually find it kind of relaxing to paint my nails.

  40. Mary w

    I usually change my polish just whenever it starts chipping. Which for me happens pretty often cuz I’m tough on my nails

  41. soon p

    Well the nail polish I have on my toes have been there since October! So every 2-3 months I change polish.

  42. Savanna

    I change it weekly… unless it’s a crazy week and then, when I have time!

  43. Kristen Maria

    I usually change my polish between 1-2 times a week. 🙂

  44. Joanne

    About every three weeks.

  45. jmd

    I don’t wear polish on my hands because of work, but I do my feet about once a month!

  46. Colleen Boudreau


  47. Kayli Peckover

    I change my polish once a week to match my moods:D Mine chips away fast due to my job 😀

  48. ashley cabell

    I like to change my polish every few days. I like to keep it fresh and new.

  49. Emily k

    Unfortunately I probably change it monthly! Yikes!

  50. K

    i have been hemming and hawing about if i should buy this!!

  51. Alice

    Toes I change every two months, sad but true. Fingers only last max 6 days before I get annoyed with the growth and must remove.

    Very excited by this giveaway because I have been looking at this set for weeks and thinking man this would be nice but I would never buy it for myself.

  52. Emily M

    A little less than once a week. I love painting them but hate destroying my mini masterpieces!

  53. Leanne

    Oohh! I’ve always wanted to try ciate!! 🙂

  54. Jennifer Schrader

    I would love this for my daughter and I!!

  55. Jennifer Maddux

    I change mine about once every two weeks.

  56. Rita Morgan

    These are very nice! How thoughtful of you giving away xmas presents!

  57. Kayla

    Usually once a week! 🙂

  58. Jessica

    I change them once a week on Sunday night when kiddos go to bed. It’s mommy and me time with a glass of wine!

  59. Katie

    This is an adorable gift!

  60. Kelly

    I like to do mine once or twice a week!

  61. Megan Whitmore

    I change my nail polish when I have a fun new color to try!

  62. Cathy@Five Boys

    Change what polish?! I rarely paint my fingernails. Toenails get changed about once a month. Sigh . . .

  63. Elizabeth

    I change every 3-4 days. I can’t stand chipped polish 🙂

  64. heather k

    I change my color ateast once a week, but I wish my polish would look new for a lot longer! I love the fast drying top coats that make painting my nails quick. Thanks so much!

  65. Mallory

    My polish is looking absolutely dreadful right now! Usually I change about once a week, but with finals and more hours at work I?ve been neglecting my nails.

  66. Bethsaida W.

    I try for once a week for regular nail polish. But if I’m using gel color, once every 3 weeks!

  67. Melissa

    I personally don’t wear polish but my college aged daughter would love this!! I’d be the coolest mom ever!

  68. Kelly G

    It just depends on what kind of mood I’m in sometimes I change it a few times a week and then sometimes I’ll wait a couple weeks to change it.

  69. Hillary

    I try to change it about once a week!

  70. Kimberly Veronee

    I change it once a week, but I would change it more often if I got this kit!! Once a day maybe 😉

  71. alison

    about every 10ish days for my toes

  72. Lindsay

    I only wear polish on my toes. I change my polish about 2-3 times a year!

  73. Jordan M

    Sadly, I am a nervous/bored/anxious/stress nail biter, so I am not able to do my nails as often as I would like. Hopefully I can change that habit this month, but we will see.

  74. Erika

    I don’t paint my nails enough, but when I do it lasts about a week before I take it off.

  75. maureen

    I change it as I see the coat wearing off.

  76. Lisa

    Usually when I need to or when I go get my pedicure once a month.

  77. Ruby Yoshi

    I don’t use nailpolish except for occasions. If I win this, I am planning to apply it every week. 🙂

  78. Christina

    about once a week. Or for about how long I can stand chipped nail polish. lol

  79. Julie McLaney

    I don’t change it nearly often enough!

  80. Amy P

    Every Thursday night, after my classes are finished. <3

  81. Gabby G

    As a notorious nail chipper I change my polish every 4 days or so…more chances to try different colors I guess (putting a positive spin on a bad habit LOL)

  82. Alicia

    I change my polish 1-2 times a week, it really depends on how long it takes before it starts to chip!

  83. hillary

    I change my polish about 2 times a week!

  84. Elise Nelson

    I try to change it weekly, but sometimes it ends up going on two weeks :/ The new CND Vinylux has really helped though because I can easily got 7 days and they still look amazing.

  85. Janaya

    I’m in the military, so I normally don’t have my nails painted, but whenever we get a long weekend (like right now for Thanksgiving) or whenever I go on leave I make sure I paint them!

  86. Suzanne

    I change my polish about every 10 days or so since I do gel nail polish.

  87. Emilia

    I change my nail polish once or twice a week.

  88. Julie

    I change mine about every week. I always have nail polish on! 😉

  89. Jiliane

    I like to change my nails every week. Usually on sundays 🙂

  90. Jess

    I change my polish when it chips, so usually every 4-5 days (sometimes sooner!)

  91. Rachel G

    I change mine literally everyday. Maybe not all of my nails, like I will just change or add a bonus nail but I’m painting daily.

  92. Lauren

    I change mine usually once or twice a week. I can never keep even a good manicure on because I compulsively pick the polish off!

  93. Anna Pho

    I change it at least once a week if not more. I like variety.

  94. Ashley

    Usually, I change my nail polish to match my mood or my outfit. Just depending on what I feel like doing that day :).

  95. Mar

    Once a week

  96. Rayana Benson

    More now than ever. Just started a new job where I can wear it on my fingers!

  97. Diane F

    I change it when it starts chipping and looking bad.

  98. PhaeLea

    I change my polish about once a week.

  99. shannon

    Well…on my toes I don’t change it as often as I should…it kinda just fades…lol. on my fingernails I change it as soon as it starts chipping. I don’t like chipped nail polish. In the summer I do change my polish on my toes more often;)
    This would be such a fun gift!

  100. nicole

    I change my polish every 1-2 weeks

  101. Sindhuja

    About once a month or so.

  102. Jill Banks Geraci

    I change 1-2 times per week. I’m busy so it usually gets done every Sunday night.

  103. Mandy Hillman

    Usually every week and a half! 🙂

  104. Allison

    Twice a week, if I have time!

  105. Rachael

    I can’t wear nail polish right now because it was damaging my nails and making them peel.

  106. Judy

    Not as often as I should! lol. It bugs me when they chip, but my nails chip so easily that I’d be changing it probably every other day! I simply don’t have time for that.

  107. Andrea S

    I paint my nails maybe once a month, but I have been trying to do it more often so this would be awesome!

  108. Shannon N.

    Oh man, I would DIE if I got this! I change my polish whenever it chips, so probably about 2-3 times a week? I am hard on my nails. LOL

  109. Jessica

    It used to be every 3 days but I’ve been biting my nails again (to much stress!) so I haven’t painted them in awhile

  110. amy

    this is so cute XD

  111. Lana

    I change my polish about once a month, but I should so do it more!

  112. Megan

    Every-other week.

  113. Jenny

    I change my toe nail polish once a month, but my finger nail polish once a week.

  114. Mackenzie

    I’m really hard on my nails, so the polish only lasts 5-7 days. So I normally have one week of polish, and 3 weeks without!

  115. miranda

    I only do my toenails – so every two weeks

  116. Jennifer Frank-Lopez

    Usually once a week but when I get bored or get a new polish sub box it can be a few times a week 🙂

  117. kara mishmash

    I change my polish at least twice a week. I saw this on the sephora website and wanted to get it so bad but didn’t because I’m trying to refrain from shopping for myself whileI shop for others…goodies like this make it super hard thouh

  118. Ashlee

    Hardly ever! I like to paint them and wait until the paint chips off (with or without my help, but usually with)

  119. Lynsey M

    I TRY to twice a month but usually about every 3 weeks

  120. Lisa

    I am incapable of polishing my own nails so usually they are bare. But when I can get to the nail place, I try to get two weeks out of a manicure and at least a month out of a pedicure, which I desperately need right now! (Being a mom of a 3 1/2 year old, 7 months preggo and working full-time… not a lot of “me time”…)

  121. Laura Maya

    When i have time… Maybe every 2 weeks…

  122. Ashley C.

    I usually only paint my toes — so I wait until it’s just about worn off before re-doing them. {Only because I hate polish remover. Its like nails on a chalkboard to me! Ick!}

  123. Laura

    Change my polish somewhat often…weekly maybe?

  124. Beth

    Once a month? Not nearly enough to justify my almost two year monthly subscription to Julep 🙂

  125. Emily Cecilia

    I change my nail polish once a week usually on Fridays!

  126. Caitlin

    I change my polish every couple days… it’s an obsession!

  127. Guilmarie

    I saw this and my heart jumped a beat. This is in my wishlist as a polishaholic. Thank You for the opportunity!

  128. Guilmarie

    Once or twice a week!

  129. gary

    I don’t wear polish

  130. Kristin Lockwood

    Once a week these days. So many polish so little time! 😉

  131. Olga

    I change my nail polish about once a week. 🙂

  132. Caitlin

    I usually change it every few days.

  133. Celeste

    I mainly just paint my toes — which I change out every few weeks.

  134. karen

    Not often enough. I like clear polish since I type a lot, that way when they do peel, it isn’t noticeable. Probably once every 7 days or so.

  135. Kristin t

    I change my nail polish once or twice a week!

  136. brandy Fisk

    Once or twice every two weeks on my toes and when I have polish on my finger nails whenever it starts looking bad.

  137. wisconsin gal

    I have two little girls, and we do our nails all together. I practice different types of designs, ok, they are mom designs, but some of them turn out pretty good.
    For strawberry picking season – I did little strawberries for all of our nails, and for the holiday time, I’ll try a variety of candy cane themes. usually it’s just a slanted stripe, but they are so cute none the less. We change them about 1 a week, but that’s only partly true, it’s as soon as the girls wear them off, which seems so quick.

  138. Belinda Parker

    Once a week, sometimes twice!

  139. Sibyl

    I love new polish. Don’t get to wear it on my hands much as my career doesnt allow it. But I like to paint my nails on the weekends whenever there is an event coming up.

  140. Lauren

    I change my polish once or twice a week. I always have my toes polished (I think girl feet look weird with unpolished toes!) and my nails are polished 99% of the time!!!

  141. Niki T.

    I try to everyday, but sometimes every other day.

  142. Amy

    I change my polish whenever I have time which isn’t often. But the lady and the nail shop could use these too.

  143. Allison

    I change the polish on my toes about once a week and I usually only paint my fingernails for special occasions. Thanks for the giveaways!

  144. Shana

    I change my toes every week. =)

  145. angela

    every few days because it’s always chipping -_- my roomate and i would love to up our collection!!!!

  146. Christine H.

    I’m so awful at changing my polish – I wait until I have barely almost any color left on my nails – not a good look. I’m trying to get better at it by adding more fun colors to my collection – rationalizing my purchases! woo!

  147. kelly t

    I need to paint my nails more than once every 6 months!

  148. Sarah

    Every other week

  149. Karen

    Every couple of weeks.

  150. Laurah

    My polish chips IMMEDIATELY . . . so once a week with plenty of touchups.

  151. Jen K

    I don’t change it often enough! 🙁
    Maybe once a month.

  152. Susan

    I used to change it once a week, but now it’s more like once a month.

  153. Cheryl

    I change it once a week, although thanks to Julep I have enough polish to change it once a day and never use the same polish twice LOL.

  154. PGT

    I change my polish at least once a week! This is the cutest advent calendar idea – thanks for the giveaway!

  155. Shana

    I change my polish weekly

  156. Krista

    Not often enough

  157. Jill

    I don’t change my polish too often – maybe once a month.

  158. Katherine

    I am usually painting my fingernails once or twice a week.

  159. Cassidy

    I am a huge nail polish junkie. I change mine about every other day and I paint my draughts nails at least twice a week! I have been dying to try ciate but my nail polish collection is getting ridiculous and I just haven’t been able to justify spending more money on polish when I already have enough to last me a life time, literally.

  160. Caroline

    I love this idea! Have you ever tried the Ciate nail caviar? I’ve been dying to get my hands on it & it looks like it may be included with the advent calendar because I see a sifter.

    1. Jennifer

      I have! I got it in a fancy box once. I was impressed with how it stayed on.

  161. Kristie

    toes in the summer, as soon as chipping starts, finger nails only for special events then remove as soon as possible because I hate chips. 🙂

  162. Meg Mc

    I change mine whenever it chips!

  163. Jackie

    I change it about every week, I have so much I could wear a different color every week for a year, maybe more!!

  164. Aimee A

    I usually only wear polish on my toes during flip flop weather, and usually change it every other day.

  165. Jessika

    I have to say since Elora was born I don’t think I have painted my nails. This needs to happen!! Maybe for my birthday I will paint my nails,

  166. Bonnie

    sometimes daily

  167. Sarah F.

    I usually change my nail polish once a week but with the holidays and all the great ideas tempting me on Pinterest it will probably be two or three times a week this month!

  168. Erin

    every 2 weeks

  169. Carly

    Every week for fingernails and every other week for toenails.

  170. Loren

    About once a week

  171. Shannon

    I hardly wear polish so maybe this will help me get into that trend so I can say I change it every week.

  172. Becky

    Loving all these giveaways!

  173. Dawn

    Not often enough. I love the idea of painting nails, but rarely do it. My daughter would love this though!!!

  174. Michelle K.

    I go in spurts.. sometimes I’ll change every 3-5 days. Other times, I’ll leave it for a week and leave them naked for a month or so.

  175. Amanda Engler

    Not as often as most, I would think. Short answer: Whenever it’s on clearance and I like the color.

  176. Lauren M.

    It really depends on what is going on in life…. I go thru phases where I go get the Gel Polish put on, in that case I go every two weeks to change it. If I do it myself it could be as often as daily depending my mood and what kind of time I have!

  177. Shannon

    I change my polish about once a week!

  178. trenda t

    Once a Week!

  179. Stephanie Salerno

    So excited for Christmas!

  180. Jessica

    I don’t wear nail polish too often, so it feels extra fancy when I do.

  181. Denise F

    Haha! Whenever I can which I know is a little too much!

  182. MJ

    I can’t wear it for work, but always on holidays and sometimes weekends!!

  183. anissa

    on average, a couple of times a week.

  184. Kim O

    Not as often as I would like to. I usually forget about it for awhile.

  185. Lisa

    I change my polish weekly

  186. Allyse

    Admittedly, I have been slacking in the nail polish department… I may or may not have the same polish on my toes from a pedi over a month ago. But I would absolutely have to try every one of these bad boys and keep up the routine! This is such a cute idea!

  187. Elizabeth

    My goal is to change my fingernail polish once a week and my toenails once a month, but I fall way short of this. Right now all of my nails are breaking off, so I haven’t been motivated! Blah!

  188. Katrina

    I usually just change my polish whenever it’s chipped. Unless I’m inspired to do some sort of nail art. Or I get an awesome new shade.

  189. M'ris

    Not as often as I should! 2 weeks, usually. It looks terrible by then, I know!

  190. Dashery

    I’m awful about changing my polish. I usually let it chip off and only paint my nails once a month.

  191. Ginger S

    Not nearly as often as I should.

  192. Mary

    I don’t paint my nails, but my toenails get painted about every other week when I go to get a pedicure.

  193. Enrica

    I change my nail polish once a week. Every Wednesday to be exact 🙂

  194. MelodyJ

    About once a week.

  195. Jen

    I thought I already commented on this but can’t find my comment so here it is again: I change my polish every couple of weeks. I have Christmas red on right now and it is time to freshen it up a bit!

  196. Julie S

    I change my polish about every two weeks.

  197. Brianna

    I’m sporadic – I’m likely to change for events – right now I have a sparkly gold Julep I did for a Christmas party last night. I have to have my toes does all summer if they are exposed, so then I change more often.

  198. Sara

    I change my polish weekly!

  199. Adrienne A.

    Whenever I get a new polish.

  200. Caroline B

    I like to change every week!

  201. Susan O'Bryant

    I change mine about once a week. Sometimes twice a week if I have something special to attend.

  202. Kara Cheek

    Once a week!

  203. Jennifer Pittman

    once or twice a week

  204. Katy

    atleast every week!

  205. Rachel Uresti

    Not often enough with two little ones running around- haha-

  206. Rebecca F.

    I like to change mine once or twice a week. Especially if I stumble across a great nail art design!

  207. Ruth

    Every 2-3 days!

  208. Valerie Cannell

    If I paint my nails, once a week. I rarely paint them because they chip so quickly and piss me off.
    In the winter I leave my toe polish on until it’s starting to grow out and look terrible. I just took polish off last week that was put on the day before my son was born…and he’s 9 weeks old. I never want to take my socks off for long enough for paint to dry when it’s cold. I think I’ll cut the toes out of an old pair of socks so I paint my toenails but still keep most of my feet covered.

    1. Melissa

      I am the exact same! Funny cause my daughter will be nine weeks on Tuesday & I still have the same polish on my toes that I put on a week or so before she was born.

  209. Melissa

    Not often enough for how much polish I own!!!

  210. Jenn

    I change my nail polish every three to five days — whenever it starts to chip.

  211. lashonda w

    Every week

  212. Cara James

    2-3 times a week depending

  213. Kari

    Not too often, once every couple weeks.

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