Ramblings of a Suburban Mom 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways – Day 9

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Day 9
Day 9

Today’s giveaway, which is Day 9 of the Ramblings of a Suburban Mom 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways, is for two of my favorite things. A candle (specifically the Illume Naughty Boxes Glass Candle) and lip gloss (the BUXOM Dolly’s Opening Act™ Set)!

If you want to enter, all you need to do is enter in the Rafflecopter widget below.  If you can’t see the Rafflecopter box, try a different browser, a different computer, your smartphone, etc.  I know sometimes people have trouble with it at work.    The giveaway is set to end on 12.17.12 at 12:00am and the prize will be shipped to the winner ASAP! 

All these giveaways are tagged with “12 Days of Christmas” and “December Giveaways“, so they will be super easy for everyone to find and enter daily!  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(*) This giveaway is in no way sponsored by or related to either of the brands included in the giveaway. These giveaways are from me to you. Well, from you to you since you are kind enough to use my referral and affiliate links!
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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include CAUSEBOX, Boxycharm and Beachly!

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  1. Judy

    An iPad or Clarisonic, although neither of those are probably likely. lol.

  2. Karen

    A popsugar subscription!

  3. Elizabeth

    I’d love an iPad but I’m getting an iron.

  4. Nicole

    This polka dot scarf, maybe some new Jammie’s, and hopefully some gift cards.

    1. Jennifer

      What polka dot scarf?? I want to see!!

  5. Shana

    Some new tires

  6. Ashlee

    Hmmm probably the diamond candle or a new mop =)

  7. Diane F

    A panini press or Keriug

  8. Julie Lee

    Hope he brings me a kitchen aid mixer~~

  9. Heather

    Would love an ipad or a new robe

  10. Lauren

    A pair of black, sparkly Uggs! I know, I know but I need them.

  11. kara m

    Gucci guilty black perfume…smells sooo wonderful!

  12. Sara

    A Dyson Vacuum! Please Santa haha!

  13. Ashley

    A keurig!

  14. Mary w

    An engagement ring!! Fingers crossed

  15. Lisa D

    Hohhot I am a lip gloss kinda girl 🙂 and I have the Nice Candle that would match perfectly with the Naughty 🙂

    1. Lisa D

      Stupid auto correct it’s suppose to say ohhhhhh

      1. Lisa D

        Oh shoot …Santa I want a money tree 🙂

  16. Chelsey

    Hoping for a pandora charm bracelet

  17. Janelle

    Would love a new iPhone!

  18. Julie McLaney

    I’m like you, I LOVE candles!!! This one is great! 😀

  19. Alena P

    I’d like a pair of slippers & more candles (even though I went a little crazy last Saturday with the buy 3, get 3 free! 🙂

  20. Lauren

    Justin Timberlake tickets!

  21. Jenn

    A popsugar subscription!!

  22. Jordan M

    The big item this year I am hoping for is an iPad.

  23. Laura

    A very nice summer Brazilian dress! I will spend the holidays there as always and I always ask for a summer dress! They are so beautiful!

  24. Kristen

    a gift card for some new clothes!

  25. Sarah

    I already got some awesome new pots & pans (we suck at waiting for Christmas!) and I’m hoping for everyone else to love the gifts I got them! If I could have anything, I’d ask for a couples massage & a new camera because my old one stopped working earlier this year.

  26. Dianne

    I’d love if Santa can give me my 20 year old body back. That would be nice. 🙂

  27. Mar

    Jewelry and maybe some new art pieces

  28. Bethany

    Hmmm a Silhouette Cameo or JLH Fancy Box subscription. Or Birchbox gift card! I haven’t decided what I want most yet!

  29. Jill

    I’d love a subscription to Homegrown Collective.

  30. Jenny

    Besides the boys not having a huge meltdown on Christmas day itself 😉 I had a bunch of little items on my list. An October Afternoon Santa Sack (which is sitting here mocking me and I can’t open it. LOL), a couple movies, a new Kate Spade purse, I had some Tupperware on there. I’m all about lots of little goodies over one big over arching goodie. 🙂

  31. emilia

    I want bath robe.

  32. Caroline Perry

    A big fat check to pay for my wedding!

  33. Sara


  34. Riann

    I am hoping for the popsugar holiday limited edition for her. It’s making me a little crazy to not peek at spoilers. This will be a first.

  35. Pilar

    Some gift cards

  36. maureen

    I would love some riding boots.

  37. Rachel Uresti

    Stay at Home mama clothes – aka yoga pants and comfy tees! 🙂

  38. Rachel Uresti

    Stay at Home mama clothes – aka yoga pants and comfy tees! 🙂 ca

  39. Ginger Spitler

    Some bookshelves so I can finish our play/craft room.

  40. Amanda Dukes

    i love lip gloss candle
    ;0) thanks for doing the giveaways

  41. Tracy

    I am wishing for a new laptop bag for work 🙂

  42. jmd

    A remote car starter for this cold winter! (preferably given in a box with something shiny as well 😉

  43. Nikki K

    Im hoping for a Homegrown Collective subscription

  44. Jen

    I need new perfume and have been putting off buying some hoping Santa will put some in my stocking!

  45. Kristen Maria

    Hoping he brings me a fitbit! 🙂

  46. Erica

    I’m sure this will be the least girly answer here but my Oakland A’s season tickets 🙂

  47. Amy S.

    Sephora or Ikea gift cards, I’m pretty sure I have a huge list at both 🙂

  48. Jessica

    well, i’m most likely getting a new phone, since my screen is all busted

  49. Rita Morgan

    Well…. I wrote my wish list to my Santa, his face expression was priceless!

  50. kelly t

    that crock-pot connect system!

  51. Alexia561

    I’m hoping for an Amazon gift card and a nail polish rack! Who knew there were so many nail polish subscriptions out there? *L*

  52. Jaclyn Carey

    I NEED those lipglosses

  53. Hillary

    A Vitamix! Those things are AHMAYZING

  54. Enrica

    A Kindle paperwhite 🙂

  55. Kristin Lockwood

    I want boots, candles & popsugar subscription.

  56. Hillary

    an iPad and lots of goodies from Sephora

  57. Rebecca

    i need new snow boots. mine are past their prime

  58. Melissa

    I don’t even know what I want 🙁 …There’s always little stuff I want but I generally buy whatever it is when I want it…A large gift card to Target would be awesome!!

  59. Beth Rang

    My ex-husband’s hand me down mini iPad. I offered to buy it from him, but it would be nicer if Santa left it under the tree instead 😉

  60. Joanne

    An ipad or gift cards would be awesome!

  61. Lindsay

    I hope Santa leaves me some Sephora giftcards! I already know he is getting me a faucet for our in-progress wet bar downstairs and a camera security system; we’re pretty boring around here!

  62. Annie

    I hope Santa brings me a new MK purse!

  63. Stephanie B

    I hope Santa brings me some art supplies so my little baby and I can make art together!

  64. Denise F

    A baby… we are trying to get pregnant 🙂

  65. Ruby Yoshi

    I wish for 2 or 3 fancy subscriptions.. 🙂

  66. Jess

    I hope Santa will bring me a fitbit! I need to lose those extra few pounds!

    1. Meg Mc

      I love love love mine! It keeps me accountable 🙂

  67. soon p

    Some nice pjs

  68. Jill

    A Tory Burch charm bracelet!

  69. Jennifer Pittman

    Subscription boxes!

  70. Niki T.

    A Cult Blackbox subscription or giftcard to Sephora or Ulta is always nice =)

  71. Cheryl

    A MK rose gold watch!

  72. Elaine

    I’m hoping Santa gets me a Popsugar subcription!

  73. Joi

    I would love a homegrown collective box for christmas 🙂

  74. Kindra

    I really hope Santa brings me a Dyson!

  75. Caroline

    A new car!

  76. Erin

    Diamond earrings!

  77. Lola K.

    A juicer. . . haha

    Thanks so much!

  78. Melody

    All 3 seasons of Lost Girl on DVD

  79. Devin McDaniel

    I have my eye on a pair of hunter green riding boots. So I’m hoping Santa will stop by the Frye store this year. I’m a December bday as well and I’m saving up all my gift cards for them.

  80. Brianna

    A new car! (I’ll even take a used one!) ha ha

  81. Brittany Hines

    I am just thankful to have my family for christmas. It has been a rough year and material things just wont cut it.

  82. Rachel

    I’m wishing for my kids to have a good time at their dad’s on Christmas. I’d also like a subscription to Saffron Rouge’s Inner Circle.

  83. Shannon

    I just want something thoughtful. Doesn’t have to be expensive. And hopefully his mom doesn’t pick it out this year. (He’s 33).

  84. Alicia

    ah! I’ve been wanting new lip glosses, so this would be perfect! I am hoping though that I get either a keurig or a clarisonic.

  85. Dawn

    I hope Santa is bringing me the Buxom lip set. It’s been on my wishlist since I received Dolly in my Ipsy bag. I love it.

  86. Nikki

    I hope Santa brings me a Kindle Paperwhite! 🙂

  87. Sarah

    A silky robe! My thick soft one from BBW is just too hot when I am trying to get ready.

  88. Season

    Beats and perfume

  89. Judy Louie

    A good man! 🙂

  90. Jenny

    I always hope that Santa bring jewelry!

  91. Laura

    Barnes + Noble Gift cards

  92. Kari

    I hope Santa brings me new shoes.

  93. Jen K

    PopSugar subscription! I wish.

  94. Gina F.

    A new watch!

  95. Tiffany

    I have been iced in for the last four days and did a major closet clean. I am 20 weeks preggo with a little lady and I cleared out four giganto lawn and leaf bags full of little boy clothes. Lucky she will be born in the Spring when its nice and warm and can go naked because she owns nothing. So, Santa, could you be so kind to bring me super cute baby girl clothes?

  96. Andrea S

    I am hoping for a new ipad!

  97. Lisa

    We desperately need a new computer. But really all I want is to get to at least 37 weeks – which is Jan. 3 – even better if I get to my due date of Jan. 24! (My first son was 2 weeks early due to pre-eclampsia.)

    1. Jennifer

      I will be thinking of you!!!

  98. Kimberlee

    I am hoping Santa brings me some sewing patterns or a gift card to Joann Fabrics so I can pick my own…OR if he is feeling VERY generous a dress form would be much appreciated for the sewing I plan to do the next year.

  99. Mackenzie

    I’m hoping Santa brings a fresh blanket of snow for us to have a lovely white Christmas!

  100. Crystal Gregg

    Hopefully Santa aka my dad will have some $ to give me for Christmas(I don’t have anyone else to receive a gift from) so that I can replace my car’s cracked windshield & get an inspection sticker!

  101. Meg Mc

    A Popsugar subscription! And world peace, of course.

  102. Monica P

    I am 9 months pregnant so I am hoping he brings a healthy baby!

  103. Kristin t

    New clothes!

  104. Jeanna

    A puppy!!!!!!!

  105. Elise

    To pay off my student loans 🙂

  106. Sydney

    a new pair of riding boots!

  107. Lauren

    I would like anything girly and fun ! Candles make up bubble bath!

  108. miranda

    I would love a black leather jacket

  109. Jackie

    Ugg boots!!!

  110. Ashley

    A bicycle!

  111. Pattie

    A new front door rug.

  112. Debbie Richardson

    I am hoping for a bottle of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue perfume and a nice watch. I fell in love with a Michael Kors that is on clearance. Probably won’t happen, but a girl can dream. 🙂

  113. Mansi

    A new running jacket so I don’t freeze to death!

  114. Stephanie S.

    I’m hoping Santa brings World Peace….and a new watch for this girl!

  115. Diana

    New ugg boots

  116. Allison

    I’m asking for kitchen stuff this year.

  117. Kara Cheek

    New Clothes!

  118. Katherine

    More music!

  119. Susan O'Bryant

    A Chromebook!

  120. Melanie K.

    I’m really hoping for an iPad! I’ve been dying for one.

  121. julie b

    weight loss. lol. can he do that?

  122. Sara

    an iPad mini!

  123. gary

    I always love homemade baked goodies

  124. Jennifer Metz

    I would love to receive a sub to Golden Tote!

  125. Allison

    I would love it if I found a Jawbone Up24 in my stocking!

  126. Juli

    I already got my new jewelry cabinet from the hubby. I outgrew the box! It was delivered and he said “You already know what it is, go use it.” 🙂

  127. Rebecca Brewer

    Right now I’m hoping for finished bathroom and kids that sleep through the night:) Merry Christmas!

  128. angela

    the naughty candle!!!! i got the nice one in popsugar and would love to complete the set!!!

  129. angela

    i also got this lipgloss in ispsy and loved the tingling feeling and plumping effect.. would love to try the other colors. ipsy’s was a bit mellow.

  130. Julie S

    I am hoping Santa brings me anything related to baking.

  131. Shelly H

    A baby goat 😉 just kidding but they are cute. I want new cookie sheets. Boring, I know or a subscription to Bouqs.

  132. Danielle

    A new set of pots and pans!!

  133. Becky


  134. Yvonne Jones

    Some proper running shoes 🙂 I’m easy to shop for LOL

  135. Beth F

    I’m hoping Santa brings me some new jeans and yoga pants!

  136. Dori

    An international vacation. Please Santa.

  137. KELLY

    Ah! I love Buxom!!! I just bought a new lip gloss in the Destiny Shade.. love!!

  138. Dann

    A whole ton of new clothing!

  139. Jessi N

    I’m hoping there’s an engagement ring under the tree for me this year :o) A girl can dream. Thank you for the giveaway!

  140. Ashley C.

    A State necklace from Fifth and Mae — really, I’m all about the little things!

  141. Margo D

    I would love a white Christmas!

  142. Ally

    Some new cook books.

  143. Olga

    I want a Popsugar subscription and hopefully a trip somewhere 🙂

  144. megan

    I need a new address stamp and some more Sugar lipgloss.

  145. Jennifer

    I’m hoping I get a winter coat.

  146. Hilary

    More subscription boxes 🙂 🙂 🙂

  147. Cassie

    I’m hoping that Santa brings me a gift certificate to get my hair highlighted or some new clothes!

  148. Kelly

    Michael Kors purse!

  149. Brandy

    I hope Santa brings me a MOMcation

  150. chelsea


  151. Tiffany

    A book “The Sun is Coming Up… like a Big Bald Head” it’s by Norman Reedus

  152. Jaclyn

    I’m hoping that Santa brings me some new boots, a coat, and some gift cards to decorate the house I may be buying next month!

  153. Erin B

    I’m hoping Santa brings me some jewelry! 🙂

    I love the answer above of a white Christmas. YES PLEASE!!!

  154. Celeste

    New boots

  155. Erin

    more subscription boxes!
    I’m addicted 😀

  156. Jocelyn H

    Whatever Santa brings me I will enjoy!

  157. Katie

    I hope santa brings me a toolbox and tools! I am getting divorced and taking over my house on my own – I need my own tools (preferably in a pink toolbox!).

  158. Jeanna K

    A puppy!!!

  159. Lauren

    I hope Santa brings me a sewing machine so I can try all these DIY projects I’ve pinned on Pinterest! I hope I win this day! I need the naughty candle to go with my nice one! Thank you again for all you giveaways!

  160. Colleen Boudreau

    The Urban Decay Naked 3 palette!

  161. Christina D

    An ipad would be nice!

  162. Sam L

    Baking supplies!

  163. Emily W.

    I really want an updated PopSugar subscription – December was my last month for now 🙁 Does Santa know about subscription boxes? haha

  164. Alice

    I hope Santa brings a Fitbit!

  165. Amy P

    A MacBook Pro. I can dream, right?

  166. Chrissy S.

    A new pair of slippers =)

  167. sarah berry

    I’m hoping for a backpacking pack for my trip to Thailand next month!

  168. Hannah D

    This is so lame but I really want a new cleaning kit for my DSLR haha!

  169. Leigh

    Either Vice 2 or Naked 3 (ALL THE PRETTY MAKEUP!!!)

  170. wisconsin gal

    I hoping santa brings some much needed lip glosses and a naughty candle!!
    Recently I got to go to Chicago’s Ikea and had the chance to stop by – Nordstrom’s Rack. So cool. They had a ton of options, and would love a gift card – ok – mommy trip to go again. No kids, maybe a few girlfriends with a giftcard. Too fun.

  171. Shiree Shaffer

    Gift cards to my favorite places to shop and energy/effort to stay organized in the coming year!!

  172. Caitlin

    Good health for my family.

  173. karen

    A trip to Hawaii would be nice.

  174. Sibyl

    a PopSugar subscription!

  175. Atrayee Sarkar

    having some medical issues which might become dangerous in the future so gonna opt for surgery.. just hoping I get rid of it completely this winter with no complications :/

  176. Erika

    A new coach purse.

  177. Sindhu

    A nice book.

  178. Kristie

    Popsugar Must Have Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Box!

  179. Candice

    …a baby girl 🙂

  180. Mikkii

    I want a fitbit. I have been doing Zombie, Run 5k training, but I’m nearing the end of it. I have friends who use fitbit and LOVE it!

  181. Lorns

    I just would like to feel better, after having a radical hysterectomy 6 weeks ago, then my wound opening and getting infected. So health is all I want!

  182. Melissa

    I would love some Lasik! But I’ll settle for some earrings and makeup and some surprises 🙂

  183. Amanda

    I’m secretly hoping for a compound bow.

  184. Lissette

    I asked for a new phone case and some books.

  185. Wehaf

    I want some slippers and some boots.

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