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As usual, I am stealing Jen’s Sunday Sentiments button and idea and making it mine tonight. I’ve “known” Jen for umm, 10 years (and yet we’ve never met), and she knows I do it, so it’s not exactly stealing. But then again, it’s not a link up either ;).

~OMG, My Spartans! I am STILL excited about that huge win over OSU last night. I literally watched the game with one eye open since I just could not look, but also could not look away. It was intense. But my Spartans prevailed and I am a happy alumni! The Yuppie Traveler (who I met at Michigan State) is thinking about heading out to the Rose Bowl and I suggested we road trip it like we did for the Final Four years and years ago when we were in school. Since we are old now (and not as fun as we used to be), we’d have to stop 9,000 times and get separate rooms at every hotel. We should probably leave now. LOL!!!

Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images
Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

~B had a drill weekend (National Guard) this weekend and not only did he bring home enough gear to outfit a small army (they have gear and different outfits for every situation / weather imaginable), he also brought home a revised drill schedule. I like this one WAY better than the last one (which involved some sort of field training on L’s birthday) and I am so glad I didn’t write any of the old dates in my 2014 EC planner.  Oh and they had a Christmas party this morning complete with bounce houses that the kids loved.


~Should the stars align properly, I may be getting my PopSugar Must Have Holiday for Her box tomorrow.  I cannot believe we don’t have spoilers on that yet!  ETA: We have spoilers and they are here.   I am also expecting December PopSugar, PopSugar Holiday for Him, Fabletics, Cultured Owl, Mama’s Got Mail, Birchbox, FAIRtreasure and probably a few more I am forgetting!

~I just downloaded “Flipagram” last night which I know think is the coolest app ever.  I never understood how people took those flipbook videos on Instagram and now I know!  Perfect for subscription box detailed pictures and it’s free which is a big app requirement of mine.  I hate paying for apps.


~L and I decorated the tree yesterday and today.  OMG.  That tree?  It’s a monster.  I despise putting lights and on the tree but since B was gone and L wanted it to happen, it was all me.  And as I posted on Instagram, I totally messed it up and ended up with the wrong end of a plug to plug-in.  Figures.  I just stuck another strand of lights down the back to hook up the right end of the plug (which was at the top of the tree) into the socket.  So annoying.  But I have to admit, actually decorating the tree with L was fun.  He’s a big help and gets so excited about it.

Decorating with the best helper ever.
Decorating with the best helper ever.

~Can I just say how jealous I am of all the parts of country that are covered in snow right now? Ugh.  We have NOTHING. We live in Michigan and now snow.  B actually asked the other day how much I thought it would cost to rent a snow machine.  LOL!!! A lot, B, a lot.

~And finally, if you haven’t entered any of my 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways yet, what are you waiting for??  You can find them all here and what the heck, I’ll list them all out below too with links to the individual posts:
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How is your weekend going?  Any Sunday night plans?

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  1. Melissa

    I’m watching the Amazing Race finale 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      Ahhh, I forgot about that!!

  2. lisa

    Alas, we were all booked for Pasadena, but I can’t bring myself to pull the trigger any pay the $$$ for tickets. We should do a road trip to East Lansing to watch the game!

    1. Jennifer

      OH no, why not??? You just don’t want to buy the game tickets?

  3. Alexia561

    I’m quite happy with the lack of snow. Pretty to look at, but I hated the shoveling, traffic, and cold temps. Much, much happier in my new warmer climate! As for B, well,you just have to love a man in uniform! And I bet L and WB would look adorable dressed as soldiers!

    1. Jennifer

      LOL. I am sure they would. I like looking at snow from my couch. But the kids love playing in it so much!

  4. Elise

    I’m so happy Michigan won and not Ohio! I’m a Wisconsin alumni and of course we wish we would have gotten farther, but as long as OSU didn’t get it, we’re happy!

    1. Jennifer


  5. Katie L

    You may have my eight inches of snow.

    1. Jennifer

      Yes please!

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