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It’s time for another Thursday Thoughts! If you want to participate, but have no idea what a link-up is, you can check out my explanation of it here.

~I hope everyone (everyone who celebrates) had a great Christmas! To those who commented, yes, the kids are feeling much better over here and I am so happy about that. I was at Urgent Care with WB on Sunday and the Doctors with L on Monday night, so hopefully the worst is long past.  It seems that we weren’t the only ones who weren’t 100% either.  Everyone was sick!

~Okay, on to Christmas. The bunk bed? We pulled it off!!! Yes! We decided to wait until the boys fell asleep on Christmas Eve instead of trying to do it during the day and then keeping L out of that room. Here’s how it went down. Basically as soon as L was out (we told him he could sleep in our room), WB started crying which was totally perfect since we needed to WB up anyway because they were totally switching rooms (the nursery is the bigger room and would fit bunk beds better). B had to disassemble the crib to get it out of the room and then he switched dressers between the rooms and grabbed the mattress from L’s old bed while I held WB as he slept. As soon as the crib was set-up in L’s old room, we put WB to bed and we ran down to the theatre room to grab all the bunk bed pieces and brought them upstairs. That door has a lock so B had brought everything down there on Monday night taken it out of the boxes, etc. to make things go more quickly on Christmas Eve. B started on the bunk bed and I brought up all the presents / stocking stuffers, etc and put them under the tree. And less than two hours later, it was done. AMAZING! L didn’t wake up or hear a thing. And it was LOUD!  I was shocked.  He stayed in our bed all night and in the morning when he woke up we had him go in “his brother’s room” (which was really his new room) to wake him up. And he opened the door and stopped in his tracks. Watching him realize what was going on was probably the best Christmas moment to date. He was thrilled.  Even Scrooge would have smiled.

The Room!
The Room!

~WB likes his new digs too and I really don’t think he cares a bit that he’s in a different room. We had family over on Christmas Eve and although WB was a mess all day, once I got him out of his pajamas, he was like a totally new kid. Happy, cheerful, etc. He put his party face on for the crowd for sure!  And he’s quite pleased with the new trains he received from Santa ;).


~I received my Erin Condren order earlier in the week (the one that was supposed to have a wedding planner in it) and, umm, it was wrong. I had ordered the wedding planner instead of the notebook because I wanted the extra pages it had, etc. I was flipping through it and was like OMG this looks just like a life planner! Umm, yeah, because it was a life planner. I didn’t realize it at first, but it included a card that says basically oops, we screwed up and to keep their mistake and that the corrected item will be coming soon. And sure enough, it’s coming today!

I can't say I am sad about the error.
I can’t say I am sad about the error.

~I didn’t end up doing the Christmas Night box I had blogged about. We had so much to do and L was so happy and content with everything he received that he didn’t even need a special end of the night box. I am saving the idea for New Year’s Eve though and am going to put some noise makers, hats, party necklaces, etc. in it. Plus a movie and snacks and maybe a few other things.  Any other suggestions?

~So while I was at the doctor with L earlier in the week we were working on this “I SPY” book.  OMG, it was the most difficult book I have ever “spied”.  LOL!  L and I were there a long time so we had plenty of time to work on it and it just wasn’t enough.  This picture below has a “saddle” in it that I cannot find and it’s driving me bananas.

The Book
The Book

~I know that I said I wasn’t going to go, but I think I am going to hit up the Target Christmas clearance today.  It should be 50% off, so umm, I’m just going to “look”.  Besides, L wants to go look for a few things for his room, so I mean we have to go.  I might just hit up the semi-annual sale at Bath & Body Works too.  Luckily B has a consultation for Lasik this afternoon, so I can’t be gone too too long!

~Speaking of B (who is the best bunk bed builder ever), check out this picture of one of his recent races.  Doesn’t this look fun??  Ha!


What’s going on for your Thursday today?  How was your Christmas! Headed out to do any returns? Hitting up the after-holiday sales?

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  1. Jenny

    Yea so glad you got the beds done and the rooms switched. That is awesome. I keep telling Michael we may switch rooms soon. C is in the room that buts up to our closet and edge of bathroom and he’s a much lighter sleeper then N so I want to put him in Ns room and then N in the guest room and make the room that touches our room the guest room. Its also the smallest room so makes sense to me to be the least used. Of course that hasn’t happened yet but one day it will. 😉

    1. Jennifer

      The room L is new now originally started out as his and then when he got his big boy bed, we moved him next door and left the nursery alone for the next baby – which turned out to be WB! I’m pretty sure they will end up sleeping in the same room every night when WB is a little older anyways!

  2. Virginia C

    i spy: There is a block in the top left that has a horse wearing a saddle on it!

  3. Callie

    The saddle is on horse in the picture about the clown on the left. I love the bunk beds!! What a great idea to have them switch rooms!!

    1. Jennifer

      I never even thought to look at the horse! And that room was bigger, so it just made sense!

  4. clarisse mello

    glad to hear the boys are feeling better 🙂 The bunk beds rock! You guys are the coolest parents for pulling that off and record time.

    1. Jennifer

      I had my doubts, but it couldn’t have went better!

  5. Ravensrookery

    Hi, long time lurker, first time poster. I think the saddle is worn by the horse who is on a block in the top left corner of the book. I have always loved hunt and find games. I also have been loving your blog and I am almost completely caught up.

    1. Jennifer

      Ahhh, L and I thank you!!!

  6. Rebecca F.

    Is the saddle on the horse in the top left? I never know if it is a “loose” one or in a picture of something else, lol. I love I Spy books, though! 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      You guys are all so smart! We looked forever!!!

  7. Tabitha

    Went out clearance shopping this morning. Hit up the Dollar Tree first, followed by Michaels, and finally Target. It was not busy at all at any of the stores. I thought I was lucky until I actually hit the Christmas department at Target…craziness! There was quite a good selection and I was happy to see that all the stocking stuffer toys marked 30% were actually 50% off. I ended up only getting Christmas wrap, bows, ribbon, and decor. I did swing through the toy section and saw TONS of stuff that was getting moved around. I am still deciding if I need to start toy shopping for next year yet. I actually still have a few things from last year that didn’t make it to Christmas this year so I may need to pace myself.

    1. Jennifer

      Target had SO much stuff left. I am hoping that lots is still there at 70% and 90% off!

  8. Mrs. L

    Glad I’m not the only one who went looking for that saddle in the photo lol!

    Working today, so not out the sales. My husband was going to go looking but he’s been in line at UPS for about an hour now just trying to pick up some packages so me thinks he’s just going to go home after.

    My assistant did get up early and hit Target before she came to work and picked me up a bunch of their holiday food wrapping stuff (the Christmas parchment paper, Glad plastic containers etc….she knows me well!) as a belated Christmas present.

    1. Jennifer

      I got some tin foil that I am quite pleased about!

  9. Nicole

    I caved and went to Target today…we needed diapers so I didn’t have a choice. My son saw his cousins bunk beds over Christmas and then he came and got me and told me “I want that.” He didn’t even know what they were called, but he wanted them lol.

    1. Jennifer

      I kind of want my own set!

  10. Alexia561

    So glad to hear that you guys pulled off the Great Bunkbed Caper without a hitch! And looks like I wasn’t the only one who had to look for the saddle! *L*

    1. Jennifer

      LOL! I was hoping someone would find it. It was driving me nuts!

  11. I went out shopping today, Target didn’t have much left around 10am – well lots or ornaments and candy but not a lot of decoraions which is what I was looking for but they had a ton of “felt” crafts and I’m sure you all already did/snatched up. at least they reminded me of the ones you did with the boys lol. I did the best at Kirklands, arond 9:30am everything was 75% off already and I got some good decorations 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      My target was packed! And full
      Of stuff!! I’m hoping lots is left when it’s 70% off!

  12. Genevieve

    Ended up at Target, picked up some not so very christmas things in the stocking stuffer area for some little people birthdays coming up, new balcony lights and gift bags for next year plus a few elf on the shelf things. E is too young to get the whole elf thing but next year may be a different story!

    1. Jennifer

      50% off the elf is a great deal!!!

  13. Suzanne

    That is great that you pulled off the bunk beds! I don’t think that either of my kids would have slept through that. And his room looks great.

    1. Jennifer

      L is a super deep sleeper but he’s been sick so I just wasn’t sure. It worked out!!

  14. Bethany

    Those bunk beds look so good!!! So happy for you guys that you pulled it off!

    1. Jennifer

      They are so cool!

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