December 2013 Spicy Subscriptions Review 6

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December Spicy Subscriptions

The Package

Spicy Subscriptions, who sent me this box to review, is an “Adult” box that contains Romantic Gifts and an assortment of Intimate Toys, Massage Oils, Sexy Lingerie, Romantic Fragrances and much more!

I review all sorts of boxes and I know that this kind of box may not be some people’s cup of tea, so like I do with all my **Adult** reviews, I am going to spoiler from here on out.
Spicy Subscriptions ships their boxes in a flat rate envelope via USPS Priority Mail. The Return Address is “SS, Inc.”, so unless you know what it is because you ordered it, you won’t know what it is.

December Spicy Subscriptions

First Look

This month’s box was so full that not everything fit in the box! It had me super curious when I opened it because I have never gotten a box like that from them before!  And seriously when I unpacked it I was even more curious.  What exactly was in that pink bag anyway?

December Spicy Subscriptions

Second First Look

This month’s box didn’t come with an information card (boo), so I was left to my own devices (google) to determine what some of these items were.  This is always a little scary because you can get some interesting things when you search for adult toys!

Here is what the December Spicy Subscriptions Box contained:

~Body Heat Warming Massage Lotion ($9.98):  These are suppose to “add heat to your seduction with these edible, warming massage lotions.”  I’m not sure that I need the edible part, but I totally could use a massage!

December Spicy Subscriptions

Body Heat Warming Massage Lotion

~Pipedream Neon Love Touch Waves ($14.40):  You know what this is for. I don’t need to tell you.  But what’s up with all the neon?  Seriously?  What about some polka dots or stripes?

December Spicy Subscriptions

Pipedream Neon Love Touch Waves

~Dona by Jo Milk Bath ($10.75): Ohhh, this is nice!  I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but one of my 2014, is a little more pampering time.  Maybe a haircut every once in a while, learning to take a relaxing bath, etc.  I will start with this!


Dona by Jo Milk Bath

~Dona Linen Spray ($8.99): I totally love linen spray so this is awesome.  I use it as air freshener too.  I like good smelling sheets, but I don’t have time to do laundry every other day.  This makes it seem like I do though ;).

December Spicy Subscriptions

Dona Linen Spray

~DONA Massage Candle ($8.91): I have gotten this candle before (perhaps from Spicy) and liked it, so I am happy with this.  I don’t love the packaging on this (or the spray) though so its not something I would leave out.  It’s very bedroom like and I know that’s the point, but I’d totally leave these out.

December Spicy Subscriptions

DONA Massage Candle

~Melrose Creations My Miracle Massager ($44.95): I probably don’t need to explain this to you either, but B just looked at it like huh?  I explained to him that it should be used to massage my neck.  He actually believed me for a second!  Ha!

December Spicy Subscriptions

Melrose Creations

~Assorted Samples: This box also came with assorted samples, including a $50 Naked Wine gift card! I still haven’t tried them, but I still want too!

xDecember Spicy Subscriptions

The Samples

All totaled I came up with a value of $83.58 for the December Spicy Subscriptions Deluxe Spice Box!  The box is $34.95/month or works out to be $30.62/month if you opt for the 8-month prepaid option!

December Spicy Subscriptions

December Spicy Subscriptions


If you want to sign up or just “learn more” (wink, wink) about Spicy Subscriptions, click here. And don’t forget to use the code “ramblings” to save 5% off your first Spice Box!!!

Disclosure: This complimentary box was received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.

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6 thoughts on “December 2013 Spicy Subscriptions Review

  • kay

    if you are ever (for some random reason) in Oregon Naked Winery is the most fun wine tasting! They have risque type names that make it entertaining (“so, we’ll start off with some foreplay…It’s our chardonay” ), and they sample a TON so you’re pretty happy by the time you’re done. It’s not the fanciest or the most serious, but it’s just a great time.

    The only problem is when you take your mom and she becomes obsessed with their pinot. Called Dominatrix. Then can never remember what it is called. And asks you ALL THE TIME what the name of it is. “Mom, it’s dominatrix. No, you can go ask dad if we have any of it”

  • Diana

    I was wondering if anyone else has had problems with Spicy? I have been charged for three boxes and only received one. I’m having the worst time with their customer service. In other news, I love this site and I go on it every day!

    • Marie

      YES! We have as well! Cancelled our account in December because I hate when things auto-renew, got the “yes, you have cancelled” email 8 days later (not particularly speedy – I mean come on, takes 8 days to respond to an inquiry??), and now come April we got charged again! VERY unhappy with this company! And the deluxe box apparently only comes with 3 items now??? They changed the description of the boxes during four month sub we bought, and now it definitely feels like we’re getting cheated. Their customer service is so incredibly bad and I would NEVER EVER recommend this company to anyone ever!

      P.S. We’ve filed a dispute with our credit card company – Spicy said they would cancel our account (again!) and refund the charge in 3-5 business days. Today is business day 5. I’m not holding my breath.

    • Jennifer Post author

      This is an old review but the price per month is (was at the time?) $34.95 and the box had a value of $83.58 (not including a the wine card). So you got more in value than you paid more. Hope this helps!