Friday iPhone Dump

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If you feel like linking up and showing off your weekly iPhone pictures grab the button and link-up below!  If not, that’s cool too. Oh and I have gotten a few questions about make my collages below.   So basically I grab my nine pictures and make them into a square collage in Picasa.  Then I add some grid spacing, add the numbers and then crop them into three groups of three pictures.


1.  Umm, it was so cold here that my car literally froze at -13 degrees.  Seriously.  I got in the car yesterday morning (when it was a balmy 2 degrees) and was still showing the reading from a few days ago.  LOL.  It finally did warm up yesterday though (and my car fixed itself) and by afternoon it was almost twenty degrees.  I almost broke out the flip-flops.

2. This is what the ice balloons looked like after we cut the balloon off.  Basically just frozen balls of color.  It was a fun project though and they do look pretty out on the patio.  Oh and my hands aren’t red / pink anymore from the food coloring, so that’s good too.

3.  I think WB is the saddest that things are back to reality around here.  He’s loved having L (and B) home these past few weeks.  Having a brother is like having a built in best friend!


4. I believe that it’s the law that you must bake cookies on a snow day.  You must!  So we did.  And WB remembers where the cookies were on the counter and randomly stands in the kitchen, looks up at the spot and yells “COOKIE”!

5. You can’t see this too well, but Baxter is covered in snow balls.  I wonder if they make doggie snowsuits?  We used to have boots for the dogs, but those were a no go.  The dogs could not adjust.  They could not.

6. Sledding wears kids out!  I think L could have fallen asleep getting pulled back and forth to the sledding hill!  Hopefully we can get over there today before the rain starts and all this pretty snow turns into a giant slushy mess this weekend.


7.  ALL my Spark came in yesterday so I was busy making my mixed boxes.  So much Spark.  So much!

8. I don’t know who was there first – Buddy or L, but neither one of them were moving.  Buddy has always loved L and doesn’t get to sleep in his bed anymore (dogs can’t get on the top bunk), so he’s got to lay by him whenever he can now.

9. Playground McDonalds.  I think it was the highlight of their week.

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