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The Box in the Box

My goodness! I was doing a little cleaning today (and putting away Christmas decorations which I am quite pleased I got done) and realized that I have an extra November and December GLOSSYBOX sitting here! WHAT? I think theres only one thing to do. Give them away! The first winner I select will get the November GLOSSYBOX and the second winner I select will get the December GLOSSYBOX! Not sure what’s in them? Just click the links I posted to find out (there could be variations but it will be generally the same). I don’t want to ruin the prettiness of these boxes to find out exactly what variations they have ;).

As always, if you want t enter all you need to do is enter in the Rafflecopter widget below.  As, as always, if you cannot see the Rafflecopter box, try a different browser, your phone, etc.  I will pick two winners on 1.10.14 and, as always, will e-mail them (a dozen times if I have to) and announce them here!  Good luck!!!!

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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include CAUSEBOX, Boxycharm and Beachly!

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  1. Candice

    Resolution….working on setting up our first home! Big project by itself and so many things to keep me busy 🙂

  2. Mansi

    I want to run a half marathon!

  3. jmd

    I think just to be healthier in general – drink more water, walk more, clean my apt more

  4. Meghan

    I’d like to get healthier

  5. Pilar

    My New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight.

  6. terri s

    eat healthier and exercise more!

  7. Rose D.

    I resloed to pay more attention to my body, and what it needs, and when it needs to rest.

  8. Samantha Den

    I’m making at least 3 meals a week at home that I plan for. I going to try to be nicer and maybe lose some weight.

  9. Alicia

    I’m on the weight loss resolution bandwagon. I was bad over the holidays and need to get back on track.

  10. Jenny

    I don’t make set resolutions but I do want to work on doing less procrastinating this year. (I write that as I sit here on FB and reading blogs. LOL)

  11. Elizabeth

    I’m hoping to be more organized this year.

  12. Melissa G

    Be healthier and exercise more!

  13. Riann

    Eat better, spend more time on hobbies, add more structure into the household, get through and use up existing beauty products instead of just stockpiling! (Wait – and here I am hoping to win more beauty products! Oops)

  14. Amy

    I actually don’t really make resolutions. I never keep them and it makes me feel bad but i do have goals.

  15. rayraycartucci

    my resolution is to save money for my son’s future and to start running again.

  16. Liz Ruenzel

    Haven’t made a resolution in many many years. But darling hubby and I have been trying to eat healthier and we will keep that going in 2014.

  17. Joanne

    I want to have good health.

  18. natalie

    I want to read more!

  19. Beth

    I, too, am on the get in shape bandwagon! Plus get more organized!

  20. Bridget Heiple Reich

    I want to lose weight and also stop stressing so much! 🙂

  21. megan

    My goal in 2014 is to have a better relationship with my in-laws….I have been working on this for the last 7 years…hopefully this will finally be the year that it sticks.

  22. Jill Geraci

    Get our house sold by July!

  23. Hannah Kelley

    I want to have more family time!
    What an awesome giveaway! TY!!!

  24. Natalie

    I don’t do resolutions, but I can’t wait to get my master bedroom all put together. Glossybox is one of my favorite boxes. 🙂

  25. Chelsey Ulibarri

    Get outdoors more!

  26. Blaire

    I would like to cook more wholesome food from scratch for my family, not only would I know what is in the food we are eating but it would be healthier and save money

  27. Sher

    I want to finish painting upstairs.

  28. Jordan McEntaffer

    My New Years resolutions are to go to the gym more often, take better care of my teeth, stick to drinking mostly water, and learn more about proper makeup techniques.

  29. Stephanie S.

    I’m working on getting back to school.

  30. Jennifer

    Eating healthier/excising! It’s pretty much my resolution every year…

  31. Kindra frank

    My resolution is to take more risks!

  32. Heather

    I really want to focus more on the positives in my life and less on the negatives 🙂

  33. Beth C

    to lose weight and eat more healthy.

  34. Shannon

    My husband and I decided our resolution is to take more naps. Also get in shape blah blah. But most important the naps!

  35. brandy Fisk

    Complementing people more often!

  36. Jenn

    Do/try something new every month!!

  37. Pattie

    I am vowing to bring more positivity into everyday life, I will do at least 1 random act of kindness each week and journal about it. Right before Christmas I bought several 1 dollar scratch of tickets and gave them out with my daughter. I think she had more fun than I did!

  38. Michelle

    I resolve to list 5 things I am grateful for every day.

  39. Marietta Tisdale

    Yea! Another giveaway! Love to Jennifer.

  40. Juli

    My butt will be on my treadmill at least three times a week. No excuses!

  41. Janelle

    I hope to run my first full marathon!

  42. Rita Morgan

    New year resolution, stop being sarcastic …… Yeah right ….

  43. Lauren

    Better proportions with food and better self control with everything ! Impulse buying and eating lol

  44. Lisa D

    Paying down cc bills and saving for my daughters 21 birthday in 2015 looking to go to Vegas

  45. Judy L

    I’d like to save money this year as well as get more fit physically.

  46. Sindhu

    To exercise more.

  47. Sarah Dineen

    Get skinny for my wedding!!

  48. jessica

    To make some friend and have more of a social life

  49. Lauren

    Be mindful of my eating.

  50. Megan F

    Get healthier!!

  51. Carolyn S.

    My resolution is to eat healthier and live happier! Easier said than done, but here’s hoping 😉

  52. Colleen Boudreau

    I want to lose 25 lbs.

  53. Karen

    Start running again. I have a 5K in June that I need to start training for.

  54. Jill

    Lose bout 20 pounds!

  55. Erica

    Inspired by your husband, we are doing a road race a month! I haven’t done a race in three years (but used to regularly) and I loved the idea of setting a goal like that. First one is this Saturday!

  56. Lindsay

    My goal is to read more books, and not just children’s books!

  57. Robin

    I want to finish painting my house.

  58. Linda

    I want to run my first 5k this year!

  59. Diana Vuong

    I want to lose weight and look hot for the summer this coming year!

  60. Mikkii

    My resolution this year is to not just coast by in school like last year. I had good grades, but they could be SO much better if I actually picked up a book and studied 🙂

  61. Christina Stieber

    Here’s my BLOG POST – I hope I reallllly win because I’ve been on a streak and I’d love to give this to my goddaughter for fun some fun girl time!!

  62. Iris

    My new year’s resolution is: to manage my time better.

  63. latanya

    I want to eat less fast food this year

  64. Lonni Harper

    I just signed up for one subscription box….would love to experience another ! Thank you!

  65. Catherine Faulkenburg

    My resolution is to not buy anymore body wash/shampoo/etc. until I’ve used up the majority of my stash. Unless it comes in a subscription box. But I’ve got to get this clutter under control!

  66. Caroline Perry

    Get fabulous and fit for my wedding this year!!!

  67. Hali

    My goal for this year is to really focus on getting back into shape after having my son this past October, eat better, and save money. (Typical goals?.) My biggest goal, however, is to work on being in the moment and really experiencing life.

  68. Maureen

    I need to relax and not worry so much. It affects my health

  69. Robin Parker

    loose 40 lbs!

  70. Beth Rang

    Mine is to be more positive! I think the world will be a better place with less complaining and negativity.

  71. Joanne

    I need to get away from the junk and get my weight under control

  72. Rachael

    I want to focus more on the present than look back at the past.

  73. Natasha

    I want to start running this year!

  74. Melanie K.

    My resolution is to create a budget and actually stick to it. I’m great at creating them, but horrible at sticking to them (Target has a lot to do with that).

  75. Rachel

    My resolution is to get more sleep and worry less. 🙂

  76. Amanda

    I want to cut back on Pepsi…we shall see. lol

  77. Bethsaida W.

    I definitely want to work on eating healthier!!

  78. Janaya

    Something I want to work on this year is my fitness! I plan to run my first half marathon this year!

  79. Calli

    I am working out 3x/week now!

  80. Julie S

    My resolution is to read more books.

  81. rose mekelburg-lamour

    To take more time for myself everyday.

  82. Nikki K

    My resolutions are to save more money and to eat more veggies

  83. Niki T.

    I am eating clean and exercising regularly.

  84. Ricki

    I am going to read my Poem a Day book.

  85. Lissette

    I want to improve myself in all aspects but in particular I would like to create something new everyday.

  86. Mar G

    Read more books!

  87. Vanessa F

    My hubby and I are working towards running a half marathon this fall. We’re not really distance runners–just jog a couple miles for fitness. So like your Couch to 5k, we’ll be steadily increasing too

  88. Alexia561

    One of my resolutions is to work on my time management skills, as I’m the Queen of Procrastination!

  89. Jessica Chapman

    I want to be healthier

  90. Becky

    Keep a cleaner house

  91. Nicole

    Be as organized as I was pre-husband, pre-child, and most of all pre-sub boxes…this WILL happen in 2014

  92. Enrica

    Compete in a figure/bodybuilding show

  93. Jessica

    My goal is to not be pregnant during 2014. I have been pregnant for at least part of every year for the past 5 years! That is kinda crazy

  94. Bethany

    Working on lots of things, but one is patience!!

  95. Erin B

    I want to work on being more positive. 🙂

  96. Ali M

    being and staying organized!

  97. Cristina

    I want to eat healthier, drink more water, and run a 5k!

  98. Wendy

    I have none.

  99. Shiree Shaffer

    Do more with my time, sit less!

  100. Bethany

    Read more non-fiction.

  101. Kathy

    I really want to improve my upper body strength.

  102. Laurah

    Get the house ready for the baby, and lose the baby weight after he comes!

  103. tina reynolds

    My resolution is to give up soda this year day 3 and going strong

  104. Mallory B

    There are so many things I want to work on! Cook dinner more, eat out less. Budget both my time and my money more carefully so I’m less stressed about life. And, of course, start working out again because I have fallen out of shape, hard.

  105. Melissa

    To be more organized!

  106. Kari

    I am going to get a new job in a new city.

  107. Frances Tolley

    I resolve to get my knees better and enjoy my family more!

  108. Celeste

    I want to be much more diligent about reading the Bible.

  109. Tiffany

    I want to stop my potty mouth… I’m really bad you could get me a job on a fishing boat and I would fit in.

  110. Kali

    My 2014 resolution is to be more honest with myself! I figured that I should enter this give-away because it closes on my birthday… that’s pretty good luck right there. Thank you for making me smile at work with your blog, it’s always adorable and informative!

  111. Lisa

    We moved in early September and still have piles, boxes, stuff to get rid of in our third bedroom and dining room. I would really like to get that taken care of when I am on maternity leave in the next few months as our plan is to have our boys share a room but if their sleep schedules are too different, then we will need that third bedroom as more than a glorified closet!!

  112. Jayme

    Eating healthier, getting more active, and losing weight!

  113. My biggest goal is to stay more active in 2014…not just so I can look better but so I can feel better

  114. Jackie

    To focus more on things that make me happy!

  115. Just read something interesting today. It said to make goals, not resolutions. Sounds like a better experience in the long run. My goal – To write a novel.

  116. MJ

    I need to lose some weight and eat healthier!

  117. RAchel D

    to wake up earlier and enjoy the quiet before my kids wake up!

  118. Gyps

    My resolution is to stop nagging my husband so much/pick my battles/stop sweating the small stuff.

  119. Kristin Jesneck

    I want to eat healthier, exercise more, and include more date nights for the hubs and I.

  120. Michelle K.

    Resolution – stay healthy and talk more often with my family.

  121. stephanie

    i wanna work on losing weight

  122. Lindsey

    I want to be more organized this year and read at least 10 books!

  123. lauren

    I’m working on increasing my faith that I am not in charge of my destiny 🙂 Technically I know this, but sometimes I find myself acting like I forgot!

  124. miranda

    I want to learn how to ride my new bike

  125. Karen O

    My resolution is to be nicer to myself, especially since my daughter watches and repeats everything!

  126. gary

    I need to drink more water

  127. Dayo Steph

    Trying to work out more, and eat out less.

  128. kelly t

    I resolve to win some entries this year!!!

  129. Jean Marmion

    I am going to work on becoming the healthiest I can be, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally! Lots of work ahead! LOL!

  130. Lynn in MD

    It’s so original… but I really do need to be mindful of what I eat and lose some fat!

  131. sophia

    omg i whould love ot win this give away i have been wanting to buy a box but i want to try it and be sure its worth it 😀 hope i get it!

  132. Krystal

    My main goal is to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

  133. Rebecca Brewer

    I need to drink more water and just be more present in my every day life. Happy New Year!

  134. Elizabeth

    My goal is to eat healthier and exercise 4 times a week to be in shape for my June wedding!

  135. Hillary

    To drink more water and stay organized!!

  136. Hillary

    I need to eat healthier and drink more water!

  137. Laura

    This year I want to get in shape and start eating a balanced diet.

  138. nicole p

    To finish school

  139. Stephanie

    I would like to read more!

  140. Kelly G.

    I want to eat better, exercise more, and cut out cokes!!

  141. Theresa Henry

    My New Years resolution is to try new things!!

  142. Tellulah B.

    My resolution is to pay off the last of my debt. CC’s, Student Loans, everything! Then I am taking a fabulous trip to Europe!

  143. Anna

    I’m resolving to keep my temper in check!

  144. Lesley

    I want to win the DietBet I am participating in, run a 5k, and put away as much money as possible for a trip to Bali!!

    1. Jennifer

      I think my goal is to get invited to Bali with you!!! Just kidding! That sound fabulous!

  145. Mopsyluv

    I want to FINISH cleaning my house!!! Does that ever happen? Lol, Or maybe start running. I really want to start running again.

  146. Ally

    I am looking forward to:
    1) Taking more photos this year. I’m really horrible at it.
    2) Visiting five new states. (Detroit being one of them!)
    3) Finish paying off my consumer debt. I’m *so* close.

  147. Amanda W

    My goal is to find moments to do good in the world!

  148. Diana Garza

    To be healthier and finally get the six-pack abs I’ve been working so hard on. Also, I plan to run my 1st marathon in 2014 (Las Vegas Rock N Roll marathon). 😉

  149. Kris

    After ten years as a stay at home mom I need to overhaul my personal appearance. The kids look chic, I look derelique.

    A GLOSSYBOX just might be my gateway back to the path of cute…

  150. Dianne

    Simplify my life and organize everything. Try to have more fun and adventure and be live life mindfully.

  151. Hilary Burdit

    I am going to try to be more productive, be better about cleaning and putting away my clothes (Why is it its so much easier to clean and put away everyone else’s clothes!?!) and save money for a fabulous vacation!

  152. Kate L

    I’m trying to get into better shape and lose the rest of the baby weight, as he’s two now. I’m also planning to knit more, because it soothes me, and because it feels productive.

  153. Crystal Gregg

    I want to try to be happier this year for my son.

  154. wisconsin gal

    My new years resolution? To find a fitness habit. Something fun, something regular. Go bowling, go running, go hiking – finding something that feels fun and safe, and of course, something that I will keep going back to.

  155. Hannah B

    My goal is to create more recipes. I was on a roll last year and then I just stopped creating my own for whatever reason. Busy? Also to get back into weightlifting and yoga.

  156. Caitlyn S.

    I can’t remember if I commented the day that I clicked enter on the Rafflecopter or not so I’m going to leave this comment just in case.
    My resolution is to start working out and eat a little better. Had a baby in May and weighed less then lol. I did lose while I was pregnant bc I was really sick but I’ve gained fifteen and it’s really showing.. I started working g out just before the holiday but gotta start again this week!

  157. Anna Pho

    i want to lose weight and watch less tv.

  158. Zsanett Elinan

    Love your blog 🙂

  159. Jennifer Pittman

    Get healthier!

  160. Julie P.

    I’m working on getting more sleep on a daily basis!

  161. Elisabeth

    One of my resolutions is to stop biting my lip!

  162. Zong

    My NY’s resolution is to drink more water! <3

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