Barkbox Review + Coupon Code – January 2014

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January 2014 Barkbox
January 2014 Birchbox

January 2014 Barkbox is here!  Seriously, this month got off to such a slow start, but things have picked up nicely.

January 2014 Barkbox
The Box

Barkbox ships via DHL Global Mail (starts out as DHL ends up being delivered by USPS) and took about six days to arrive this month.  Had it not taken a detail to the wrong city, I think it would have been in like 4 days!

January 2014 Barkbox
First Look

I recognized nothing from the first look!  Always a good sign.

January 2014 Barkbox
The Information Card

The January 2014 Barkbox was all about football and getting off that couch and getting moving. Both for you and your dog.  Hers is what it included:

~Harry Barker Tug n’ Toss ($3): The furries can always use enough rope toy and this one will be great for WB to be able to play too.  He plays tug of war with Buddy (and laughs and laughs about it) and this should let him get a good grip on the rope.  Buddy usually wins (unless he lets WB win), but WB puts up a good fight.

January 2014 Barkbox
Harry Barker Tug n’ Toss

~Loving Pets Barksters ($8.99):  These are a little big for my dogs (they like tiny soft treats best) so they will go to my brothers dogs (he has 3).  These are all-natural, low in fat, and made using only U.S. farm-grown ingredients, which is important with all the things that have been going on with dog food / treats mad abroad lately!

January 2014 Barkbox
Loving Pets Barksters

~Think! Dog Alligator Jerky ($5.59):I thought that perhaps these were just called alligator jerky and were made from something else, but nope, it’s alligator!  The dogs were loving them and I thought they were one of the most unique treats we have gotten lately.

January 2014 Barkbox
Think! Dog Alligator Jerky

~Wigzi Pocket Bone ($7.99):  It’s a good thing I read the instructions on this one because I thought it was just a rubber chew toy.  You can stick a treat in it and throw it and the treat doesn’t pop out!  It also floats which may make it a perfect up-north toy for this summer.  I will have to remember to pack this!

January 2014 Barkbox
Wigzi Pocket Bone

~Barkworthies Junior Bully Stick ($2.50):  My information card says that the box has an Etta Says Deer Chew, but it had a bully stick in it instead.  We just got this last month and the dogs like them all right, but I would have preferred something new.

January 2014 Barkbox

All totaled I came up with a value of $28.07 for January 2014 Barkbox.  Nothing popped out at me like it did last month with the two toys, but Barkbox remains one of our favorite pet subscription boxes.  It starts at $18/month if you subscribe for 6 months or more) and always has a value over that!  Plus, yhey consistently send out safe, high-quality products for the furries which I know they enjoy.

Barkbox and Baxter
Barkbox and Baxter

Do you subscribe to Barkbox?  What’d you think of this month’s box?  If you want to subscribe or learn more, click here.  And don’t forget to use the code “RAMBLING” save 15% off ANY subscription plan!

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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include CAUSEBOX, Boxycharm and Beachly!

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  1. Jodie Kingsbury

    Hi, we get barkbox every month. I found it on your blog and our dog loves getting a box of her own. Everything is different in your box from mine but the barksters. I would have loved to get the rope and other stuff. I will have to go to their site and see about ordering it. Our puppy is listed as a heavy chewer and she destroyed the whale in 3 days. I always watch your blog for the whatis it was worth because I want to make sure I am still getting a good deal. Thank you.

    1. Jennifer

      I wonder if it’s because of the heavy chewer thing? What size is your dog? My brother has big (well medium I guess) dogs. I will have to see what he got. What items did you get?

  2. Jodie Kingsbury

    We got the Barksters, Hear Doggy whale that people can’t hear the squeaker, Max & Ruffy’s blueberry training treats, N Bone for fresh breath, then circle shaped bones that are very messy and look like she will break her teeth on them.

    Bailey is about 18 pounds and 17″ tall. I just moved her up to a medium dog on their site. Maximum she should get is 20″ tall and 20-25 pounds.

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    1. Jennifer

      I think I got that whale a few months ago? My husband swears he can hear it.

      1. Jodie Kingsbury

        Sorry, I agree with him. We could hear air if we squeezed it but when she played with it you could hear squeaking.

  3. Sandy

    I thought it was a good box but I was was a little disappointed with the barkworthy chew (again). Etta Says products are great. I have two dogs that share the box so I can not give just one chew and they are considered a “heavily supervised” chew. When the piece gets small they can become choking hazard. I loved the Wigzi. My 10 month old pup devours toys. He has had several chew sessions on this and no pieces have come off. Most importantly he actually chews on it.

    1. Jennifer

      We get a lot of bark worthies too! Did you get an e-mail from them today saying that the Etta Says on the card was an error?

      1. Sandy

        Yes, I got the apology email. I am sure they received feedback on missing Etta Says. You should try those Barksters before you give them away. They are puffed air so you can break them into small pieces. My 3 dogs (all very small) went nuts for them. My 15 yo dog really enjoyed them because I think they are quite flavorful (smelly) and easy to chew.

        1. Jennifer

          Ohh, okay! I will!

  4. Alexia561

    We discovered BarkBox because of you and your furbabies, and Waffles loves all her goodies! I signed her up for the medium box. Got the bully stick, alligator jerky, and Barksters like you did, but a different toy and one more box of treats. All of her favorite toys have come from BarkBox, even if she does eventually destroy them. *L*

    1. Jennifer

      I love the name “waffles”!!!!

  5. Annette

    Although we really love the BarkBox, I was also a little disappointed in this month’s box. Lola gets the subscription for large dogs, so we received some different things from the smaller dog boxes. The products went along with a Super Bowl theme, which I thought was pretty cute. We received the following items:

    Sprong squeaky football – $7.81
    Happy Howie’s Lamb Sausage – $4.49
    Your Dog’s Diner Mutt Meatball mix (add ground beef and an egg to the mix and bake to make meatballs for dogs) – $7.49
    Barksters Sweet Potato and Beef Krisps – $5.15
    Licks Athlete Liquid Vitamins (an energy replacement food additive for post-workouts) – $2ish

    I have really liked the products that are sent in the BarkBox because they seem to be healthier (less preservatives, real ingredients, etc.), but the lamb sausages had lots of salt, sugar, and preservatives. She loved them, but you could even smell that they were salty. Overall, it was a good BarkBox, but not our favorite.

    1. Jennifer

      I am always curious how the big dog boxes differ. Thank you!

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