January 2014 Candy Pack Review + Giveaway

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Edited to Add: Candy Pack is no longer in business.

January 2014  Candy Pack
January 2014 Candy Pack

Candy Pack, who kindly sent me this package to review, is a brand new monthly candy subscription service.  Each month, they choose 3-5 different kinds of candy from a new country and ship it directly to you.  Options range from 1lb of candy all the way up to 8lbs of candy each month.

January 2014  Candy Pack
The Box

Candy Pack ships via USPS Priority Mail and arrived at my door in two days.  I got a ton of boxes on Saturday (#dreamcometrue), but Candy Pack was one I called all my boys in to open up and test out with me.

January 2014  Candy Pack
The Candy Pack

Candy Pack scored points with me right off the bat with their use of washi tape.  So many unexpected uses for washi.

Candy Pack
The Information Card

Candy Pack includes an information card, which I was so thankful for.  No way would I have been able to figure these out without one.  The card tells you were the candies are from, the flavors they are and a little about the taste of the candy.  Here is what the January 2014 Candy Pack included:

~Hardy’s Original Sweet Shop Sour Pips (London) (Blue Raspberry and Watermelon):  Okay, yeah, the card was not kidding when they said that these were sour – with the watermelon being the more sour of the two.  L and I both tried it and couldn’t handle it.  B manned up and finished his (he actually had a Blue Raspberry and then a Watermelon), but he agreed that they were the sourest (is that even a word) candy he ever had!

January 2014  Candy Pack
Hardy’s Original Sweet Shop Sour Pips (London)

~A La Mere de Famille (Paris) (Vanille a la fleur de sel, Cafe, Chocolat Touron Pistache and Calipra: Praline):  A La Mere de Famille is the oldest sweet shop in Paris and just tasting a few of these caramels makes me want to visit. They were delicious.  Totally delicious.

January 2014  Candy Pack
A La Mere de Famille (Paris)

~Perugina Rossana Hard Candies (Italy):  These candies have a hard vanilla shell with a creamy egg-nog center.  B wasn’t expecting the filling and was a little surprised by it. The hard shell was my favorite part and the filling was just ok.

January 2014  Candy Pack
Perugina Rossana Hard Candies (Italy)

I didn’t do a cost breakdown for this box because I wasn’t even sure where to begin!  The Candy Pack I received contained 1lb of candy, which is $24.99/month.   If you are looking to try some very unique treats, I suggest you give this one a go.  I had no idea that a candy that sour actually existed.  It is something else.

If you are interested in signing up or just want to learn more, click here!  Candy Pack was also kind enough to allow me to giveaway a box, so make sure you enter in the Rafflecopter widget below!!!

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Disclosure: This complimentary box was received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.
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  1. Thaty A.

    Omg I can’t imagine such a sour candy, for sure I wouldn’t like it,…

  2. Erin

    I’m really tempted to subscribe. I would have been excited about every item in that box. Usually only one thing looks interesting to me in the candy subscription. I have to check them out!

  3. Lonni Harper

    Seems I eat more candy as an adult than I did as a kid !! Would love to try these ! Thank you !

  4. Hillary

    Hope I get to try the caramels 🙂 Love candy from other countries.

  5. Amanda

    The caramels

  6. Jill

    I am a candy addict! My kids love candy from other countries also!

  7. Jenny

    Totally the sour candy. I love sour candies as a given so I want to see what all the talk is about . 🙂

  8. Jean Eckert

    The caramels!!! They look delicious 🙂

  9. jmd

    The caramels, without a doubt!

  10. Brooke

    Those caramels look amazing!!

  11. Ashley Kennebeck

    I’d like to try the sour ones!!

  12. Janelle

    The ones from England just to see how sour they are!

  13. nicole

    I want to try the caramels!

  14. Natalie

    the sour pops

  15. Mansi

    The sour ones!

  16. Jennifer R

    Those caramels look delicious. This box seems like a fun one.

  17. kelly t

    I live for caramels!!!

  18. Elissa

    I would love to try those sour candies… I like sour things!

  19. jenny

    I would love to try the French candy, it looks yummy

  20. Stephanie

    Although I would like to see if I could handle the sourness, I would like to try the Paris caramels.

  21. Pilar

    The caramels are what I would like to try the most.

  22. Riann

    The Sweet Shop Sour Pips !

  23. Iris

    OMG those caramels… I love caramels and make my own but I always love trying other kinds. 😀

  24. Lynn Morejon

    For sure the caramels

  25. Vanessa

    This looks so exciting! I can’t wait to try it!

  26. Candice

    Out of this box I would like to try the A la Mere but in general I love all things chocolate or sweet so I don’t think they could go wrong with anything they sent me!

  27. Nikki K


  28. Mallory B

    I’d love to try the sour candies, watermelon and blue raspberry are my two favorite flavors. I most want to try the caramels, though. Vanilla sea salt?! YUM!

  29. Amy D

    Those Caramels look amazing. Yum.

  30. Jaci

    I love sour candy and would love to try some sour pips! All of the contents sound incredible though. What a fun concept for a box.

  31. Kelly S.

    Those caramels look amazing, I want to try those!

  32. sindhu

    The caramels!

  33. Lisa

    The caramels look really good

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    I love sour candy! I want to try them.

  35. Liz P

    I would like to try the sour candies

  36. Jessica

    Caramels are my absolute favorite!

  37. Ravensrookery

    Those caramels and the hard candies look very yummy. Not so sure about the sour candy though.

  38. Stephanie

    I am definitely a caramel person so those would be my first choice for sure!

  39. Jennifer Metz

    I would love to try the caramels although my kids would be fighting over the sour candies! lol

  40. Theresa Henry

    I’d love to try anything, but the caramels look delicious!

  41. Samantha Den

    Sour candys !

  42. Diana Garza

    The A La Mere de Famille look delicious!!

  43. Bryna

    The sour candy!

  44. Alison

    The caramels look SO GOOD. Like so good I don’t know if I would be able to not eat them all in one sitting!

    Have your tried the Standard Cocoa box? If so, do you prefer this one in terms of a sweets subscription?

    1. Jennifer

      I have not tried that one yet!

  45. Shannon


  46. Rachel Uresti

    I’d definitely like to try the sour candy

  47. Jordan M

    I wanna try the hard candies with the egg nog filling. Maybe I would like them more? the Caramels sound delicious also!

  48. Anna

    Sign me up! I am a candyaholic!

  49. Tracy E

    I have a special stomach just for candy! Looks like an interesting box. Would love to see some Smarties from England in the box!

  50. Genevieve

    You can never go wrong with caramels but I’d probably go for the vanilla eggnog first.

  51. Joanne

    I would like to try the praline from Paris.

  52. Emily W.

    I want to try the sour candy!

  53. Katrina

    I’m super interested in the sour pips. I LOVE sour candy.

  54. Brian H.

    Hopefully they won’t send you any candy from Mexico. All the Mexican candy I have tried has tasted like dirt. Save me a sour candy.

    1. Jennifer

      Oh I will. These are like nothing you will have ever tried.

  55. Mary

    Fancy Parisian caramels? Heck yes! The whole box looks awesome!

  56. Lauren

    The candy from Paris!

  57. Melissa B

    That’s a hard one! I love caramels but I’m intrigued by the sour ones.

  58. Amanda Esmond

    The one from Italy! I love egg nog : )

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  65. Cara James


  66. Jenette

    I want to try the sour candy or the hard vanilla candy.

  67. Shannon

    Who doesn’t love candy? What a great box!

  68. Sylvia

    Those vanilla fleur de sel caramels look amaaaaaazing… want!! Thanks for parting with your extra box for us, that would’ve been a sacrifice for me. ;o)

    1. Jennifer

      HA!!! They are sending it to the winner directly. No temptation involved.

  69. Becky

    The caramels!

  70. nicole p

    The caramels!

  71. Heather

    The sour candy made my mouth pucker just by reading your description. Love sour candy though

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    The French praline ones sound yummy!

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    La Mere de Famille caramels!

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    I would love to try the caramels! Yum!

  77. Alexia561

    I would love to try the caramels, but it all looks good! While I do like sour candy, don’t know if I could handle super-sour or not. Way to man up, B!

  78. Jessica

    I would like to try those vanilla eggnog candies!

  79. Heidi S.

    The sour candy, for sure! I’m a fanatic 🙂 I have to subscribe to this box…thanks so much for posting the review!

  80. emilia

    The caramels.

  81. Jennifer Pittman

    The caramels – they look great!

  82. Melissa

    The sour pips? I’m obsessed with sour candy!

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    Sour pips 🙂

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    ones from Italy 🙂

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    That sour candy sounds amazing! I have to try it

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    I would love to try the caramels. They are my favorite!

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    I hear the Paris candy calling my name. 🙂

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    The caramel but, I’d love to see my sons face when he tried the sour one 😉

  99. Jen Dera

    Call me boring, but I don’t like candy with surprise fillings in the center. LOL. The sours on the other hand, I could eat that kind of stuff all day long. 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      Umm, I totally should have brought you some yesterday! I couldn’t even get myself to eat one. I licked it and it was just too much. These are something else.

  100. Jenny Livesay

    Why do great new subscriptions like this always come out just after I start a diet??? 🙂

  101. Jennifer

    I absolutely love sour candies so that’d be my top choice!

  102. Shelly

    I think id like to taste the caramels the most and then sour candy next..

  103. Emily Kim

    I probably shouldn’t even enter! I sooo don’t need any more sweets in my house, but these look delish!

  104. Erin

    The caramels

  105. Aimee V

    I am all about the caramels!

  106. Jessica K

    This box looks delicious!

  107. Meg Mc

    I am interested in the sour pips. Sour Patch Kids are my favorite candy ever, and ate all of my nieces Warheads from her Halloween candy 🙂

  108. Sarah

    I would love to try those caramels.

  109. Rebecca Brewer

    Mmmmm, the caramels, definitely!

  110. Debbie Richardson

    I am addicted to sour candies and would LOVE to try these. My husband just brought home an amazing sour candy that a coworker brought back from Columbia and I have already been trying to figure out how to get more of those! 🙂

  111. Samantha

    I’d love to try the Perugina Rossana Hard Candies, I love chewy caramel type candies…so delish!….what a great service, especially as a gift.

  112. Becky

    The caramels! This makes me impatient for my European vacation this summer.

  113. Jason

    I love hard candies since I quit smoking. The Vanilla sound awesome

    1. Jennifer

      Congrats on quitting!!!

  114. Lynsey M

    I want to try the sour candies FOR SURE!!! I love sour stuff!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jennifer

      I want everyone who wants to try these sour candies to come over and have one. I would love to know what everyone thinks!

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    The French caramels sound amazing!

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    I want to try the Sour Pips

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  122. greta

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    I ??LOVEloveLOVE?? sour candy but it doesn’t ever seem sour enough to me so I’d love to try those super-sour pips. I’m kinda interested in this monthly sub…I may just have to check it out (:

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    I would love to try the Caramels! They look so delicious!

  127. Janet

    This box looks awesome!! I love boxes that allow you to try things from different countries.

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    Ooh, this one looks right up my alley. I have a big sweet tooth!

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    The caramels!

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    The sour pips! When I lived in England, I was obsessed with the local candy shops!

  132. Caitlin

    Awesome box! Fingers super crossed to win this one! 25$ is a little steep for me for some candy… 🙁 although know being addicted to box sub’s I’m sure I’ll sign up! I’d live the try all of the goodies! Espically the sour pips! 🙂 <3candy<3

  133. Laura

    I want to see how sour these pips are!!

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    i TOTALLY want to try the caramels from Paris!

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    Anything Sour or gummy 😀

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    Who could say no to candy? I don’t think I’ve ever met a candy I wouldn’t try.
    I’d love to try the hard candy from Italy shown above.

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    Love to try the sour pips. That is so cool!

  139. Kelley Quigley

    These look super yummy – not sure about the sours though! I would be in heaven with those caramels I’m sure! Might have to try this box – it seems a little pricey tho!

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    The very sour ones. (:

  145. Jessica C.

    I agree with another commenter about eating more candy as an adult than as a child. Candy doesn’t last long in my house! If I win, I want those caramels!

  146. Kelsey

    These look so good!!! I have a candy problem.. and a subscription box problem, hahaha! I can’t wait to try this box out!

  147. erin

    i would love the caramels!!

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    The caramels look delicious!

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