January 2014 Fancy Food Box Review

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January 2014 Fancy Food Box
January 2014 Fancy Food Box

My January 2014 Fancy Food Box, which I have been anxiously waiting, finally arrived today!  It’s been a slow start to the new year subscription box wise, so I am excited to see some boxes finally rolling in.

January 2014 Fancy Food Box
The Box

Fancy Box ships via FedEx and I think for the first time ever, not including a weekend or a holiday, my box took three days instead of the standard two to arrive.  This crazy weather must be doing a number of all of the carriers!

January 2014 Fancy Food Box
First Look

I peeked at spoilers for this box a few days ago, but it’s always fun to tear into boxes for yourself.  Oh, also, I broke my iPhone (*), so these pictures are from my iPad and probably look a little different (I can tell anyway).

January 2014 Fancy Food Box
The Information Cards

The January Fancy Box didn’t have a theme like some of their recent boxes have had.  Just normal Fancy Box information cards with descriptions on the back.  Here is what was included:

~Sweater Cup and Saucer Set ($14): I love this!  If there were a “mug of the month” subscription, I would totally sign-up.  I don’t really use a saucer (although I should since I spill things), so this might end up sitting in the cupboard.  No matter though, I’m all over this cup.

January 2014 Fancy Food Box
Sweater Cup and Saucer

~Baru Fleur De Sel Caramel Marshmallows ($14): I like salted caramel and I like marshmallows so these are a nice treat!  I wouldn’t mind making some s’mores with these!  Maybe we’ll do that this weekend.  That would be fun.  And delicious.

January 2014 Fancy Food Box
Baru Fleur De Sel Caramel Marshmallows

~The Gilded Nut Pistachios (Habanero Heat & Meditterrean Herb) ($6/each) ($12):  This is for sure a B item.  Pistachios are not my thing and anything with the name “heat” isn’t for me either!  He’ll be thrilled though!

January 2014 Fancy Food Box
The Gilded Nut Pistachios – Mediterranean & Habanero Heat

~Trufa Seca Dry Truffle Sausage ($16): Totally another B item.  Totally.  He’s going to be thrilled!  I always try this kind of stuff and like it, but I wouldn’t just snack on it. Not like  B does.

January 2014 Fancy Food Box
Cured Meats by Charlito’s Cocina

~Kusmi Tea BB Detox ($16):  Meh.  It’s tea!  Totally an addition to my cousin’s tea box.  I forgot to give all the teas I have been collecting to her over the holidays, so next time I see her I will have a huge collection.

January 2014 Fancy Food Box
Kusmi Tea BB Detox

All totaled I came up with a value of $72 for the January 2014 Fancy Food Box.  I didn’t love this month like I have loved the past few months.  Everything in the box will get used, but I’m only really excited about the the sweater cup and marshmallows.  Hopefully next month is more me.  I have my fingers crossed for a Valentine’s themed box, which has the potential to be amazing.

If you are thinking of ordering this or ANY of the Fancy Boxes, click here and get on it! Fancy Boxes are $39 + $7.95 shipping, but you can always use the coupon code “FOLLOWUP10″ to save 10% on any Fancy.com, order, including subscription boxes.  If you can’t find the Fancy Box you are looking for, I suggest just doing search for “Fancy Box“. It’s much easier than trying to navigate their site.

(*) I dropped it and it won’t focus anymore.  I am considering dropping it again to get it to work because the internet trick of “banging it against your leg” didn’t solve this issue.

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  1. Diana Garza

    I knew I should of ordered this box! LOL!

    1. Jennifer

      It always works that way doesn’t it?

  2. Ashley

    I’m SO jealous of your cousins tea collection!

    1. Jennifer

      I need to take a picture. It was crazy last time I gave her a box!

  3. Lauren

    Do you know what other subscription boxes will do a valentines box or theme ? Or any guesses? Thanks in advance!

    1. Jennifer

      I don’t know ;(. Escape Monthly is doing a Chocolate of the World box, but other than that, I haven’t heard of any ;(

      1. Psst

        Fancy might 😉

        1. Jennifer

          Psst! Tell me more! I’d also like to hear more about the “Coming Soon” IM box I saw???????..

  4. Bethany

    Yum, those salted caramel marshmallows! I totally have a weakness for mugs. Can never have enough of them! Also, I hate tea, too. And since I only subscribe to a handful of boxes, I haven’t had any in a couple of weeks, and I am vicariously living through you. My husband and I had this convo yesterday> me: “You know what I really need right now?” him: “A hug?” me: “A subscription box.”

    1. Jennifer


  5. Iris

    I’ve heard really good things about that tea from Birchbox subscribers who had received it in their boxes before. 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      I am sure my cousin will be happy!!!!!

  6. Lorns

    I would SO sign up for a mug of the month box!

    1. Jennifer

      LOL! Wouldn’t it be awesome???

  7. DNG

    Has anyone actually tasted that charcuterie meat? The one that came in my box was foul and tastes horrendous.

    1. Jennifer

      We had it for SuperBowl. Ours was good! Not foul at all. I’d e-mail Fancy!

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