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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.
Hello Fresh - 1.9.13 Delivery

Hello Fresh – 1.9.13 Delivery

I told you last week was a crazy food subscription box week around here!  In addition to Plated and Peach Dish, we also received Hello Fresh!  Hello Fresh came last, so it’s the last one we finished up.

Hello Fresh - 1.9.13 Delivery

The Box

Hello Fresh ships via FedEx and typically arrives on Wednesdays.  I don’t know what happened last week, but we got this box on a Thursday.  This account is under B’s e-mail, so it’s possible we got an email explaining everything and it just wasn’t shared with me.

Hello Fresh - 1.9.13 Delivery

First Look

I forgot I had Hello Fresh scheduled for last week so I had no idea what to expect menu wise.  I was actually super curious to see too!  You can select three of the five weekly menu options, but since B gets the e-mails, that didn’t happen.

Hello Fresh - 1.9.13 Delivery

Second First Look

Everything in here was COLD!  It was freezing last week so there was no chance of the food spoiling in the heat, but some of it was actually frozen!  We’ll get to that in a minute.  Here is what we received:

~Classic Beef Stroganoff: I don’t know that I have ever had beef stroganoff before, but the picture made us want to try it for our first Hello Fresh meal. And it was good!  I am usually not huge on noodles unless they are in pasta, but this was totally an exception to that rule. Everything was perfect and I think B loved it too.

Hello Fresh - 1.9.13 Delivery

Classic Beef Stroganoff – The Recipe

Hello Fresh - 1.9.13 Delivery

Classic Beef Stroganoff – The Ingredients

Classic Beef Stronganoff - The Result

Classic Beef Stroganoff – The Result

~Chili Cashew Shrimp:  Had this had chicken instead of shrimp I think it would go down as one of my all time favorite subscription box meals.  I liked it way more than expected and am hoping that B makes it again – with chicken this time!

Hello Fresh - 1.9.13 Delivery

Chili Cashew Shrimp – The Recipe

Hello Fresh - 1.9.13 Delivery

Chili Cashew Shrimp – The Ingredients

Hello Fresh - 1.9.13 Delivery

Chili Cash Shrimp – The Results

~Chicken Skewers:  This one was a bit of a problem.  By the time we got to it, the vegetables from it were meh and we weren’t able to use them.  We suspect that it had something to do with them arriving frozen?  I don’t know.  Everything else was perfect though, so B went ahead and made it minus the veggies and not on a skewers.  The risotto was perfect and it was very filling, even without the veggies!

Hello Fresh - 1.9.13 Delivery

Chicken Skewers – The Recipe

Hello Fresh - 1.9.13 Delivery

Chicken Skewers – The Ingredients

Hello Fresh - 1.9.13 Delivery

Chicken Skewers – The Results

Do you subscribe to HelloFresh?  What do you think of the service?  I think meal subscription boxes are the best thing to happen to our kitchen in a long time! We have been able to try SO many new things in the past few months that I know I never would have tried otherwise.

If you don’t subscribe and want to sign up, click here and don’t forget to use coupon code “RAMBLINGS2014” to get $25 off your first box.  That would bring the cost of the box down to $44 for the Classic Box, which works out to about $7.33/meal!

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

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4 thoughts on “January 2014 Hello Fresh Review – 1.9.14 Delivery

  • Kelley Quigley

    Hmmm….now you have me intrigued! I just discovered sub boxes this month, but I dismissed the foodie ones right away because I thought they’d be way to pricey only have gourmet-ish stuff that my family wouldn’t like. I bet aside from the shrimp, my fam would eat all of that.

    • Jennifer Post author

      The meals always sound so fancy and even my mom was like those never sound good and then she sees the pictures and is like yeah, I’d eat that too!

  • Frances Tolley

    We made the shrimp too..I loved it! The chicken skewers were like yours but I did think the chicken was fresh and good quality. We also got the pasta but haven’t made it yet.