January 2014 Mantry Review – Retox Vol. II

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January 2014 Mantry
January 2014 Mantry

The mail arrived today just as B and I were getting home today (*) and one of the items included was B’s January 2014 Mantry Box!  Mantry, If you aren’t familiar, is the Modern Man’s Pantry. It’s a food of the month club that lets you discover the finest american artisan foods – and gives you ideas of what to do with them.  At $75/month it’s a spendy box for sure, but B loves it.

January 2014 Mantry
The Box

Mantry ships via UPS Smart Post. It starts out as UPS and is delivered by the Post Office and took maybe 4 days to arrive!

January 2014 Mantry
The Crate

I don’t know why B makes fun of me for saving my GLOSSYBOX boxes, but he’s been saving every Mantry crate he’s ever received too!  At one point the plan was to use them to build some type of bar in the basement, but now I’m not sure?  The people on Hoarders will have to tear them out of his hands if they ever come here.

January 2014 Mantry
First Look

I had no idea what this month’s Mantry theme was, but I knew that the box was heavy.  They used to use a bunch more packaging, but have cut down a ton it seems.  Nothing every arrives damaged, so it’s working out fine.

January 2014 Mantry
The Information Card

The January 2014 Mantry theme was “Retox Vol. II”.  The original Mantry Retox, from February 2013 was one of our favorites, so I was very excited to see what Volume II brought. Here is what was inside:

~Dogfish Head Brewery Hard Track Chowder ($4):  I had no idea that Dogfish made soup!  B loves chowder (me not so much) and this will be gone this weekend.

January 2014 Mantry
Dogfish Head Brewery Hard Track Chowder

~Reginald’s Bourbon Pecan Butter ($7):  We got this in the last Retox as well and enjoyed it.  I’m not sure if I have ever met a peanut butter that I dislike?  I don’t think it’s possible.  I would have preferred something new, but my toast won’t be sad about this either.

January 2014 Mantry
Reginald’s Bourbon Pecan Butter

~Olli Salumeria Calabrese Salami ($13.33): Wine salami!  Yes please!  This is made in Virginia from 160 year old family recipes.  If B could see well enough to be allowed to use a knife, this would have been dinner ;).

January 2014 Mantry
Olli Salumeria Calabrese Salami

~Butter & Scotch Green Chile Margarita Caramel Corn ($8): This is probably the most interesting caramel corn I have ever had.  It’s spicy and I kind of love it.  B’s not a fan of caramel corn in general, but he didn’t hate it.

January 2014 Mantry
Butter & Scotch Green Chile Margarita Corn

~Morris Kitchen Ginger Syrup ($12): I knew this looked familiar and I realized that it’s because we received it over the summer in a Fancy Food Box! I don’t recall using this so it’s possible we now have two bottles.  Mantry suggests making a “Dark & Stormy” (ice, seltzer, ginger syrup and lime with rum) and it sounds like B better get drinking.  He actually should have a few tonight to help him sleep.

January 2014 Mantry
Morris Kitchen Ginger Syrup

~Wondermade Guinness Marshmallows ($7.95):  Seriously what flavor of marshmallows (why does that always look like it’s spelled wrong when I type it?) doesn’t this place offer?  I kind of love their idea for using these in hot chocolate + Bailey’s.  It’d give me the perfect excuse to use one of my mugs tonight.

January 2014 Mantry
Wondermade Guinness Marshmallows

All totaled I came up with a value of $52.28 for the January 2014 Mantry – “Retox Vol. II” edition!  I was much more excited by the first edition of Retox and think this one could have used a few more higher value products to round out the mix.  Heck even another wine salami would have done the trick I think!

Did you get Mantry this month?  What’d you think?  If you are interested in subscribing or just want to learn more, click here.

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

Disclosure: (*) The doctor said the Lasik went well and B is quickly finding out that laying in bed and sleeping all day isn’t as amazing as it sounds.  He’s so bored!
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  1. Jen Dera

    All I see when I look at that Mantry Crate is a studio prop. LOL

    1. Jennifer

      I have eight million if you need any!!!

  2. Bethany

    Ha yeah I always feel like it should be marshmellows with an e, but spell check corrects me. I am totally liking Mantry.. those crates… I can see why B would want to save them! I’ll have to show this to my husband and see if it’s one he could get excited about.

    1. Jennifer

      You have to save them! It’s almost a law.

      1. marilyn

        What are the dimensions of the crates? I can’t really tell by the photo. Thanks!

        1. Jennifer

          It fits exactly in a medium USPS Flat Rate Box which is 11″ x 8-1/2″ x 5-1/2″. Hopefully that helps!

  3. Aparna

    Good to hear LASIK went well , hope he recovers fast . Take care !

    1. Jennifer

      B says thanks!

  4. alison

    I gotta know how the marshmallows were

    1. Jennifer

      I didn’t have any Bailey’s ;(. Maybe tomorrow.

  5. Frances Tolley

    Yep…ordered this time but wish I hadn’t.

    1. Jennifer


  6. Kathy

    This sounds like some great treats, but for $75 you could get a lot more fun stuff from Trader Joe’s.

    1. Jennifer

      What are some of your favorite TJ items? I am always looking for new stuff from there!

  7. Jennifer M

    I have really been thinking about subscribing an love your reviews. Thank You. I am glad I have waited , Not that what they sent wasn’t good. Just like all kinds of different stuff. Love the crates , That’s is the biggest lure for me to be honest ..ha ha I am a wood collector and add that it’s a box/ crate I am a goner.

    1. Jennifer

      Ohhh, the Mantry crates are always the best! I get excited when they are a different color than they have previously been!

  8. Jennifer M

    I have gotten so much out of your Blog…. I just signed up for Stunner of The Month !! Like I said you have been the most helpful in finding the right boxes for us !

    1. Jennifer

      Aww, thank you!!!

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