Silent Sunday

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Oh so true.
Oh so true.

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  1. Jenny

    I always wonder this. I understand the bread since you could eat a PB&J but the milk. At least when I lived up North you could put it in the snow to keep it good but down here uhm no. And they also do that when a hurricane is coming. Really people its usually about 100deg out what are you going to do with that milk when the power goes out.

    1. Jennifer

      It was insanity here at the grocery store yesterday. You couldn’t even find a place to park. Checkout lines were 30 deep!!!!

  2. April K

    Mmmmm, French toast!
    Should have gone to The Pantry for French toast this morning because it totally didn’t dump snow on us as they said it would.
    Maybe later! Have you eaten there? Best french toast around!

    1. Jennifer

      OMG I love The Pantry. I get the Banana Pancakes. Best breakfast on earth. One of my friends was posting about it this morning and I was drooling!

  3. Melissa Barnes

    I tell ya what, I don’t remember this bread and milk thing growing up in Buffalo but I discovered it once I moved south. If the weatherman even hints at snow the stores are picked clean of it and 95% of the time we don’t get the promised snow. It cracks me up.

    1. Jennifer

      The stores must love it!

  4. Mom

    Dad got the essentials – DiGornio pizza and ice cream. We’re good for days. LOL

    1. Jennifer

      You are all set!

  5. Jenny whiskey

    I find this hilarious because before hurricane Sandy loaves of bread were completely gone from every store. I don’t get it either ? I had no power and was unable to leave for a week because of gas shortages. I had no bread but shock of shocks….I LIVED! Crazy I know…

    1. Jennifer

      I swear I’ve seen people buying like 8 loaves of bread before a storm. I mean AT MOST you won’t be able to go to the store for umm, a day? Maybe 2-3? That’s a lot of bread!

  6. Samantha Den

    I love bread! But doesnt love me. So its the only time I buy is when a storm is coming

    1. Jennifer

      I bet grocery stores love when a storm is coming!

  7. Ashley C.

    I grew up in Maine … and anytime they even predicted a few flakes, the stores flew out of those staple items faster than you could blink. I get it there — because then you don’t have to worry about driving to the store if you were to run out. Here in NC, the same thing happens at the threat of a hurricane. I always question that one, though – usually with a hurricane the chance of losing power is VERY high … and the milk is just going to spoil, yes?! Silly people!

    1. Jennifer

      LOL! That milk will get nasty real quick with no power!

  8. Beth

    I thought of that when I was at the grocery store on Friday, but I already had that, so I picked up toilet paper and extra water bottles.

    1. Jennifer

      That’s another thing that people stock up on! Toilet paper!! You just never know!

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