January 2014 Tyler Florence Fancy Box Review 17

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January 2014 Tyler Florence Fancy Box

January 2014 Tyler Florence Fancy Box

Yay! My January 2014 Tyler Florence Fancy Box is FINALLY here! This one was quite delayed this month so I was happy when it finally appeared at my door.

January 2014 Tyler Florence Fancy Box

The Box

Fancy Box ships via FedEx Ground and takes about two days to arrive. As I mentioned, this month’s box was quite delayed and it usually comes at the end of the month or the beginning of the following month. I’d say that this was over a week later than the latest box we have ever gotten from them. They didn’t sent out an e-mail discussing the delay, but someone had mentioned that they had a vendor issue.

January 2014 Tyler Florence Fancy Box

FIrst Look

This month’s box was super heavy, so I was anxious to see what was inside! Right away I saw a full box, which I loved.

January 2014 Tyler Florence Fancy Box

The Information Cards

The normal Fancy Box information cards were included, but they made no mention of Tyler Florence at all. I would be so curious about how much participation the celebrities in this box have.  Anyway, here is what was included:

~Precision Pierced Stainless Steel Colander ($25):  We do actually already have a colander, but I don’t mind having an extra. I will actually probably swap this out for our old one and donate the older one.  This one is much nicer!

January 2014 Tyler Florence Fancy Box

Precision Pierced Stainless Steel Colander

~Acacia Salt Cellar ($16): This is a little dish to use for your salt when you are cooking.  I think we’ve gotten a few of these from Fancy (maybe not in the TF box, but other boxes) in the past, so I am not totally sure what will happen with this.  Possibly an item for B’s future basement bar?

January 2014 Tyler Florence Fancy Box

Acacia Salt Cellar

~Cipriani Pasta ($7.49): Just looking at this makes me hungry.  I LOVE pasta.  Love it. I would eat it for every meal if that were an option.  I am so looking forward to B making us some pasta this weekend!

January 2014 Tyler Florence Fancy Box

Cipriani Pasta

~TF Tomato Vodka Pasta Sauce ($9):  Not sure what’s not to love here.  TF recommends it as a compliment to cheese-filled ravioli or tortellini, but I am thinking with the pasta above and some chicken?  That’s all my time favorite pasta!

January 2014 Tyler Florence Fancy Box

TF Tomato Vodka Pasta Sauce

~TF California Puttanesca Sauce ($9): This is recommended when paired with fresh seafood and pasta.  Not my favorite meal, but I am going to leave this one up to B and see how what he does with it.

January 2014 Tyler Florence Fancy Box

TF California Puttanesca Sauce

~Pizza Wheel ($9):  Ours is getting icy, so this was great timing!  Not to mention the fact that L’s school fundraiser pizzas need to be picked up today, so we will actually probably have a pizza for dinner so I can test this out.

January 2014 Tyler Florence Fancy Box

Pizza Wheel

All totaled the January 2014 Tyler Florence Fancy Box had a value of $75.49, which is almost double the cost of the box ($39 + $7.95 shipping).  Probably not my favorite TF Fancy Box, but it’s worth the cost of the box (to us anyway), so I am happy.  I know we would have ended up buying a new pizza wheel and a colander soon anyway and I am more than happy to try his line of pasta sauces, so it’s a win!

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17 thoughts on “January 2014 Tyler Florence Fancy Box Review

  • Bethany

    Yayyy that it finally came! Your plan for the tomato vodka sauce sounds amazing! I’ve also never seen that kind of pasta before. I like that there’s a balance of devices, storage, and food here! Super excited to start getting this box next month!

  • Reese

    This box is my cup of tea (sorry ROASM). Too bad I cancelled this particular box due to Fancy’s inconsistent shipping. That pasta is great, though expensive. I saw Ina Garten make a truffle pasta recipe with this brand of pasta on her show Barefoot Contessa. I’m sure the recipe is on The Food Network.

  • Sandy

    This is my first TF box and I was very surprised with the delay (mine is slated for delivery for Saturday) but quite pleased with the items. You call this the January box, which I believe it is also. When will our February box arrive? Soon or mid-March?

  • Jenny

    Love this box. As my sister has been here the last couple of days she keeps adding to her list of needs for her new apartment this fall. I’m thinking a box like this would be awesome for a first apartment gift. I need to start thinking about which one to get her.

  • Tee

    I missed out on this box, was having card issues from the whole Target data breach thing and I did contact them to try again when I got a new number put in, but they didn’t.

    I like that it had a nice theme to it too. Jealous! Oh well, the charge went through fine for Feb, so hopefully it’s a good one. 🙂

  • Jen

    I was really not impressed with Fancy as a company not informing people why there was a two week delay in shipping this box, but I have to say I was happy with what was in the box. Tortellini with vodka sauce is one of my favorite pasta dishes. I think we will grill up some swordfish to put on top of the egg noodles and top it with the puttanesca sauce. If you are not a seafood fan you might enjoy grilled swordfish, it was the fish that opened the door to me liking seafood.

    • Jennifer Post author

      I am really surprised they didn’t send out an e-mail! They have in the past. I think someone said they e-mailed about the delay and got a $15 credit to Fancy? Might be worth a try if you are upset!