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First of all, congratulations to Brittany Ch***ey who won the Friday Night Fun giveaway! You have been e-mailed Brittany!  And since that giveaway went over pretty well, I thought we should do another little giveaway.  This one is Valentine’s day theme and included the following goodies:

~philosophy “my heart to yours’ Limited Edition Set ($24)
~Alexandra Ferguson ‘XOXO’ Fabric Cosmetics Pouch ($29)
~Dior ‘Vernis Color Block’ Nail Enamel (Plaza) ($24)
~The Crispery Valentine’s Day Sprinkled Crispycake ($3.95)
~McStevens Pink Hot Chocolate Packets ($3)
~Alex and Ani Whole Heart Charm Bangle ($28)
~$25 Victoria’s Secret Gift Card ($25)

As usual, just enter in the Rafflecopter widget below and you’ll be all set! And yes, there are tons of entries, but the only one you NEED to do is Click Enter to get entered. The rest are totally up to you if you want to gain additional entries. I am toying with the idea of having a “share” option so you can earn more entries when you refer friends to enter, but we’ll see about that one!  For now, best of luck and Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!
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  1. Amy

    We actually don’t do much for Valentine’s Day. Maybe the 3 of us will go to dinner. I’m going out Saturday with a friend for dinner though.

  2. Stephanie B

    What an amazing valentines giveaway! You should start putting together baskets and selling them since you always do such a great job putting things together!

  3. Emily

    looks like an awesome giveaway, so excited! Don’t know what I will do for Valentine’s day though, probably spending it with friends 🙂

  4. Alicia

    I have work, but then we are heading up to Tallahassee for the weekend so I’ll be in a car driving for 4 hrs! lol.

  5. chandan

    spending more time with my loved one…

  6. Stacie

    You’re so generous! Thanks for the chance to win! I have no valentine’s plans being a single lady and all… but I plan to celebrate the day after when all the candy is on sale!

  7. Becca

    Love this giveaway!!

  8. Enrica

    Just relaxing at home. We are going out on Saturday 🙂

  9. Savanna

    Our anniversary is the 17th so we don’t really do anything but cards for each other. I am going to give my little ladies a little box of chocolates.

  10. nicole

    I am working and then making something fun for the kids for dinner 🙂

  11. Tiffany

    Its Valentine’s Day? 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      Well it’s close 😉

  12. Jillian

    We are going to rent a movie, and get a heart shaped pizza from papa murphys! I’ll probably make a fancy dessert too 🙂

  13. Jen

    We are off school on Valentine’s Day so we are having three themed meals starting with “Do-nut you know I love you a hole bunch” donuts!
    Making a nice dinner of steak & shrimp complete with appetizers and special drinks for the family. Vday is so expensive to go out for and pay for a sitter on top.

  14. Sara r

    My fianc? our son who is 3 and I are going to Yankee candle in Deerfield ma it’s a huge flagship store and I guess they have stuff for kids and we are going to go to the
    Restaurant there. I can’t wait!

  15. JT

    I am currently without valentine…so no plans for me. Although if I happen upon a big bag of gummy cinnamon hearts/bears I wouldn’t be opposed to eating them all…in one sitting 🙂

  16. megan

    On Valentines day I will get a pedicure and manicure, since it is on a Friday, we will celebrate when my husband gets home on Saturday since he travels during the week for work.

  17. Meghan C

    My birthday is on Valentines Day, so my boyfriend is taking me somewhere and it’s a surprise. All I know is that I have to dress up and probably pack a bag for overnight. I’m kind of nervous, but I trust him… I think!

    1. Jennifer

      That sounds fun! Report back!

  18. Sindhu

    Haven’t made any plans yet!

  19. Lily

    You always have the best giveaways! Still waiting to win one.
    My V-day plans are still up in the air but just a good chill night with the bf is enough. (not one for big cheesy gestures)

  20. Jennifer

    I am so looking forward to this giveway. Thank you for all that you do.

  21. Kelly D

    I am going to make a nice dinner for my family and give them little gifts.

  22. brandy

    I’m making bacon & pancakes 🙂 I have no idea why.

    1. Jennifer

      lol! Just make them heart shaped!

  23. Rose D.

    My husband and I are taking off work on Valentines Day, so we will sleep in, go out to eat, and just reconnect.

  24. Meg Mc

    Going to a concert with the hubby and some friends! Not really romantic, but fun!

  25. Margaret

    Dinner date with my hubby and two girls.

  26. Sarah Jo

    I NEED this. Great Giveaway!

  27. Hillary

    Me and my boyfriend are going to a nice dinner in Atlanta

  28. Kristen

    Hubby and I are going out to dinner on Saturday night. It’s a big deal because I think we have only had one other date night since our youngest was born 9 months ago!

  29. jill

    No plans yet. 🙁

  30. Ricki

    Dinner at home for Valentine’s Day; going out day after.

  31. Chelsey

    Making s’more brownies (heart shaped) and jalepeno pesto pasta

  32. Erin B

    We’re doing dinner in on Fri. and then Sat. we’re headed to the city for a concert. 🙂

  33. Elizabeth

    We plan to take the girls out to dinner on Saturday night. Friday will be a movie with the kiddos and giving them their Valentines.

  34. Bridget Heiple Reich

    Probably going out to dinner with my husband. I also plan on buying my two kids and hubby gifts! 🙂

  35. Kristin

    We give each other gifts but don’t go out. We will probably watch a movie and relax at home.

  36. Jennifer

    Staying in with the boyfriend! Nothing too exciting 🙂 Just a nice date night in.

  37. Janelle

    My husband will be out of town on Friday, so just me and the kiddos! Maybe we’ll go out for lunch or something!

  38. Aimee V

    I plan on just staying in, making a nice dinner, and finishing with a movie (or some breaking bad)

  39. Margo D

    No plans at the moment!!

  40. Laurel

    My mom just told me she will stay with the kids while my husband and I go out!

  41. Maureen

    At the moment we do not have plans. Husband will go to work and we will have dinner at home (I assume).

  42. Jaci B.

    This weekend, we’re making our first married getaway together in the snowy forests of southern Illinois. Super excited to have a weekend to play in the snow and snuggle up together with cocoa with nowhere else to be.

    Hope you and yours enjoy a wonderful holiday! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  43. Sarah S.

    My husband is making my daughter and I dinner. I’m so excited to see what he’ll make!

  44. Maggie

    What an awesome giveaway! We have no plans – we’ll put our 2 small kids to bed and then probably do a redbox!

  45. victoria

    I don’t have any Valentine’s Day plans, my boyfriend works, sadly! Plus, we aren’t big on those holidays. It should be celebrated all year, not one day.

  46. Candice

    Put in my first Plated order so I am cooking dinner for hubby and making a special plate of shaped foods for our toddler 🙂 thanks to his heart shaped cutter from Silly Rhino. And little guy and I are making daddy a special pic and canvas art for his new office!

  47. Shana

    No plans…..just will be at home watching TV

  48. Niki T.

    I’m single so nothing lol.

  49. Sophie

    My plans entail working all weekend :/

  50. Kayla

    My fiance are actually going to go see the Lego movie! The place he wanted to take me for dinner was already all booked up, so this last Saturday he told me were going on our valentines dinner right now, and we will go yo the movies on valentines day!

  51. Sara Wagner

    I’m a single mom, so I’ll just be staying in with my two kids.

  52. maria

    Dinner across the border!

  53. Melissa Bean

    No plans! It’s hard to get out with the new baby but also a good excuse to avoid the holiday crowd!

  54. Rose

    I have a facial scheduled, and I need to call the IRS to tell them my boss still hasn’t sent me my documents, again (last year I received them around April 11th). Otherwise, I will be a sad, lonely loser.

  55. Judy Louie

    I have no plans!

  56. Sarah

    Dinner with the fiance. i will cook at home and probably pick up a fancy dessert!

  57. Tuesday C

    We are going to stay home and I am going to cook a great dinner for us 🙂

  58. Lauren S

    This looks like such a great giveaway!!!!!

  59. Lauren S

    We’ll be spending Valentine’s Day with our little one, she’s 14 months! 🙂

  60. Caitlin

    We are watching a movie and just relaxing together.

  61. Sarah

    We’ve gotta fly across the country the day before to be in town for his friend’s wedding, so we’ll be spending the day with my in-laws (staying @ their place) with our teenage daughter along for the duration of the visit. It’ll be a fun weekend (and Valentine’s Day) with friends and family, but definitely nothing romantic or sexy about it, lol.

    1. Sarah

      Sigh. Maybe not, flight was canceled due to ice here in SC and in Atlanta (our connecting flight). Driving to California is not an option. We may spend Friday traveling if we can’t find anything earlier 🙁

      1. Jennifer


  62. soon p

    Movie and dinner at The Melting Pot. Yummy.

  63. Jill Banks Geraci

    I have kids so nothing too exciting. Pizza and PBS.

  64. Pilar

    My V-Day plans would be just staying at home and eating cupcakes.

  65. Katie

    My parents are visiting for the weekend – my first Valentine’s day as a divorce. Oh well, I never was big into it anyway! More chocolate for me! 🙂

  66. Crystal Gregg

    Meeting my bf for some lovemaking before he goes to work midnight shift. Haha 😉

  67. Rachel Uresti

    This valentines we’ll be celebrating my baby girls 1st birthday. She’s the best valentines present I’ve ever gotten!

  68. Mandy Hillman

    We are just planning on hanging out at home with our daughter. We might have a special dinner and watch a new movie together!

  69. Sarah

    Grilling steaks and opening a nice bottle of wine! 🙂

  70. Diane F

    We will be at a softball tournament

  71. Jennifer

    Great giveaway! I would love to win this!

  72. Lisa D

    My hubby will take me and our Daughter to dinner Friday night 🙂 Plus he picks up flowers and candy on his way home from work for both of us.

  73. Judy

    Believe it or not this is the first Valentine’s day I will be celebrating. C and I have been long distance for 4 years and this is the first time we will be able to see each other on V-day. He won’t tell me his plans since it’s a surprise! 🙂

  74. audrey

    spending the day with my 2 year old.

  75. Haley

    I love Valentine’s Day. The boy and I will be headed out to a fancy dinner.

  76. Lesley S

    This could spruce up my V-Day Weekend!

  77. Lesley S

    This could spruce up my V-Day Weekend, as I have no plans but to watch romantic comedy movies on the tube with the fireplace burning.

  78. Amber L

    Nothing that I know of sad to say

  79. Lori

    Yay, awesome giveaway!

    No VDay plans here. Just spend time with the hubby and our boys.

  80. Kayleigh

    We celebrated this past weekend since we both work next weekend. Just dinner and a movie and it was perfect!

  81. MJ

    My BF is taking me out to a surprise restaurant 🙂

  82. Catherine Faulkenburg

    Steaks on the grill with my husband and three boys and then we are going to take them out for ice cream!

  83. Beth

    I’m a single mom, so no romantic plans for me. On the let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day with motherly love front, I’m making a fun gift bag for my son to find after school with the newest book in a series he likes (I don’t think he even knows the latest book was released at the very end of January), and some sweet treats. I also want to make his lunch special so I’m going to make caprese kabobs with the little balls of mozzarella and cherry tomato, along with some treats like a strawberry milk straw, and maybe a heart shaped cookie. I should check to see if I can find those heart shaped crackers to go with it, or maybe I can use a cookie cutter on pita bread!

  84. Erin

    Working, Skyping with my sweetie, and loving on my 2 babies

  85. Megan W

    A quiet evening at home with my two favorite fellas <3

  86. Aisha Abubakr

    Date night with my Mr.Man but with my little one it will probably turn into dinner at home and cheesy movie night on the couch..

  87. Alice

    Having lunch with my mom. This year’s Valentine’s day happens to also land on the same day as valentine’s day in the Chinese lunar calendar.

  88. Christine Fortes

    My valentine’s plans are to go to eat with my boyfriend (new) and 2 other couples at a new restaurant. This giveaway is great!

  89. Lynsey M

    No sitter this year so probably just a fun dinner with my boys!

  90. clarisse mello

    awesome giveaway!! i have a wedding valentines day ( well night) so it should be a nice night with my boyfriend , we usually never go out!

  91. Charity

    Probably not much. We have two small boys and no one to watch them. But I’m making him a special photo album that I’m pretty proud of so I’m excited!

  92. Karen

    We’re staying in and cooking a special dinner together.

  93. Ashley C.

    We don’t have a lot planned. I think I am going to take the kids out in the morning for a Dunkin Donut treat. And maybe send a treat with my husband to work. Since he’ll be working a 12-hour shift all day. That’s about the extent of our plans!

  94. Gina F.

    Going to make heart shaped pizza with the kids and rent a movie! Nothing romantic planned.

  95. Brandy Fisk

    My husband prob will get me flowers and choc, I got him candy and a card. We might go out as a family but, will prob stay in and watch a movie together after the babies go to bed.

  96. Sarah

    We generally don’t make plan for Valentine’s. Our tradition is to have pizza delivered for dinner.

  97. Christine

    We live in Germany and we are planning on going to Brussels, Belgium for Valentine’s Day/ the long weekend.

  98. Ana Hilton

    What a great giveaway!

  99. Erin C

    Hanging out at home with my best friend and children. Hubby has to work 🙁

  100. Emma

    I’m going to be alone 🙁

  101. Aoife K

    I’ll be spending the night with my boyfriend, my best friend and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend is in the military and is actually coming back as a surprise. She thinks she’s just joining a group of friends for dinner and a movie. I can’t wait to see her face when she sees him!

  102. kara

    My husband took the day off work . We are taking our daughter to Sesame Street Live.

  103. Elise

    My birthday is two days before Valentine’s Day so we usually don’t do much for it because I feel bad making Ryan do two holidays so close together although he said this year he has a plan, lol so we’ll see! We adopted our dog on Valentine’s Day last year though, so we celebrate that more than anything 🙂

  104. Sara

    I will be celebrating my daughter’s 1st birthday! She’s our little Valentine!

  105. Jenny

    We are heading to Charlotte on Friday to celebrate everyone’s birthday with the family there. Then Saturday we are going to see the Lego movie just what I wanted to see for my valentines. 😉

  106. cindy

    a movie marathon winters tale and some other great ones start that day

  107. Tara m

    Awesome giveaway! :). I will probably just be spending the time with my husband and kids making them a yummy dinner. We are currently saving to buy a house and trying not to spend money.

  108. Cathy@Five Boys

    I’m taking my son to look at colleges over the long weekend. Unfortunately, I’ll be away from the hubby, but will have dinner with boy#2!

  109. Jean Eckert

    With 3 little girls at home, the hubby and I don’t really do anything exciting for Valentine’s Day… we give the kiddos some little gifts and will maybe watch a movie after they go to bed!

  110. Katelynn

    I am babysitting for my cousin so her and her fiance can go out since I have no valentine.

  111. Nicole

    Looks like a great giveaway cant wait to see who wins. I am finally getting a skip hop back pack for $3.88 a girl in the buy sell group on facebook had one. Thanks for telling us about the group.

  112. Lindsay

    No plans! My husband plays indoor soccer Friday nights, so it will just be my son and I.

  113. Cheryl

    We are just having a quiet V-Day at home. We have Hello Fresh coming this week so I will make one of the recipes plus a nice dessert. Then I’m going out with girlfriends Sat night for dinner and Painting With A Twist, which I’m really excited about!

  114. Sher

    Have just started dating again, so I’m not sure yet.

  115. Alexia561

    No plans for us, but I do make it a point to pick up the 50% off chocolate on the 15th! 🙂

  116. Emily Kim

    The hubs is out of town for school this weekend, so it’ll just be me and my two mini valentines Friday night. (I’m thinking the Olympics will be involved somehow!)

    1. Jennifer

      Sounds like a good weekend to me!

  117. Kimberly

    Love this giveaway! I will be making steak and opening a nice bottle of wine with my man.

  118. Kit Novak

    My four year old daughter and I are planning on making our own Valentine cards this year to give to family and friends. Other than that, any plans the arise will be thanks to any surprises my husband has up his sleeve.

  119. Jackie

    We have a tradition of staying in and having a special dinner, usually cooked by my hubby because I always do the cooking. This year it’s filet mignon! Mmmm! 🙂

  120. Loren

    I’ll be working Friday night 🙁

  121. Kate L

    My honey and I will be having dinner at home with our son, and we’ll be watching House of Cards on Netflix, because the new season is coming out that day. I bought some new lingerie to share with him as well, and I expect there’s chocolate in my future, so I think it’ll be a good day!

  122. Mallory B

    I have classes/work all day and my husband works overnights, so he’ll be gone by the time I get home. On Valentine’s Day, it’ll just be me & my puppy, curled up watching Modern Family 🙂

  123. My husband is in Navy and will be out to sea this Valentine’s Day so I’m going to have dinner with some new friends I made since moving up here. Since our men are at sea we figured we’d be each others Valentine’s this year.

  124. Emilia

    We will stay at home.

  125. Shannon

    My hubby and I cook at home on Valentine’s Day. We hate crowds. I’m hoping he cooks this time.

  126. Kelly S.

    Boyfriend and I are celebrating V-Day all week long with SF Beer Week, but we have dinner reservations on Valentine’s Day at our favorite restaurant!

  127. Rachel Cartucci

    doing crafts with my son and making cupcakes are my only plans.

  128. Caitlyn

    Holy responses! And holy awesome giveaway! 🙂
    To my knowledge it will be just another day with no babysitter lol
    Idk even what day it’s on but we will probably celebrate Sunday naught and just hang out and watch walking dead. My julep boxes were my present and I hope to get an Alex and ani Cupid heart bracelet.

  129. Mae Lin

    Stay home and mope at my loneliness

  130. miranda

    We are going to make something yummy at home. Also, just wanted to say that this collection of things for your giveaway is adorable. It’s what I had hoped the PopSugar box would look like 🙁

  131. Nicole

    We don’t celebrate Valentines, so it would be super awesome to win this! I decided long ago to skip the hallmark holiday, but I thought I would get surprised with random gifts. 10 years later, I was wrong, lol!

  132. Summer

    No plans. Probably falling asleep after working all week.

  133. Shannon

    Husband and I are heading into San Francisco to see one of our favorite bands reunite called The Lovemakers, but we won’t even attempt to make dinner plans anywhere special on that night.

  134. Leigh

    Date night!

  135. Katy M

    Every year I cook dinner for my husband and serve it on our wedding china!

  136. Kelley Quigley

    What a great giveaway!! So fun! 🙂

  137. Abby

    Probably a nice dinner with the hubby

  138. jmd

    Umm, the actual night, probably nothing much, but that weekend probably a nice dinner and some small gifts.

  139. Diana Morales

    I hope I win! What is the difference between the newsletter entry and the subscribe entry?

  140. Tiffany G

    I will unfortunately be working all weekend so we will be celebrating early this week I hope!

  141. gary

    I’m hoping to bring my grandkids some treats

  142. Bethany

    Oh gosh, I have no idea what our plans are. We tend to stay home for Valentine’s to avoid the crowds, but I have been so busy with work I haven’t even thought about it! I will probably end up making Ben’s fave (chicken cordon bleu) OR getting takeout from CPK or something. We are super exciting!

  143. Brooke

    A nice dinner in with the husband and 3 year old!!

  144. Colleen Boudreau

    I don’t have any plans yet.

  145. melissa

    No plans yet!

  146. Nicole

    Dinner and a movie

  147. jenny

    We will go out to dinner, only because it is on a Friday

  148. Lauren

    We are making dinner & drinks at home.

  149. Kristen

    LOVE the valentine’s giveaway! 🙂

  150. Emily Cecilia

    Thanks so much for making this giveaway! I really want to try those Dunkin Donut Heart Shaped ones! Has anyone tried them yet?

    1. Jennifer

      We did! My kids loved them!

  151. Gyps

    Chowing down on a delicious home cooked steak dinner and snuggling with my husband and newborn.

  152. Amanda D

    We will be at the St Matthews Heritage Ball- annual fundraiser for our church!

  153. Avery

    Dinner and drinks. 🙂

  154. Christina L.

    I’m heading out to dinner with my boyfriend and then we’ll probably be watching a movie together! Pretty traditional but fun 🙂

  155. Lauren

    Probably a low key dinner at home with my family!

  156. Tasha Watson

    Just Dinner out sans kids 🙂

  157. Stephanie

    We have no plans since Valentine’s Day is on a week day and our little baby goes to sleep early!

  158. Melody

    Usually, I make dinner for my husband, son and me. I hate going out on holidays, too busy. I rather celebrate it at home.

  159. Kaitlin Gilbert

    No plans really… first valentine’s day being single in 8 years… Thanks for the great giveaway!

  160. Frances

    We have a dinner with friends on Saturday so Valentines Day we are having a quiet dinner at home.

  161. Iris

    To enjoy a quiet night at home. 😉

  162. Theresa H

    I am maybe going to chipotle with some friends!!

  163. Shiree Shaffer

    Yay! This may be my favorite giveaway yet!! Too awesome! Our plans are to make dinner at our house together, (my husband , my daughter, and I), and watch a movie together.

  164. Lisa

    My hubby is picking up sushi on his way home. We have a 3 1/2 yr old and a two-week-old so the only other thing I really want is a good night’s sleep!

  165. Suzanne

    I am making dinner at home this year!

  166. Caroline Perry

    A nice romantic dinner at home!

  167. Vanessa F

    No big plans. Hubby is out of town on biz and flies back Friday night so I know he’ll be beat after the travel. Probably just a low key weekend with the baby.

  168. Jen K

    I proposed to my husband on Feb 13th, 6 years ago – went down on my knees and all. So we would probably do a children included dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse.

  169. Andrea

    I posted in the wrong place-sorry! Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday! No plans this year-maybe a special dinner at home with the family<3

  170. Stephanie S.

    No plans per se. Just keeping out of the cold. Maybe some of my favorite movies.

  171. Kathy

    We’re going to do the same thing we’ve done every Valentine’s day together, go out to dinner at the casino and gamble afterwards! One year we had amazing luck and always hope to repeat it.

    1. Jennifer

      This sounds like my kind of night!!!

  172. Adrienne

    I’ll be working all weekend. Boo.

  173. Alison

    What a cool contest! I am not usually lucky in giveaways, but still, what a beautifully “curated” little box! Like another commenter said, you could do this professionally, although I do love the fact that you give them away! So sweet.

    As for Valentine’s day, I was thinking about renting About Time!

  174. Kristin t

    Work and then a movie on my couch!

  175. Diana

    Cheesecake Factory with the hubs

  176. Kathleen

    I’ll be ordering sushi and drinking wine with friends!

  177. Carolyn S

    This has got to be your best giveaway yet!! For valentines day I’m just hoping my husband says he loves me – he’s an amazing guy with zero romantic bones in his body!

  178. Annie P..

    My husband always grills steaks for us and we usually hang out at home. Our daughter’s bday is the 13th…and this year her party is the 15th, so we’ll probably be putting th finishing touches on that!

  179. laura maya

    We actually don’t celebrate Valentine’s day in February… In Brazil it’s is June and we kept celebrating the Brazilian date… But for sure, I wouldn’t mind going to the movies and having something to eat without the kids…

  180. Sarah

    Yay for another fabulous giveaway!! We are celebrating Saturday with a big group date! We are all dressing up and doing dinner and a movie and taking my friends family’s mini bus they bought from Disney! Haha, should be loads of fun!

  181. Sylvia

    That Elle-Woods-pink Dior lacquer and Crispycake are calling my name! Pick meeeeeee! ;o)

    1. Sylvia

      Once again, I got carried away in my excitement over the giveaway goodies and didn’t read the question. My guy and I are taking the day off and spending it hanging out at home together.

      1. Jennifer


  182. Crystal

    To celebrate Valentine’s day this year, we’re going to hunker down with Chinese take out and a redbox.

  183. Yivanna

    Hubby is away so will be spending it with my niece and nephew, Made some treat bags for them, everything valentine theme Candies socks Toys coloring book crayons

  184. Miranda

    I’m intrigued by this pink hot chocolate.

  185. Amanda

    Spending the weekend at the beach!

  186. Jennifer Taylor

    I don’t have any plans but probably will cook something tasty and watch a movie or two. 🙂

  187. Ashley Kennebeck

    Love the giveaway…sadly, no plans yet

  188. Elizabeth

    My vday plans are cooking for family! I’ve recently become obsessed with attempting to cook more at home because I heard homemade meals are the healthiest. Oh, but I am going to attempt to make chocolate truffles. Yum!

  189. Zong

    My vday plan: job interview.

    1. Jennifer

      Good luck!

      1. Zong

        Thank you!

  190. Shana

    plans? LOL>

  191. Amie falls

    Hubby supposed to take me away for the weekend 🙂

  192. Sara Schmidt

    We are going to a family Valentine’s dance with a 50s/60s/70s theme!

  193. Marietta

    Gearing up for a family stacation… Hotel for 3 nights in Boston…

  194. Debra Brownstein

    We’ll be celebrating VD plus several b-days with friends on Sunday with a small party. Spread the love and all that!

  195. Sara

    On the actual day we are just staying in but over the weekend my in laws are going to watch the kids so we can have a date night.

  196. Rebecca

    My plans for V-Day are…nothing.
    However, I have big plans for the post-Vday candy sales. Mmm half-price candy/chocolates.

  197. Des

    I will be working (babysitting) for people who want to have plans, but need someone to watch their kid[s].

  198. Rachel

    My kiddos will be at their dad’s house, so if they have school on Friday, I’ll go have lunch with them and take them a little treat. My manfriend and I will be eating at home in peace and quiet and maybe we’ll watch a movie or something.

  199. nicole weaver

    This is an awesome giveaway!!!!

  200. Val

    We don’t really do Valentine’s Day – maybe once our kid knows what’s going on. We are going to be driving 3 hours to visit my family though.

  201. Catherine M

    Fancy Dinner and hotel stay in the next largest town over. (We live in a super tiny town with the closest big city an hour away) That’s Right …I have to drive an hour to reach a Target. So I might squeeze that trip in as well. 🙂

  202. Elizabeth

    I found your site about a month ago when I was searching for reviews of a few monthly subscription boxes. Ever since I have waited not as patiently as you for your next subscription and update on each box. I am so excited to pick and order our first subscription box for my sons birthday here in a few weeks. Thanks for all your information and honest reviews!

    1. Jennifer

      What box are you thinking about getting??

      1. Elizabeth

        Appleseed lane. 🙂

  203. Sam Stamp

    My boyfriend and I will be staying in and enjoying a Scallops dinner together then probably watch some TV or play some video games together!

  204. Kara mishmash

    I’m actually babysitting for a friend and my husband and I are doing stuff(don’t know what) later

  205. brittany

    We are just staying in … I can’t wait 🙂

  206. Paola Z

    We are having a party at my house and my family and friends are coming over!
    Thanks so much for the chance (:

  207. Sara

    I think we’ll have movie night at home with the kids and maybe Cheesecake Factory take out! 🙂

  208. Rebecca F.

    My husband and I have box seats to see Shrek: The Musical. I think we are going to have a nice steak dinner prepared by my husband on Saturday since there won’t be time to cook on Friday. I usually get sick every Valentine’s Day and Anniversary so here’s hoping this year will break with that tradition!

  209. Rebecca F.

    By the way, Alex & Ani bangles are awesome! I only found out about them in late December and I’ve already bought three. I have a wish list, lol! I have the Paws bangle (donates to Animal Charity), granddaughter (from my grandmother) and St. Christopher (I already feel more at ease, as my medallion was buried with a loved one). Definitely check out these Made in the USA bangles!

    1. Jennifer

      They are great!

      1. jane

        Simple plans like dinner and a movie. Probably on the 15th instead of the 14th to avoid the crowds.

  210. Debbie Jackson

    We are going out to eat.

  211. Emily W.

    We’re going to one of our favorite local restaurants. It will be nice just to have a night off of work together to spend together (since we are both students and both work nights.)

  212. Danielle

    I don’t have any plans for this year but they may be a surprise.

  213. Haylee D

    My fianc? and I are staying in. Too much craziness going out with it being a Friday night! But, we are taking a class entitled “from coffee to cup” at our favorite local coffee shop Thursday night!

  214. julie b

    we’re just staying in. but the NEXT day we’re going on vacation!

  215. Kayla

    Our plans for Valentine’s day are probably to just lay low, order to go food and watch a chick flick! Ha ha usually the only time I can get the hubby to watch one.

  216. Lissette

    I have the day off so I plan to spend it doing RAKs and volunteering. Also could include making my self something sweet and having a night in.

  217. Evett Ali

    We are going to order in and watch movies. No reason to be out in the cold and snow. 🙂

  218. Theresa B

    babysitting for my bro and SIL so they can have a night out 😛

  219. Michelle

    Cook dinner at home with my fiance this vday 🙂

  220. nicole p

    Staying, probably watch the olympics

  221. sonya

    Working and probably dinner with my little brother 😉

  222. Dawn

    Sadly, no plans for Valentine’s Day. I already baked cookies with the kids and my husband has been tasked with picking them up a gift since I’ve been working late all week. Pizza and a movie I guess.

  223. Cara James

    Being with my husband and cat and watching some movies!:)

  224. trenda t

    I will be going to a hockey game with my husband and son!

  225. Kellie

    No plans yet!

  226. Ally

    My other half and I have a date with Netflix for the second season of House of Cards that debuts that day!

  227. kelly t

    My husband works nights, so it will be just me and my 2 yr old daughter. I see some brie in our future 🙂

  228. Jennifer Pittman

    No plans right now, I am sick right now…. Maybe next week we will do something.

  229. Erica

    Moroccan food under the stars and drinks at a speakeasy!

  230. Julie S

    Our Valentine Day plans are to stay in and stare at our new kitchen – cabinets are being put in as we speak!

  231. Nicole Dyer

    We had plans to go out but my husband surprised me and we ended up staying in, he gave me some gifts and cooked me an amazing dinner-it was perfect ??

  232. Jenna D

    I had a date with Netflix this valentines day

  233. Caitlin

    To have a family bbq with my family and my boyfriend’s.

  234. Amanda Sakovitz

    i went out with friends

  235. Jennifer Metz

    We stayed home and spent time with the kids =)

  236. Olga

    We went to Joe’s Crab Shack. Haha. It’s nothing fancy, but I really like crabs. 🙂

  237. Thomas Murphy

    I went out to dinner with my GF.

  238. Courtnie

    I went to Outback Steakhouse with my boyfriend.

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