Target 70% off Valentine’s Clearance Haul!

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I didn’t do too much damage during the Target Valentine’s Day clearance, but I thought I’d share my haul anyway. My store(s) were 70% today, but I hear that some stores are already at 90% off! Fingers crossed my stores hit 90% off tomorrow.

Here is what I picked up:

Target Clearance
The Bubbles

~Bubbles:  $0.29 – $0.59.  I was able to find a bunch of these and they will be perfect for goodies bags.  I found these in the Valentine’s Day section, but I could see them getting mixed in with the summer toys that are slowly being put out.  It’s possible there are other varieties, but I didn’t see any others.

Target Clearance
Mini Barbies

~Mini Barbies: $1.79.  Again I found these in the Valentine’s Day section, but make sure to check the Barbie aisle as well.  Look for the heart packaging!

Target Clearance
Cabbage Patch Kid

~Cabbage Patch Cutie:  $2.99. I found this guy in the Valentine’s area, but I know that they have non-Valentine’s versions of these in the regular aisles so they could be easily mixed in.

Target Clearance
Lip Balm Sets

~Lip Smacker Sets ($1.19 / $1.34): I am hoping to find more of these hidden away when 90% off time comes for goodie bags!

Target Clearance
Small Boys Things

~PlayPack / Hot Wheels Set & Sea Plane Legos:  Totally check out the regular toy aisles and craft areas for some of these.  There were a few different varieties of the PlayPacks (Barbie, Princess and maybe Ninja Turtles?) and I am so hoping that I can find some more of them for 90% off!

Target Clearance
Chevron Wrapping Paper

~Chevron Wrapping Paper: $1.19.  How could I say no to chevron wrapping paper?  Oh that’s right I couldn’t.  Totally check for this in the wrapping paper aisle because I could easily see it being mixed in!

Target Clearance
Washi Tape

~Washi Tape: $0.60. Again I couldn’t resist.  I’d probably buy more for RAK’s if they had them!

Target Clearance
Heart Rug

~Heart Rug: $5.99.  I love this! Someone was eyeing it in the clearance area and then walked away and I snatched it up before she even knew what happened.  LOL!!!

Did you hit up the Target Valentine’s clearance?  Is it 70% or 90% off in your area yet?  And if you went, what’d you score??

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

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  1. Jamie

    I am so jealous that you found the Barbies! I have checked two of my stores with no luck for those. I did get a few of the lip gloss sets and some cute girls socks to put away for Christmas stockings. I have an 8 year old daughter, a six year old sister and a four year old sister so they will be over the moon with my finds. Also, this really cute pink cookie jar with a chalkboard paint area on it for like $5.50 and some paper lantern lights for my daughter’s room for $3.50ish. Hoping it goes to 90% tomorrow, although after my BBW haul today I should probably avoid Target.

    1. Jennifer

      LOL! What did you get at BBW? I saw lots of cute girl stuff in the girls accessories area!

      1. Jamie

        Like with the girls clothes? I will have to look!!! These girls aren’t spoiled at all, not one bit. 😉

        I actually didn’t do too badly at BBW. I only spent $54 and I got 3 of their 3-wick candles, 3 mini candles, 6 pocketbacks, a cute lightup octopus pocketback keychain thing for my daughter’s backpack and 3 C.O. Bigelow lip balms/glosses. It’s just… I didn’t need any of it.

        1. Jennifer

          Yep, like by the girls socks and things!

  2. Rebecca

    Ok so I see you write about washi tape all the time. What makes it so special? Just wondering.

    1. Jennifer

      Nothing really. It’s just cute.

      1. Rebecca

        I’ll have to check it out. Looks like you use it to decorate stuff. I’ve seen some stuff on Pinterest.

  3. Ashley

    I went today too! My stuff was at 90% and I’m almost positive that you live in the same area as me so I’m curious which one you go to…I was thinking of going to a different one tomorrow. I was looking for the barbies and cabbage patch and matchbox cars and lipsmackers but didnt find them at the one I was at. I got a ton of bubbles, play packs, tattoos, disney figurine things, baking stuff, plates and cups, picture frame, I know there’s more that I’m forgetting.

    1. Jennifer

      I don’t know how to say, but not say. LOL!! I’m sure had I gone to a few of the other ones it would have been 90%. This one seems to go late.

      1. Ashley

        You can send me an email?!!! Lol. I went to one further away from me today hoping for more stuff but I haven’t checked out the ones closer to me yet. Maybe in the morning.

  4. Jenny

    You got way better stuff then me. LOL I got basic Vday stuff nothing as exciting as you but I did have a helper for one of my trips. I did do ok with some other random clearance though and I’m happy for that. We’ll see what tomorrow brings but maybe another Target. I will say my first one this morning was way to organized and already had all of Easter already out. My second one was working on it as I was there and just tossing the Vday stuff on the back wall. Made it very hard to look at with a helper. That is why the helper got an Imaginext toy 😉 At least Cartwheel had 25% off that. LOL

    1. Jennifer

      I *might* run to my favorite Target in the morning. Not sure if I am really in need of anything, but we’ll see??

      1. Jenny

        C loves Target and that is all he had asked about for two days so how could I not take him today 😉 We’ll see how he is tomorrow if we hit one more. Might see if M wants to go to lunch which would be just so close to one we haven’t been to yet. LOL

  5. Genevieve

    I bought a few things at 50% off but I may hit a few Targets tomorrow since I’m off and have to go out to the suburbs where they have tons of Targets. I did get the same barbies and cabbage patch and the lip smackers too.

    1. Jennifer

      The suburbs does have a lot of Targets!

  6. Kels

    I ended up with a super cute apron for $3 and change. i’ve been wanting one for a while – I showed N and he was like “yeah – that’s a regular kels-all-year-round apron” – so that was cool

    1. Jennifer


  7. Nicole

    I can’t believe some places are already at 90%!! Ive checked every day and today things just went 70% today. Did your grab and go packs ring up on clearance? Mine did at one store and didn’t at another was so weird. I went to 3 stores today. Not sure if I will hit anymore stores up since I work the next 7 nights.

    1. Jennifer

      I feel like it happened really fast this year!

  8. Alena P

    That heart rug is adorable and I love the Cabbage Patch kid! My store was at 90% today, I went a little insane! 🙂 Great haul!

    1. Jennifer

      I was so excited to find the rug! I hear there is a pink one too.

  9. Stephanie

    Im totally jealous, I went whenever my store was at 50% off and there was practically nothing left over!

    1. Jennifer

      My Targets are usually pretty good!

  10. Emily Kim

    I got some of that wrapping paper too! love! Though they only had one left!

    1. Jennifer

      It’s so pretty!

  11. Tabitha

    I totally saw the bubbles in packages like your Spider-Man one but figured it was part of the Easter/summer stuff. Bummer! 70% off for my store in seasonal yesterday.
    I did snag some mini Helli Kitty figures and mini Angry Bird and Pacman sets. Also bought some valentine snack packs like pretzels and goldfish for everyday snacking. For $1.49 each item it was great.
    Hoping to hit a different store later today. This is one where I found tons of lipsmacker and little beauty sets 90% off on regular aisles after Christmas. *fingers crossed*

    1. Jennifer

      I hope you found some great stuff!

  12. SuzeeLauren

    I browsed through my Target clearance yesterday and made out like a bandit!
    Valentines day items:
    3 sets of 4 gummy shot glass cups for $3.99 each – original price $7.99
    (so only 50% off on those BUT there were only 3 left and I just couldn’t let anyone else snatch them up)
    They say they are gummy cups to fill with candy or beverages or whatever, but I’m 27 and single and have 3 bachelorette parties in the next year so my logic of NEEDING them is super legit. And if I don’t use them for a bachelorette they are red and blue so they’ll totally work for a 4th of July party!

    Paper Straws $0.90 – originally $3.00
    a package of adorable red and white swirled stripe straws – if I don’t use them for any parties they are going in the wedding emergency kit I’m building to keep us safe from lipstick smudges on the big day(s)!

    Rimmel London Clear 60-second Nail Polish ~ $0.28 each
    This was INSANE! I bought the 6 that they had left. I have weird metal allergies so I make a habit of coating necklaces in clear nail polish to protect my skin from reacting so anytime I see a deal I snag it up. These were originally $2.99 and I *think* were supposed to be marked down to $0.76 which is a little under 75% off. However, whomever did the clearance tagging had a little trouble and 2 of the bottles were marked down to $0.06(!!) and, even better, 2 of the bottles were marked as $0.06 but had the original price listed as $0.03 and since clearance can’t raise the prices, the cashier rang them out for me at $0.03.
    I called my mom when I left the store to tell her so she could get as excited as I was!
    I am clearance crazy though and sometimes spend my entire lunch hour browsing through Target to see what fun things I can score – I can’t go in there without walking up and down the aisles and checking out all of the clearance groupings and end caps! I think it’s an addiction…

    1. Jennifer

      THose are amazing deals!!! I can’t resist the end caps either!!!

  13. Rebecca M

    I went the day after because I was curious. I got a lot of bake ware for 50% off. I got four Wilton bake ware things, a cute ceramic mug, some socks, and godiva chocolate for $30 with my red card! Score! I am going back today to see what they have left. I’m not sure if it will 70 or 90% off yet but here’s to hoping it’s 90 already! My target is usually the last one to mark down.

    1. Jennifer

      Was it 90% off today?

      1. Rebecca M

        Yes, but the only thing left were valentine cards. The candy was only 70% off so I’ll go back on Saturday and see what’s up.
        Your 90% off haul was great!

        1. Jennifer

          I think my Saturday everything will be gone!

  14. Rebecca M

    **If it will be**
    And the one spot V Day stuff was 70% off the day after. Everything else was either 30 or 50.

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