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Friday iPhone Dump is simply a summary of your week in iPhone (or whatever) pictures! Feel free to link up if you want to share!

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1. Word on the street (okay Instagram) is that Birthday Cake M&M’s are now available.  I need to find these.  Because I pretty much like anything birthday cake and something tells me these will be no exception.

2. My boys.  Minus one.  It blows my mind daily how big L is getting and I can’t believe that Baxter is going to be 8 this year!  Insanity I tell you.  That’s my puppy.  How is he going to be 8???

3. This is not my picture (it’s from a Facebook group I am in), but these are the washi tape sets I am after from Marshalls / TJ Maxx.  I found one today (the navy and green), but there was no sign of the others.  How can I not need these?  I was telling my mom about them and she was like oh, have you used up your other washi tape already?  Ha.  Stop it mom.  You know I haven’t.

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4. This guy has trains everywhere in our room.  He sleeps with them, takes them in the car, scatters them in the living room, they are everywhere.  Luckily for him there are still plenty left in the choo-choo room.

5. I love when WB climbs up on someone’s lap and pretty much just takes over whatever they were doing.  Oh you were reading an e-mail?  Sorry, not anymore.  We’re playing a game now.

6. My mom watched WB one day this week and as luck would have it, one of her neighbors / besties / my friends mom had her grandkids over too, so they came over and played together.   The best part was how they were all still in their pjs.  LOL!!!

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7. My and my crew!  WB was sitting on my lap watching Frozen and then L came over and sat on my lap and I was like I need to capture this moment!!

8. My porch one day this week!  I love when it looks like this!!!

9. I am telling you, I cannot go to the store and not buy chapstick.  Dollar Spot Peeps chapstick?  Yeah, I need that.  After all, it’s only a $1…..

How was your week?  Any big highlights??
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  1. Rose D.

    We have the birthday cake M&Ms. They are really good. They taste like a cake with frosting.

    1. Jennifer

      Ahhh, I want!

  2. Tiffany

    Target sells the birthday cake m&ms in their candy isle in a resealable bag.. i got some a few weeks ago..and let me tell you they def taste like birthday cake! 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      Ahhh, I didn’t see them. I need to go back!

  3. Pilar

    Those birthday cake m&ms been out for at least a month at my local stores, I think they taste like the plain milk chocolate m&ms but sightly better.

    1. Jennifer

      Why haven’t I seen these!

      1. Tabitha

        I found them at CVS awhile back.

  4. Mrs. L

    I must find those M&M’s! (enabler you).

    1. Jennifer


  5. Adrienne

    I’m going to TJMAXX tomorrow. I will gladly buy you one of each and ship to you! Let me know

    1. Jennifer

      Yes, let me know! I am headed to a different Marshalls tomorrow to see what I can find.

      1. Adrienne

        Not a single package at my favorite TJMaxx?! How did you and the SIL do? I am trying Marshall’s tomorrow….

        1. Jennifer

          We found a few rolls! Still on the hunt for a few colors though.

        2. Adrienne

          I got an extra pack of pink and black. Need?

          1. Jennifer

            Thank you, but I grabbed that one!

  6. Jennifer C

    Great dump, Jennifer!!! L is looking like a little man and WB is seriously adorable! (my own L turned 5 months yesterday and it is crazy how they get so big so fast)!!!

    OK, I am going to Marshalls (and maybe TJs) after work! I also neeeeed to find Green Toys at those stores. I know he is only 5 months and it will be a year or so before he even cares…but I care and I want them now!

    How is the chapstick? Is it crazy sweet!???

    1. Jennifer

      Ohh, I saw some Green Toys today! A Chef’s Tea and a Tea Set. Those are the ones I remember off the top of my head anyway! Good luck!

  7. Beth

    I’m still excited that Arizona beat San Diego State. When my Dad told me they lost one of their best players to an injury about a month (or so?) ago, I wasn’t optimistic, but I’m so proud of them for pulling together to fill that gap. They’re playing Wisconsin next which is where I’m living now, but I’m still cheering for AZ.

    1. Jennifer

      I have Arizona going to the Final 4, so I wouldn’t mind them to win ;).

  8. Jenny

    I have so much chapstik here but I always need more. You really can not go wrong when buying chapstik.

    1. Jennifer

      You can’t. It’s like the law.

  9. Tammy

    Let me take a selfie! Ha, you are always behind the camera; it’s nice to see one of you with your boys – well, two of them. Great picture!

    1. Jennifer

      Thanks! It was such a rare calm moment I had to capture it!

  10. Alexia561

    I bought a bag of the birthday cake M&Ms at Target, but we haven’t tried them yet. And while I have enough lip balm to last the rest of my life, I think I really need that Peeps Chapstick!

    1. Jennifer

      Why doesn’t my Target have this magic??

  11. Bethany

    Well, I guess I need to go Marshall’s now and look around! The other day we were at Target (obviously) and I said to my husband, “Hold on, I need some washi tape.” He said, “But you have some of that.” Oh silly husband. And your adorable kids are so sweet. Love the snuggle pics!!

    1. Jennifer

      They were being so sweet that day. Both of them wanting to snuggle? Amazing!

      And silly husband!

  12. Diana Garza

    I stocked up on those Peeps Lipbalm at Target the other – how could I not?!!

    1. Jennifer

      After all, they are only $1!!!

  13. cindy

    meijers also carries the b day cake m and m’s in checkout lane single serving. how much are the washis

    1. Jennifer

      Good to know! The tubes were $3.99.

  14. Susan

    My K (just turned 2) is the same way. If I am on the iPad checking email, looking something up, or heaven forbid, playing candy crush, gets on my lap & takes over. There are 2 games she likes, one is taking care of a baby & the other is grooming a puppy. She demands ” baby game” or “puppy game” and is very insistent. She told me the other day, “mama do candy crush, bad mama.” I couldn’t stop laughing.

    1. Jennifer

      Ha!!!! We also spend a lot of time watching videos on my iPhone. Videos of himself. And he laughs and laughs.

  15. Ashley C.

    Oh WB — leaving trains everywhere sounds like my L with spoons and toy cars! He is always carrying something, and its never a question if I’m going to find some in random places anymore! Yesterday, there was a random fork in the middle of my closet and a stick from playing outside in the silverware drawer! Kids!

    1. Jennifer

      Ha!! You seriously never know with kids. And after a while, it’s just normal isn’t it?

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