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Well, my loss is your gain since once again I didn’t get any mail this week (no idea why, it’s super nice out).  And when I don’t get any mail, I get bored.  And when I get bored, I give things away!  Today’s giveaway is for a 3-month PopSugar Must Have Box subscription! It’ll start in April, so you’ll receive boxes in April, May and June!  As usual, all you need to do is enter in the Rafflecopter widget below.  And don’t forget to come back every day to enter!  And share, share, share so you can get those extra entries!  Good luck and happy entering!  Ohh, and don’t forget to actually answer the required comment question.  Don’t just say “pick me”. There really is a question there and I love reading everyone’s answers.  Plus, the thought of having to disqualify anyone makes me sad.

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  1. Olga

    My favorite travel destination is anywhere in Europe! I just love the history there and the architecture is so beautiful.

  2. Kim


  3. Michelle

    I love to vacation in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

  4. Iris

    My favorite vacation destination is Taiwan! The food is amazing. 😀

  5. Alex M

    Disneyworld still remains a favorite, despite the chaos and humidity 🙂 Hawaii a close second

  6. Christine Yagerchristine

    My favorite place to go on vacation is Garmisch, Germany. The view of the Alps is breathtaking!!

  7. Mansi

    Australia… I would go back in a second!

  8. Hannah

    In the US – New Orleans! Outside of the US – Florence, Italy!

  9. Laura

    By plane? London. Although maybe that’s because I was in college and had absolutely no responsibilities… By car? Cape Cod. There’s nothing better than salt air.

  10. Theresa Kegley

    EEEkkkkk!! Happy Friday!! *fingers crossed!!*

  11. Niki T.

    Honestly, I have never gone on a vacation to anywhere I wanted to go lmao. But, the place I’d like to go to the most would be Italy! Thank you for the giveaway!

  12. Vicki Levy

    We’ll so far I’ve really liked Cape Cod and the coast of California, kinda hot inland. I’m looking forward to getting “across the pond” to Europe.

  13. Stacie Seidman

    I think my favorite vacation destination was Playa Del Carmen in Mexico. It’s beautiful and peaceful, yet close to plenty of sights to see and things to do.

  14. Allison

    The Bahamas

    1. Allison

      Oops! This one accidentally went thru. Only meant to enter once today.

  15. Allison

    Punta Cana

  16. Abbi D.

    I’ve never been but Ireland is my favorite vacation spot to dream about! Its breathtakingly gorgeous from pictures!

  17. Kayla

    It would have to be my hometown Las Vegas!

  18. Rebecca

    My favorite vacation Destination would have to be going on a cruise. They are so fun and relaxing. Plus you get to eat and eat and eat!

  19. Aimee V

    I don’t have a favorite, but I would love to go on a cruise! To where I don’t know, but I really wanna! Lol

  20. Jennifer Straub

    At this point in the winter, anywhere warm! Myrtle Beach is my go to place when I want to get-a-way, though.

  21. Jorja

    I went to Siesta Key last spring and we loved it. Favorite vacation ever!!

  22. Linda

    We love vacationing at Fripp Island, SC! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  23. Pilar

    My favorite vacation destination is Hawaii!!

  24. Kia

    I loved Versailles. The gardens were amazing and we spent 6 hours there basking in the sun with wine, fresh cheeses, and just-baked bread.

  25. Riann

    Hawaii – I just wish the flight wasn’t sooooo long !

  26. Annette

    My favorite place to vacation is in Maine! I can go to the beach in the Summer with my family and in the Winter skiing.

  27. Katie

    Now that the kids are little, my favorite place to go is Disney World. There is a little something for everyone and the magic is really real for them.

  28. Brooke

    I haven’t been many places, but I loved DC!

  29. Jennifer Rushing

    With our family we do not go on many vacations because we have an 8 year old, 3 year old, 2 year old, and one year old. So we do daycations and I would have to say that our favorite thing to do is go to a pottery painting place. When we leave all our little boys are covered in paint. We come home, bathe outside with the water hose, roast marshmallows on our pit and camp outside in the tent, complete with sleeping bags and playpens.

  30. Ashley

    My favorite vacation destination is Key West!

  31. savanna

    My favorite vacation destination is Austin Texas! I have family there and it’s just a happy place to me!

  32. Kestelle


  33. Madelyn

    Pine Cay in Turks and Caicos. Also, Target by myself. That’s like a vacation, right?!?

  34. Kimberly

    My favorite vacation destination is Disney World!

  35. Genevieve

    Costa Rica! Went there once and loved it, except the city we flew into. Saw the beach, the cloud forest and the volcano and would happily retire there. Sadly retirement is a long way off. But I definitely recommend it as a vacation spot.

  36. Helen


  37. Kam

    Fave place I’ve been to? Anywhere in the Southwest USA.

  38. Anastasia

    Favorite vacation destination i would say, cancun Mexico, super nice and warm year around and beaches are just beautiful!

  39. Laura

    St John USVI!!!

  40. Shannon

    Hope I am commenting in the right spot. But hands down my favorite vacation spot is Las Vegas!!!

  41. Cassidy


  42. Heather

    I swear I don’t see a question! Probably my phone… but, I read the post below and will answer that question (just cause i’m too lazy to answer separately. .. and, btw, I didn’t add my name to the “comment 5 points” rafflecopter)… no, I don’t really think your boys look alike. But yes, both totally adorable. 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      LOL really? The question is what is your favorite vacation destination!

      1. Heather

        Ok. So now I just look dumb, as i can now see all the previous comments… and well, the question is obvious. 😉

        With 4 kiddos, vacationing is tough… but we loved Disneyland! Would love a Disney Cruise. London… and anywhere in Italy would be my picks outside of the country.

        1. Jennifer

          LOL. No worries!!!

  43. Joanne

    I love Disney World!

  44. Kayla

    I love Myrtle Beach!!!

  45. Lisa Minix

    My favorite place to vacation is Hawaii!!

  46. Laurel

    With the kids – Disney World
    Before the kids – Club Med (preferably with snow skiing or scuba diving)

  47. Adrienne A

    It depends what mood I’m in. I suppose Disney World must be my favorite because I’ve been there the most. But I also love Mackinac Island for a quick trip and for something more exotic I love Venice!

  48. Shannon

    My favorite vacation spots are Savannah, Georgia and Kihei, Hawaii. Love, love, love Savannah!

  49. e.

    my parents’ house!

  50. Annie

    If we ever actually went anywhere I would love to go to Disney, but we usually just hang out at home and enjoy doing nothing in our pjs.

  51. Sarah

    I want to travel the entire world.. oh yes I do.. Fave places I’ve been: Prague and Budapest and Costa Rica
    Where I want to go: Australia, South America (anywhere) Japan, Alaska, Iceland ,Greece.. I cam keep going and going

  52. janelle

    Disney World! I have been there almost every year since I was little but keep going back! !

  53. Carolyn

    My favorite vacation destination is Nashville, Tennessee. Every night is a country music night and southern food is amazing!

  54. Julia

    favorite vaca spot? definitely mykonos, greece the adriatic is soo blue and beautiful

  55. Shana

    My favorite destination is walt disney world

  56. Katy

    Aruba! Although I would love to try New Orleans for my next vacation!

  57. Lori

    St Lucia!

  58. kay

    Anywhere with a warm beach! We wanted to go to mexico this winter but baby has no passport! Need to get on that!

  59. melissa

    My favorite place would be…Turks and Caicos. Its the most beautiful place I’ve ever been and its great for both couples and families. Luv it!

  60. mspotts

    I love the Greek Isles! Soooo beautiful and relaxing.

  61. Kati S

    Disney World. We only live 4 hours away, so we go about 4-5 times a year!

  62. Catherine Faulkenburg

    At this point in my life I’d choose anywhere quiet as a destination.

  63. Vanessa F

    Disney is definitely our favorite vacation. We went years ago as a couple and we’ll be going again here in a few months with our toddler. It’ll definitely be a much different trip, but it’ll be so fun to see his reaction!

  64. Kathryn


  65. Robin Parker

    Thank you for the awesome give away!

  66. Brianna

    I don’t know about my fav. but I’m headed to New Orleans this spring and I’m pretty darn excited about it. I haven’t been yet.

  67. Courtney Carothers

    Maui. Sigh. Wish I was there right now!

  68. rose mekelburg-lamour


  69. Meaghan


  70. Julie S

    Disney World is my favorite vacation destination!!!!

  71. nichole budnick

    I am dying to go to Florida

  72. Rebecca

    Right now, my favorite place is Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY.

  73. Des

    Recently went to Fiji and it was amazing. I can’t wait to go back.

  74. Kayleigh

    My favorite vacation destination is any place with a beach. I work at a hospital so it’s nice to just be able to relax and not plan or do anything but enjoy the sound of the ocean on my vacation.

  75. Debbie Jensen

    I have only been to Iowa, Michigan and San Diego. So I guess it would be the two week type in a Astro van from Ca to Mich and back with three kids ages 5, 3 and 15 months and the ex . It was great, I did have a dvd in the van and lots of travel games, drawing and snacks, drinks for them.. It was so much fun…

  76. Angie

    My favorite travel destination that I’ve been to is Costa Rica, but I would love to travel to Ireland

  77. Erica

    My favorite vacation destination is Morroco, specifically Fez–we went once and have grand plans to go again on our anniversary. It was unlike anywhere we’d ever been and was at once welcoming and foreign. It was fun to practice French, the food was amazing, everything was affordable–including argan oil, kohl, and fresh rose oil lip and cheek stains! and every one was sweet without being crazy. Plus monkeys and snake charmers and fresh orange juice everywhere you went! For meat eaters, amazing. For vegetarians, amazing. It was very very cheap to get there from Spain. Just writing all of that makes me want to go RIGHT NOW.

  78. Kati

    My favorite vacation destination is St Augustine because it’s close to home but far enough to feel like a vacation. I love everything about it. The beach, downtown and a little antique shop called ‘Out There’. Have to go every time!

  79. Bethsaida W.

    My fav destination would have to be Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!! My hubby & I had our honeymoon there. 2 yrs later, we still talk about it! We will never forget it. [keeping fingers crossed that we go back for an anniversary lol]
    Anyway, thanks for offering these giveaways!!

  80. MJ

    I love going to Fort Collins! So beautiful there! NYC and Chicago are some of my other faves too!

  81. Shawn

    Leaving for Jamaica in 3 weeks so I’m *HOPING* that will be my future favorite vacation. So far my fav is Key West.

  82. Diana B

    I haven’t been since I was 18, but I”m dying to go to Disney World again. So I’m going to say that Disney World is my favorite vacation destination.

  83. Sierra

    I love North Carolina I like to go hiking or white water rafting and tubing.

  84. Anna


  85. Alicia

    My favorite vacation spot that I have been to is South Haven, Michigan! We have a cottage 2 blocks from the beach and it is just the coziest, relaxing, little town! BUT I would love to go to Italy!

  86. Cathy@Five Boys

    Kauai, Hawaii, without a doubt. We are spoiled and go every other year!

  87. Laurah

    I never go on vacation! BUT: we have been dying to take a train ride somewhere.

  88. Diana

    I already live in my favorite vacation spot-South Florida! But I love love love visiting New York!

  89. Paola Z

    My favorite destination is Disney World! Thanks so much for the chance (:

  90. Sara


  91. Juli

    Key West. Fun and relaxing!

  92. Sarah Slatter

    Cancun, Pensacola, Disney World, Jackson Hole,, the list goes on and on! Beaches or mountains, we love them both!

  93. Eudora

    The beach. 100% !!

  94. Janet

    London is my favorite vacation destination.

  95. April

    I’ve never had what I would consider a real vacation–but if I had to choose, somewhere in the UK. I would really like to travel to Ireland, Scotland and England.

  96. soon p

    Hawaii. Our goal is to visit every island. Oahu and Maui are checked off the list.

  97. Sarah

    I really would like to go back to London!

  98. cindy

    michigan up north

  99. Amy

    I love Maui!

  100. michaela

    I love going to Gatlinburg TN. I love getting a cabin, because then you’re close enough to explore the touristy part, but far enough away to enjoy the mountains

  101. Jody

    Alaska! With the Iditarod finishing up ( I am a crazy follower). I hope to go one year to help out and see all the dogs come into Nome! We lived in Alaska a few years back and got to see the start! Hope to move back after hubs gets done with the military.

    1. Jennifer

      That sounds so cool!

  102. Lisa

    I love going to Bahamas!

  103. Emily

    my favorite vacation destination is somewhere warm, with beaches

  104. Rachel Crisman

    I really haven’t been many places but New Orleans is always a favorite!

  105. Hannah R.

    Don’t have a favorite but I’d love to go to Alaska! One day, one of these days…

  106. Pooja Shah

    Rhodes, Greece

  107. Diana Kang

    I love China. Especially Beijing because it’s so different and the food is so good. Btw I can’t remember what email I use for this but I may be logged in as or So if you pick me don’t disqualify me!

    1. Jennifer

      I’ll find you!! Don’t worry!

  108. Kristin Jesneck

    Well I would love to travel all over, but since I cannot afford to do that, I’ll settle for Myrtle Beach, SC to hear the waves of the ocean and shopping at the outlets.

  109. Alexia561

    My favorite vacation destination is London, England. There’s just something about that city that calls to me and I can’t seem to get enough of it! If we ever win the lottery, I want a second home there!

  110. Sarah Dineen

    Paris! I want to go again so badly!

  111. Julia A

    I LOVE pop sugar boxes I’ve always wanted one of my own. My favorite vacation destination by far is Ireland. It’s so relaxing there. 🙂

  112. Ricki

    Northeast (anywhere above NYC).

  113. leana

    Hard to say. I’ve lived all over the US and around the world. Disneyworld is fun, Paris is lovely, Tokyo is energizing, Austin is home.

  114. Beth

    Riviera Maya in Mexico! Or just anywhere I can sit on a beach and sip Bahama Mamas! 😉

  115. Lisa D

    Vegas is my favorite place the culture is just great

  116. Krista

    I guess as a military brat and military wife , I was lucky enough to have traveled all over the world, but truthfully we know that we do that for them, and make the very best it can be for ourselves and families. At this point in my life, I am allowed to choose the places I go, things I do and see.. and for me it would be Angel falls. Just thinking of the majestic, aww inspiring view, makes me catch my breath.

  117. Jody

    My family and I used to visit Hawaii every summer, that is still my favorite spot to relax and vacation!

  118. Brittany

    Favorite vacation would have to be Italy! More specifically Florence and Venice 🙂 so beautiful

  119. Jennifer Schrader

    Right now it would have to be Disney World! The kids just love it.

  120. jmd

    Cape Cod – beaches, seafood and shopping!

  121. Jennifer

    Absolutely somewhere warm and relaxing.

  122. Rebecca Stora

    My favorite vacation destination spot would probably be my aunt’s private art studio. While I can’t even draw a stick figure, it was the one place I could fathom being creative and artistic-totally sober, mind you! I would trade a day of solo bathroom visits to go back there-just one more time!

  123. kat

    I love Montserrat!

  124. Kali

    I have way too many- lol! First, in the U.S. My favorite 2 cities to visit are New Orleans and Boston (I live about 30 minutes north of San Francisco). I’ve loved everywhere I’ve visited in Europe, but if was only able to go to one more again it would be Germany.

  125. Adrienne


  126. Bethany

    Oh gosh, I can’t decide. Can I pick two? St. Lucia for tropical getaway. Norway for international experience.

  127. melanie

    I love to go to New York! So much to do and see!!!

  128. Marla Johnson

    I love going up north (since you live in Michigan, you understand!) to our place in Gaylord. Up north has been my second home since I was a kid and I never get tired of it. I am spoiled!

    1. Jennifer

      Ahhh, my family has a place up-north SO close to Gaylord. Gaylord is like our “big city” up there! And it’s home to Call of the Wild which I loved as a kid and now L loves.

      1. Marla Johnson

        Oh yes, Call of the Wild is great for kids! We love being close to a “big city” but far enough away to be in the woods. We might retire up there one day. I am really hoping that by then, they will have opened a Target and maybe a Costco. Then I can live up there and feel like I have it all. 😀

  129. Andrea

    my favorite vacation spot is south lake tahoe: ski in the winter, hike and swim in the summer!

  130. Kristin

    My favorite vacation spot is anywhere that a cruise travels to. I love going on cruises-they are the best vacations!

  131. Shannon

    Italy! I went there in college for two weeks and it was breathtaking! In every city we stayed in convents with nuns, which was amazing because they were always at the tops of these hills and they had the best views 🙂

  132. Beth Rang


  133. julie b

    I’d love to go to Europe again!

  134. Jessica

    Las Vegas!!

  135. Sarah Z

    Maui! We have a condo there and someday I plan on being a local!

  136. Mette

    hard to pick just one ….so many great places in the world ….and then again….sometimes you don’t have to travel far from your home to get that “vacation-feeling”. But if I have to pick one of my favorites it would probably be Florence, Italy ….beautiful and not too big, and great food and gelato 🙂

  137. anywhere warm! i’d love to go back and visit California again this year, and i already have a caribbean cruise (blogger vacation) booked for next year, yay!

    xo. jenn @ hello, rigby!

  138. Lauren


  139. Norah B

    I want to visit every single place in the book 1001 places to see before you die. I’m addicted to reading it and dreaming of visiting all destations.

  140. Ruby Yoshi

    My favorite is Las Vegas

  141. Sophie

    Well look at you and all these comments! Oofta! Living in Northern Minnesota, aka the frozen tundra, my favorite vacation spot would really be anywhere warm and sunny. Key West, FL is amazing, but I’m not picky!

    1. Jennifer

      I love reading them all! Makes me want to go on vacation!

  142. Eve


  143. Katy M

    I love Oahu, Hawaii!! My family and I always make a point to explore a little more of the island each visit and always climb Koko Crater! The best free view in the world! 🙂

  144. Debra

    San Fransisco ??

  145. Shelley Gonzales


  146. Lauren

    Telluride, CO!

  147. Alexandrea M

    Well it’s Disneyland because its close, there’s good Mexican food, and my husband likes it a heck of a lot, so I like to say I support his choice 😉

  148. Alice

    Favorite so far? Definitely Whistler BC for skiing! I’m also a huge fan of Belize.

  149. ChyRisse

    I’d say Rome has been my favorite. The history, the food, the shopping, the people, the forced exercise!!! Lol.

  150. Diana Garza

    Up until last summer – it would have been DisneyWorld but, now Cancun!!

  151. Christina Ward

    My vacation destination has most definitely changed since having kids lol before I would have said somewhere tropical.. like the bahamas now its disneyland for.sure!

  152. Cathleen

    My favorite vacation spot is anywhere that has a mix of relaxing in a warm climate and being able to visit interesting historical sites. So far, favorites are Cancun and Santorini.

  153. Rebecca F.

    My favorite vacation place I’ve been to is a tie between Barcelona, Spain and Dubrovnik, Croatia. Both were really interesting and beautiful in their own ways.

  154. Candice

    Have a toddler so at this point in life…someplace with a comfy bed and him far far away with Grandma!

  155. Jennifer

    locally I love lake tahoe & all of oregon (in the summer)…. Maui is the best….and i want to plan a vaca to greece

  156. Julie P.

    In the US – San Francisco, CA!
    Outside of the US – Barcelona, Spain!

  157. Kathy Heck

    My Fav travel destination? OMG, I’m such a kid (52 year old!) I love Disneyland, driving to it from Oregon is a great adventure, so many places to stop and visit and then you make it to Anaheim, The park, it just so fun! Especially out of season in October, love it! It will always be magical for me! 🙂

  158. Melissa

    My favorite vacation spot is Lake Sunapee, NH. My family has 2 houses right on the Lake. It is one of the most beautiful places in New England. Each summer we get to spend time with family members we don’t get to see often through out the year. We also may catch a glimpse of Steven Tyler (whose lake house is just around the corner) jumping off the roof of his boat house into the Lake or out on his boat.

  159. Noellyn

    My favorite vacay destination is Hawaii!! Cliche I know but it truly is an exotic oasis and every time I go there those swaying palm trees, ocean breeze scent and the relaxed way of life everyone lives just makes me want to soak it in and stay there longer. I love the sun, food and shopping in Waikiki!

  160. Amanda S.

    Australia!! I went in high school and I want to go back so bad!

  161. Tara

    Hawaii is always great, but right now my favorite will be any place that I get to go with my husband. We are planning a vacation and haven’t yet been on our honeymoon (married almost 3 years). Thinking about Europe…..

  162. Stacy

    Love California beaches. I’ve always wanted to go to Australia as well. Great Barrier Reef and kangaroo feeding! 😀

  163. Jennifer (notsousual)

    I was really upset because I’ve been a loyal PopSugar Must Have subscriber for almost year now but I had to cancel because I followed my husband (a Navy sailor) up to Washington but I’ve had a horrible time trying to find a job so I have to cancel it until I can secure a job up here. I hope I win!! On the upside I ordered the Resort box before I canceled so at least I have that!

  164. Wendy

    Anywhere that is with my family, but a warm destination would be preferred!

  165. Amanda Younker


  166. Nicole Kroll

    We like to cruise so everywhere!

  167. ana ebright

    My favorite place so far is costa rica.

  168. Sara

    My family’s never been on vacation before, but we are hoping to take our 8-year-old camping this year! She has been wanting to go so badly. She also wants to go to Harry Potter world, which would be pretty awesome. 😉

  169. Jenn

    Cape Cod when visiting family, and Paris for the ultimate sightseeing and culinary adventure!

  170. Tonya

    My favorite place was probably Crete over Greek Orthodox Easter – second runner up would have to be St. Thomas, USVI and third London/Bath (and Stonehenge)! We never like to go to the same place twice… But those three I would go back to! And I would love to go to Italy sometime!

  171. Shannon

    Disney World!

  172. Monica Maier

    I’d say my favorite place for a vacation would be the beach. Doesn’t matter which one really as long as there are palm trees, sand and water! We have visited Siesta Key a few times since my brother in law lives very close by. 🙂 Thanks for the chance! Have a great weekend!!!

  173. Emily K

    We went on a Caribbean cruise and that was probably my favorite “place”!

  174. Sue

    Our favorite family vacation spot is Nantucket!!! We go every summer.

  175. Nicole Whelan

    My favorite vacation destination is Timber Ridge water park in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. It’s funny, because even though I loved my ‘no kids’ vacations (Jamaica, Bahamas…), nothing beats running around a water park all day with your kids, seeing their constant smiles and excitement, and even enjoying the slides and lazy river just as much as they do.

  176. Hsin

    Japan!!! I love the food and how clean and beautiful the place is!!

  177. Dawn

    My favorite is somewhere warm and tropical. I really love going to an island in the Caribbean. Now that we have kids though we haven’t gone away anywhere we have to fly. Hopefully in a few years that will change.

  178. lynn m.

    Isla Mujeres, Mexico for me…if you ask my 3 year old he will say Mickey Boat aka disney cruises

  179. Elizabeth

    Anywhere warm and sunny (preferably with no snow 🙂 )

  180. Sher

    This is a tough question as there are so many fabulous places in the world to visit. I love Paris, and Vienna is definitely on my bucket list.

  181. nicole p

    Any place in France.

  182. terri s

    I haven’t been many places but I love the mountains in Georgia and Tennessee, also the beach and anywhere casinos!

  183. Tanya

    South Africa!

  184. Nicole

    Yellowstone has been my favourite vacation spot so far. But, I dream of going to Iceland.

  185. Elissa

    My favorite vacation destination is the Carribean

  186. LMS

    Anywhere there is good skiing.

  187. My favorite destination is anywhere on a cruise ship! It’s my favorite way to travel and see the world!

  188. Kimberly

    My favorite spot is Mexico! I went to an all inclusive resort and it was amazing. We also went on a little trip to a Mayan village – I definitely would recommend it. I am not sure if you would want to bring the kids when they are this little though so maybe wait a bit on that one!

  189. Becky


  190. Lonni Harper

    My favorite vacation is a cruise to the Caribbean !

  191. Zong

    My favorite vacation is the Great Lakes!

  192. Kelley Quigley

    Another awesome giveaway!! My fave vacation destination is Goose Island Campground in LaCrosse WI. We are pretty low-key and campers, so it is definitely nothing fancy. We just like to camp and go sight-seeing!

  193. Mallory B

    The Bahamas! Nothing beats sun, sand, and tropical drinks 🙂

  194. Becky

    My favorite vacation was going to Jamaica and staying at the Ritz Carlton. I’d love to go back!

  195. Cassie

    Id have to say my fave vacation spot is either the Oregon coast or San Francisco.

  196. Robin Whiting

    My favorite vacation destination has to be Hawaii! Love it there.

  197. Angela

    Our next travel destination is the Grand Canyon. If we had the money to take the whole family it would be Ireland, but the Grand Canyon will work for now.

  198. Judy

    Europe but otherwise Chicago or the twin cities for somewhere affordable and close by! 🙂

  199. Kelly

    I spent the month of February in Italy. Ahhh the food was so amazing! I can’t wait to go back!

  200. Adrienne

    I love exploring, so I don’t have a favorite vacation place. Finding new places is always so much fun!

  201. Laura

    Brazil, more specifically the Brazilian beaches!

  202. Nicole

    Definitely Hawaii or Disneyland, but I dream of going to bora bora!!

  203. Hildee

    Paris, but a beautiful beach house on St. George Island, FL in the off season is running a close second these days.

  204. Sam Stamp

    I went on a vacation with my boyfriend and his family a few years ago to the Outer Banks, NC and I absolutely loved it! I would go back in a heartbeat!

  205. Charity Smith

    Back to Maine. I miss my family and the coast is beautiful <3

  206. Crystal

    We’re a big Disney family. When you have little ones it so nice to be able to go and know that the kids will be entertained and have a blast. No whining at Disney!

  207. Rose D.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE cruising to Bermuda!

  208. Stephanie

    I loved San Diego!

  209. Victoria

    I do love Disney but we also enjoy going to the beach during the summer.

  210. Emily W.

    I just love the beach – Myrtle, OBX, Daytona, whichever – because I love having time to just relax and not having to worry about anything!

  211. Caitlyn

    Well I’ve only been to Florida by plane. But I love stayin in my moms Orlando time share, swimming with dolphins and drinking by the pool all day. But I also grew up in Massachusetts and love cape cod and Martha’s Vineyard. And I hope to one day go to hawaii!
    And wow so many people have entered already! THis would be the best 30th bday present! My popsugar sub ran out last month and I’m too broke to continue it right now.ll can’t wait to see who wins!

  212. Lisa

    I’m actually a fan of activities for a staycation!

  213. Mandy Hillman

    Disney World 🙂

  214. Jessica

    Living in hawaii means vacationing to me is either a staycation in Kailua Kona or to visit my family in New Zealand.

  215. Kathy S

    I can’t pick just one! We love Disney and have been back a bunch of times, Cabo San Lucas was amazing and we might return for our anniversary this year, and of course, Hawaii was amazing. If it is hot, that is our type of place!

  216. Megan @ Grad Student Needs Hobby

    I’m not sure what my favorite destination is, but I know I love cruises! We had a blast on our honeymoon cruise and on the Disney cruise with my family. I’ve been trying to talk my husband into a Disney World trip just the two of us – I want to show him around where I lived and worked for four months. So maybe that for now?

  217. Karen

    I love going to Vegas. Circus Circus is great for kids!

  218. Lynn in MD

    In the USA, I’d say SW Florida in the winter.

  219. Cheryl

    Truth is, my favorite vacation is a staycation. I travel so much for work that my ideal vacation destination is my living room. Or my favorite local Spa.

    1. Chris

      Mhm I love those type of vacations. Especially after the holidays, and with friends all around in the evenings. 🙂

  220. Diane F

    Tahiti, my husband and I want to take our kids there. Beautiful place! As a family we love New Orleans, Ocean Isle Beach and Disneyworld

  221. Jen K

    I have a list! I want to go to Turkey for the food, Paris and Italy for the history and to Dan Brown myself with imagined mysteries and to some quiet gorgeous beach to sleep. I also want to do all the 7 wonders of the world – so far I am three down, four more to go.

  222. RobertAnn

    Ohh… I love this question!! Honestly, I have a love/hate relationship with vacationing. When we vacation we go to Vacaville, Ca. This is where both my BF and I are from, and where all our family is. So we go down from Idaho every other year to visit and celebrate my daughter’s bday. It’s always fun because we visit different places, but it’s also a hassle trying to mak 2 families happy. We just got back from there actually on the 4th, this year we went to the S.F. zoo and had a BLAST! My daughter who turned 3 just LOVED seeing all the animals. We also went to Pier 39, and even though it’s such a tourist spot, it’s my favorite!!!! I just love the smell of the ocean!!!!!

  223. Kasey

    My favorite vacation destination is Yellowstone. I could go back many times and still find something new to see and do.

  224. Jill

    Well, I have only been on one vacation, and that was when I was 15. We went to Disney World. It was the best!

  225. Lindsay

    Places I’ve been favorites are equal parts Disney World and Vegas. I’d love to go to Europe one day though!

    1. Jennifer

      Two different kinds of playgrounds 😉

  226. Zelene lechuga

    I love cancun, mx, you can have fun with the kids, an amazing view and why not some history. We are planing to go this year on summer with my parents and mys sister’s family, so it will be amazing .

  227. Lisa

    Anguilla – went there on my honeymoon. Or anywhere I can stay at a Peninsula hotel.

  228. Alexis

    I love going anywhere tropical! I went to Jamaica and LOVED it!

  229. Jordan M

    The Oregon Coast is beautiful to vacation at! Lincoln City for a few days to relax, enjoy the beach and walk along and enjoy nights in. Seaside for a more upbeat few days with the boardwalk and arcades everywhere and the really old 2 room aquarium where their are sea lions that are born and raised there you can feed in the front room. Newport to for a day to see the giant Aquarium and all the shops and restaurants. We take two weeks out of every summer to travel to the coast and my mom and I drive up there with a car while my dad and sister fly into Portland where we pick them up. It’s about a 28 hour drive, but we break it up by stopping in places. One year we stopped at amount Rushmore and on the way back hit San Fransisco and Las Vegas. This past hear we stopped in Breckenridge, CO for a few days and it was beautiful!

  230. Chris

    Shenandoah Valley. It’s beautiful, green, and the fog rises in the morning like a mist in a fairytale. It’s absolutely beautiful, and so peaceful. Can’t wait until I can go back 🙂

  231. Ariel

    I went to South Dakota once. It was very fun. I did some spulunking and really enjoyed bear country

  232. Meghan C

    I haven’t been to many places, but I really want to go back to Disney. I’m secretly hoping my boyfriend brings me to visit Hawaii though, because he lived there for 5 years! I can dream right?!

  233. miranda

    Maui is my fav

  234. Shawna Landers

    My favorite travel destination so far has been Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Ga. All one trip! I loved everything about the South!!

  235. Samantha

    I love going to the Oregon coast!

  236. Margaret

    Definitely Zihuatenejo Mexico – I love that place!

  237. Jessie m

    California beach towns

  238. Crystal Gregg

    I had a lot of fun in Austin, Texas before I was a mom. Can’t afford to go anywhere now. I always wanted to visit Thailand and Germany though.

  239. Dawn

    McCall, ID. Secluded in the mountains- It’s one of the most relaxing places I’ve ever been!

  240. Shannon N.

    We rarely vacation at the same place twice, but some of my vacations have been Costa Rica, Nova Scotia, Brugges, Ireland and Scotland. 🙂

  241. Amy Malone

    Before kids, Las Vegas. After kids, anywhere!!! Haha

  242. Liz Ruenzel

    So easy…..Kauai

  243. Rhona

    Destin, Florida!!

  244. Dee

    Loved San Francisco. I’d love to go to France and Italy, though!

  245. Angie W.


  246. Tammy

    Italy, but anywhere in Europe is fine with me!

  247. catie

    My favorite vacation spot is definitely Disneyland! I love it with Kids or just with friends or my husband. My husband always jokes that my love for Mickey Mouse and all of his products and theme parks is unnatural. 🙂

  248. audrey

    I love anywhere that has a clean sandy beach! Doesn’t have to warm necessarily. I also really enjoyed St. Petersburg in winter I would love to go back in the spring to compare.

  249. Kristin t


  250. Cathy

    Orange Beach, Ala. Lots of fun memories with family.

  251. Misty

    Atlantic city. It’s a 6 hour road trip from here. They have shopping, nice spas, and a beach. Bonus….you don’t have to drive once you get there so no need for a designated driver. Who could ask for more?

  252. Jamie

    Well we don’t vaca much with a hubby in school and both of us working, but I would say Vegas maybe it was the first trip we took together and where we married so it will always be a special place for me. I do love even staycations, not sure if this is just a AZ thing when i tell people they have never heard that term, so we just pack a weekend bag with the kiddos and head over to a nice resort in town and stay cation it up by the pool super fun, easy and inexpensive 🙂

  253. Pegi

    My favorite vacation destination is my mom’s house in Pensacola, Florida. What could be better than visiting people you love and getting to go to the beach?

  254. Tori Franklin

    Maui!!! Pay MIL lives there so we’ve been here several times and it it just gorgeous and welcoming. Plus, who can resist the gorgeous beaches, snorkeling and plain ol relaxation? We can’t wait to go back!

  255. Alice

    I love Hawaii for relaxation . Vegas for short vacations (I can only handle 2 nights).

  256. Michelle

    My favorite vacation destination so far has been France, anywhere hot and tropical like bahamas or dominican republic, or on a more frequent basis , Florida to see my sisters and parents !

  257. Amy Ballou

    I live in SC, so Myrtle Beach is our favorite destination! 🙂

  258. Shannon

    I love to vacation in California wine country. My extended family is there. Plus you know wine!


    Love going to Charleston, SC!

  260. Jessika

    I would say Disney World or Italy. Really any place with my loved ones is fun!

  261. Brittany

    I love going to the Bahamas!

  262. Jenny

    You totally know mine and its Walt Disney World!!! LOL I can do that one with or without kids. My second would be cruising and it doesn’t really matter where since I love being on the ship and could easily not get off and I’d be fine with that so the ship is my destination.

  263. Gail

    Home to Michigan!

  264. Krista

    Anyone have the correct promo code for popsugar this month????? I have tried everything and it won’t let me access anything..


    1. Jennifer

      There were a few that were working, but I think they expired. It’s usually until a certain date or “while supplies last”. Someone said they used MARCH10 today and it worked, but others have said it hasn’t work. I can’t test it since I am a current subscriber.

  265. Melissa

    Myrtle Beach! I love the ocean, sun, shopping all of it!

  266. Kelly

    I love Italy! It was so beautiful! It’s hard to choose just one spot… I love to travel! We love cruises, Disney World, and a yearly family visit to Hilton Head is lovely too!!

  267. gary

    I love Vienna

  268. Rachael

    I think I have to go with D.C. I’m from Florida originally and live in Florida now (I know tough life); but, I spent 5 years in DC and love it. Going back is a great feeling, there is so much to do in the city and so much nature nearby.

  269. Annie P.

    My fav vacation destination that I’ve been is Key West. I’d love to visit Ireland someday…and take a Disney Cruise with the whole fam…

  270. Kathryn

    One of my favorites us Chicago! So much to do!

  271. Rebecca Brewer

    Cozumel – backside of the island.

  272. Sylvia

    My favorite vacation destination is wherever I haven’t traveled to yet! Right now that’s a road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway all the way up the West Coast to Vancouver (my bf and I are planning it for the fall). Or Tokyo!

  273. Aoife K

    Ireland! I get to see all of my cousins, aunts and uncles and enjoy the cold weather! Now if only there were something that got rid of jetlag…

  274. brenda

    charlestion sc .

  275. kerri

    Traverse City, Michigan. Kansas just doesn’t have Lakes like MI does! The lake, shopping, eating and wineries make this a top pick for me. Now I just want to get there during Cherry Fest time!

  276. Ashley

    We don’t take nearly enough so I’m going to say south Texas!

  277. Christina G

    Honestly anywhere cold. We live in San Diego but both my hubby and I grew up on the west coast so when we travel we want real weather. For our honeymoon we went to Alaska and Vancouver both of which were amazing to visit!

  278. megan

    Orlando, FL!

  279. Lauren

    Turks & Cacaos

  280. audrey

    I love Glacier National Park and Yellow Stone National Park. The hiking is great, it’s fun to camp and the scenery is unbeatable!

  281. Ashley Norred

    Barbados is my favorite vacation destination!

  282. shannon w

    I love visiting the Oregon Coast.

  283. callie

    My favorite travel destination is probably Patras, Greece. It is so beautiful and very little tourism. The people are so friendly and the food is just amazing!

  284. sarah novey

    Woops, can you delete the previous comment? I meant to also say that my favorite spot is Outer Banks, NC. 🙂

  285. Mel

    I know I’m a super nerd for picking it, but I would choose Disney World over any place in the world. We go often and I love it. It’s just magic!

  286. Lisa

    Anywhere with a beach! Charleston, SC is a favorite.

  287. Caitlin R.

    The Outer Banks, NC!

  288. Kate L

    My favorite of the places I’ve actually been to is the Oregon coast. I love getting away to the beach, playing in the sand, flying kites, etc.

    My favorite dream destination would be to travel across Europe with no schedule and no limit on spending. Hey, dream big, right?

  289. Jenn C

    Definitely Hawaii. In another life, I want to live there.

  290. Amanda E

    I wold love to go the Maldives… heard it is really nice but that is a wish! lol. Favorite vactioning spot now would be Beirut, Lebanon. I have family there =)

  291. Jill F.

    Hilton Head Island. We love it there!

  292. jill

    Anywhere on the coast of Mexico!

  293. Maura


  294. Jennifer Hodgen

    I really want to go to Puerto Rico!!

  295. Kyra

    My favorite vacation destination so far has been St. Lucia! I live on the beach but for some reason I like to vacation on the beach as well, although at some point I would love to go see snow and leaves changing!


    North Shore of Oahu

  297. Jennifer M

    Anywhere there are beautiful beaches…probably Cabo or Puerto Rico.

  298. Enrica H

    Hawaii! My sister lives there. We love to visit and enjoy the sun. But I do love Disneyland with my kids…

  299. Kara mishmash

    I went to Brazil the summer after I graduated high school and had the best summer so I would have to say Brazil. I will be going to Italy next summer soviet think I will be able to say it’s at least a tie at that point

    1. Kara mishmash

      Not soviet…so! Wow!!

  300. Sonia Mancha

    I’ve always wanted to go to Italy!! 🙂 🙂 but I also like camping here in Michigan I love our state! Saugatuck Michigan is where I like to go in the summer months!! we live in the middle of the state!! the same right on the water is a real treat!! 🙂 🙂

  301. Susan Gasperso.

    One of my favorite vacation places is Disney! This is our first year as pass holders even though I have lived in Florida for more than half of my life. Lol

  302. Jennifer

    China! I actually have a lot of family back there 🙂

  303. Caitlin

    La Jolla!

  304. Michelle K.

    I’ve only been there once, but Turks and Caicos is absolutely beautiful. The sand and water are so amazing. Wish I could go back! The conch dishes are delicious.

  305. Rebecca Felser

    Outer Banks, North Carolina.

  306. Emma

    Santorini, Greece!

  307. Kristy

    My favorite place used to be somewhere warm, now its back home to Michigan 🙂

  308. Christine Fortes

    I would have to say Canada because all my family is over there.

  309. Jessica

    Egypt was by far my favorite place….that was years ago before all this mayhem.

  310. marietta

    My favorite vacation spot is the North Shore of Hawaii. So beautiful!

  311. Lisa Springer

    Disney World

  312. Melissa M

    ANY place tropical, especially during our winter. Um maxi dresses and beaches in Feb. YES PLEASE! I really love the DR

  313. steph @ theredheaddiaries

    Cliche maybe… but Disney World all the way! Daytona Beach is pretty great, too!

  314. Kristen T

    Of all the places I have been to so far, St John in the Virgin Islands. But I do dream of going to Europe.

  315. Kris

    Hard to pick just one favorite….

    In the US, I would pick south Florida, because that’s where my two nieces and nephew live and I just can’t get enough of them- they are the best!
    Outside of the US….well I was the lucky duck in my office that got to go to a conference last Fall in London….and even though it wasn’t a “vacation”,I just loved all of the history….I definitely want to go back there for a REAL vacation !!!

  316. Aimee

    I have two!
    I have been going to Cape Cod every single summer since I was six months old. I even spent 6 summers working at a kids camp at a gorgeous hotel in Chatham. I count the days until the season starts so I can make my first trip up. Nothing is better than crossing the Canal over the Bourne or Sagamore and smelling that sweet salty air!
    My other absolute favorite is Key West. My family has been going 3-4 times for the past seven years and it rivals my love for the Cape. The drive through the Keys from Miami is incomparable (seven mile bridge is amazing!). Once in Key West, you just leave your car for the duration of your stay and it’s just a perfect, relaxing vacation. Obsessed!

  317. Val

    I don’t know how to possibly pick..but I’ll go with Hawaii since we’ve gone twice and NEED to go back. So expensive though! Mainland travel fav it to Siesta Key, Florida to our friends’ beach house.

  318. Rachel

    The beach. Don’t care too much which one, but relaxing in the sun is soooo nice.

  319. steph kline

    Nice, France

  320. Tiffany McGuffin

    Italy. Or any beach where I don’t have to do anything…

  321. Ashley

    St. Lucia so far!

  322. roro

    My favorite place to go is home – Donegal, Ireland.
    I’m counting down the days until our next visit, which will be in April. It’s been a year since we were home and that is way too long.

  323. PB

    Maui or Bethany Beach, DE. Both are great relaxation spots!

  324. Alice H

    The beach.

  325. Alexa

    We do a week at the beach (Oak Island, NC) in an oceanfront house every summer. It’s our annual relaxation vacation b/c all of the others are so active and busy. Nothing like walking out the door and right onto the beach!

  326. Brandy Fisk

    Even if I didnt have kids I’d choose Disney World!

  327. PGT

    Australia – love the ocean! Pretty much anywhere with a beach makes me happy 🙂

  328. Dara

    Disney world!

  329. Jill Banks Geraci

    Disney World. We love their campgrounds!

  330. Jillian

    Italy! I’ve been four times. I’m an Italian citizen (born in the USA though) and still have family in Sicily (right on the beach), so I would love to go more often.

  331. Holly Moyseenko-Perch

    I love San Francisco and Portland. Both have amazing food scenes and so much to do there!

  332. Kim

    Willing to try them again, maybe this time for the teen gals.

  333. Amy dempsey

    When I can afford it lol we love Disney world but its very expensive! Every yr we vacation in the white mtns of nh. They have story land and Santa’s village! Its such a blast 🙂

  334. Kim

    Favorite “adult” vacation destination is Las Vegas, favorite “family” vacation destination is Disneyland!

  335. Tasha Watson

    My favorite spot to vaca is the BVI. My husband and I love going sailing down there every few years- it’s a treat 🙂

  336. Maggie

    Favorite vacation destination right now is probably Disney World. It’s the only vacation my daughter remembers every year!

  337. Jamie

    Any beach with lots of sunshine

  338. Ashley

    My favorite destination thus far is definitely Honolulu, Hawaii 🙂

  339. Elise

    Just one? I used to say the beach, but now that I live on the beach, I would say the mountains – I miss the snow of Wisconsin!!

    Although overseas would be fun too…

  340. Tabitha Sawicz

    My favorite vacation destination is Myrtle Beach. My whole family rents a house on the beach every year and we have a blast! Something for everyone.

  341. sarah berry

    Thailand was my best vaca spot so far

  342. Shari Henderson-Sievenpiper

    Gatlinburg, Ten. We rent a house with a pool in the basement & a sauna & a hot tub outside & a heart tub in the bedroom.

  343. Amanda Schwartz

    My favorite destination is usually to visit my sister and all her kiddos in San Jose. Other than that, I’d probably pick somewhere Disney. My son and I had the best time ever when we went just the two of us last year.

  344. Chanel Williams

    Hawaii! Love the beaches

  345. Lisa

    Favorite vacation destination would be anywhere near the beach! I love hearing the ocean waves hit the shore, the smell of the ocean water and hearing the seagulls and the sand in my toes!

  346. Brandy L.

    My favorite vacation place is definitely Maine. Despite being fairly similar to Vermont, I still love it. The beach in Ogunquit has this perfect little river off to the side of the beach that you can treat like a lazy river; the tide basically floats you out to the ocean and all you have to do is lay on your boogie-board or floaty. Also, the Marginal Way is beautiful and has a really delicious candy shop at the end. It’s my favorite birthday/summer/vacation place, even off season.

  347. Rachel

    my favorite vacation spot is Switzerland!!

  348. Shana


  349. Bridget Heiple Reich

    Hawaii! 🙂 We went there for our honeymoon 10 years ago and I would love to go back someday! 🙂

  350. Amy

    LBI it’s on the Shore but not like fist pumping Karma shore the nice quiet shore.

  351. Jaci B.

    My husband and I got married this past July and we spent a week in Peru, and while we’ve traveled abroad considerably, I can’t imagine a better adventure. We spent the first half of our trip in the Amazon (Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica, to be exact), and I’ve never been somewhere more lush with life and yet so calm and relaxing. My husband and I haven’t stopped talking about it ever since, I don’t think we will. My little sister even made us a “Paradise Falls” money jar a la the Disney movie “Up” to keep in our house to save up for our next South American adventure, which at this rate, will be soon.

    Thanks so much, Jennifer, for offering the giveaway! As a Christmas gift, we gave my little sister a 3-month Pop Sugar subscription. We FaceTime every time she opens one, and I think I might enjoy the unboxing more than she does! I couldn’t give myself an excuse to splurge on the subscription, though, so close to the holidays, but I’m thinking I won’t be able to hold off for long, especially if I find an inexpensive way to try it out soon!

  352. Mel

    Disney! Because the kid inside goes nuts for spending time with the big cheese. 😀
    Since traveling is pretty scarce or few and far in between, I love anywhere we get to have the chance to visit!

  353. Suzee

    Maui has been my favorite vacation to date and I would absolutely head back to Hawaii in a heartbeat!

  354. Rebecca

    I love going to Florida.

  355. Tiffany

    Out of places I’ve been to but don’t live next to I would say Helen, GA. Orlando/Daytona/Miami

  356. Ashley Tucker

    My favorite vacation destination is Turks Caicos!

  357. molly

    I would have to say Italy i love the history surrounding it and its beautiful 🙂

  358. Sonya

    Myrtle Beach is always fun! But I have always wanted to go to some Caribbean Island.

  359. Megan

    Hilton Head!

  360. kelly t

    We have two Outer Banks, North Carolina trips planned for this summer. Next April will be Key West. Also plan to do Disney World and Germany to visit friends.
    I think Key West is going to be my fav 🙂

  361. Danielle Mason

    My favorite vacation destination is definitely St. Augustine, FL. It’s such a beautiful location on the beach. Only been there once but would love to go back and take my daughter there to see the amazing view from the beach.

  362. Loren

    After this winter, I just want to go somewhere sunny & warm. Where it doesn’t get over 85 degrees though. Does such a place exist? Maybe Hawaii

  363. Margo S

    Kure Beach N.C. is beautiful and peaceful!

  364. Jenny Whiskey

    Anywhere i’ve never been. I’d probably take a free trip to Afghanistan if it was offered to me! But thus far my favorite places are Berlin and Portland, OR

  365. Jessica

    Hawaii. I make sure I get there once a year. It’s my happy place!

  366. Kelly G

    It’s a close tie for me I LOVE Vegas!!! but Mexico is right up there with it!!

  367. Nancy Mejia

    Italy– there is SO much to see there!

  368. Christina L.

    Not really a specific destination, but I love seeing the United States! We’ve been trying to see all 50- so far I think we’re up to 42. We just got back from New Mexico which was beautiful!

  369. Nicole

    I would say with you kids go to Disneyland. It’s not as hot as Disney World and it’s more calm. If it is just you and your hubby, go to Mexico. Its not super expensive and you can relax and enjoy yourself.

  370. Jennifer Pittman

    Texas, because my family lives there!

  371. Holly

    My fav vaca destination has to San Fran. I love fishermans wharf! Just grab a bread bowl of clam chowder and relax by the bay all day!

  372. Kelsea Beth

    My fav vacation that I went on recently was to Universal and Harry Potter world! I want to go back so bad this fall when the new area is opened!
    Vacation that I want to go on but haven’t is the travel across Europe!

  373. Colleen Boudreau


  374. Missy Marie

    My favorite is Edisto Island. Kids love the beach and the pool.

  375. Kristy

    I think my favorite vacation spot would have to be Northern California, Mendocino and Napa Valley to be exact. Ahhhh…the memories!

  376. Diana

    Barbados <3

  377. Alyssa

    Love anywhere that has a beach!

  378. Jennifer

    My favorite travel destination is Japan!

  379. Alisa


  380. erica

    My favorite place I’ve ever traveled is Israel. But my new favorite travel destination is definitely California because my Sissy and two nieces live there (I miss them!!!) and any time I get to go visit is amazing!

  381. JT

    My favorite vacation spot is at my parents house in So. Florida 🙂 but anything warm and beachy and I’m happy!

  382. Kiersten

    Belize is wonderful and its not always overrun with tourists!

  383. Kellie

    anywhere with a BEACH, and an island drink!!!

  384. Kristina D Moya

    Anywhere in Florida!

  385. Elizabeth A

    Have to pick ONE? Ireland.

  386. Kaleyos

    I love going to Hawaii. It may be clich?, but it is an AWESOME place!

  387. Elizabeth W.

    I love anywhere with the ocean or a good theme park and some roller coasters!

  388. Maria Ho

    I love to vacation in St Martin!

  389. Theresa H

    I like to go anyplace warm!! It’s freezing here! I especially love Florida and the carribean though.

  390. Melissa B

    Anywhere with a beach and an umbrella!!

  391. Kara

    Vegas! There’s always so much to do and see (not to mention eat). You don’t even have to leave your hotel if you don’t want to.

  392. Ashley

    The Cape and Martha’s Vineyard are some of my favorite vacation spots!

  393. Jennifer

    For me it’s Las Vegas! Definitely an action packed vacation spot, I love it there.

  394. Amber

    The beach !

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