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Dear The CDC, I have no idea how we got selected for your crazy survey, but I think this means we should get a pass on jury duty for the next few years now.

Dear L, I really am going to be a Mystery Reader in your class this month. I am just pretending that I am not going to be one so you will be surprised ;).

Dear B, Thank you for noticing that I colored my hair last night. You are so attentive!!! #notreally

Dear PopSugar Spoilers, Please come early in the day today. For real. Because I am super anxious to see what this month brings and don’t want to spend all day refreshing MUT and Instagram (but I will if I have too).

Dear Laundry, Why can’t you just do yourself? I am so sick of you.

Dear Pottery Barn Outlet, Why didn’t I stop last time we passed you on the way home from up-north? B offered, but I was half-asleep and clearly not thinking straight. I think maybe that’s why he offered. Anyway, I want a do over.

Dear People Who Park on the Street, You know what? Your cars are the reason our street is still a mess even after it was plowed. Seriously. I just don’t understand why we all can’t park in our driveways? 99% of the time they are empty. Makes no sense.

Dear Some Parents, Please stop being a**holes in the parking lot at pick-up time. Speeding through the school parking lot? Blocking the buses? Blocking everyone else so you don’t have to park / get out of your car? Enough already. (*)

Dear Candy Crush, Why can’t I quit you???

Dear WB, I love that you are feeling better little man.  You are one unhappy sick / teething boy and it’s so much more fun now that you are bouncing around like normal!

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

(*) B is picking L up today and I cannot wait for him to get home and complain about this.
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  1. subbox

    Lol. Ive been refreshing MUT since yesterday afternoon for PS spoilers. We shouls finally be getting them today!

    1. Jennifer

      We better get them today!

  2. Jenny

    I hate carpool and ours is pretty well run but just the being there and waiting is craziness. I really think some people have never been to a school before. So glad I don’t have to do it everyday.
    CDC survey now that just sounds painful.
    Parking on the Street is a pet peeve of mine. I kindof understand if maybe you have teenagers who drive and more then 2 cars but when I see one spouse park in the garage and the other park on the street I go WTF. WE have double driveways so one park on one side and the other on the otherside. Garage or not. M and I do it everyday and we are just fine. Oh and if you are going to park on the street then do it in front of your own d*** house. Do not park in front of mine. Sorry end of rant now. 😉

    1. Jennifer

      I mean most people here have 3 car garages. So that means you could get 6 cars in your garage / driveway. Yet you still park in the street. Makes no sense.

  3. SMDC

    Spoilers are up!!

    1. Jennifer

      Got em!

  4. Allison

    Whatever happened to kids riding the buses to and from school? Sounds frustrating.

    1. Jennifer

      We live out of district.

      1. Allison

        I completely understand that for some families like yours, it is unavoidable. I just wish more people would carpool or use the provided buses. Better for the environment, too! 🙂

  5. Ally

    Laundry is the bane of my existence… and I’m single. I fear the day I’m responsible for little people’s laundry too.

    1. Jennifer

      I hate it. It’s the worst.

  6. Beth

    I live across the street from a middle school, and every day it’s like what you describe only it’s out on the street instead of in a school parking lot. It’s super bad in the winter, but even during nice weather there are parents who will stand in the middle of the street chatting when people are trying to drive down the street as if it’s a big parking lot instead of a road. When I’m out running errands I do my best to time things so I don’t get home anywhere near when school gets out!

    1. Jennifer

      LOL. It’s seriously a disaster. I want to get out there and direct traffic every day.

  7. Alanna

    Girl, I totally hear you about cars on the street our street is VERY narrow and has alot of snow piles on it and I CANT STAND when people park in the street there is no room to get around them we all have garages AND large driveways!

    1. Jennifer

      Drives me crazy!!!!

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