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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate / referral links. Read the full disclosure.
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.
Cost: $19.99/month (Maven boxes) / $24.99 Lucky Mystery Box
Ships To: United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, and Canada.
Julep Lucky Mystery Box (Taryn)

Julep Lucky Mystery Box (Taryn)

My Julep Lucky Mystery Box arrived today and while I already knew what was in it I was still excited to open it up!

Julep Lucky Mystery Box (Taryn)

The Box

Julep ships monthly Maven boxes via USPS First Class or Priority Mail (full collections are shipped via Priority Mail), however, all other orders (mystery boxes, shop orders, etc.) are shipped via DHL. I believe that, once shipped, my box took nine days to arrive! While I wish they’d use USPS for all their shipping, it didn’t stop me from ordering!

Julep Lucky Mystery Box (Taryn)

First Look

Julep used to (and still might for other mystery boxes) send out a variety of mystery boxes.  Boxes were worth between $70 and $200 and it was always fun to see what you’d get in them.  The Lucky Mystery box was a bit different in that everyone who ordered the “Taryn” (which I did) got the same items.  Everyone who ordered the “Shannon” one got the same items, etc.  All of the box options were $24.99 and contained a $100 in (retail) value.  Here is what I received in my Taryn Julep Lucky Mystery Box:

~Neon Nail Dips ($12): I had no idea that Julep ever offered such a product. You brush on the top coat, dip your nails into the neon powder, brush off the excess and boom you are done!  I am all over trying this and hope to make it happen sooner rather than later!

Julep Lucky Mystery Box (Taryn)

Neon Nail Dips

~Mint Condition Pedi Cream ($16): I am using this pedi cream right now since it came in my last mystery box and quite like it, so I don’t mind the extra at all!  Hopefully flip-flop season is just around the corner and who wants dry icky feet for that?

Julep Lucky Mystery Box (Taryn)

Mint Condition Pedi Cream

~Boho Glam Lengthening Mascara ($12.99): I can’t recall if I have ever used Julep’s mascara?  If I have I don’t remember if I liked it or not.  This will be put in the mascara “to try” pile.  I’d love to open it now, but I probably get a new mascara at least once a week so I have a bit of a stockpile going!

Julep Lucky Mystery Box (Taryn)

Boho Glam Lengthening Mascara

~Brielle – Bombshell ($11.20):  Brielle is a deep autumn orange crème.  While this color is gorgeous, it’s a duplicate for me so I will be trading it.

Julep Lucky Mystery Box (Taryn)

Brielle – Bombshell

~Tatiana – Boho Glam ($11.20):  Tatiana is a golden burnt orange microglitter.  I didn’t think I had this color when I opened the box and was excited because it’s gorgeous, but yeah, I have this one too.  So many polishes!  This will be traded as well!

Julep Lucky Mystery Box (Taryn)

Tatiana – Boho Glam

~Dahlia – Boho Glam ($11.20): Dahlia is a goldenrod microglitter and, you guessed it, I already have this one too.  You’d think this would stop me from ordering more mystery boxes or more full collections, but it won’t ;).

Julep Lucky Mystery Box (Taryn)

Dahlia – Boho Glam

~Taryn – It Girl ($11.20):  Taryn is a deep sea teal holographic glitter and is pretty much the reason I picked this box over the other ones.  It’s gorgeous and is even prettier in person than I thought it would be.  This will be my next toenail color for sure.

Julep Lucky Mystery Box (Taryn)

Taryn – It Girl

All totaled I came up with a value of $85.79 for the Julep Lucky Mystery Box (they are no longer available).  Since I used Maven / Sale pricing (not retail pricing) it was less than the $100 promised value. I am happy with this box, but not over the top thrilled.  Had I gotten a three polishes I didn’t already have (is that even possible) I would have been thrilled!  Did you get a Julep Lucky Mystery Box?  Which one?  What’d it have it in?

As always, if you are interested in subscribing to Julep, click here and use the coupon code “FREEBOX” to get your first box for $4.99 (you pay only the shipping).  And if you are already a Maven, don’t forget that the selection window is open now through the 24th!

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11 thoughts on “Julep Lucky Mystery Box Review

  • Chris

    I haven’t tallyed up Shannon yet, but it’s not going to be even close to $100, without Maven. 4 polishes and a cream. I also got the $15 mystery bag. That was supposed to be~ $65. 3 full size polishes, 1 mini, and bag of seeds~$55? I don’t know why I tried this box again *sigh* No more mystery boxes for me from Julep. Although I really, really, realllly like Shannon. :3

  • Katie

    Do you do trades?? I wanted that dahlia so badly but not for full price. I have several unopened juleps, maybe a color you don’t have??

  • Sasha

    I just got my Lucky Mystery box today and I like it, but I was a bit disappointed because I only got nail polish. I got twelve polishes (no duplicates to boot so yay) but I was hoping for something else, like one of their other items I wouldn’t normally buy. Also it all adds up to $100 , but that is including the $14.99 mystery bag supposed to be a $65 value. In my add on bag I only got 2 polishes, do you think maybe they sent me the lesser valued add on by accident? not sure if I should say anything because it was a great deal but it also feels a little false.

  • Ali

    I bought the nails dips right after I read all the bad reviews from Sephora. 🙁

    The nails kept snagging onto my clothes and scratching me, I had to take them off (which wasn’t very pleasant).