March 2014 Citrus Lane Review + $20 Off Coupon Code (23 Month-Old) 28

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate / referral links. Read the full disclosure.
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.
Citrus Lane
Cost: $29/month
Ships To: United States and APO, FPO, and DPO addresses.
March 2014 Citrus Lane

March 2014 Citrus Lane

WB’s March 2014 Citrus Lane box arrived yesterday and since it’s the one I typically do a main review on (and that’s the box that gets linked on the Reviews page) I will continue with the trend! WB’s box is for a 23 month-old boy, which is his actual age (I cannot believe he will be two next month).

If you aren’t familiar, Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box for babies from 0 to 5 which contains four or more products selected especially for the age and stage of your child. Citrus Lane recently raised their prices from $25/month to $29/month, but if you sign up for a longer subscription, you can get boxes for as little as $19/month (that’s what I do).

March 2014 Citrus Lane

The Box

Citrus Lane ships via FedEx Smart Post and while this box shipped at the same time as my other March Citrus Lane box, it arrived a day later.

March 2014 Citrus Lane

First Look

I was totally confused when I opened this box up because I could have sworn I ordered some box add-ons with it.  I even knew what they were (an Easter egg dying kit and an Easter book).  But when I looked back in my account, I never ordered any add-ons.  That must have just been an order I placed in my head.  I like to answer e-mails in that manner sometimes as well!

March 2014 Citrus Lane

The Information Card

The March 2014 Citrus Lane box does not have a theme, but includes something to help your baby learn and play along with a couple of everyday functional items.  Here is what was included:

~You are My Baby Book from Chronicle Books ($8.99): We actually have the Safari version of this book, so I guess I have heard of Petit Collage before (the author of this book is the founder of Petit Collage).  WB loves the Safari version of this so I was really excited to get the Farm version.  This will be an Easter Basket or Birthday item!

March 2014 Citrus Lane

You are My Baby Book from Chronicle Books

~Qubes from Hape ($9.99):  How cute are these?  I have a slight block obsession so of course I love these.  I know they have other animal sets in addition to the dinosaur ones and I am pretty sure I am going to need to buy / trade for those as well.

March 2014 Citrus Lane

Qubes from Hape

~Citrus Hydrating Body Lotion from Weleda ($16.50): I wasn’t totally sure if this was for me or for WB, but I am leaning towards me. Only because I don’t know that I have ever seen a citrus scented lotion for a baby.  I will happily use this lotion and think it smells great.

March 2014 Citrus Lane

Citrus Hydrating Body Lotion from Weleda

~Medi Buddy from Me4Kidz ($5.25): I received this kit in my other March Citrus Lane box, but I don’t mind the spare.  I’ll probably end up leaving this one up-north because boo-boos seem to happen often up there and since it’s not a full-time house, it’s not stocked like our house is with supplies.

March 2014 Citrus Lane

Medi Buddy from Me4Kidz

All totaled I came up with a value of $40.73 for our March 2014 Citrus Lane box for a 23 month-old boy.  Just like with my almost 4 year-old box, I am super pleased with it and think it’s great for his age.  And I need more of those blocks ;).

Did you get a Citrus Lane this month?  Or did you get two boxes every month like I do?  LOL!!  What age did you get and what came in your box?  If you are interested in subscribing, click here and use the coupon code “TAKE20OFF” to save $20 off your first box!  That would make your first Citrus Lane box $9 which is a complete steal!!!

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

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28 thoughts on “March 2014 Citrus Lane Review + $20 Off Coupon Code (23 Month-Old)

  • mary m

    I was very happy with our box this month. We got the I think 27 month gender neutral box. It included a farm animal puzzle set from Petit Collage, 2 tubs of eco playdough, a canister of wipes and the first aid kit. Good month!

  • Monica

    Hi! I am new to subscription boxes (and love your blog). Sometimes you mention trading items from your boxes. Where/how if you do that? Thanks!

  • Christina Goodison

    Cute! I got my first box yesterday for a newborn! I got some diaper cream, a soft terry bib with magnetic closure, a red apple rattle with “apple seeds” in it and some flash cards of animals in black and white. I absolutely LOVED it! Can’t wait to see the next 2 months worth of goodies. Then I’ll resign up and reset it back to newborn, LOL.

  • Toni

    I wish I had subscribed for March, I love those dino blocks! The code didnt work for me but spring20 did. I cant wait to see what we get next month.

  • Dee

    This was our first box, and I was super excited after seeing what people got the last few months, but when I opened it, I was fairly disappointed. We got a box similar to yours, just different theme blocks and book and instead of the lotion, we got face and hand wipes that are supposed to smell like orange vanilla (my two favorite scents) but smells more like a citrus motor oil, and is only worth $5.50, making my box worth less than $30 🙁 only a few dollars more than I paid. My book also had a crush point in the bottom of the cover and a scratch all the way across horizontally and a couple of our blocks were either splintered or the picture not printed well. Terrible first impression from this company!!!

  • Kris

    I, too, felt a bit ripped off by my March CL box (for a 36 month old, gender neutral). We liked the safari babies beginner puzzle (but it is not even vaguely as cute as the matching game others of our age group got, and is of lower value), and the first aid kit was ok, but I don’t ever want to pay for spinach colored play dough that I can make for pennies at home. And our other item was NOT an adorable sticker book or car- it was a pack of gross sanitizing hand wipes!! I would have loved the Weleda lotion or anything for me that didn’t scream hausfrau. I’ve not seen anyone else get this boring combo this month! I’d complain if I thought it would help 🙁 Maybe next month…

    • Dee

      Kris, I agree, those wipes smell awful and are TOO STRONG. My husband said there is no way they are getting close to our daughter’s face or hands, he used one to clean her baby potty and stunk up the bathroom, haha! If I’d gotten the lotion instead of the wipes, 1) I think I could have used it, and 2) I would feel better about the value of my box vs. what I paid! I hope they keep track if who they gave the cheap stuff to this month and make up for it next month, but I unfortunately don’t think they have that type of system.

    • Vicky

      Yes, I did not like our box, we got the same as you. The puzzles frustrated my daughter more than any other toy ever because she wanted to do it all by herself (it can NOT be for 2 year olds like it says) and she says the wipes smell like ‘yucky medicine’ and everyone in our house agrees. She won’t let me get anywhere near her with those wipes so it is total waste!

  • Genevieve

    Sounds like I got lucky with my box. I think I went in and aged E up to 18 months (she’s 15 months right now) and she received a giraffe pull toy that we were able to pick the style, the first aid kit, the lotion, the book but with the lion on the cover and a pouch of the new world baby plum organics food with a coupon. She’s really beyond eating baby food but every once in a while when I’m desperate or we’re on the road it’s a great fall back.

    • Jennifer Post author

      My little guy is nearly 2 and he’s still addicted to pouches. He’ll only eat the Earth’s Best Elmo ones, but boy does he love those!