Friday iPhone Dump

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Friday iPhone Dump is simply a summary of your week in iPhone (or whatever) pictures! Here is our week:

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1. Ahh, how cute are these two boys?  They have been so cheerful and smiley this week!   I have no explanation for WB’s tank top.  Makes his muscles look big!

2. Batman!!!  L got into a fight with a step ladder yesterday and lost (he takes after his uncle), so if you see a bruise on his cheek in pictures, you’ll know why.  I think it was a good lesson in why we don’t screw around using ladders and he agrees.

3. I cannot stop buying these. I just can’t.  I think some of the Target’s went to 90% today, but mine was still at 70% off.  If I can find any more of these at 90% off, they will all be mine.  All of them.

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4. He sleeps with his new little doggie every single night.  And he has also hijacked what used to be L’s favorite blanket.  I risked him waking up by turning on the light just so I could take this.  Luckily he kept on snoozing!

5. My thredUP haul!  Once again it was all perfect and I am already browsing for my next order.

6. The sandbox.  WB is obsessed.  Just obsessed.  I think he will be spending the entire summer playing in the sandbox.

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7. Sometimes if I want to get the boys (the boy boys) to pose for a picture I will get the dogs to do it first.  Works every time.  L and WB can’t stand the thought of JUST the dogs being in a picture and have to join in.

8. So handsome ;).  I love when his hair is spiky.  I feel like he looks so grown up.

9.  LOL.  Notice the crossed feet!  Ha.  He’s busy playing itsy bitsy spider here, but his real favorite game is that cat that repeats whatever you say when you talk to it.  Does anyone know what I am talking about?  L used to love it too.  I

How was your week?  What’s up for the weekend? Any big plans?

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  1. Adrienne A

    I’ve been to two Targets today but no sign of the EOS. I did find a four pack of Pomegranate Punch Chapstick for 70% off though. And I found washi tape for 30 cents.
    Are you finding the EOS in the Easter area or hidden in the regular lip balms?

    1. Jennifer

      I found it in the Easter area. But I would check the end caps over near the regular lip balms too.

  2. Mallory B

    The dog on the left is actually smiling for the picture!

    1. Jennifer

      LOL!!! They are really good at posing for pictures.

  3. Wanica McNeil

    I was online last week and this site I had never shopped before, Fashion Project was featuring a pair of $600 Fendi sandals in my size. They had been worn twice and were now $90 with $45 of that going to the girls club. I have had those sandals on display where I could admire them all week. If I lived near a target (nearest is 60 miles away) to get some of EOS balms my retail therapy for the month who would be perfect!!!

    1. Jennifer

      OMG that is an amazing deal! I need to check that site out!

  4. Elizabeth

    No 90% off at our Target, but I did buy quite a bit at 70% off. Most stores around me seem pretty wiped out.

    1. Jennifer

      I wonder what will be left tomorrow at 90%!

  5. Ashley C.

    I love when little ones lay on their bellies to play! Its just so perfectly sweet! {And I secretly wish my kids would “learn lessons” after they receive battle scars doing stupid things! Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure the “marine gene” rubbed off on both of them, because they just love telling the war stories behind the scars!}

    1. Jennifer

      Oh they will never learn. He just did almost the same thing today. I mean seriously?

  6. Bethany

    I think WB might be the cutest toddler I’ve ever seen. That last picture of him with his legs crossed!! And the muscle tank, haha. Cutie!

    1. Jennifer

      Thanks! He’s got such a fun lithe personality too!

  7. Jill

    I am really finding great stuff for my daughter on thredup and moxie jean this week. Crazy!! I bought all her shorts for the summer for 30 bucks. Oh totally off topic, but do you know when Social Bliss charges every month? Loved this month(my first!) and can’t wait for next month!

    1. Jennifer

      I *think* they charge around the first of the month??

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