New Citrus Lane Mystery Boxes, Allure Summer Beauty Box, Julep GWP & More Subscription Box News!

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A few things this morning…

~Allure Summer Beauty Box: The Allure Summer Beauty Box goes on sale TODAY at 12:01pm EST, so be ready!!!!  The box is $44.95 plus shipping and has a value of over $350! It sells out fast (I’m talking in like minutes), so if you want it, you must move quickly.  I have posted abut this about a dozen times, so hopefully if you wanted information on this box, you got it!  Last time lots of people said they missed it because they didn’t know, so hopefully we don’t have that issue this time.  Again, it’s on sale today (4/29) at 12:01pm EST.  You can snag it here.  Be ready, debit/credit card in hand, about 10 minutes, early.  Just keep refreshing the page!

Allure Summer 2014 Beauty Box
Allure Summer 2014 Beauty Box

~Citrus Lane: Yay!  Citrus Lane has some new Mystery Box options up!  Once again they are $29 and contain a value of $60+.  They are appropriate for toddlers and preschools (12+ months) and contain a Skip Hop Bowl & Plate Set (you pick the style) and the rest is a mystery.  The box includes products included are from CL’s favorite brands, and will overlap with items that have been sent in their subscription boxes.  I picked one up (the Hippo Set) and am super excited! You’ll find these in the “Shop” tab and under “Featured Boutiques” you’ll see Mystery Boxes!

Citrus Lane Mystery Boxes
Citrus Lane Mystery Boxes

~Julep: Julep is offering a fun Gift With Purchase in honor or Mother’s Day! Use code “FORMOM” with your purchase of $35+ and you will receive a free “Mother’s Day Mystery Mini’s Set“! It’s a $70 value and looks adorable. To redeem make sure you add the Mystery Gift to your cart and then use the “FORMOM” code at checkout!

Julep Mother's Day GWP
Julep Mother’s Day GWP

~Orange Glad: Orange Glad is offering a Mother’s Day box for $50! It includes: Chocolate covered Cripery Crispycake, Rainbow Crispery Crispycake, All natural shortbread cookies, All natural MeltingMoments treats and “World’s sweetest mom” limited edition apron. It’s available to order now and ships in May. I would assume delivery by Mother’s Day, but it doesn’t actually state that.

Orange Glad Mother's Day
Orange Glad Mother’s Day

That’s all for now!  Let me know if you know of any other special edition boxes or amazing subscription box deals!

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  1. jill

    I am super excited to hear about the Orange Glad mothers Day box – I should NOT be this excited about food! UGH!

    I wish CL would do a Mystery Mom box!

    1. Jennifer

      The crispy cakes make me need that box….

  2. Bethany

    I would never have even thought about the Allure Beauty Box, but now I am all like, I need that! And the Orange Glad Mother’s Day box! Buy all the boxes!!!!

    1. Jennifer

      I too need ALL the boxes!

  3. Christina G

    Yay! Was able to snag a CL mystery box finally. I picked the hippo too. So cute.

    1. Jennifer

      Yay! I can’t wait to get it!

  4. Jennifer

    Can you get on the Allure website? I can’t get it to load.

    1. Jennifer

      Nope. I couldn’t get in until after 1.

  5. Lynsey

    Did you get the Allure box? I could never get the page to load??

    1. Jennifer

      I did. It took forever though. I got a link someone posted on MUT to work about 1:15!

  6. Amy

    Just got the Allure Beauty Box, about an hour after it started. So glad!

    1. Jennifer


    1. Jennifer

      I got through on a different one, it took ages though!

  7. Brianna

    Hah! It looks like that Allure Box caused the server to get flooded. It’s probably not a great idea for them to post the minute something will go on sale, everyone will click at once. No good, Allure. No good.

    1. Jennifer

      It was wild! They have been doing this for years and have never had an issue like this!

  8. Christine

    Allure’s site states they crashed and it will be back on sale May 6th!

    1. Jennifer

      I actually got thru. Are you going to try next week?

  9. Alyssa

    I just saw the posting about the Citrus Lane Mystery Boxes. I am so torn – my baby is only 7 months but I have a gazillion nieces and nephews and it’s always good to have gifts. I feel like I have to draw the line with subscription boxes SOMEWHERE!!
    Did you get the Allure box? I finally scored two (one for Mother’s Day!) after they fixed their site. I think it was down for about an hour.

    1. Jennifer

      I got the Allure box! I was so excited. It was such a mess today!

      And your baby could always grow into the items….

  10. Blair

    That was madness this morning with the Allure Beauty Box… people were so hateful! Luckily I got one. Girl at work with me could not get through, then it went down again. Just thankful that I don’t have to do it all over next week. This is the first time that I have ever tried to get one/ heard about them but seems like its usually* goes much more smoothly than it did today. I don’t even think I will use all these products, but I love a good deal! haha

    1. Jennifer

      It usually goes MUCH more smoothly! I never recall an issue like this! I got a box too. Although I got nothing done for an hour and half today either.

  11. Amy

    The site crashed before I could grab one so I’m going to be sitting there next Tuesday, cc in hand, 10 minutes before to try and grab one lol.

    1. Jennifer

      I hope you can get one!

  12. Genevieve

    I wondered what was going on when I kept refreshing and nothing came up. I just thought they were late putting up the site (it was blank every time I refreshed until about 1210). I ended up getting on and ordering in the first 15 minutes but I may think about ordering another one next week for my sister for mother’s day!

  13. Sher

    Do you know if the Allure box ships to Canada? I can’t find that information on their site.

    1. Jennifer

      I don’t really know? Something tells me no though because I do not believe they ship to Alaska and Hawaii even??

      1. Sher

        You’re probably right ? oh bother!

  14. Beth

    So jealous that a bunch of you were able to get an Allure Beauty Box! I kept trying and trying and checking for like an hour after, but never could get the site to load.

    I will try again next week, but it’s my busy week at work so I may not be able to. 🙁

    1. Jennifer

      I hope you can get it next week!!!

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