PopSugar Must Have 2014 Resort Limited Edition Box Review 24

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Cost: Monthly Boxes: $39.95/month. Limited Edition: $100
Ships To: United States
PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Resort Box

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Resort Box

My long awaited PopSugar Special Edition Resort Box arrived on Saturday!  I couldn’t believe my luck as it wasn’t scheduled to arrive until Tuesday, but there it was, along with my April PopSugar box!

This box was a separate, one-time, purchase from the monthly PopSugar Must Have boxes and went on sale back in February.  It was $100 and promised to ship by  3/31.

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Resort Box

The Box

The PopSugar Resort box shipped via FedEx Smart Post and it appears it’s shipping in three waves, based on where you live in the US.  People on the East Coast and Hawaii had their boxes shipped on 3/31 (which is when the box was originally scheduled to ship) and the rest of us got an e-mail about a delay with a supplier and were told that the box would ship on 4/7 instead.  My box did ship on Monday the 7th and arrived on Saturday, the 12th, which was a SmartPost record!  However, some people’s boxes still have not shipped ;(.  I think another e-mail went out late last week about how PopSugar was still waiting on some product from one of their vendors.  Hopefully those boxes get shipped soon because it’s not even resort season anymore!

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Resort Box

The Box in the Box

The PopSugar Must Have Special Edition Resort Box came in a very nice and study box inside the plain brown shipping box.  I always save these for gift boxes because they are so nice.

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Resort Box

First Look

My lighting wasn’t the best, but the sticker says “Enjoy” on it.  I don’t have any resort vacations planned in the near future (I wish I did though), but just seeing this box made me wish I did.

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Resort Box

Second First Look

I totally forgot that everything in the Limited Edition boxes come wrapped which was awesome!  Unwrapping everything and trying to guess which package was which thing was fun!

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Resort Box

The Information Card

The PopSugar Must Have Resort box was meant to include items to make you feel as though you were on a magical getaway.  The items are meant to be enjoyed on a jet-setting trip or at home if you are staying local.  Here is what was inside:

~Sisco Berluti Bracelet Stack (~$100):  I love this stack!  I have a thing for gorgeous stacked bracelets and this certainly fits the bill.   I was browsing around their site and found a few more stacks that I “need”.  I love the colors on these and really like the gold for a resort stack.

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Resort Box

Sisco Berluti Bracelet Stack

~Cuyana Turkish Towel ($55): I love this towel, however, I don’t know exactly what I am going to use it for?  I may just end up saving it for our next beach vacation or cruise because it will work nicely as both a cover-up / wrap and a blanket for the sand.  And a towel I too I guess ;).

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Resort Box

Cuyana Turkish Towel

~Epicuren Discovery Tropical Lave ($24): Not a chance I am saving this until I go on vacation.  I used it yesterday and it was amazing.  A special treat for sure.  It smells great and is like a slice of vacation in my shower.

Epicuren Discovery Tropical Lave

Epicuren Discovery Tropical Lave

~Clutch from R. B. of McD ($~140): This is a PopSugar exclusive, so I don’t have an actual price on it.  The all leather version of this is $280, but this one is canvas and leather, so I cut the price in half.  I think I’ll use this as a wallet in a beach bag and then as a small clutch when I don’t want to tote a giant bag around.  The variations on this one were navy / tan or all navy and I SO wanted the navy / tan, so I was super excited when I opened the box! I have no idea what’s in the giveaway box so whoever wins will get to discover that on their own!

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Resort Box

R.B. of MdC #2 Clutch

~Clark’s Botanicals Cellular Lifting Moisture Mist ($13.50): I obviously haven’t used this long enough to see if it is effective on my skin (it’s suppose to minimize wrinkles, hydrate, heal sensitive areas and firm the skin), but I spray it on my skin and it felt great!  I am saving the rest for hot summer days when I am outside and it’s 100% humidity and my face feels all icky!

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Resort Box

Clark’s Botanicals Cellular Lifting Moisture Mist

~Smashbox Cosmetics’s The Santigolden Age: Double-Ended Limitless Eyeliner ($24): I will probably end up trading this or gifting it since blue and yellow eyeliner are just not for me.  I’d rather get it to someone who would love it much more than I would.

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Resort Box

Smashbox Cosmetics The Santigolden Age: Double-Ended Limitless Eye Liner

~Salty Road Salt Water Taffy (salty caramel apple) ($6.50): Salt water taffy does remind me of summer and the beach!  And I have had this before and it’s yummy.  This was a good  food choice since chocolate and hot beaches don’t mix well and you can’t exactly send ice-cream in a box!

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Resort Box

Salty Road Salt Water Taffy

All totaled I came up with a value of $363 for the PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Resort Box.  This is an estimate value since two of the items (the bracelet stack and the clutch) are PopSugar exclusives and aren’t for sale anywhere.  I wouldn’t have paid full price for everything, but I totally happy with the $100 I did spend!  Totally happy.  I actually probably would have paid full price for that stack.  That’s how gorgeous I think it is.  I wish that PopSugar would have shipped this out on time though because I think it did dampen the excitement of it for some people (and I think of resort season as January / February as opposed to April)!  Since I didn’t “need” the stuff for an upcoming vacation I didn’t mind too much (and seriously you know I will always order the boxes), but I know some people were counting on it to arrive on a certain date as promised because of planned trips!

Did you order the PopSugar Resort Box?  What did you think?  What was your favorite item?  If you didn’t order, well, it’s too late because it’s sold out, however, I am giving away a box here!  The giveaway ends on 4.17.14 at 12am EST, so make sure to head over to that post ASAP and get yourself entered!  And of course you can still order the regular PopSugar monthly subscription by heading to their site and entering the code “REFER5” to save $5 off your first box.

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24 thoughts on “PopSugar Must Have 2014 Resort Limited Edition Box Review

  • Lisa D

    I was one of the delayed customer as well and I got the tan/navy clutch. I am totally on the fence with re-subbing my 2 for 3 sub just ended in April- so I have the April box coming which should be here today? So I don’t know…and all these codes that come out to get $10 off or half price I might just wait and sub by coupon code. I mean it’s fun to get PS- but it’s not fun when I paid months ago and PS drop the ball either. Especially $100 bucks- now if it was their normal monthly box that had an oops- I could over look that.

  • Laura K

    I received my box about a week ago, and I was really pleased with it despite the fact that the taffy and eyeliner went in the trash. The towel will probably be used as a tablecloth, and I went to the website to order the silver versions of the two gold bracelets (I rarely if ever wear goldtone). After all of the disappointments with my now-canceled boxes (15 at last count), this was a lovely reminder that sometimes they really do hit it out of the ballpark.

  • Bethany

    I read so many mixed comments about this box before it came, I was so worried I would hate it! But I was actually pleasantly surprised for the most part. Except for the eyeliner, I will use everything in it. And while I was hoping for some sunglasses, I know they sent some in another box last year, so it makes sense. I don’t think the taffy belongs in a limited edition box, but oh well. I LOVE the bracelets and the body wash. I got the all navy clutch and love how it feels. It’s interesting, because I’ve read some comments of people who think it feels cheap, but to me it felt very luxurious. The towel is also of course super luxurious-feeling. All in all, I’m pretty happy with it. What I did not love was how they handled the delay. I think they should have been honest from the get-go about what was happening and find some way to compensate (even in a very small way) those who had to wait or are still waiting. Though I guess the people who got their on time might have complained. Oh well. This one was worth it to me!

    • Jennifer Post author

      I think they figured it was a snack for traveling to your destination? And it’s summer’s.

      I think they should have overnighted or somehow upgraded shipping for the people who’s boxes didn’t ship on time. I mean some people’s still haven’t shipped and other’s people’s shipped two weeks ago! That’s not fair!

  • Judy

    Not sure how I feel about this box. The holiday LE box was perfect for me….I guess I will just have to wait until it arrives to make a decision. So tired of waiting! But then again I’m not a very patient person. lol.

  • Ali M

    The Clark?s Botanicals Cellular Lifting Moisture Mist in the box was only 30 ml, not a 100 ml full size, just was browsing through the products as I just finally got mine today. This is hard, I don’t know if I will get special boxes in the future, I don’t do gold tone jewelry, I really wish popsugar would have options for gold vs silver, as its make or break for so many people and it’s in our profile preferences.
    I got the all blue clutch – it’s neat but the R.B. of MdC stands out so much more on it than on yours, it reminds me of the free bags full of beauty samples you get with minimum purchases, people are gonna be asking me why I have other people’s initials on my purse, ugh 😉

    • Jennifer Post author

      You are totally right! I will correct that!

      Someone said that the initials of the clutch remind them of Ronald McDonalds. LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  • Meaghan

    I love the bracelet stack – the towel and body wash are probably my next favorites. I am also a silver jewelry wearer, but think the gold will look pretty in the summer. After posting here, I’m off to check the website for getting some silver bracelets (thanks for the suggestion, Laura!)

    I really don’t care for the clutch. I got the navy and tan. The tan on mine has some weird scuff marks, and I don’t think the stitching is as nice as I would have expected for the brand. Also would have expected it to be lined.

    Anyway, sorry to sound like a complainer. I really love the box and am so happy I got this one! 🙂

  • Chrissy Shick

    Maybe I’m the odd one out, but when I saw this box I’m kinda bummed I didn’t go for it because of the eyeliner. I have vever even seen yellow eyeliner before, that’d be so fun to try out and be a bit adventurous. All in all, looked like a great box!

  • Beth

    I FINALLY got mine (can’t imagine those that haven’t shipped yet!). And I’m happy with it in person. My bag doesn’t have an of the issues those on MUT have talked about….and I think I might already have the perfect chain to add to it – but I’m waiting to see what they send to the MUT people that ordered one to see if I like it. Also waiting to see if I get the navy bag from Social Bliss – if I do – this one may just become a wallet. For some reason, after seeing your spoiler – I don’t think the Social Bliss bag and this one will even be in the same ball park for me – the SB one has it blown away – but we shall see. Maybe different purposes – this one seems more casual maybe….

      • Beth

        I have a chunky (why does that luck funny?) gold chain from my grandma – it’s just costume jewlery – I used to wear it to hold my work badge, but it reacted with my skin. So, I’m thinking that might might work….or it may be too big….we shall see.

  • Victoria

    My box came today! It was a smartpost record too. It shipped late Thursday and my original delivery date wasn’t until Friday. Still don’t understand why it takes a week to travel 300 miles. I really like the box. I will use everything in it with relaxing bliss. My clutch was all navy and it kinda looks like a bank deposit bag which I like because hubby is in banking. Take care!