So What Wednesday!

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This week I am saying So What If….

~I am glad they canceled the once a month early dismissals for the rest of the school year. They really didn’t work well with nap time anyway.
~I am dying to hear more about the story with the US Airways picture. You know the one. Who is that? Why? Why?  No, seriously.  Why was that ever taken?
~I am so annoyed that I can’t find jelly bean flavored milk. The clock is ticking.
~I am snow excited that we broke the record for the most snowfall ever in a season with our snow yesterday!!
~I just made a corny joke!
~We woke up 10 minutes before we were suppose to leave for school on Monday. Ooops! #stillmadeitontime
~I waited until basically the last second to file my taxes and swore I’d be more organized next year.
~I probably won’t be more organized.
~B’s out of town and I don’t even mind because it means I can park my car right smack on the middle of the garage!
~I told L that the Easter Bunny only comes to kids houses if you go get your picture taken with him.  What?  This is so true.
~I highly enjoy reading comments on some company’s Facebook walls.  You can just feel the rage in some people’s posts.  I have made many similar comments myself, so perhaps that is why I am so entertained.
~I blame L getting sick on all the kids who went away on Spring Break and brought some out of state germs.

That’s it from here. What are you saying so what to this week?

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  1. Beth

    HA! I thought I was the only one that could literally waste HOURS reading other people’s rage on company’s Facebook walls. I’m glad I have company in my oddness.

    Any, um, yeah – I totally don’t get that picture. I haven’t seen it – but I heard what it was….on morning radio….which made me think of you and your comment on morning radio being a bit risque a while ago. What the heck? Why the heck would anyone even think of *doing* that – or at least pretending to do that. *so confused*

    1. Jennifer

      Total company. And then I decide if they are right to be enraged or if they are being silly.

      I would also like to know this. Why why why????

      1. Tiffany

        theres an update to that risque photo.. and supposibly an “unidentified” twitter user poster it on us airways twitter page first, and the us airways employee was trying to report it as inappropriate, and accidently retweeted it.. LOL im thinking this probably wasnt an accident but more of a oops did i do that? 😉 they said noone will be fired though, but im thinking people need to use their brains a little more!

  2. Jamie

    So what if I got into an argument on facebook about child discipline? So what if I swore I’d make freezer meals to put away for when we return home after E’s brain surgery and never did?? So what if I ordered another Little Black Bag?!??

    1. Jennifer

      Okay, so I heard that LBB isn’t selling stuff anymore and will only be doing trades? True?

      1. Jamie

        Not that I know of. I can still add stuff to cart and all that jazz. I don’t use it very often – maybe one out of every three to four months. I usually get in on a promo and try to trade everything for jewelry I want. I display my earrings on a cute patterned piece of wood that has wire netting on it ($20 at TJMaxx) and my necklaces from antique knobs on my wall, so I can justify it as both a wardrobe and a home decor purchase. Ha!

    2. Andrea

      I’m a LBB addict and have been stalking their page so I can answer this lol. This month they are still the same format (and having some great sales/promos that I have been taking advantage of). They are partnering with Pose and once all of that comes to pass it will mostly just be a marketplace for people to sell their items. Sounds like there will still be some select items that Pose will be putting up that will be new but that won’t be the focus and it won’t be much. I’m guessing it will also be the end of the free items with purchase and buy 1 get 2 sales. I’m pretty disappointed with this and likely won’t be continuing with them. I have spent quite a bit of money on this site but this new format isn’t appealing to me. I know here in Canada we have one site that focuses on buying/selling like this for fashion items. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of a few for the States and there are so many swap groups as well as other buy/sell sites. The fun for me with this was always the buying/trading and of course the amazing sales. I’m hoping that before this change happens that they have a few more sales that I can take advantage of but then unfortunately that’s it for me! On the plus side I will have more money now!

      1. Jennifer

        It seems like a lot of people really liked their format. It’s too bad they are switching. Can people just upload whatever to swap / trade now?

        1. Andrea Karwandy

          Not yet, sounds like most changes will happen at the start of next month. Right now they seem to just be clearing things out first. Like today starting at 10 their time there will be a different sale every hour. So glad I have a desk job and can stalk the sales ha ha.

      2. Jamie

        I was just coming here to answer this myself – thank you! I have been picking stuff off in their crazy clearance sales.

  3. i started a monthly log of all my in kind income (free boxes) and i’m all caught up through the end of march. that was the thing that held me back from filing earlier, and now I won’t get caught next year. i can’t even imagine adding up everything on your end. uggggh

    1. Jennifer

      It was just tedious. I will end up doing the same thing again. I know it.

      1. what i am REALLY also trying to do is make folders with my fave pictures for every month, then i can do my yearly album super easily. i have march done. i am supposed to go back and do the other ones. obviously this is waiting until i am done with school in 2 weeks.

        1. Jennifer

          Ohh, I have these huge dreams of organizing my pictures. Never going to happen. LOL.

  4. MJ

    I’m saying “So What” if my Fancy mystery boxes somehow got misdirected to Alabama and will take even longer to get to me. I’m actually pretty annoyed by this. I was supposed to get them on the 12th. Now I probably won’t get them until next week.

    1. Jennifer

      Did you e-mail them??

      1. MJ

        I talked to Fedex but I haven’t e-mailed Fancy. FedEx told me that they had a different zip code. My order form has my correct shipping address so, I assume it was on FedEx’s part.

        1. Jennifer

          I’d e-mail Fancy too!

  5. mary m

    you could try making jelly bean milk…probably not too different than making flavored vodka. 😉

    1. Jennifer

      LOL!!!!! I don’t know that I have ever made my own flavored vodka. I mean zima with jolly ranchers, yes.

  6. Stephanie

    While I was at Super Walmart this weekend for the free Easter bunny photo I did see it there! Don’t know if you have one by you.

    1. Stephanie

      By ‘it’ I mean the jelly bean milk!

    2. Jennifer

      Ahhhh, I looked at my WalMart. Nothing!!!

  7. Carla

    So I just googled “US Airways picture”…OHHHHH MYYYY LAWD!!!!!!! I feel like I have been scarred for life. I will never be able to look at one of Jaxon’s toy planes the same.

    On a less disturbing note…I ordered the large Fancy box and it was shipped to Oklahoma on Friday. Not sure when I will get it. I emailed Fancy on Sunday and yesterday but they still haven’t responded. Boo on Fancy!

    1. Jennifer

      I hope they respond soon.

      And I hope even more you can get that image out of your head. Ahhhh, it’s so bad.

  8. Jenny

    I just did that this morning kindof. I totally didn’t set the alarm last night thinking we had nothing to do today and then woke with a start at 6:45 and remembered that C does have preschool today. LOL plenty of time to get ready but still I was startled. I need to get back in gear since N goes back to school next Wed.
    Don’t even get me started with taxes I have to get my stuff together for my two business and then I pass it off to M. Well I gave him mine before my cruise in March and he started putting everything in then but he didn’t finish it until last Friday. I mean really the the house stuff is so easy compared to the business and I have a little spreadsheet I use for one of them. That is on my todo list to set up a spreadsheet for the second one this year.

    1. Jennifer

      Did you file an extension??

      1. Jenny

        No we file online and our house stuff is so straight forward he was able to finish. Just annoyed me since he was very adamant I get mine done before my March cruise and then he sat on it for a month. LOL Every year I say I’m going to be more organized and every year I have a file of paperwork, receipts etc that I have to sort through. One of these years 😉

        1. Jennifer

          Ha!!! I filed online too. Such a pain!

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