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It’s time for another edition of Tuesday Troubles. I’ve said it before (like every week), but this should be named “things i’m annoyed / confused / want to complain about”, however I couldn’t figure out how to make any of those into a snappy title, so Tuesday Troubles it is.  And yes, I do realize that these aren’t true “troubles”. I know that many of these for sure could be defined as first world problems!

~So we went to Urgent Care the other night to see if L’s strep throat was back (they say no, but I just don’t know about that) and it was empty in there. Nice and empty. L and I settle in the waiting room and what do you know, people come sit right next to us. Really? First of all there are a million other identical (empty) seats in here. Can’t you sit there? And second of all, WE ARE ALL SICK. Do we really need to spread even more germs by breathing on each other?

~Has anyone heard about Alicia Silverstone’s new book? Listen, Cher Horowitz is my girl, but there is some straight up crazy in this book. She potty trained her baby at 6-months? What? I need to hear more about this. The article I read said she look the baby out in the grass when she could tell by the facial expressions it was time?  Honestly that would be a full time job right there with a 6 month-old wouldn’t it?  She needs a reality show so I can see how stuff like this goes down.  Heck maybe it does work and I am missing out.

~Writing in ALL CAPS, cutesy fonts, LiKe thIS drives me insane.  I cannot take it.  It’s so hard to read (maybe because I am getting old) and I just can’t take anything seriously that’s written in a font with hearts dotting the “i”.  Just saying.  And WHEN PEOPLE ARE YELLING AT ME that is equally frustrating.  I actually do read everything in caps as if the person is yelling / mad at me.  Maybe they are.  Maybe they aren’t.  I’ll never know.

~I have been staying up way too late, which has led to the need for a few afternoon catnaps lately.  They are nice and all, however, I always wake up freezing cold.  This never happens in the morning, so maybe I am just not meant to take naps?  Not sure.  I would google it, but regardless of what the result it, I will think it’s some horrible ailment.  I had a red bump on my wrist and texted B the other day telling him I had a swollen vein and all this crazy stuff.  Yeah, just turns out I bumped it.  Oops.

Did your feet get bigger after you had a baby?  I am super annoyed because my feet grew like 1/2 size and now I have to buy 9’s which sounds so much bigger than an eight and a half.  And not only that, but half my shoes don’t fit anymore.  I saved them all in hopes they would shrink back, but that’s not happening.  I hear some people’s noses also grow while pregnant.  True?  I guess I got the lesser eveil.

That’s it from here for now! What’s troubling you today?

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  1. cindy

    out in the grass like a dog really. what if its like this winter? and right now i will apologize for my lack of punctuation and capitalization. if ive ever used all caps its cuz im not wearing my glasses or accidently pushed the caps lock. LOL. sometimes i get a strange font and i dont know what the heck happened. not a tekkie but a hygienist

    1. Jennifer

      Oh I was talking more like when some website or blog is in a CRAZY font that you can barely read!

  2. Katrina

    I LOATHE people who type everything in all-caps. There’s a vendor I deal with at work who writes all of her emails in all caps. It makes my eyes cross.

    They get paid last. 😉

    1. Jennifer


      Just kidding. But I know what you mean. Oh how I know!

  3. Shelby

    I get super annoyed when ANYONE sits near me and there’s lots of other open spaces. Especially at the movies. Seriously -_-

    1. Jennifer

      So annoying!

  4. Jenny

    Alicia has some weird things when she gets on a roll with her book. She is so earth friendly its a little scary. I haven’t read the book but I might need to just to see the crazy. But it is probably easier to be that friendly when you have money and time to do what you want. 😉
    The writing in all caps and cutesy is a pet peeve of mine. I’ve also noticed I use way to many smilies lately so I need to work on that. LOL
    Oh and the chair thing. So annoying. Its also the same at the movies. I don’t normally sit in the middle middle when I get there so if you are the only other person coming in no need for you to sit right in front of me when I am not in the perfect viewing spot. I want to put my feet on that seat so you need to move.

    1. Jennifer

      Ohh, I am bad too because I overuse exclamation parts!!!! Like OMG I am so excited about everything!!!!!

      Ahh, sitting in front of me at the movies when it is empty annoys me too!

  5. Alexia561

    My mother types in all caps, no matter how many times the kids tell her it’s the same as yelling. She keeps doing it though, so guess we have to give her a pass because, well, she’s our mom. 🙂

    The wEiRd tYpInG does drive me crazy, and not sure why people do that. JUST TYPE NORMALLY!!! heh

    1. Jennifer

      wHy dO PeoPLe tYpE lIKe ThIS? It’s so hard to read!

  6. Lily

    On the potty-training, it’s actually really common in places where cloth diapers are the norm (real cloth diapers – not the fancy stuff they have in the States) to potty train babies who are only a few months old. But it is a full-time job. You have to hold the child over the potty/bucket and there are lots of accidents. I was born in China in the 80s and that was the way I was potty-trained.

    1. Jennifer

      Interesting! I need to google this!

  7. Zelene

    I tough it was just me but now my feet grew 1/2 size too, I am a super shoes fan so the idea to say good bye to my shoes was to much, I wait around a year but my feet did not shrink so I had to buy new shoes which was not something i did not like 😉 I think saying good by to my old shoes was the worst part. The weird think here is that it just happened with my second baby, my sister just had a baby so I am waiting for her feedback 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      LOL. I think it happened only with my first. So wild that it even happens at all.

  8. kimc

    OMG. Im dealing with the same thing my feet grew after my 1st and 3rd little one I started at 7.5 then 8 now Im a 8.75, I know that’s not a shoe size and Its a pain! I cant find any shoes that feel right on my feet, I’ve bought and returned four pair of gym shoes:(

    1. Jennifer

      Oh that is a pain!

  9. Genevieve

    Ordered my allure box – took forever for it to pop up.

    My feet grew a whole size! I went from a 7 to an 8 and gave away most of my shoes. My doctor said if they didn’t go back after 6 months, they never would. 🙁

    1. Jennifer

      Yay for Allure. Boo for the foot thing!

  10. Bre

    My daughter seems to get strep a lot too. It makes me crazy, because I have to time the Dr’s visit just right. A day too soon and the test is negative. But the next day, she has it. And yes, it makes me bananas when peoples sit right next to me in a room of like 20 empty chairs. The same thing in the restroom. I know I probably sound crazy. But it makes me feel weird when there are 10 empty stalls with just me and you choose to go in the one right next to me.

    1. Jennifer

      I SO hear you on the strep thing. You take them and you KNOW they have it, but it shows up negative. Ohh, the bathroom is a good example as well. Why do people do that???

  11. Isabel

    Sounds like your family needs some major immune boosting. Get some elderberry syrup from the health food store & take it daily. I make my own & gave it to my kids all winter & no one got sick! It was the best sickness free winter we have ever had! If it’s allergies thats another matter, but colds & flu, that stuff really works on.

    1. Jennifer

      I am now thinking again it’s allergies. And now L feel totally fine too. Maybe allergies got him too??

  12. Shannon N.

    I have a friend who did that early potty training. Basically, she would take her baby every hour or so and put him on the toilet until he went. She spent a crazy amount of time in the bathroom. I remember we had a party when the kids were not quite a year and a half and she spent over 2/3 of it in the bathroom trying to get her son to go in the toilet. But she was so proud that her kids weren’t in diapers and “potty trained”. I don’t know…I personally wouldn’t consider that potty trained. I consider my 3.5 year old who can go to the bathroom by herself without our help to be potty trained. But whatever works for her, I guess!

    1. Jennifer

      Yeah, I guess it’s just not that important to me at 1.5! They will do it when they are ready!

  13. Beth

    I’ve read in pregnancy books about the foot thing. Mine did it too. And one of them grew more than a half inch so it’s a little bit longer than the other foot. Isn’t being a woman fun?

    Not that I am not absolutely grateful for my (not so) little guy. I can’t believe he starts 6th grade at the middle school next year!

    1. Jennifer

      Oh that is even more interesting!

  14. erica

    my best friend’s feet grew half a size and it took seriously like two and a half years before they shrunk back down. she was so annoyed because she had JUST given away all the two-small shoes!!

    1. Jennifer

      Maybe there is still hope then?

  15. Judy

    I’m not sure about the whole potty training in the grass thing, but you can definitely potty train at 6 months. Using basic behavior principles and reinforcement, you can get your child to learn almost anything before they are “supposed to”. Walk, potty train, read… My brother actually skipped pre-school because he could pick out words that his classmates couldn’t.

    1. Jennifer

      Interesting! I can’t even get WB to sit still long enough for a book most of the time.

  16. Annie

    My feet definitely grew a half size when I was pregnant. I was an 8 my whole life and here we are 8 years after my son was born, I’ve lost all the baby weight, but I’m still buying 8.5 shoes. If I remember correctly, my mother said the same thing happened to her. I can’t figure out why that would happen!

    1. Jennifer

      It makes no sense at all. I do not understand!

  17. Amy K

    I’m two weeks away from my due date with my first. I swear my nose has gotten bigger! Please tell me it won’t stay like this…I’m thinking it is due to pregnancy congestion. Right?

    1. Jennifer

      I have no idea! I feel like maybe I read somewhere that it does??

  18. Madelyn

    Oh, we’re supposed to make our kids go to the bathroom outside now? Damn. I always miss the newest Mommy Trend.

    I’ll get on that ASAP.

    1. Jennifer


  19. Bethany

    Oh I have some all caps relatives who post on my FB wall from time to time. I feel like I’m being accosted, even if it’s something nice like HAPPY BIRTHDAY. But what also drives me nuts is overcapitalization of first letters. Like Writing A Regular Sentence Without Proper Nouns Yet Capitalizing Everything. Totally confuses me, because I assume it should be a book or article title or something. And my feet definitely grew while pregnant, but they mostly shrunk back. My fingers, however, still do not fit my wedding set, and my sisters claim that won’t happen until I stop nursing. So… I obviously had to buy a replacement ring!

    1. Jennifer

      I Do Not Like That Either.

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