Bespoke Post Review + Coupon Code – May 2014 “Detailed”

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Bespoke Post
Cost: $45/month
Ships To: US, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. They will also ship to military addresses upon e-mail request.
May 2014 Bespoke Post - "Detailed"
May 2014 Bespoke Post – “Detailed”

One of the many packages that arrived today was B’s May 2014 Bespoke Post. I always open up boxes that are for B, take all my pictures and then let him unbox them at his leisure. He hates when I stop him so I can take all my pictures! The May Bespoke Post selections were “Carry” and “Detailed” and they also had some other options from previous months available. We opted for “Detailed” which fit B perfectly.

In case you aren’t familiar with them, Bespoke Post delivers fresh and interesting lifestyle brands and products to men. Each month, you’ll get to choose from their limited-edition boxes filled with an array of products built around a central, unique theme. Don’t want one that month? Just skip the month (you can opt out during the first 5 days of the month) and you won’t be charged.

May 2014 Bespoke Post - "Detailed"
The Box

Bespoke Post ships via USPS through Newgistics and just like the past few months, took only a few days to arrive.

May 2014 Bespoke Post - "Detailed"
First Look
May 2014 Bespoke Post - "Detailed"
Second First Look

The first look on this one wasn’t very exciting, but the second look was!  Everything was beautifully packaged and looked to be very high quality.

May 2014 Bespoke Post - "Detailed"
The Information Card

As I previously mentioned, we opted for the “Detailed” May 2014 Bespoke Post box.  It included the following top of the line products to get you ready to spend the morning revitalizing your ride:

~Griot’s Car Wash ($4.99) and Speed Shine ($4.99): I am going to be the first to admit, that I couldn’t even tell you the last time I washed my car.  I am just not a car person at all.  B, on the other hand?  He takes it seriously.  The car wash is super concentrated and you only need to use one ounce per to two gallons of water.  The speed shine is to be used in between waxes for quick and easy touch-ups.  One bottle can detail an entire mid-sized sedan or way long if you are just doing touch-ups.

May 2014 Bespoke Post - "Detailed"
Griot’s Car Wash and Speed Shine

~Griot’s Premium Carnauba Paste Wax ($39.99): Car wax is much more expensive than I was expecting!  Wow!  This wax produces incredible shine while protecting your paint at the same time.  I know B is so wishing his new-old car was just about finished so he could spend hours out in the garage waxing that!  Instead, he will have to settle for waxing one of our SUV’s ;).

May 2014 Bespoke Post - "Detailed"
Griot’s Premium Carnauba Paste Wax

~Griot’s Micro Fiber Wash Pad ($7.50): B has a similar one, but he’s likely due for a fresh one anyway.  The rare times I have actually washed my car, I just used regular old beach towels.  Probably not so not for the paint job huh?

May 2014 Bespoke Post - "Detailed"
Griot’s Micro Fiber Wash Pad

~Griot’s Speed Shine Cloth ($5.66) & Wax Removal Towel ($5.66): Like with the wash pad, I am sure B has these, but it’s always nice to get extras and replacements.

May 2014 Bespoke Post - "Detailed"
Griot’s Speed Shine Cloth
May 2014 Bespoke Post - "Detailed"
Griot’s Microfiber Wax Removal Towel

~Griot’s Palm Grip Holder ($9.99) and Foam Wax Pad ($4.33): I don’t know that I want to participate in waxing the entire car, but I do want to see how this thing works. It looks like it’s quite fun to use.

May 2014 Bespoke Post - "Detailed"
Griot’s Palm Grip Holder and Foam Wax Pad

All totaled I came up with a value of $83.11 for the May 2014 “Detailed” Bespoke Post.  Not the most “valuable” ever Bespoke Post boxes (although it’s well over the $45 cost of the box), but I suspect it will be one of the ones B gets the most use and enjoyment out of!

What do you think of Bespoke Post?  Did you get a box this month?  Which one?  If you are interested in subscribing or just want to learn more, click here and check out what boxes they have available.  You can use the coupon code “LONELY” to save 30% off your first box, which is an awesome deal and a fabulous idea for Father’s Day!!!

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  1. Ali M

    I decided to skip this box, but mainly cause I hate washing my car (my not very old souped up mustang, too), and I am pretty sure my husband could care less. However, I’ll probably give in and get it next month if I don’t like the default box they have for me, I suppose it might be fun to try all these products!

    1. Jennifer

      I hate washing my car! If it were up to me, it would never be clean. Ever. I can’t wait to see what they do next month!

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