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Giveaway Time!
Giveaway Time!

I haven’t done a Favorite Things Giveaway in a while and I figured it was time! This giveaway includes some things I already love and some things that I would love to try! Here’s what you can win:

~Tieks Classics (your choice of color / size) ($175)
~Petite Clarity Pouch by Truffle ($32)
~The One & Only: A Novel by Emily Giffin ($17)
~Farmhouse Fresh Whoopie Shea Butter Hand Cream ($14)

Sounds amazing right?  I want to win this myself.  LOL!  As usual, you can just do the easy “Click Enter” option and be done if you want (but be sure to come back daily to do this one) or you can do some of the other options to get tons of entries including the “Share” one! Good luck!

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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include CAUSEBOX, Boxycharm and Beachly!

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  1. Lindy

    Love, Love, Love EVERYTHING!!! 🙂

    1. Juliet

      Same here!

  2. Lauren Chmielewski

    I would love me some silver Tieks!

  3. Amy

    I know this is boring but I really need a new pair of camel colored flats.

  4. Alexa

    I would probably be “safe” and choose the California Navy 🙂

  5. Sindhu


    1. Liz


      1. Wehaf


  6. Allison

    turquoise 🙂

  7. Enrica

    I was thinking possibly the green ones! LOL I just would love to own a pair!

  8. Beth

    I love the metallic gold and the California navy Tieks. It would be so hard to choose a color if I won! They’re so expensive that you can’t just buy a bunch of colors to match everything. Better get it right the first time!

  9. Lisa D

    Matte Black or Silver Lake

    Gosh, I want to win!!!

  10. Beth

    Red? Black? This would be a tough choice!

  11. Jen


  12. Elizabeth

    I love the fuchsia but I think I’d have to go with the cream so I could wear them all the time

  13. Brandy Fisk

    Chestnut in a size 8! Love them!

  14. melanie purcell

    i would prob go for the navy color!

  15. Rose D.

    I would choose Clover Green! Or Cobalt Blue! Or Ballerina Pink! So really, I have no idea…

  16. Victoria

    This is an awesome giveaway! I’d pick the mustard color I think.

  17. Lauren

    Probably the turquoise color!

  18. Dara

    Probably black, since they’d go with almost anything, though I love the green!

  19. Cheryl

    Tough choice on the color because there are so many great options, but I’m loving the lilac!

  20. Brianne

    Bah! I would love all of this! You have excellent taste my dear!~ 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      Thanks 😉

  21. Tiffany T.

    Why do I find it hilarious that you want to win it yourself? LMAO.

    1. Jennifer

      LOL. I totally pick stuff I would want to win.

  22. melanee warren

    not sure what color they come in, but i’d love them in orange or pink!

  23. ashley g

    mint, but then again they are all so amazing I want them all!

  24. L

    Clover Green.

  25. Mandy B

    Metallic Pewter!

  26. Susan

    Ohhh, I’ve been dying to try Tieks…what a wonderful wedding gift this would make 🙂

  27. Sarah

    Probably the Matte Black since I can never find black flats that I actually like AND that don’t give me blisters. I have cute blue ones and camel-colored ones, and a pair of metallic gold flats that my teenager stole, but no comfortable, cute black shoes. On top of that, I’ve been DYING to try Tieks and can’t justify the price.

  28. Jenny

    WOW I’ve never really looked into the Tieks to see colors so based on my first look I would say maybe the mustard yellow. Not sure why it is the one that is calling my name. 🙂

  29. Rachel Uresti


  30. sara w

    matte black for sure!

  31. ashley k

    Probably the fuchsia or turquoise!

  32. Kristine

    Oh man…I would have the hardest time choosing between a classic color for work (like black or tan) and fun/trendy summer color (Green or a blue!)…I have been coveting a pair of tieks forever since my job is walking convention center exhibit halls (that’s some hard concrete under there!)…these would be a dream for my feet!!

  33. Erin

    Either black or silver

  34. Ashley

    Probably nude , but I like so many of them!

  35. lisa

    I would choose the turquoise color

  36. Renee B

    Uhh, I’m dying over the Lilac pair! But but but, Black matches everything. I would probably have to do a coin toss or something if I won, way too indecisive!

  37. Nichole Van Bruggen

    Thats a hard choice, either the pink, black, or purple but i love them all!

  38. Leah M

    I have been dying to Tieks for a while!!! Mustard Yellow is fun!!!!

  39. Amanda B

    Oh man!!! I want a pair of Tieks SO much!! I mean, the other things are awesome too, but I WANT THOSE SHOES!!! 😉 I just started a part time job (retail!) so I am on my feet ALL night, after being a SAHM all day- so these shoes would be amazing!

    I would get them in black! 😉

  40. Samantha D

    I’ve been wanting to get a pair of Tieks for my wedding reception! I’ve been eyeing the fuchsia and the ballerina pink ones…I just can’t seem to decide!

  41. Lms

    Purple! I grew out of my purple flats after my last baby. 🙁

  42. Kelsey


  43. Jill Banks Geraci

    Hot pink!

  44. Stephanie

    The white is cute but I’d get them dirty so maybe a black pair lol.

  45. Vanessa M

    Love everything! I’d probably choose the cobalt color!

  46. Kellie

    Green or blue or teal. HOW DO YOU CHOOSE ONE? haha

  47. Laura

    Holy moly! Those Tieks are expensive. Are they super comfortable too? I was just looking at their site, and they have some that are $295! I would want the Galactic Green, but I don’t think I’d wear them. Metallic Pewter is just boring enough for me to wear on a daily basis. Or maybe Cobalt Blue or Lilac. I love neon green but I don’t know what I’d wear with them since most of the stuff I wear would go better with neutrals or blue/purple shoes.

    1. Jennifer

      Yeah, I don’t know about $295 for them, but they are comfortable!

  48. Karly

    Black or navy

  49. kathryn

    Classic chestnut or camel look good to me!

  50. Kiraa

    Matte black for sure!

  51. Gina

    I’m really loving the chestnut ones!

  52. Brandie Cox

    Probably black. Something neutral. If I win I reserve the right to change my mind! Lol seriously, thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  53. Melissa

    Probably the red or gold!

  54. SMDC

    Either black or camel… BORING but whatever.

  55. Bridget Heiple Reich

    I would probably choose matte black to match everything, but wow there are a lot of color options!! 🙂 This is such an awesome giveaway, I’ve been wanting that book too!

  56. Kaiya McCray

    Ooooh, so many choices, but I think my fave is metallic silver

  57. Janelle


  58. Talaura


    1. Talaura

      Oh…and thanks!!!

  59. Sabrina

    Black… Oooh this is such an amazing give-a-way!

  60. Sara

    This flats looks so comfortable and I basically live in flats and toms!

    1. Sara

      Posted before finishing that I would want the ballerina pink.

  61. Shannon

    Pink or Ruby Red

  62. Kristin

    I think I would pick the metallic gold. But I love them all!

  63. Rachael H

    I’d love to get my hand on a pair of those flats, they look wonderful!

    1. Jennifer

      Don’t forget to answer the giveaway question!

      1. Rachael Hixson

        I’d probably get the blue or grey. Something neutral for everyday wear 🙂

  64. Kesha

    Mustard yellow 🙂

  65. Megan

    Matte black!

  66. Sarah Z

    I love the fuscha ones but in reality silver or black would be better

  67. Kristen

    Probably mint!

  68. Steph

    Teaks! Ekkkk!!! LOVE this giveaway!

    1. Jennifer

      Don’t forget to answer the giveaway question!

      1. Christine Fortes

        I can never see the giveaway question. Where is it?

        1. Jennifer

          In the rafflecopter widget when you click the “Leave a Comment” button, it’s right there.

  69. katrina

    the teal color 🙂

  70. Maura

    amazing giveaway! I think I would have to go for the chocolate brown!..or black.

  71. Robyn

    Flats look amazing!

    1. Jennifer

      Don’t forget to answer the giveaway question!

  72. chelsea

    Light blue

  73. Rachel Jean

    I would pick…..(ready for it?)………black Tieks. Yes, how exciting I must be. Lol

  74. Sarah Gallant

    Omg they are all so wonderful I want them all!!

  75. Lola

    I think this is one of your cutest giveaways yet 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      Thanks! Don’t forget to answer the giveaway question!

  76. Kara koreis

    Would live to win the shoes!

    1. Jennifer

      Don’t forget to answer the giveaway question!

  77. Courtney Carothers

    If probably have to be boring and choose black!

  78. jessie m

    I would want black tieks.

  79. Beeju

    Tieks are $175? holy crap

    1. Jennifer

      Don’t forget to answer the giveaway question!

      1. Beeju


  80. victoria van sickle

    I want black. I’m boring. LOL. But I would want something that I would wear more often. I have never owned a pair of flats.

  81. Anna B

    Silver or black!

  82. Jean Eckert

    I would pick the matte black!

  83. erica

    I’m vegan, so less options, but I would definitely get the Silver Lake ones!

  84. janelle

    I think I would pick the turquoise!

  85. Kimberly

    Turquoise or Hot pink! Something bright and happy!

  86. tiffany c

    well first I would just die of happiness of I won, but then I would probably choose a nude one to go with everything 🙂

  87. Crystal

    Probably black because that is my go to & I would want to wear them all the time. But boy have I had my eye on the “Nude Lace” one in the Prints Collection! 🙂

  88. Tuesday C

    While I would love to rock one of the pretty bright colors…I would choose Matte Black 🙂

  89. Kristie

    silver, oh they look comfy! I might even take off my flip flops for them. 🙂

  90. Mandy Hillman

    I would LOVE to win Chestnut ones!

  91. Jennie

    Silver, for my wedding!

  92. Elizabeth

    I think I’d probably go with either silver of black, pretty classic, though purple might be awfully tempting! 🙂

  93. Tonya Leigh Boose

    I would love love love a cream/nude pair, a red pair or a mint green pair! Actually, I’d take any color! 🙂 thank you for the giveaway!

  94. Crystal Luna

    Oh I’d have to go with classic black…or maybe change my mind and no bold bright color either or they would be my first pair of flats …..EVER!

  95. Kam

    Lol, I love that you want to win your own giveaway! I’d do the same.

    I never win anything but if my life magically ended up Tieked, I’d do camel or caramel. I’m soooooo boring.

    Props to the ladies willing to rock the neon snake prints.

  96. Jordan M

    Chestnut Tieks please!

  97. Lisa

    Wild copper!!

  98. Shawna

    I have been obessessing over Tieks for about a year now. I would definitely go with a bright and unexpected color (green? orange?) because I have plenty of neutral shoes. I’d love a fun pair that stands out.

  99. Chrissy

    I love the pink but black would be more practical! I’d probably wear them more!

  100. Kristina

    I would love the gray ones!!

  101. Yvonne Jones

    Um did anyone notice the rose ones are 295??!!!! I like the bentwood! I think. Drat there are so many to choose from!!! This is an AWESOME giveaway… pick me pick me pick me.. LOL

    1. Jennifer

      LOL yes. That’s why I am only giving away the Classic ones!

  102. Jamie Miller

    Love the chestnut or fuchsia! I swear you have the best giveaways…EVER!

  103. Debby Stefanini

    I’m thinking I would love a fun color like hot pink or turquoise .

  104. Kiley

    I might be boring, but I’d probably go with black ones (or maybe chestnut or ballerina pink). For shoes worth that much, I’d want them to go with EVERYTHING.

  105. Ashley

    Probably pink. Go big or go home, right?

  106. Margo

    I would probably choose fuchsia (fun!) or California navy (practical).

  107. Alicia N

    hot pink!!! 🙂

  108. Lex

    I LOVE ballet flats. Def need more!

  109. Ruby Yoshi

    I’d pick NUDE PATENT

  110. Leana

    I have no idea. Some fun color. (Off to research this now!)

    1. Leana

      Ok, it’s a toss up between pink or blue.

  111. Amanda

    I want them all! I would go with pink or a neutral color like camel.

  112. Ashley H.

    Ooo…I’d pick the Silver Lake ones! They look like they would pair well with most of my “wardrobe” (jeans and tshirts!).

  113. Loribeth C

    I’m simple, I’ll stick with the matte black tieks.

  114. jill

    Black or silver!

  115. Vicky Taft

    The rose garden or the patent red ones are amazing! But there are so many great colors it’d be hard to pick just one

  116. Jessica Peryea

    Omg-I love your taste!! Love.

  117. Heather

    I think I would go with metallic pewter!

  118. Jessica Peryea

    PS-I want pink!! Hot pink or ballet pink — or both 🙂

  119. Frances

    I don’t know but maybe nude or black!? The whole pkg looks great!

  120. Megan

    I think the silver or pink are FAB!!

  121. Erica

    Matte Black so I can wear them forever and ever with yoga pants and work pants and jeans. On another note, looking at their website and LOLing at the $295 electric snake print which is so unattractive that I kind of like it ironically.

  122. Dena B.

    Loving the Wild Copper and Sienna Brown Croc…!

  123. Jennifer

    Ahhh!!! You’re giving away tieks!?! I’d get them in every color if I could!

  124. Kristina Espley

    I would love pink or teal Tieks!

  125. Emily K

    Black/Gray would be the most practical, but I love the pop of color when I wear Red flats!

  126. B

    I love the clover green color!

  127. Juli

    Matte black so I could wear them all the time.

  128. Amanda

    Love Emily griffin! Can’t wait to read her new book!

  129. Katie

    If I won, I would choose the classic Tieks in either black or gold! So adorable!

  130. Stacey

    The metallic pewter or the cream (would they stay clean????) so they match everything since they might never leave my feet!

  131. Amy

    I love your blog. I would choose the black Tieks.

  132. Nicole Hubbell Midgley

    I would love a blue pair! 🙂

  133. Arrie

    I would pick pink! And btw-amazing giveaway!!!

  134. Ashley

    I’d want green or blue.

  135. Victoria Burke

    Pink or Yellow or Lace. So many options!!!

  136. laurie brunner

    Purple purple purple. 😉

  137. Lauren

    The silver!

  138. Natalie Rose

    I would pick blue! I think the color is really pretty!

  139. Jessica

    Love them all! But would probably choose matte black so I can wear them to work and with everything I own, but could go a little more wild and either get the red or leopard print 🙂

  140. Christina

    black matte! they would go with everything!

  141. Lisa Minix


  142. Debra

    Black !

  143. Aimee

    I didn’t even know about all these subscription boxes until I found your blog, but now I’ve got some Splendies and nail polishes coming my way soon! 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      Don’t forget to answer the giveaway question!

  144. Stacie

    I don’t know how to pick a Tieks color! Probably something minty or aqua… or maybe a fuschia?

  145. Jodie Hills

    Hmmm I would have to do cream or navy

  146. Elizabeth W.

    I can’t pick just one color they are all so great! Fuchsia, cobalt blue, clover green, matte black.. pretty sure I need every color now.

  147. Jennifer Schrader

    I would love the turquoise color!

  148. ashleigh phillips

    Probably Slate Grey Croc

  149. Kathy S

    Slate grey croc, or metallic pewter if patterns aren’t an option. This giveaway is insane, so thanks! 🙂

  150. Lauren S

    Pink or turquoise!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. Diana Morales

    OMG I don’t know!!! I would love mint or turquoise but black goes with everything. So does navy blue. I don’t know! Hahaha

  152. Amanda

    I would pick the California Navy since everything I have seems to be that color right now!

  153. LaurenKay

    The shoes are so great! I would love them in gold

  154. Mary Ann M.

    Love all the prizes and have so enjoyed your

    1. Mary Ann M.

      PAGE! darn fat fingers on an iPhone!

    2. Jennifer

      Don’t forget to answer the giveaway question!

      1. Vicki Levy

        Not sure how to comment, but I love the give away and would love the ballet oink Tieks. I wilshould hadn’t blogged about them- now I’m obsessed!

        1. Vicki Levy

          Ballet Pink

        2. Jennifer

          That’s all you needed to do! Just note what color you would pick!

  155. Jennifer Hancock

    Not 100% sure! practical would be matte black but I think purple would be fun!!!!

  156. Lisa Springer

    Black or Navy

  157. Mansi

    gold, they would go with everything!

  158. KV

    I’d pick the romantic blush.

  159. emily

    never knew so many color options exist! I want the cardinal red one.

  160. Amanda

    I *think* I’d pick black because it’s practical.

  161. meredith

    I think you have gotten me hooked on so many boxes, I check your blog every day.
    Hopefully I entered the contest correctly! because these are some fun prizes. I like that truffle bag for the airport.

    1. Jennifer

      You just need to answer the giveaway question!

      1. meredith

        oh, woops, I think metallic silver or pewter if they have that would be perfect. I’ve actually never heard of tieks until you posted about it.

  162. Turquoise Sellers

    I love California navy, matte black, and surprisingly metallic pewter. They’re all nice neutrals I can wear with almost everything in my closet. The turquoise stripe on the back is a nice touch.

  163. Tiffany M

    I have ALWAYS wanted to own a pair of Tieks! Picking a color would be hard but I’d probably chose Black…no maybe cream….oh I like the gray also! 🙂

  164. Lyndie

    I’d love to say I’d be all fancy and get a color but I’d probably get black or a neutral so I could wear them with everything!

  165. kim


  166. Kelsey

    Hard to choose a color!! Maybe red or turquoise or something metallic???

  167. Sara

    Either nude because they go with everything or lavender because they go with nothing but I like them 🙂

  168. Tara

    Super boring, but probably the black…If I’m dressed up and need to take off heels I’m probably wearing black so it seems like the best bet!

  169. ES

    I would probably go with black or navy so I can wear them with everything.

  170. Mary Ann M.

    I would pick… Either cream or metallic gold. Hard to choose!

  171. Emily F

    Either the black, camel, chestnut, or chocolate brown…maybe even ballerina pink. It’s a tough decision lol, but a decision that I would love to make.

  172. brittany

    BLACK! They would go with most of my wardrobe 🙂

  173. Paulette

    Decisions decisions decisions. White or black or silver.

  174. Shawn

    I would LOVE the Clover Green Classics—-super great giveaway, Jen!

  175. Sarah Srsen

    Ok, wow! Probably the lilac. Soooo pretty!!

  176. laura maya

    Probably the ballerina pink…

  177. Sue

    I have to win this! I was just joking the other day about how I wanted a pair of tieks and if somebody wanted to give me a pair I’d be so happy. It’s fate!!! There are so many to choose from… not sure what color I’d go for. Silver? Something fun like turquoise? Striped? I don’t know!

  178. MJ

    Either the Lilac or the Fuchsia!

  179. Julie Kretz

    I am so boring I would choose a neutral color like black or navy.

  180. Kyra

    I’m stuck between a neutral like black or my fave color turquoise!

  181. Kayla

    I would love the cream or tangerine! I think I’m leaning more towards the tangerine! 🙂

  182. nicole p


  183. Clara

    I love the lavendar patent! Or matte black to wear to work.

  184. Erin S

    Something summery! Like a blue or teal.

  185. Erica O'Dell

    I’d choose the black! And then shamelessly wear them with absolutely everything I own.

  186. katy

    One of my power colors: pink or teal. I love all!

  187. KDL


    1. Jennifer

      Don’t forget to answer the giveaway question!

      1. KDL

        Sorry Jennifer:)!

        I would say Black or Navy:)))

  188. Alicia

    Oh I want the Tieks so bad!! I’m not sure which color I would choose. Either the red, navy or black

  189. Kristin F

    It is a tough call between the chestnut, ballerina pink and the metallic pewter:) Love them all!

  190. Sarah S.

    FUCHSIA!! Oh my gosh, I love them all though! 😀

  191. Ericka

    I would pick something boring like black so I could wear them all the time with everything!
    I’ve been obsessing about these since you posted them!

  192. Leanne

    ohh, i love tikes, I’d love to have a bright pink pair! 🙂

  193. Ann

    I need those Tieks!!!! Lol

    1. Jennifer

      Don’t forget to answer the giveaway question!

  194. Cheryl

    Black or gray

  195. Kristin

    I’d have to go with the matte black – ever practical but the clover are AWESOME

  196. Sahrae Ganter

    Black probably, but i’m not sure!

  197. Kati

    It’s a toss up between the fuchsia and mint!

  198. Lisa

    Pink or cream, depending on my mood 🙂

  199. Eve

    Would love the cream color Tieks shoes.

  200. Chris

    I would pick fuchsia.

  201. Laura Kathleen

    I’ve been wanting to try a pair of Tieks! I’d love a nice summer color like yellow or orange! Thanks so much!

  202. Ann Marie

    I really want some Camel colored Tieks! Thanks for the giveaways! 🙂

  203. Melissa A

    Cardinal Red so I can wear them to Target while I hunt for 90% off holiday clearance!!!!

  204. Mandi

    I would pick the green ones.

  205. Lindsay R


  206. Ndkoko02

    Silver or turquoise!

  207. Lesley

    I would do the mint patent or the metallic pewter! So cute! I had NO idea they were so expensive though – they sure are an investment!!

  208. kelly

    would love, thanks!

  209. Dasha

    California Navy <3 <3

  210. Lori

    I would love some lavendar or purple

  211. Swati

    California Navy or Mint! 🙂 Are they really really soft? Love your giveaways! Excited and crossing my fingers hoping its MEEE!!! lol

  212. Kendra

    Camel – nice neutral that goes with everything!

  213. JoLynn

    I would pick the brown Tieks since I don’t have any brown flats and would wear them all the time!

  214. Cheryl D.

    Something neutral… that I could get a lot of wear with…$175 worth of wear! :). Maybe black!

  215. Sheena

    I’ve been looking for a pair of Navy shoes so Navy it is.

  216. Katrina

    In a dream world, I’d have a rainbow of Kitchenaid mixers…and a rainbow of Tieks. 😉

    I’ll start with the Silver Lake ones, though.

  217. Elissa

    Probably the black

  218. Alena P

    Matte Black, because they would match everything! 🙂

  219. Kristin

    I would get nude patent or be bold and get mint patent 🙂

  220. MaryAnn

    What a hard choice! I’d probably go with the metallic pewter or chocolate brown.

  221. Jill

    Pink! Or black.

  222. Angel

    AHH! I’m so excited for this giveaway!!! It’s amazing and I’ve had my eye set on a pair of Navy Tieks for a while, but I can’t afford them. So the navy ones for sure, super versatile and cute.

  223. Cassie

    What an amazing giveaway, ahh!
    I would love a pair of the Cardinal Red Tieks.

  224. Sophie V

    I think silver!!

  225. Kim Kjerulf

    If I won I would love some black Tieks.

  226. Lori

    Probably the exact pair on the giveaway picture — white and teal. But dang, why are they so expensive??

  227. Mary

    I would be boring and pick black!

  228. Christina G

    Would love the mustard yellow or cardinal red!

  229. Sarah Slatter

    Oooh, great giveaway! Maybe the black…or the silver lake.

  230. Patty

    Amazing giveaway!! I love the clover green.

  231. audrey

    It would be so hard to choose and I’d say it would probably come down to how I was feeling the day I had to pick, but I’m head over heels for the bright mustard yellow, California navy or sunset stripe. There’s just something about all those colors in the sunset stripe shoes and the yellow that make me happy. Navy would be a practical choice.

  232. Jennifer Hodgen

    I would love the Brentwood ones 😉 super cute!

  233. Mary

    Um, your giveaways are always the best!!

    I would totally get some pink tieks- seasonless! I haven’t checked out their website yet because I am sure that would be my next tipsy purchase and I should really be saving my dollars for a house! So boring!!

  234. Jossie G

    If I could choose ANY Tieks, I would LOVE the Toscani. Since those puppies are $345, I so don’t see those happening any time soon. Lol. If I were lucky enough to WIN, I would go with California Navy or Silver Lake. Please, please, please pick me!! Crossing my fingers and toes!! 🙂

  235. Emily

    Any color! 🙂

  236. Karen

    Black or lilac 🙂

  237. Heather

    Have had my eye on the metallic pewter ones…probably never be able to afford them though!!

  238. Alex T

    I would get them in pink! Thanks for the giveaway!

  239. Kalli

    LOVE the ballerina pink!!!

  240. Jessica C.

    (Please please please)

  241. Olga

    I would pick the california navy. I have been looking for some nice navy shoes!

  242. Joanne

    I would pick black one!

  243. Dayo Steph

    Any kind of purple! 🙂

  244. Kara

    I would totally pick the Silver Lake color. They are neutral and classy but still fun and different!

  245. Julie Rowin Ernst

    Chocolate brown or black!

  246. JT

    I’d either go boring (black) or crazy (metallic) it would be a spur of the moment call.

  247. JacLyn

    Black or maybe fuchsia? 🙂

  248. DidiLyon

    Black or some shiny

  249. Hannah Rhiew

    Black or gold!

  250. Kristie VanHatten

    I think I’d have to be boring and go with matte black, so I could get the most use out of them. Plus my black flats could really use an upgrade. Although I have a pair of lilac flats that I wear often that I need to replace, so it’d be a tough choice.

  251. Robyn Bayetis


  252. Annie

    I want all the colors! but would probably pick black 🙂

  253. Tiffany g

    Maybe cream or black to match everything!!! Great giveaway!

  254. Amanda Schwartz

    Awesome giveaway! I want to say turquoise, but I’d probably go black. Thanks!

  255. Laurie even

    I would pick the cardinal red or ballerina pink. So hard to pick one color with so many to choose from. Thanks!!

  256. Kelsea Etson

    Ballerina Pink or Cream!

  257. kerri

    Hot Pink or Red. Maybe I will win a color & then have an excuse to but another! 🙂 thanks for hosting such fun giveaways!

  258. Emily

    I am torn on what colour Tieks I would choose so many different colors could go with so many different outfits!!!!

  259. Shari Henderson-Sievenpiper


  260. shelley

    I think I would be boring and get black. That way I could wear them with everything.

  261. Julie B

    hmmmmmm… i think black!

  262. miranda

    Turquoise. <3

  263. Mahdi Martin

    I like the Cardinal red ones. They’re such a rich, bloody color!

  264. Nicole

    I’d never heard of Tieks until you mentioned them. Wow! Amazing selection of colors and patterns. I’d probably choose Silver Lake.

  265. Toni

    Ballerina pink is cute

  266. Marcy

    I need the black Tieks with the blue soles! lol

  267. Dori

    Black! So I could wear them as often as possible 😉

  268. Linda

    Nude or beige. Boring, I know, but I would wear the heck out of them!

  269. Shelley

    The matte blak.

  270. Kim

    First, thank you for the opportunity I love all of your picks! I would tell myself over and over to pick a fun color like mustard or fuchsia, but I’m too practical and I think would choose black or navy for versatility. 🙂

  271. Eden

    I would love a tan, blue or black! Thanks for the chance!

  272. trenda t

    I would choose black!

  273. ashlee

    Ok let me first say that this giveaway has the exact things I am wanting right now. You need to start a sub box. I would probably get the chestnut color, but lets be honest i would wear any color.

    1. Jennifer

      It would be so expensive though!

  274. e.


  275. stephanie c

    love the ballerina pink or the black!

  276. Gina G

    White w/light blue – very summery!

  277. Cara James


  278. kara

    This is an awesome giveaway!! I love the metallic silver and ballet pink.

  279. Stacey

    I have wanted Tieks for the longest time!! Great list!!

  280. Laurenk

    Probably cream or black

  281. Bethsaida W.

    I would like the nude ones. I can wear them w/ anything!

  282. Aoife K

    Probably the California Navy, since it would go with pretty much everything.

    Are they as comfortable as they claim to be? I’ve had foldable flats before and they killed my feet. I’m so intrigued by these!

    1. Jennifer

      I haven’t worn them for any extended length, but they haven’t hurt yet!

  283. Tiffany

    Black is practical and more my style, but those real ones in the pic are precious!

  284. Jennifer Rushing

    I would go for an orange or gray.

  285. Diana Vuong

    I like the starstruck print in a size 8.

  286. emiie

    The tieks, squealing!!

  287. Alison

    This is seriously amazing! I LOVE the Tieks and always lust after the ones my co-worker wears. What a great package! Ive been wanting to read the book, too.

  288. Lauren

    I know it seems boring, but I want black ones! I love the blue soles!

  289. Mallory B

    So many color choices! I’d either pick the camel or cobalt blue. It just depends on if my frivolous or practical side was dominant that day 🙂

  290. Evian

    I would go with the Silver Lake ones

  291. Joanna R.

    I would choose black!

  292. Mandy M

    Either pink or black, they’re both so cute!

  293. Tina

    You are giving away Tieks!!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!!!! That is amazing. When I first started working, my boss’s boss wore Tieks and told me I needed to get it as a young professional. I was like 200 dollars shoes? I want, but I haven’t made it there yet. If I win this, it would be awesome!

  294. Adrienne W

    The girly girl in me says I’d get the fuchsia! The more practical side of me tells me I’d get more wear out of the cardinal red.

  295. Sara

    I would love something crazy like teal or tan (hah!) but would most likely go for the black!!

  296. Alexia561

    Was going to say red or purple, but then I saw the Sand Snake and started drooling! How cool are those shoes!?! lol

  297. Shannon

    Black or silver! Hard choice.

  298. Briane Flaherty

    I stumbled across your blog a while ago looking for birchbox reviews… And can I just say I am so so glad I did! I now subscribe to wayyy too many boxes and love reading all your reviews and updates! I have no idea what color Tieks I would pick. Probably something neutral so I could wear them a lot, but I would be really tempted by the turquoise!

    1. Jennifer

      I am glad you found me! And even more pleased you stuck around!!

  299. Nicole

    The Mint is screaming my name!

  300. Vicki

    These look so cute! Black or Gray for me please!

  301. Laurel


  302. Jillian

    Best giveaway ever 😉 now that I have the leopard tieks(just got them today!) I want every color but I would probably pick black so I can wear them with everything!!

    1. Jennifer

      Do you love them???

  303. Vanessa F

    Black! Hopefully it’d make them really versatile. But more than anything I love their blue details.

  304. Cathy@Five Boys

    I really like the hot pink ones that you just received. So cute with a white pair of jeans!

  305. Nicole Whelan

    The coral is so pretty but black is always practical!! I would have to consider very carefully!!

  306. Ricki

    In the classics, I would choose metallic pewter.

  307. andrea

    i would love the nude patent tieks!

  308. Elizabeth Diaz

    Cream! Totally perf for the spring/ summer!

  309. Elizabeth Fair

    gold or black!!

  310. Rebecca

    Black or cream

  311. Meg Mc

    I would go with ballerina pink or cream…and then would probably get them smudged and dirty, but loved all the same 🙂

  312. Ashliegh

    Oh my gosh, what a fabulous giveaway! If I won, I think the Lavender patent Tieks would be fun!

  313. Lori K

    OMG, so hard to pick! I should probably say something classic like black, but I really want the clover green!

  314. Kelly

    I love the ones in the picture!

  315. Gail

    Black or Silver

  316. mspotts

    You can’t go wrong with matte black, they would go with everything!

  317. Diana Garza

    I would like a nude color or maybe pink!

  318. Lauren

    Black 🙂

  319. Jen Zach

    I love the silver lake! I never heard of these until I saw them on your blog a week or 2 ago and I was obsessed! They have been on my wish list since 😉

  320. Jessica

    Silver or turquoise !

    Thanks for offering this!

  321. Sarah Dineen

    Hmmm. There really are too many choices. I have my eye on the nude or light pink ones. 🙂 *Crossing my fingers!!*

  322. Leann

    I would love to win the Tieks!! Got so e and walked in them outside before realizing they were not going to stretch!!! Major bummer!!

  323. Nicole

    For my most expensive pair of shoes ever? Better stick with black!

  324. Amanda

    Black…or cream…or navy…or clover…or coral…

  325. Kayla

    Mint!! Awesome giveaway!

  326. Diana Kang

    I would love the gold ones!


    Wow i’ve been wanting tieks for dayyyyyys! i have my choice narrowed to red/pink/turquoise or orange!!! Such a great bunch of stuff to give away! Excellent taste, good luck to all!!

  328. Marietta

    Metallic Pewter, please!!

  329. Anne

    This is like picking just one nail polish color…impossible! Orange…no, red…or fuchsia..I’ve never met a cobalt blue I didn’t like either!

  330. Gina F.

    Ruby Red! I have been dying for a great pair of red shoes.

  331. Britt

    I?d love to get the Tieks in the nude color, as I have been searching high and low for a comfortable pair of ballet flats over here. And that they fit into a purse?? Perfect!
    I saw something similar in the sky mall on our way to Greece a week ago, but the didn?t have cute options on the foldable ballet flats.

    Love your blog!!

  332. Amy M

    I would love any pair even if it was chosen for me but I looked at the ballerina Pink and I really like those ones. Eek…..so exciting!!!!!!! Thanks for such an awesome giveaway Jen!

  333. Pattie

    I am torn between the Chestnut and Black – most likely would go for the Chestnut though!

  334. Jenn

    My Tieks are fast becoming my favorite shoe, I would LOVE another pair. Great giveaway.

    1. Jennifer

      Don’t forget to answer the giveaway question!

      1. Jenn

        In my excitement I completely forgot to answer the question. I think black patent would be my choice.

  335. Heaven

    I THINK I would choose the California Navy!

  336. Melissa M

    Def the classic black!!! Or Tangerine!

  337. Lauren

    Omg i neeeeeeeed me some teiks! !!!!

    1. Jennifer

      Don’t forget to answer the giveaway question!

      1. Lauren

        I’m am I stupid?? I didn’t even see the question.. lol I would love and be thankful for any color. But to choose.. hmm I like beige like u have pictured!!

        1. Jennifer

          LOL. People miss it! But i want to make sure everyone gets it so I don’t have to figure out what to do if someone wins who didn’t really answer it!

  338. Judy L

    California Navy!

  339. Amy M

    I would probably get the silver…or something boring like black.

  340. melissa m

    I am torn between the rose garden and the Brentwood. I would probably go with the more practical looking Brentwood but I would love to try to pull off the Rose Garden!

  341. Julie S

    I would love a teal pair!!

  342. Helen

    I’d pick the white and blue Tieks from the picture!

  343. Denise

    pink or turquoise! =)

  344. Meredith

    I’m so boring, but navy or black.

  345. Jackie

    I’d probably get silver or navy!

  346. Kate Mc

    I want to say I would pick something like clover or lilac, but when it came down to it, I would probably pick black. Reality-me is such a bore compared to dreamer-me!

  347. Linae

    Wow! What an awesome giveaway! As always, you rock! Thanks for the opportunity!!!

    1. Jennifer

      Don’t forget to answer the giveaway question!

      1. Linae

        Whoops….I would love it all! I am not picky and love everything. However, those awesome Tieks sure have my attention 🙂 They are so adorable!

  348. donna

    I would love to win anything! I never won anything before.

    1. Jennifer

      Don’t forget to answer the giveaway question!

  349. hillary

    Hmm I would have to decide between a nude or black to match everything or a fun color like pink!

  350. LAURA

    always versitile…black!

  351. donna

    i would like to win the teiks classic!

    1. Jennifer

      The question was what color.

      1. donna

        Wow, i did not know there was so many colors. leopard print. but anything for me if i win.

  352. Lindsay

    I would love to try out Tieks!!! I travel constantly so they’d be super useful. I think I’d go with Clover Green, since it’s a cute color that would go with my entire wardrobe!

  353. Jody

    I would like either the Chestnut, or black.

  354. Melissa

    So boring but nude or black. Probably nude 🙂

  355. Anastasia

    Great give away! I would pick either metallic pewter or California navy. They do look comfortable and well made!

  356. Julia Stack

    I think I’d get the BLUE PATENT color. Or a greenish one. I like crazy colors.

  357. Stephanie McGuire

    I love Pop Pink! I love all the colors, but I love me some pink!

  358. Christine

    I’d love black! I see it now!

  359. Beth

    Matte black, wild copper, mint, romantic blush… ahhh I want them all!!

  360. Judi

    I never win anything but I love all your giveaways this month so I’m hoping my luck will change!

    1. Jennifer

      Don’t forget to answer the giveaway question!

  361. Melanie

    Amazing giveaway! I would pick black or nude

  362. Lynsey M

    Black or Chocolate

  363. Sophie

    Matte black. I’m so boring!

  364. Jennifer P.

    Cobalt Blue!!

  365. Chris

    Oooo Metallic pewter would be the way to go for me!

  366. ana ebright

    I would want you to surprise me.

  367. Sher


  368. Michelle

    Honestly – I don’t know! Part of me would want to do something in a brown so I can wear them all the time. Another part of me would like to go crazy with one of their new pinks….I hope I win so I can come back and tell you! lol 🙂

  369. Kathy

    Thanks for the opportunity. Love your posts.

    1. Jennifer

      Don’t forget to answer the giveaway question!

  370. Lisa

    Metallic Pewter

  371. Melissa

    Pink or Red!! Such a tough decision! Probably pink!

  372. Gabby

    I would order the metallic gold!

  373. Kandijo

    I should be practical and get gray but love that turquoise !

  374. Jenny Birk

    Brentwood Tieks!!!

  375. Kendra


  376. Tabitha Sawicz

    Red or Blue!!

  377. jess n

    ruby red 🙂

  378. Elizabeth A

    Coral Patent!

  379. Jessica

    I have no idea because I refuse to look at the website–I have very little self control right now 🙂

  380. carrie

    Oh the choices! Cream so I could wear them with almost anything!

  381. Kayla curry

    Those shoes look extra comfy! I would be happy with any color :)I Avnet wait to read the new Emily Giffin book. Seriously one of my favorite authors.

  382. cindy


  383. kara

    I would love the bag.

  384. Laura

    What a fun giveaway. Those shoes look comfy. Maybe I live under a rock because I have never heard of this brand before. Could be because I could never afford them. 😉 I love the unusual color choices available. After a quick preview I am drawn to either the Lavender or Electric Snake. My third choice is the Lavender Patent. I don’t know how anyone decides with all those color choices!

  385. Tara m

    Nude or cream 🙂

  386. Taminy

    Cardinal Red!!!

  387. Kristy

    Love love love your blog. I am a mi girl far from home right now! I would pick navy!

  388. Rose

    purple, purple purple, PURPLE!

  389. Kim Henrichs

    I would love to have their Tiek Blue Patent!!!!

  390. miranda

    I might go ballerina pink, or metallic silver. Love them all though!

    1. Amanda

      Durrr I’m sorry I just saw it says “Classics.” Got way too excited over here! Metallic Pewter 🙂

  391. Elisabeth

    I would love to have the matte black!

  392. Kristin t


  393. Judy

    I don’t know! There are too many options! Purple is my favorite color, so maybe that or a neutral shade. 🙂

  394. Beth

    Chestnut or lilac. Conservative or fun?

  395. Savanna

    The vegan silver lake ones are too freaking cute- I’d go with that or just plain black! Awesome giveaway as always!

  396. Shiree Shaffer

    Matte Black for sure!!! For that kind of money I need them to go with everything!!!

  397. Michelle

    I love the crocs line – white and grey especially !

  398. Tonya K.

    the “brentwood” color!!

  399. Ashley Norred

    I love the vegan gray!

  400. Allison S.

    I love the metallic gold 🙂

  401. gary

    hot pink

  402. Holly Moyseenko-Perch

    So excited for this giveaway!! If I won I’d want Tieks in Metallic Pewter. While I love the fun shades (the Pop Pink is gorgeous!) I know I”d get the most wear out of the Metallic Pewter and I’d be able to wear them with a ton of my work clothes

  403. Rebecca

    Matte black or chocolate brown

  404. Des

    It’d probably be pewter or something crazy like mocha or azure snake

  405. Shirisha P

    pink or turquoise

  406. Shana

    Omg I would love to win this giveaway!

  407. Shana

    Oh and the color I’d love to win is black!

  408. Katy M

    Loving those “Rose Garden” ones!!

  409. Kim Davis

    probably the chocolate brown, it is hard to pick one.

  410. Kathy Heck

    Black would be great!

  411. Katie Contests

    I’d choose the ruby red tieks

  412. Caitlin C.

    There are so many colors I want to try! I love the coral!

  413. Val

    Immediately I thought, well, black Tieks of course. But I’m tempted by the Slate Grey Croc, Silver Lake, or Clover Green.

  414. Amanda

    I LOVE this giveaway!!! so awesome! Tieks are so cute, I would love a nude pair, my old nude flats look so sad

  415. Crystal Gregg

    Silver Lake (Vegan)

  416. terri s

    I think I’d go for red; that’s a tough decision!

  417. Stephanie

    I would get Chestnut or Tangerine Tieks. LOVE this giveaway!!!

  418. Erika

    Clover green or lilac.

  419. Ally

    Nude lace– comfy, slightly sexy, and still okay to wear at work. 🙂

  420. Christine

    Just bought a black one, so probably the cream one! hopefully it won’t get dirty.

  421. Diane F

    Black or maybe lilac?

  422. NikkiD

    Omg Tieks!!!! I want a pair of these SOOOOOOOO bad!! They are totally adorable but wishing they weren’t so expensive. If I won I think I’d have to go with fuchsia since it’d be the only pair of shoes I have in that color and the only pair of Tieks I’ll probably ever be able to afford lol. Yay for Tieks!!! ??

  423. Andrea

    the sand snake tieks are beautiful!

  424. Shannon

    I Love the ballet pink!

  425. Janet

    Red patent – they are so pretty!

  426. Melissa B

    WOW…WOW…..WOW!!!!! So, so, so in love with these shoes!!!! I am really feeling the Silver Lake because you can wear them with a pair of jeans or pair them up with a suit or dress em up with a cute skirt. Oh the possibilities are endless! Love them!!! Thanks for introducing them to me. 😉

  427. Melissa Huth

    Black or pink!!! So hard to choose.

  428. Stephanie

    For a fun pop of color I would try the clover green!

  429. Ashley C

    I’d pick the ballerina pink

  430. Janaya

    Either the turquoise or black!

  431. Michelle

    Black or turquoise. You have an amazing following! :). Thanks for another awesome give away. 🙂

  432. Annie Rae

    I’d go for ballerina pink…or camel…or nude! Definitely the pink, I think!

  433. cindy

    camel taupe chestnut

  434. Christine

    slate grey

  435. April K

    Gold? Red? Too many choices. 🙂

  436. Chelsea C

    I would really love those shoes!!

  437. Chelsea C

    I would get the romantic blush

  438. karen

    I think I would pick the chocolate brown color!

  439. Diana Vuong


  440. Jennifer

    I would definitely get navy Tieks – my favorite neutral color! 🙂


    a hard choice… maybe the metallic pewter

  442. Bethany

    OMG THIS GIVEAWAY!!!! How did I miss this????!?!?! TIEKS! Um, unmellow yellow color for sure!!! This is basically the best giveaway in the history of time, btw!!

    1. Jennifer

      LOL. Thanks!

  443. Ashley Dempsey

    matte black ?

  444. Grace

    I would definitely want something pretty, like lilac or ballerina pink. Or maybe gold! It’s so hard to decide… If I win can I just get four pairs of Tieks? (Kidding, the other stuff is also amazing!)

  445. mickeyfan

    The Leopard really makes me smile, but in the classics, I’d have to go with the most classic of all-black.

  446. Margaret

    Such a hard decision but probably lilac or teal!

  447. Dany

    *Makes gimme hands*

    1. Dany

      Sorry, I like the mint color. Lavender is pretty too!

  448. Susan O'Bryant

    Chocolate brown so I could wear them frequently!

  449. Taminy


  450. Lindsay T

    Ahh it would be so hard to choose, I love them all!! But probably chestnut or camel!

  451. Alice

    I would want the black ones because I am boring like that and don’t want to figure out what goes with what.

    I am reading The One & Only now….uhh I don’t know how I feel about the book. Full of football details and umm well the main male love interest/lead is definitely unconventional and the reviews are making sense now. I kind of am cringing before anything has even really happened in their romantic relationship.

    1. Jennifer

      Ahhhhhhh I am feeling the same exact way. I am reading it and am silently screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  452. Margo D

    Probably black!

  453. Megan W

    I’d go with the Brentwood or the Cream!

  454. Ginger S

    I think I would go with something fun but versatile like a red or green.

  455. RobertAnn

    I would probably pick black, or like silver.

  456. Amber

    The Cardinal Red looks perfect!

  457. Gabriella

    Nude patent or black!! 🙂

  458. Rachel Wolowitz

    Pink Pop so I could match my little girls’ Freshly Picked neon pink mocs! 🙂

  459. Melissa B

    I would probably choose brown or navy or black to be practical.