EOS Giveaway!!

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EOS Giveaway!
EOS Giveaway!

I think you know I have been totally obsessed with the new EOS Coconut Milk and Vanilla Mint lip balms that just came out. Mine (finally) came in the mail today and I just so happened to order a “few” extra to giveaway. And some other goodies as well! Here is what you could win:

~eos Boost Complete Care Hand & Body Lotion ($7.99)
~eos Shave Cream, Ultra Moisturizing, Pomegranate Raspberry ($3.49)
~eos Lip Balm Stick, Vanilla Bean ($3.29)
~eos Visibly Soft Lip Balm Sphere, Vanilla Mint ($3.29)
~eos Visibly Soft Lip Balm Sphere, Coconut Milk ($3.29)
~eos Nourish Everyday Hand Lotion, Fresh Flowers ($1.99)
~eos Refresh Everyday Hand Lotion, Cucumber ($1.99)

I will probably also throw in blueberry and summer fruit lip balms as because I have a zillion of them here! This giveaway ends on at which time I will pick TWO winners who will get everything listed!!!

As usual all you need to do to enter to win is click the button in the Rafflecopter widget below. And don’t forget to come back every day to get more entries! And of course, if you feel like earning extra entries there are plenty of ways for that as well! Good luck!

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  1. Kellie

    Summer FRUIT! Its delicious..

  2. Kesha Hicks

    I love lemon drop!

  3. e.

    coconut milk!

  4. Swati

    I love the green one! not sure what flavor it is though!

  5. Kathy S

    I’ve never tried eos products! I’d love to win to see what all the raves are about!

  6. Jen

    Summer fruit

  7. Sophie

    I love the summer fruit!

  8. Angel

    YAASSS <3 OMG!! I'm so excited for this. My favourite so far has been sweet mint or vanilla bean!! [gah I got my vanilla bean a while ago and finished it and haven't been able to find one since!!! :'(] Thanks for this giveaway I'm dying to try Vanilla Mint [notice a pattern?] and the lotions!

  9. Emily

    I’ve never actually got an EOS lip balm, but the vanilla one sounds yummy

  10. Squinj

    I want one

  11. Claire

    Pomegranate Raspberry

  12. Lanie

    I’ve never tried it. I think I’d like the coconut milk best.

  13. kim

    Pomegranate Raspberry

  14. mspotts

    I love the lemon drop flavor

  15. Caroline Perry

    Summer fruit is my current go to!

  16. nicole

    the blueberry one!

  17. K

    Sweet mint. (I think that’s what it’s called. I’m an EOS newb. Just bought my first one last week.)

  18. Nichole Van Bruggen

    Summer Fruit!!

  19. Candice

    Sweet mint or Strawberry sorbet! Fingers crossed.

  20. Kristen

    I love EOS lip balm!

  21. Jillian

    Oh my favorite would be the summer fruit!

  22. andrea

    sweet mint has been my fav so far.

  23. Loren

    I love the lemon, mostly because it has spf! I think all lip balm should have spf

  24. Sher

    Cocanut milk 🙂

  25. Ashley

    Vanilla mint is fantastic…actually all EOS flavors are fantastic!

  26. Jamie Lane

    Hi have never tried an Eos lip product. But, the way you talk about them, I bet any flavor would be great.

  27. Alexa

    Lemon Drop

  28. Annie

    sweet mint!

  29. Holly E

    Summer Fruit is my favorite.

  30. Sneaky Burrito

    I have a purple one. I think it’s limited edition (passionfruit?). I like that one a lot.

  31. Annie

    Blueberry is a staple lip balm of mine 🙂

  32. Sarah Srsen

    I really like the sweet mint flavor.

  33. Lauren

    The green one.. I think it passion fruit?

  34. Pilar

    Medicated Tangerine

  35. Maggie

    Love EOS! It’s the only lip balm that I don’t develop an allergic reaction to; just got the tangerine one and it’s so good! Can’t wait to try the new flavors!

  36. Stephanie

    strawberry sorbet sounds great!

  37. Brandy Fisk

    I guess it depends on the season. Right now lemon drop 🙂

  38. Adrienne W

    I’ve only ever tried the sweet mint, but I really like that.

  39. Linda

    Sweet Mint!

  40. Karen

    Haven’t tried any of the EOS products yet, so winning one of these would be great!

  41. Kristine

    Sweet mint is my favorite, but I haven’t really tried others. lol

  42. A

    I want the coconut milk!!! Thanks for doing a giveaway! Mine aren’t at ulta yet

  43. Jenny

    Is it bad to say I don’t have a favorite flavor? I’ve only use eos a couple times since you know I can’t get past my Dr Pepper as my go to. LOL The one I have in my purse right now is the blueberry from the last sale and I do love it so I’ll go with that one.

  44. Jenny Bain

    Summer fruit!

  45. Paula Jenkins

    I tried it once and really enjoyed the mint. It was light green holder.

  46. JacLyn

    Pomegranate Raspberry 🙂

  47. Erin Hermann

    The green one which I think is sweet mint.

  48. Ashley C.

    Is it sad to admit that I’ve never actually used any of the eos lipbalms?! :\

    1. Jennifer

      That is sad!

  49. Jody

    I think my fav is the lemon, but I haven’t tried the new ones…yet!

  50. Joanne

    I like tangerine!

  51. Amanda

    I don’t know, if I win, it will be my first time trying it. I looked at multiple stores today, after seeing your instagram, and couldn’t find them. I would like to try the coconut milk.

  52. Erin

    I haven’t tried them yet but I love the packaging! I would subscribe to a box from them!

  53. Lana

    I’ve never tried one! But the vanilla mint sounds awesome.

  54. Lori

    There was a vanilla one in a cream colored sphere in a Christmas set from Ulta last year that I loved!

  55. Staci

    I have never tried eos lip balms. I have a lip gloss/Chapstick problem though haha. I would love to try the coconut one!

  56. Laurel

    I have never tried these, either. I’ve almost picked them up a few times, after reading about them on your blog, but I’ve never stopped long enough to pick a flavor.

  57. Amy

    I love the summer fruit flavor!

  58. cindy


  59. Debby

    Mt favorite at the moment is lemon one, however it seems whichever I love them all.

  60. Enrica

    Sweet mint for sure!

  61. Lauren

    Vanilla bean

  62. Stacy S.

    I have only tried the blueberry so far!!!

  63. Gina O

    Pomegranate Raspberry. So excited about this giveaway…Thank you! I totally love your blog!

  64. Ricki

    Honestly, I have never tried EOS, so I don’t know my favorite flavor.

  65. Nicole

    I’ve never tried eos balm, but now I see them in the stores and I’m tempted to get one.

  66. Melanie

    The vanilla mint sounds lovely! I have never tried EOS before.

  67. Candace L

    Sweet Mint!

  68. Rebecca

    Sweet mint in the summer and that tangerine with camphor in the winter (great on chapped lips!)

  69. Kelsea Etson

    Pomegranate Raspberry

  70. Kiersten

    love the honey dew one! It’s not over powering and is nice and summery!

  71. Tina Bui

    The red one. I think it’s summer fruit.

  72. Melissa

    strawberry sorbet is my fave!

  73. Lori K.

    Honeydew! (though that’s because it’s the only one I’ve tried so far…)

  74. lia

    Confession: I’ve never used an EOS lipbalm, which means I really should win. 🙂

  75. Holly

    Vanilla one!

  76. Berit

    I love mint. Very excited to try new flavors

  77. Julie b

    Mint or lemon

  78. Cheryl Leighton

    My favorite is the honeydew melon, it’s really refreshing!

  79. Allison

    I’ve never tried any, although I’d love to! Vanilla Mint sounds fantastic!

  80. Annie

    Vanilla Mint!

  81. Lin

    Summer fruit

  82. Maggie

    I love them, but don’t keep track of flavors – don’t know which is my favorite. Love them all!

  83. Cheryl

    I’ve only tried Sweet Mint so far, but I have a feeling that Coconut Milk will be a new favorite!

  84. Jacquelyn Noell

    I have never tried them. =[ But anything that is coconut milk I am obsessed with.

  85. Gina G

    Coconut milk… mmmm

  86. Jodie Kingsbury

    I have only used one and it’s mint. My daughter has a bunch and loves all of them.

  87. Yvonne

    I’m currently loving my original mint!!! Though it melted to the side in my car. #oops

  88. Christine

    I have never tried one so i’m not sure.

  89. ana ebright

    I like the mint.

  90. Emily F

    I have never tried Eos before, but would love to find out why so many people love it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  91. Elizabeth

    I actually have never tried the EOS lip balm (though I love the shave cream)! Every time I see them in the store, I think about picking one up, but I’m never sure what flavor to get!

  92. Caroline R.

    Embarrassed to say that I’ve never tried them so I am up for any flavor 🙂

  93. Wanica McNeil

    I have mine in a glass bowl, but lemon is the fave.

  94. Melissa M

    honey dew is my favorite!

  95. Laurie even

    I love sweet mint!!

  96. katrina

    strawberry but thats the only one ive tried

  97. Carri

    Haha – I don’t even remember flavors but know the lilac one is my latest fave 🙂

  98. Vicki

    Mint, but I just know that coconut milk has my name on it. Have been looking for it!

  99. Samantha D

    Strawberry Sorbet or Pomegranate Raspeberry. I love EOS lip balm, though I have yet to see the stick kind anywhere near me…I would love to try it!

  100. Judy L

    I like the strawberry sorbet.

  101. Deanna Magoun

    Sweet mint!!!!!

  102. terri s

    I’ve only tried the honeysuckle honeydew and strawberry sorbet balms and the berry blossom and cucumber hand lotions. would love to try all of this great give away! thanks.

  103. Crystal Gregg

    I’ve never tried any

  104. Erika

    I’m not sure what my favorite flavor is….I’ve never tried these. Gasp! 😉

  105. Alicia

    Sweet mint!

  106. Sheena

    I’ve never actually tried anything by them, but all my friends rave.

  107. Kiley

    I’ve only tried 2 flavors, but sweet mint has been my favorite out of those!

  108. miranda

    I’ve never tried them. 🙂

  109. Beth W.

    I’ve actually never used EOS lip balm either, but the vanilla mint sounds awesome!

  110. Nicole Tetrev

    Have never tried it but would love too!

  111. RobertAnn Smiley

    I have actually never tried the EOS, but that just makes me that much more excited for this giveaway! The coconut one sounds A-MAZ-ING though!

  112. Crstina

    Summer Fruit…. I actually have one on my desk right now 🙂

  113. Diane F

    My favorite is Sweet Mint! I love EOS lip balm!

  114. Nicole

    Strawberry is my fav!! 🙂

  115. Kelley

    I’ve never actually tried EOS, but I think the Pomegranate Raspberry would be right up there. Though the vanilla mint in this post sounds amazing too!

  116. Ashley

    I’ve never tried EOS before, but I’d love to.

  117. Alicia N

    I’ve never tried a EOS product! Have heard they are amazing though!

  118. Kristen T

    It was the pink one….I think Passion Fruit. I’m dying to try the coconut milk.

  119. Monique

    Coconut milk, however I’ve never tried the EOS Brand of products, I have smelled a friends. Very excited about this give away, I might be able to have my own EOS products! 🙂

  120. erin

    Summer fruits

  121. Lori

    I’ve only tried the sweet mint but vanilla sounds great.

  122. Laura

    My favorite is probably the green mint one… though I had a yellow one a while ago that was lemony and awesome. No idea how I lost either of them.

  123. Kristin

    My favorite is the honeydew 🙂

  124. Gabriella

    sweet mint!!

  125. Brianna

    I only have an EOS in blueberry, but I think it’s pretty great! I am definitely going to have to try some more.

  126. Jen K

    The blue bkueberry one? I use the blue one and I love it. Since the name doesnt say on it.. I cant remember!

  127. Mae

    Great giveaway! Would love to try all these.

  128. Beth K.

    I have an orange one from when EOS first came out – maybe it’s mango? – but either way I LOVE their products. So far I’ve tried their lip balms and shaving cream. Smells so good!

  129. Stacey

    Sweet Mint 🙂

  130. chelsea

    Summer fruit

  131. Shawn

    My current fav is the lemon, but I would LOVE to try the coconut!

  132. Hannah R

    I love sweet mint! Can’t live without it. I have to carry it with me everywhere 😀

  133. Debra

    I’ve never tried the balms but I think I would like the blueberry and vanilla flavors!

  134. Dakota

    Can you only order those flavors online?

  135. Robyn


  136. Jill Banks Geraci

    Even though I don’t have it yet (it’s in the mail), definitely Coconut Milk!

  137. Shelley

    I have a pink one and I think it is strawberry.

  138. alayna

    coconut milk or sweet mint!

  139. Isabel

    Sweet mint!

  140. Brandie Cox

    I bought the multi pack from Costco a while back and I am currently working my way through the purple one. (I am unsure of the flavor at the moment. ) I believe the Coconut Milk will be my favorite. I must Have it! I will be on the hunt this weekend for it.

  141. Crystal

    The sweet mint but I really want to try the Coconut!

  142. MJ

    My favorite is pomegranate (I think ?? It’s the reddish one)

  143. S. Herrick

    The red one is my favorite. I think that’s the Summer Fruit. Then the green one which I think is Honeydew, then the pink one (Strawberry?), then the lavender one which I have no idea the name. My least favorite is the Sweet Mint but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it.
    I have them all except the two you have up for grabs today… which means I must go find these somewhere 😀

  144. Katherine

    I’ve never tried an EOS lip balm, but I’ve heard so many good things about them!

  145. Beth W


  146. Tiffany McGuffin

    Vanilla from the Christmas trio 🙂

  147. Shirisha P

    summer fruit is my favorite.

  148. Ashley

    vanilla mint!

  149. Elizabeth A

    LEMON!! I love lemon anything, actually!

  150. Kathy

    I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m betting it would be coconut.

  151. Amy Ballou


  152. Beth Rang

    I’ve never tried them, but I bet it would be coconut milk.

  153. Ronni

    I love pomegranate raspberry 🙂

  154. Robin Whiting

    Lemon Drop!

  155. Catie

    My favorite is honeydew melon!

  156. Lindsay

    Sweet mint!

  157. Robyn

    I love anything coconut so I would love to try the coconut milk balm.

  158. Nicole Midgley

    The lemon because it has SPF! 🙂

  159. I dont have a favorite EOS Lip Balm flavor…yet ! I need to try them asap – people seem to love them and i need a change of pace from my usual burts bees or fresh !

  160. Ingrid

    My favorite has to be the peppermint! I am still trying to find the new flavors in stores so I can check those out as well!

    1. Jennifer

      Ohh I don’t know if I have ever tried the Peppermint! What color ball is it in??

      1. Ingrid

        I guess it’s not peppermint (but sure does remind me of peppermint!) it is the Sweet Mint one 🙂

  161. Gina F.


  162. Tara

    I’ve only tried the strawberry and then my dog ate it, so I totally need to try some others!

  163. Rebecca

    I’ve never tried them but summer fruit sounds yummy.

  164. Olga

    I’ve never tried EOS, but the vanilla looks great!

  165. Jordan M

    I loved the vanilla that came out around christmas but then lost it after a week! 🙁

  166. Mary

    I don’t know how I had not heard of this company till now! I am a lip balm junkie, and kind of fussy about taste/flavor. These sounds perfect. Need to order some immediately. Of course, would love to win some too! Thanks for another great giveaway 🙂

  167. Yesenia


  168. Yesenia


  169. Sarah

    I love the mint! It’s a classic & a favorite.

  170. Lisa

    Sweet mint is my fave!

  171. Adrienne

    Honeydew?! It’s the only one I’ve tried

  172. Maura


  173. Alison

    I’ve never tried any! I would LOVE to try the coconut!

  174. miranda

    blueberry sounds great!

  175. chris

    summer fruit 🙂

  176. Angela

    Either strawberry or lemon.

  177. Sylvia

    I’ve only tried raspberry sorbet and pomegranate raspberry (I see a pattern developing…) and love them both, but I really want to try vanilla bean.

  178. Michelle

    Pomegranate Raspberry or honeydew 🙂

  179. gary

    coconut milk

  180. Jennifer Pittman

    I never have tried EOS – but vanilla mint sounds like it would be good.

  181. Ashlee

    Eos lip balms yeah!!!

  182. Michelle S

    I like Strawberry Sorbet. But, I am eyeing up the coconut milk one.
    Side note: I saw EOS lip balms at Costco and I gasped thinking…”I must have these!”. Since I had a couple that needed to be used up, I slowly backed away. I had to laugh about how much your posts created my desire to buy more EOS lip balms. I would love to win this raffle.

  183. Lisa


  184. Laura


  185. Lisa

    They used to have honeydew, right? I remember trying that a while back.

  186. Erika W.

    I have never tried eos before but I’d love to try the coconut milk! I love everything coconut!

  187. Tabitha Sawicz

    Sweet mint!

  188. kelly sowder

    I never tried one but the mint sounds good!

  189. Susan

    Anything vanilla!

  190. Sara

    My favorite is Pomegranate! So goooood!

  191. Nicole

    I love the Mint one!

  192. Karen

    I’ve actually never tried any EOS lip balm, but the coconut milk one sounds amazing!

  193. Rachel S.

    Strawberry sorbet is my favorite, I love all of them but the mint one really!

  194. Leeana

    I have every flavor except pomegranate cause I’m not fond of it. I really want both the Coconut milk and Vanilla mint flavors!

  195. Shawna Landers

    I have only ever tried the mint flavor so I would have to say that by default!

  196. MJ

    I LOVE the Pomegranate one!

  197. Kate L

    Sweet mint is my fave, but I’ve only tried it and pomegranate so far. I love this stuff, the lip balm is great and the packaging is awesome!

  198. Ashley

    I’ve never tried it, that’s why I want to win!

  199. nicole

    I like the coconut one!!

  200. Gail

    eos…want to try

  201. Noelle B.

    I LOVE the summer fruit but haven’t tried many others (except the other red one which is so-so).

  202. Hena Dhaliwal

    Sweet mint is my favourite!! so yummy ehhe

  203. Cheryl

    I don’t have one – I’ve never tried EOS lipbalms before!

  204. Andrea S

    I haven’t tried any so I don’t know my favorite — but looking at the available ones I think I would love lemon

  205. Crystal

    My favorite is Strawberry Sorbet! Although once I can get my hands on the coconut one I am sure that will be my new favorite! Love coconut everything!

  206. Liz

    I like mint!

  207. Alice

    I haven’t tried them yet but I do have one that I decided I am not allowed to use until I use some other lip balms up….it has also been 6 months since I decided that and none of the open ones seemingly are getting less. I think I would like lemon.

  208. Mary Ann

    I’ve never tried eos, but the coconut milk sounds fabulous!

  209. Lily

    Arg – haven’t tried one but have been THIS CLOSE to buying the sweet mint.

  210. alyssa

    i love the sweet mint one. it works really well.

  211. Brianna Collins

    Strawberry Sorbet!

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