July 2014 Kelly Rowland Fancy Box Review

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Kelly Rowland Fancy Box
Cost: $39/month + $7.95 S/H.
Ships To: Worldwide via FedEx.
July 2014 Kelly Rowland Fancy Box
July 2014 Kelly Rowland Fancy Box

I think the Kelly Rowland Fancy Box is one I always forget is coming. Maybe it’s because it’s always on time and I never have to wonder when it’s coming? But whatever the reason, I am always surprised to get a tracking e-mail on it and then am surprised again when it appears at my house.

Just in case you aren’t familiar, Fancy, which is $39/month plus shipping, has a “regular” Fancy Box full of cool goodies and celebrity curated boxes which include a collection of the coolest products hand-picked by Jennifer Love Hewitt, Verbal, Kelly Rowland, Coco Rocha, Snoop Dogg, T-Pain and / or Tyler Florence. They also offer a Fancy Food Box (which is one of my favorites), as well as, Fancy Mystery Boxes.

July 2014 Kelly Rowland Fancy Box
The Box

This month’s Fancy Box wasn’t in the normal cube sized box, instead it was in one of their larger / longer boxes.  It shipped via FedEx and took the standard two days to arrive.

July 2014 Kelly Rowland Fancy Box
First Look

I was totally spoiler free for this box and was quite intrigued when I opened it up!  I couldn’t tell what everything was which made me even more anxious to open it all up.

July 2014 Kelly Rowland Fancy Box
The Information Card

The July 2014 Kelly Rowland Fancy Box didn’t have a theme, however, the following items were included:

~Little Black Corset ($15): I am not sure if I love this or if I hate it. I think I am going to need to fill it up and hang it in my close to really tell. I was planning on doing a bunch of frames (or something along those lines) to organize all my jewelry, so this may end up as the push I need to get my but in gear.

July 2014 Kelly Rowland Fancy Box
Little Black Corset

~Pure Flavor 2 Go Infuser ($13): I have gotten so many infuser bottles lately that I may end up trading this one.  Or maybe not because I do love these infuser bottles.  Plus, they do have a tendency to get icky and don’t last forever.  So maybe I need a spare one?  Or five? I was this close to buying a new water bottle at Starbucks a few days ago and had to seriously stop myself.  Plus B was there and I never would have heard the end of it ;).

July 2014 Kelly Rowland Fancy Box
Flavor It To Go Infuser

~No Scrubs Allowed Tee ($30):  Love the TLC shout out here!  I think that is what makes me like this shirt actually. It’s not something I would normally pick, but I think it will make a good sleep shirt!

July 2014 Kelly Rowland Fancy Box
No Scrubs Allowed Tee

~Midi Ring Set ($24.99): While I think these are super cool, I may just end up trading them.  They feel weird on.  Maybe it’s just something that takes a while to get used too, but I am just not used to wearing rings above my knuckle.

July 2014 Kelly Rowland Fancy Box
Midi Ring Set

All totaled the July 2014 Kelly Rowland Fancy Box had a value of $82.99.  I enjoyed her selections on this one and I get the feeling she is pretty actively involved in the curation of this one.  I’ll post a picture of the corset once I get it filled up with stuff and you can let me know what you think!

Did you get the July 2014 Kelly Rowland Fancy Box?  What’d you think? If you are thinking of ordering this or ANY of the Fancy Boxes, click here and get on it! You can always use the coupon code “FOLLOWUP10″ (sometimes it works, sometimes not) to save 10% on any Fancy.com, order, including subscription boxes. If you can’t find the Fancy Box you are looking for, I suggest just doing search for “Fancy Box“. It’s much easier than trying to navigate their site.

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  1. Jenny

    I kindof like the corset. I don’t have or wear a ton of jewelry so not sure I could fill it up with usable stuff but I do like the idea of it and I think its pretty cute.
    Random but I just got a turkish towel. My friend who gets pop didn’t want hers so she gave it to me 🙂 So what all do you use them for? I’m at a loss but I do love it. Its just alot bigger then I was expecting.

    1. Jennifer

      I actually have been using my for my hair after the shower. And I’d use it as a beach towel too!

  2. Andrea

    I used to have a jewelry hanger like that except it was just a dress shape, not a corset. I didn’t mind it but I found it hard to find things like earrings, and the necklaces often got tangled. I now have a jewelry mirror which is WAY better!

    1. Jennifer

      What does the jewelry mirror look like??

  3. Teena

    I love that corset organizer and if you trade yours let me know because I need a couple more!?

    1. Jennifer

      I will let you know!

  4. Audrey

    I LOOOVE the Midi Ring Set ? What did you do with it ?

    1. Jennifer

      I am99% sure I still have it??

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