July 2014 Orange Glad Review + Coupon Code + Giveaway

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Orange Glad
Cost: $21.95/month ($15 + $6.95 S/H)
Ships To: United States (not including U.S. Territories and Military APO/FPO/DPO addresses).
July 2014 Orange Glad
July 2014 Orange Glad

The Sweet Box by Orange Glad, who kindly sent me this box to review, is a carefully curated box of sweet snacks which is delivered to your door every month. It includes 5 deluxe gourmet desserts and the Orange Glad Marketplace allows you to place orders for more of the goodies you love!

July 2014 Orange Glad
The Box

Orange Glad ships via USPS Priority Mail and took just two days to arrive.

First Look

Inside this month’s Orange Glad box was another box which had the actual goodies in it.  Just like last month, nothing in this month’s box could melt so there were no cold packs in it.

July 2014 Orange Glad
The Box in the Box

The actual Orange Glad box reminds me of a box you’d get from the bakery – except this is fancier because it has a ribbon on it.

July 2014 Orange Glad
First Look

I think this might just be the cutest Orange Glad box ever!  Everything was wrapped so adorably and the bags they are in are such cute colors and patterns!

July 2014 Orange Glad
The Information Card

The July 2014 Orange Glad box didn’t have a theme, but the following goodies were included:

~Gianna’s Homemade Baked Goods Freedom Star Sugar Cookies:  SO good!  I’m a big fan of sugar cookies and I am an even bigger fan of the frosting on sugar cookies!  Delicious!

July 2014 Orange Glad
Gianna’s Homemade Baked Goods Freedom Star Sugar Cookies

~Orange Glad Ice-Dream Sandwich: This is Orange Glad’s newest creation and is a combination of butter sugar cookies and “Ice” (aka frosting).  I actually expected to like this more than I did.  Don’t get me wrong, it was really good, but it didn’t knock my socks off.

July 2014 Orange Glad
Orange Glad Ice-Dream Sandwich

~Chocolate Maven Hazelnut Cheesecake Brownie: Also delicious!  I love brownies and I love cheesecake, so this combination is perfect!  Oddly, it reminded me of a doughnut.

July 2014 Orange Glad
Chocolate Maven Hazelnut Cheesecake Brownie

~Seattle’s Favorite Gourmet Cookies and Dessert Co. Cranberry Muffin Top: I haven’t gotten around to try this one yet, but I may have it for breakfast tomorrow.  For some reason I don’t love fruit in stuff.  I don’t like pie, fruit in my yogurt, etc.  I can do a blueberry muffin or whatever, but I’d pick a chocolate chip one if it were just me.

July 2014 Orange Glad
Seattle’s Favorite Gourmet Cookies and Dessert Co. Cranberry Muffin Top

~Lily’s Bakery Shop Chocolate Babka: I would easily call this the most luscious bread I have ever eaten. I should have saved this for an amazing breakfast along with a cup of coffee!

July 2014 Orange Glad
Lily’s Bakery Shop Chocolate Babka

As usual, I didn’t do a price breakdown on Orange Glad.  You can’t buy single items of many of these anywhere but in-store and you’d have to pay shipping for a big batch if you ordered them online.  So I think it’s a great deal.  In fact, although I do get a box sent to me to review, I also have a subscription of my own!

What do you think of Orange Glad?  If you are interested in signing up or just want to learn more, click here!  And don’t forget that you can use the coupon code “YUMMY10” to save 10% off your first purchase!  And because I am in a good mood, I am going to give away a 3-month subscription to Orange Glad!  This giveaway is sponsored by me and will run for one week!  As usual, all you need to do is enter in the Rafflecopter widget below!

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Disclosure: This complimentary box was sent for review purposes. As always, all opinions are my own and no compensation was received.
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  1. Abby

    Chocolate eclairs are my favorite dessert!

  2. Helen

    My favorite dessert is red velvet cupcakes!

  3. Crstina

    My favorite dessert is brownies.

  4. Nicole A.

    I do love a good cupcake! However, we have this place Nothing Bundt Cakes and it’s so amazingly delicious. You guys might have it, I think it’s a chain…

    1. Jennifer

      Ohhh, we don’t have that. At least I don’t think we do. I need to google.

  5. Lauren

    Ice cream!

  6. Iris

    Caramel brownies! 🙂

  7. Ashley

    My favorite dessert is brownies, especially a warm brownie with vanilla ice cream on top. Mmmmmm!

  8. terri s

    ice cream or brownies

  9. Danielle

    Creme brulee or doughnuts

  10. Maura

    Cupcakes … Or Apple pie!

  11. Gina G

    My favorite dessert is cookies, especially if they contain peanut butter and/or chocolate.

  12. Christy

    I love all desserts!!!!!!

  13. Kesha Hicks

    If i have to choose just one, I love chocolate chip cookies!!

  14. Rose D.

    I can’t choose one! I love almost all desserts!

  15. Janice

    Muffin tops are the best! Especially the ones with the huge sugar crystals sprinkled all over the top!

  16. Gwen

    My favorite dessert is a chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream!

  17. Melanie

    My hubby is so cute, he has dessert and a glass of milk at night before bed. I would love to win this for him!

  18. Pilar

    I love just a plain chocolate chip cookie that my favorite dessert.

  19. Emily F

    Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream

  20. Jean Eckert

    My favorite dessert is probably Gooey Butter Cake!

  21. Kathryn Johnson

    I love lemon tarts and bars!

  22. Gina H

    I’m on this weird freeze pop kick. The frozen sugar juice in a sleeve for kids. My boyfriend keeps getting them, and they are addicting!

    1. Jennifer

      OMG my husband is addicted to those as well!

  23. Jody

    I think my favorite dessert is Frosted Angelfood Cake…mmmmm.

  24. JacLyn

    I love pudding pies! You just make pudding, pour it into a cookie pie crust and chill it. My favorite is butterscotch with a graham cracker crust. Delish! 🙂

  25. Aimee V

    I love so much dessert! But I’m a huge fan of cheesecake!

  26. Anna

    frozen yogurt with raspberries!

  27. Candace

    Toss up…Gooey butter cookies or a bee sting cupcake (vanilla / lemon) from Jilly’s. Either are delicious!!

  28. Beth


  29. Shannon

    Homemade cookies and cakes!

  30. allison

    Fresh, homemade chocolate chip cookies

  31. Stephanie

    My favorite dessert is anything with mint! I especially love mint cookies and cream ice cream.

  32. miranda

    Frosted sugar cookies

  33. Yarikza Alexander

    Love to read your reviews! I also like participating in giveaways, so thanks for the chance. I cant believe you have so many entries!!! I have a small giveaway going on on latinmamainthesouth.com with no entries so far. A bit sad, but still hoping to gain some entries before its over 🙂

  34. Eve

    Soft nougats.

  35. Tristian


  36. Abbey C

    French Macaroons & anything with dark chocolate!

  37. Rebecca

    My Mom’s apple pie. She makes it each year for my birthday.

  38. Lindsay

    Chocolate cheesecake cupcakes!

  39. Ashley

    red velvet cake!

  40. Kelsea Beth


  41. emiie

    This is a tough question since I really like desserts. Torture but apple pie or NY cheesecake…I can’t decide!!!!

  42. Claire

    Lemon Cheesecake!

  43. Lori

    Creme br?l?e!

  44. Beth Rang

    A really good cake!

  45. Lissette

    nothing quite hits the spot for me like a warm brownie!

  46. Gina Ortiz

    I love Rugelach! Introduced to it by a couple from NY when I was little. Used to bring us lots! I like the chocolate and apricot…mmmm

  47. Jen

    Cheesecake is my absolutely FAVORITE dessert! I swear I could eat it every day if, you know, it wasn’t a zillion calories. 😉

  48. Adrienne W

    My favorite dessert is carrot cake, but it HAS to have good cream cheese frosting.

  49. Sahrae Ganter

    Anything chocolate!

  50. Amy

    I love/can live on chocolate cake especially with vanilla bean frosting.

  51. Cheryl

    Peanut butter pie!

  52. Laurah

    Have you ever heard of Zesto’s? It’s a Midwestern chain that morphed into a Southern one. ANYwho, Zesto’s has the most amazing soft-serve ice cream. It is my absolute favorite!

  53. Coco

    My favorite dessert is cheesecake with fresh strawberries.

  54. cindy

    7 layer bars

  55. Mandy B

    Ice cream or cookies

  56. Alexa

    Chocolate Pie from Fresh Market!

  57. Michelle G.

    Looks delicious. I may just sign up. I’m already getting treatsie? Which one do you like better, treatsie or orange glad? And I so agree, I don’t like fruits in my deserts, yogurts, etc. either lol.

  58. Brandy Fisk

    Fruit pizza or chocolate peanut butter anything!

  59. Mallory B

    I pretty much love any dessert, but probably cannolis!

  60. Margo S

    Yellow cake (from a box mix) with chocolate icing (from the can)!

  61. jmd

    A brownie – goes with everything – savory with sea salt, sweet with caramel, hot or cold, yum!

  62. Charity

    That’s a tough tough question. I guess I’ll say baklava 🙂

  63. Tessa

    My favorite dessert is a brownie with ice cream on top. Yum!

  64. Shelley

    Anything chocolate

  65. Alicia N

    Creme br?l?e is my all time favorite dessert! 🙂

  66. lia

    The donut shop by our old house has double dipped brownies. The brownie itself is awesome, rich & moist but then they dip it in chocolate that is somewhere between solid chocolate and frosting. It’s AMAZING and only like $2. It ends up being two dessert portions for each of us, so it’s a total bargain too!

  67. Tammy


  68. Lauren

    Soft serve ice cream!

  69. Jordan

    Brownies with walnuts. And vanilla ice cream really doesn’t hurt, either.

  70. Kate F.

    Cookies are my favorite dessert.

  71. Jordan M

    Ice cream!

  72. Sarah Z

    Red velvet cake!

  73. Sher

    Favourite dessert is pretty much anything chocolate, but chewy, gooey brownies are at the top of the list.

  74. Lisa

    Cupcakes are my favorite desserts

  75. Lanie


  76. Kiersten

    Cheesecake is the best! Or pistachio ice cream!

  77. Gail

    Chocolate ANYTHING!

  78. Shawn

    Coconut cream pie is my fav!

  79. Stacey

    All of them? haha No really, I love a good soft chocolate chip cookie or chocolate ice cream the most.

  80. Maria A.

    <3 well made desserts. Cup cakes, Cakes, Cookies, a great cannoli, and the list goes on…lol 🙂

  81. leana

    French macaroons.

  82. Tina Bui

    I like Vietnamese desserts with sweet red beans, coconut jelly, yellow beans, and coconut milk.

  83. Dara

    My favorite is a really good chocolate chip cookie.

  84. laura maya

    anything sweet and with chocolate… and I mean SWEET! I’m brazilian and I don’t think most of deserts here in the USA are sweet enough for me… 🙂

  85. Diane F

    Ice Cream

  86. Beth


  87. miranda

    I love chocolate cake

  88. Nicole Midgley

    I have such a sweet tooth, I love almost all desserts! If I had to pick one, maybe chocolate truffles. 🙂

  89. Melissa

    I love pretty much all dessert, I think chocolate cake is my favorite but I’ve been craving s’mores lately!

  90. Crystal Gregg

    Fruit! Ha I want to win this for a friend of mine

  91. Hannah

    Bread pudding

  92. Nicole

    any type of ice cream

  93. Tracee

    Creme Br?l?e

  94. Karen

    Red velvet cake!

  95. Shannon F

    I love Heath Cake and cheesecake. 🙂

  96. Heather Z

    I love cookies….I love that I can make so many different flavors depending on my mood.

  97. Mary

    Anything chocolate or cheesescake. Or, good Tiramisu. Geez, just about anything that isn’t “good” for me 🙂

  98. EG

    Usually I’m not a big fan of sweets. I prefer my snacks spicy, salty, or sour. Seeing that cranberry muffin top makes me miss cranberry bread though! The kind with orange juice and orange zest? Mmmm. I haven’t had a good slice of cranberry bread in far too long.

  99. Sheena

    Our local bakery has a cake made with equal parts lemon cake and mascarpone cheese topped with fresh fruit. It’s tasty without being overly sweet.

  100. Lisa T


  101. Kelley

    Probably chocolate cake, but I’ve been craving that for a while without getting any, so that might have something to do with it!

  102. Kate L

    Fresh, warm, soft chocolate chip cookies, with a sprinkle of sea salt on them. Nothing better, just pure comfort food.

  103. Sabrina T

    I want that cheesecake brownie!

  104. gary

    Oatmeal walnut raisin cookies

  105. Laurie even

    Anything chocolate really!

  106. Rebecca

    One of my favorite desserts is chocolate chip cookies. Plain, but a classic.

  107. Des

    Malvopoeding. Or, blueberry custard pie.

  108. Kathy

    Always room for an oatmeal raisin cookie.

  109. jill

    homemade vanilla ice cream

  110. Cathy@Five Boys

    I have such a sweet tooth, I’ll eat just about anything for dessert!!

  111. Holly Moyseenko

    My favorite dessert is chocolate lava cake (now I’m craving it!!)

  112. Sara


  113. Jen

    Chocolate cake with chocolate icing

  114. Dawn Monroe

    I have a weakness for cheesecake and pineapple upside down cake.

  115. Kalee

    This box looks delicious! My fave dessert is anything chocolate, especially decadent!

  116. Cara James


  117. e.

    carrot cake.

  118. Jennifer Pittman


  119. Logan

    This box looks awesome.

  120. Rebecca

    That brownie looks so amazing!!

  121. Erin

    I think banana pudding is my favorite dessert.

  122. Annette

    My favorite dessert is creme brulee.

  123. Nicole

    Anything ! Like really my sweet tooth is legendary!

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