Stitch Fix Review – July 2014

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July 2014 Stitch Fix
July 2014 Stitch Fix
Stitch Fix
Cost: $20 Styling Fee + Cost of Items Kept ($20 fee will be applied as a credit toward anything you keep from your shipment.)
Ships To: United States.
July 2014 Stitch Fix
July 2014 Stitch Fix

Somewhere along the way I received two Stitch Fix boxes in one month and I need to get back on track so I am posting that months box in the month I received it. As a result, this is going to be my July 2014 Stitch Fix review – round 2 (you can read my first one here).

If you aren’t familiar, Stitch Fix is a personal styling service for women. You provide your style, size, and budget preferences, and they will send you a package of stylish goodies to try on at home. There is a $20 styling fee that is applied to your order should you decide to keep any / all of the pieces.  If you don’t keep anything, you don’t receive a refund of the fee. And if you keep all of the pieces, you get a 25% discount on everything!  Also, I should mention that you are only charged once you “check out” at Stitch Fix.  You have a few days to try everything on and the box comes with a bag and a prepaid return label so you can easily ship back the pieces you aren’t interested in.

July 2014 Stitch Fix
The Box

Stitch Fix ships via FedEx and took just a few days to get to me from the West Coast (they are located in San Francisco).

July 2014 Stitch Fix
First Look

I had looked online (once your box ships you can go to your account and click Checkout to see  your box contents) to see what I was getting this month, but I couldn’t figure out what anything was really.  It’s just descriptions, not pictures and it’s super hard to tell what everything is.

July 2014 Stitch Fix
The Information Card

Stitch Fix comes with an information card which includes a listing of everything in the box, prices, and then a total of how much everything would be if you kept everything in the box (it deducts your $20 styling fee and the 25% discount for keeping all of your items).  Just to give you an idea, my box had a merchandise total of $526 and had I kept everything, I would have had to pay $379.50 (plus my $20 styling fee).  In comparison, my other July fix would have been $289.50 to keep everything.  Here is what I received:

~Gorjana Shira Pave Circle Pendant Necklace ($88): I really like this necklace, but I was rather annoyed the chain was all tangled it when it arrived.  Grr.  I spent a good ten minutes trying to get it untangled so I could get a better idea of how long it was.  It was packaged in a small plastic bag and was then in a little box so I don’t know if the tangle happened before they shipped or while en route, but either way it was quite a knot!  I am leaning towards keeping this because I don’t want this pretty all messed up again!  Verdict: Undecided.  Probably will keep.

July 2014 Stitch Fix
Gorjana Shira Pave Circle Pendant Necklace

~Margaret M Emer High Waisted Cropped Trouser ($98): Just not a good look on me.  I actually thought these were maternity pants (don’t ask me why I thought Stitch Fix was sending maternity clothes to random not pregnant people) when I pulled them out of the box.  LOL!  The fabric is very soft and smooth and the high waist just reminded me of maternity pants!  Anyway, they so aren’t and I am guessing look amazing on the right person.  Sadly that person is not me.  Verdict: Returned.

July 2014 Stitch Fix
Margaret M Emer High Waisted Cropped Trouser
July 2014 Stitch Fix
Margaret M Emer High Waisted Cropped Trouser – The Style Card

~Daniel Rainn Daria Scarf Print Cross-Front Blouse ($74): I love the print on this blouse and the colors / fabric are great as well, however, I cannot get past the crochet part of whatever at the shoulders / sleeves.  Verdict: Returned

July 2014 Stitch Fix
Daniel Rainn Daria Scarf Print Cross-Front Blouse
July 2014 Stitch Fix
Daniel Rainn Daria Scarf Print Cross-Front Blouse – The Information Card

~Splendid Mayra French Terry Moto Vest ($148): I typically love Splendid pieces, but this is not doing it for me.  I am not into the fading or the style of this.  The fabric I can handle. But the color is like something that started out darker and randomly got bleached.  This just isn’t for me.  Verdict: Returned.

July 2014 Stitch Fix
Splendid Mayra French Terry Moto Vest
July 2014 Stitch Fix
Splendid Mayra French Terry Moto Vest – The Style Card

~Amour Vert Alessandro Abstract Dot Print Silk Blouse ($118): In a different style I probably would have kept this.  It’s cut fairly narrow and is long and kind of just reminded me of a beach cover up.  An expensive one.  Verdict: Returned.

July 2014 Stitch Fix
Amour Vert Alessandro Abstract Dot Print Silk Blouse
July 2014 Stitch Fix
Amour Vert Alessandro Abstract Dot Print Silk Blouse

I *think* I am going to keep the necklace from this month’s Stitch Fix because I just wasn’t feeling anything and hate to lose my $20 styling fee.  And yes, I realize that I’d be saving money if I didn’t buy the necklace, but I still feel like I am losing money since that styling fee would be gone.

Do you get Stitch Fix?  What have been your favorite items you’ve received?  If you haven’t checked out Stitch Fix but want to give it a try, click here.  And don’t forget, the better feedback and more information you give, the better chance you will have to get amazing Fixes that work for you!

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This Post Has 17 Comments

  1. Becky

    I liked your stitch fix better than mine this month. Mine was a little frumpy and old ladyish. I kept a cardigan because I didn’t want to lose my styling fee. I didn’t get any accessories. 🙁

    1. Jennifer

      Hopefully we get better ones next month.

  2. rachael

    Don’t buy that necklace at full price gorjana has been having awesome sales on their stuff. Check their website first!

  3. rachael

    I just realized I think that was one of the summer clearance items. I can’t even find it on their website anymore….

    1. Jennifer

      I looked last night too and couldn’t find it.

  4. Sandy

    I think you got bad box this month. Don’t reward them by keeping the necklace. Meh, so you lost $20 this month; maybe they will try harder. I am curious as to what is in your profile that you get shirts/tops you don’t like. And the 80’s called, they want their vest back.

    1. Jennifer

      LOL. I think I did too! I hate the thought of losing my $20….

  5. Kaiya McCray

    You should really try BJB Express. Its from the company Blue Jeans Bar. I got my first box the other day and loved it.

    1. Jennifer

      What kind of stuff did you get?

      1. Kaiya McCray

        They package things as entire outfits. I got two pairs of jeans,1 pair of jean leggings, a jacket, three shirts and a pair of shoes.

  6. Swati

    That’s a pretty necklace! And I love the Daniell Rainn top. Mixed media in tops in totally my style. 🙂
    I agree with you on the vest and pants though. The vest looks really weird color wise.

    1. Jennifer

      It is super weird. LOL!

  7. Michelle

    Wow – that was such a disappointing box. I completely agree with your assessment of each piece, but what really gets me is that the pieces are all pretty mediocre and cost a FORTUNE! I’ll invest in some good pieces here and there – stuff that will last. These were not the type of pieces I’d invest in. Even the Gorjana necklace is overpriced because there’s always some kind of sale or coupon code at Gorjana. Bummer!

    1. Jennifer

      I expect the prices, but yeah I am just not going to pay those prices for the pieces I got.

  8. Tracy

    Did you happen to set up a Pinterest page and send it to Stitchfix yet? I did and I have to say that they were spot on with my first box! I was also very specific in my preferences comments section in my profile (actually ran out of characters). I ended up keeping every single piece.

    1. Jennifer

      I have! I have gotten some great boxes over the months and some not so great ones.

    2. marilu

      I was also specific in my profile comments, but they just kept doing exactly the opposite of what I said in the comments, like sending me blouses that fit like A-line tents when I said I prefer fitted tops, or I said “Please do not send me skinny pants or jeans…I prefer boot cut.” And they send me a pair of high-waisted skinny pants. And they sent me several items out of the price ranges I specified. They completely ignored major parts of my profile.

      I agree with your assessment of all your items for the month. I would not keep that necklace. The chain is too fragile and delicate. That’s why it arrived tangled. I do like the pendant, though.

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