BOXYCHARM Review – August 2014

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Cost: $21/month
Ships To: Continental United States. BOXYCHARM does not ship to APO and FPO addresses.
August 2014 BOXYCHARM
August 2014 BOXYCHARM

Yay my August 2014 BOXYCHARM is here! I have only been getting BOXYCHARM for a few months now, but they are quickly becoming one of my favorite cosmetic subscription boxes.

If you aren’t familiar, BOXYCHARM is a beauty box subscription that surprises you each month with the best beauty products from popular and chic brands. It’s $21/month and includes full size and luxury size beauty samples from their team’s preferred well-known brands.

August 2014 BOXYCHARM
The Box

BOXYCHARM ships via USPS and took only three days to arrive. I was hoping it would arrive today, but I didn’t really think it would so I was thrilled when it appeared.

August 2014 BOXYCHARM
First Look

BOXYCHARM released three spoilers (although I only knew about two) for this month but the other items were a mystery.   I do like that they release spoilers because I love to see what is coming, but there is still that surprise element as well.

August 2014 BOXYCHARM
The Information Card

The August 2014 BOXYCHARM theme was “Beach Babe” and included the following items to put you in a sea state of mind:

~Tarina Tarantino Conditioning Lip Sheen (Showroom) ($22): Heaviest lipstick ever.  Seriously.  I don’t know if it’s the diamonds on the tube or what, but this is a substantial lipstick!  Totally a sister-in-law item.  She gets all the lipsticks that I get and loves it.  I was first introduced to this brand through BOXYCHARM a few months ago and hope to see more of it in the future.

August 2014 BOXYCHARM
Tarina Taratino Conditioning Lip Sheen

~OFRA “Americano” Bronzer ($35): Love me some bronzer!  I didn’t care which of the options I received because both brands were new to me, I was just excited to get some bronzer.  This container is HUGE and the color works for me and I’m happy!

August 2014 BOXYCHARM
OFRA Cosmetics Americano Bronzer

~ModelCo. Cheek & Lip Tint (Rosy Red) ($22): Love this!  Totally love this!  I received it a while back in a GLOSSYBOX and I think it’s fabulous.  It’s a great color and works as an awesome boost of color on your cheeks.  I don’t use it as much on my lips, but it’s a nice pop of color mixed with some gloss.

August 2014 BOXYCHARM
ModelCo. Cheek + Lip Tint

~Morphe Brushes Deluxe Powder Dome Brush ($19.99): There were three different Morphe brushes sent out to subscribers, and, like with the bronzer I didn’t care which one I received.  It’s a nice brush and I will either end up keeping it for myself or gifting it to a friend who was just telling me she needed some new brushes.

August 2014 BOXYCHARM
Morphe Brushes Powder Brush

~OFRA Cosmetics Eyeliner (Black) ($13):  This is the only item I am not overly thrilled with.  So.much.eyeliner.  Eyeliner and tea.  LOL.  I have been trying to gift it to friends and trade it away but I think I still have enough to use for art projects instead of crayons.

August 2014 BOXYCHARM
OFRA Cosmetics Eyeliner (Black)

All totaled I came up with a value of $107.99 for the August 2014 BOXYCHARM box which is incredible considering that the box itself is only $21.  Listen, I am happy with just the Model Co. tint and that is the cost of the box right there!  Such a great deal.

Do you subscribe to BOXYCHARM? What do you think? If you are interested in subscribing or just want to lean more, click here.

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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include CAUSEBOX, Boxycharm and Beachly!

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  1. Sneaky Burrito

    I’m excited about the lip products, not so much about the bronzer. I’m really pale and I can’t wear bronzer because it doesn’t look good on me, I just look like my face is dirty or something. Can always use a good brush. Don’t need eyeliner but oh, well, it will probably get used eventually. It’s a decent month for me. Maybe not my favorite, but I’ve only been getting BoxyCharm for two months so it’s too early to pass judgment.

    1. Jennifer

      Hopefully you can trade the bronzer!

  2. shoppergirl

    I love your box:) I think I may just have to subscribe. Lucky sister in law ! I always want the lipsticks and not the lipglosses and I know I have several glosses coming this month, so if you ever want to trade lipstick for gloss, let me know 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      I will keep that in mind! I really need to get a picture of all the lipsticks she has. I think it’s probably a crazy crazy amount.

  3. Allison

    I’ll always trade for black or charcoal eyeliner. 🙂

  4. Jody

    I am not a lipstick person either, but have about 8 million lip balms. I love the packaging of this lip sheen, and for that reason alone I gave it a try…I’m glad I did. The feel of this is just like a balm. It is light (unlike the tube it comes in!) and not sticky at all. I would give this one a try even if you don’t usually go for lipsticks. It feels luxurious!

    1. Jennifer

      I am always scared to smear it on my lips and then what if I don’t like it? I don’t want to waste it!

  5. Chelsea

    I love Modelco products. We got a lipstick/lipgloss duo in a Popsugar box awhile back and I had to get more. I adore it! It was pricey to have it shipped to Alaska from australia but sort of worth it.

  6. Brandy

    I recieved the exact items in my box same shade but different bronzer and a pink lip liner. I would have much preferred the eyeliner. Boxycharm and Blush Beauty Mystery Box are my favorite subs because there about the same price and $100-200 in luxury items. Awesome! Blush has more skin care and hair care. They are probably my number one sub and the value us usually higher.

    1. Jennifer

      I need to look into Blush Beauty. I haven’t tried them!

  7. Brandy

    I think you will love them. Blush beauty mystery box and boxycharm are two I can’t seem to give up. I’ve given up a lot of the smaller sub boxes but since I just got off the ipsy wait list I’m going to give them a try. Having several sub boxes but now on a budget I really can’t give those two up. Last month Blush totally blew boxycharm out of the water and this month it was a tie.

  8. Vanessa

    Jennifer- I loved your box so much I signed up today. The August box is still available. I am super excited to try the lipstick. The lipstick alone is $22 so the box basically pays for itself, right? (or at least that’s what I tell myself to rationalize yet another subscription:)

    1. Jennifer

      No, this is true! You paid for the lipstick. The rest is just a bonus!

  9. Pam

    I love this box. It might very well be my favorite this month.

  10. Hilda

    My box came yesterday and I got the other bronzer and a lip liner instead of an eye liner. I love this box so much!

  11. YVONNE

    I was amazed by the products in this box, I just had to subscribe to it. I didn’t realize that there were so many lip color variations and two different bronzer brands. I fell in love with the Blowtorch bronzer so I hope I get that one or I will have to try to swap with someone. Wish me luck!

    1. Jennifer

      Fingers crossed you get that one!

  12. Jill

    Boxycharm totally made up for the Birchbox disappointment this month! Got the same lipstick color as you, which is a great color for me, and I love the brush! (I actually signed up for Boxycharm after seeing the brush was in the box because I was going to buy a powder brush anyway and figured the other stuff would be a bonus.) Bronzer is a bit too dark for me, but I’m sure I can swap it. Will have to try out the stain to decide. And, like you, I don’t use black eyeliner, so that will also get swapped. Still a great value though! And good brands!

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