August 2014 Citrus Lane Review – 4 Year Old Boy + Coupon Code 37

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Citrus Lane
Cost: $29/month
Ships To: United States and APO, FPO, and DPO addresses.
Coupon Code: “SAVEHALF” to get 50% off your first box.
August 2014 Citrus Lane

August 2014 Citrus Lane

One of our two August 2014 Citrus Lane boxes arrived today.  This one is the second box we order which is aged for a 4 year-old boy.  It’s right in between L and WB’s age and it tends to have items that both of them like.

If you aren’t familiar, Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box for babies from 0 to 5 years old which contains four or more products selected especially for the age and stage of your child. Citrus Lane  is $29/month, but they have a coupon code “SAVEHALF” which lets you pick up your first box for 50% off! And if you order an annual subscription the price drops down to $19/month.  I always opt for the longer subscription with them because it’s a way better deal.

August 2014 Citrus Lane

The Box

Citrus Lane ships via FedEx Smart Post and took the standard week to arrive.

August 2014 Citrus Lane

First Look

I didn’t seek out a ton of spoilers for this month’s Citrus Lane, but I thought I had a pretty good idea of what was coming anyway.  And based on the first look, I was right!

August 2014 Citrus Lane

The Information Card

The August 2014 Citrus Lane box had “a little something for everyone this month”.  Our four year-old boy box contained the following items:

~Mix & Match Robot from Petit Collage ($15): These cards are super cute and we don’t have anything like it right now!  I was, however, surprised when I opened that big box to find only two decks of cards in it.  The decks have a bunch of cards in them to piece together (3 cards = 1 robot), but the box  just seemed like a little much maybe?

August 2014 Citrus Lane

Mix & Match fromPetit Collage

~Tea for Two from Green Toys (~$11): This set was made just for Citrus Lane, so I had to guess at the price.  I wasn’t expecting it to be such a huge hit with the boys, but they both loved it.  They pretended to have a tea party first (and took turns pouring) and then L actually filled up the teapot at dinner so they could pour their own beverages.  How cute!  I actually have the full set of this stashed away and it appears I need to break that out because they were so into this.

August 2014 Citrus Lane

Tea for Two from Green Toys

August 2014 Citrus Lane

In Action

~Kids Shoe Horn from Jasmine Seven ($3.95): I can honestly say that I have never once considered getting a kids show horn.  I don’t even know where the kids shoes are half the time so I don’t know if I could keep track of this?  I will let L see what he thinks of it in the fall though when he starts wearing real shoes everyday and not just flip-flops.

August 2014 Citrus Lane

Kids Shoe Horn from Jasmine Seven

~Language Video Digital Download from Little Pim ($11.99): This card is good for a digital download for one video in the language of your choice.  I really like that they are allowing us to pick which language we want to work on and will probably download Spanish for the boys.

August 2014 Citrus Lane

Language Video Digital Download from Little Pim

All totaled I came up with a value of $41.61 for the August 2014 Citrus Lane Box.  Not my favorite box they’ve ever done, but the tea pot got such a huge thumbs up and I know (with the exception of the shoe horn) we will use the other two items so I am happy!  I do wish it had a little something else though because the digital download kind of makes it seem like it’s missing something.  Maybe a little hand cream or lip balm or something would have rounded this out nicely!

What did you think of this month’s Citrus Lane box?  What age group box did you get and what came in it?  If you are interested in ordering or just want to learn more, click here and don’t forget to use the coupon code “SAVEHALF” to score 50% off your first box!

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37 thoughts on “August 2014 Citrus Lane Review – 4 Year Old Boy + Coupon Code

  • Beth Rang

    My son actually ended up wanting a shoe horn when he was a little bit older than your older son. It could come in handy if they’re just shoving their feet into their shoes and crushing the heel like my son was doing. 🙁 That was a real problem since it’s terrible on the shoes, but the shoe horn helped.

  • Elizabeth

    We got the teapot, an ice pack, the deck of flashcards and the digital download. I agree that the box felt like it was missing something even though the value was high. I hope that it was just an “off” month and that September is as awesome as the last few months were.

  • kim

    We are getting two CL boxes this month, I really hope we don’t get two tea sets because we already have the full set, they do play with it everyday,But it would just seem like we got nothing new. And that shoe horn 🙁 not my favorite box. I always thought there was a stand for the robot cards in the big box or something.

  • Jenny

    Still waiting on mine. It says Friday but I’m hoping for tomorrow. Pretty sure I’m getting this same box based on the spoilers and I agree it does look a little thin. The money is there but it just looks skimpy. I only paid $7 for it so I’m overly thrilled but for full price I might be wondering what is going on. I remember when I first started getting them though and they always had a food pouch or snack in them and people complained but lately I think that little extra would just make it seem so much better. This is my last for awhile (unless another good code ;)) so we shall see how it goes.

      • Jenny

        It did come today and he immediately said WOW this is heavy I think its toys. LOL Check out my IG I posted a pictured. We had to set up a whole tea party and he is still in there playing with it. He is eating his dinner with N at the table. We have parent open house tonight so they are eating early so M doesn’t have to deal with that. 🙂

  • Genevieve

    I get what is probably the 1-2 year old box and we also received the download (so you’ll probably get one in the other box), Melissa and Doug ABC blocks, a growth chart for the wall (which I don’t have one so it’s great!) and some sort of organic treat (like yogurt melts but it’s veggies) which E keeps looking at and saying “NO” to LOL! Not my favorite box either but I’m hoping the download is fun and engaging. She loves when I play her the lullabys off of youtube.

  • Brisa

    I don’t even have kids yet and I love reading these reviews! Your little one is so cute with the tea set. I’m planning on gifting a couple subscription boxes to some of my friends who have become new moms.. which box would you recommend?

    • Jennifer Post author

      Citrus Lane is one of my favorites! I hear a lot of good things about Mommies First for babies, but I have never tried them myself. They only do 0-12month boxes.

  • Mel

    The Little Pim download was nice…but to put it in perspective – these Little Pim episodes are all available for free on Amazon Prime. So if you are interested in your download, you can access ALL of them on Amazon Prime. My 4YO and 2YO LOVED their tea sets, but the flashcards and mix n match sets from Petite Collage were not interesting to anyone in our house…and a shoe horn? What were they thinking? Citrus Lane is usually one of my favorite boxes so I’m hoping that they’ll have an awesome box next month!

  • Jill

    My box for my 3-year-old daughter had a pink tea set, a nice set of alphabet flash cars with different transportation stuff on them (got to choose–picked that over animals because we have so much animal stuff already), plus the shoe horn and Baby Pim download. I”m especially mystified by the shoe horn, especially because when I looked at it on the company’s website, it said it’s for children AND adults! And I’m not a fan of the download, especially because my daughter has a language delay, so we’re busy enough focusing on improving her English. And downloads do seem like you get less stuff–they’re usually just extras in other boxes. So I’m disappointed overall.

    Hoping I’ll be happier with Bluum and Googaro this month!

  • Steph

    I got a box for my 13 month old. We got a pig with wheels, some lovely smelling lotion that I may steal, a growth chart, and a small reusable ice pack. I LOVED our box and we will all of those things.

  • Mark

    We ordered this box with a coupon code for only $7…honestly, if I had spent $30 I’d be pretty upset with the content. On a positive note, our boys (4.5 and 3) LOVED the tea set….seriously! At first we were kind of confused, seemed more like a girl toy (not to play gender stereotypes), but they immediately sat at the table, asked me to fill it with milk and they started acting like proper English gentlemen…well, as much as a couple of mutts from Buffalo, NY can, I guess haha. So, even with the tea set, I’d have to say this box doesn’t have us considering ordering again from Citrus Lane…it was cool, just can’t justify the price based on this box, which is our first subscription box ever.

    • Jennifer Post author

      I always do the longer subscription and not the month to month so I don’t pay the $30/month either! I like to get a discount on everything!

      I too was amazed at how much my toys liked the tea set. It was tea party time!

      • Mark

        Like you said, I think if we did the longer term subscription at a cheaper price, say $20/month, I’d think it was well worth it. The boys (we actually have three: 4.5, 3, and 1.5) were super excited when the box came, especially because it was for them, that small fact itself has value you can’t easily put into monetary terms. 🙂

      • Brooke

        I agree with AL being pricey but with the lack of quality products coming from Citrus Lane I feel like my $ might be better spent on AL. Maybe just getting it every other month. Just this month with CL- Melissa/doug blocks had rough edges & some of the sides half the printed object was missing, online downloads for videos? Why do kids under 2 need to be watching a video? No thanks! One time use ice packs? Wasteful! A tiny plastic snack container that we can buy more to stack on top of it? The growth chart was nice but we got one in each box and I’m not sure of the longevity of a paper chart. Although I like the idea.

  • Laura

    I much prefer the older boxes this month. At 22 months MandD blocks (not nearly as nice as our Uncle Goose set, growth chart (we had one at 1), and yucky lotion. This is the first month I have been really disappointed. I would have liked the tea set and ABC flashcards in 2-3 boxes. Oh well, I never pay full price for a box.

  • Aimee

    My son is 5. His box is the same as yours. I’m not too interested in the download but he will probably like it. I wasn’t so excited about the shoe horn but he was! I think the tea set is cute. We have some other pieces that match the set. I saved the cards for his quiet-time box (when he has to tag along to a place that’s not so fun like a siblings sports game, or lunch with mommies friends, he’s allowed to pick a prize from the box)

  • cory

    I got 2 boxes this month, one was for my 2 yr daughter, she got alphabet flashcards which she loved…she got the digital download, she also got the tea pot set…it is her 3rd set, she plays with them all…and a cool pack…I thought it was a good box overall but my second box was much better I thought… It was for the baby we are expecting in October… A petit collage growth chart, citrus lane exclusive but all the other growth charts on their website were between 20 and 30, snuggly lotion, a green toys turtle car…and a stackable container…I thought both were great but the newborn box was the Best… Hopefully more good things to come