September 2014 New Beauty TestTube Review + Discount

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NewBeauty TestTube
Cost: $38.90 ($29.95 plus $8.95 shipping)/bi-monthly
Ships To: Continental United States.
Coupon Code: Leave me a comment and I can e-mail you a link for $5 off your first Tube.
September 2014 NewBeauty Test Tube
September 2014 NewBeauty TestTube

The latest September box to arrive was my NewBeauty TestTube which appeared yesterday!  I can’t believe how quickly these September boxes have been rolling in considering that it’s still August and all.

If you aren’t familiar, TestTube is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind sampling program that enables members the opportunity to try a variety of the latest breakthrough beauty products before investing in them, and then share their feedback about the products. Six times a year, for just $29.95 (plus shipping and handling), subscribers receive a TestTube filled with deluxe and full-size products from the hottest beauty brands. Members will also receive a subscription to NewBeauty magazine, delivered quarterly. I should note that this is different than QVC New Beauty Test Tube, which is a quarterly subscription.

September 2014 NewBeauty Test Tube
The Box

NewBeauty TestTube ships via FedEx Smart Post and took the standard Smart Post week to arrive.

September 2014 NewBeauty Test Tube
First Look

This month’s “tube” wasn’t actually a tube at all.  There was a note in there that indicated that the products this month didn’t fit in a tube, but not to worry because the tube would be back for the November shipment.

September 2014 NewBeauty Test Tube
The Information Card

The NewBeauty TestTube information card is one of my favorites out there.  It’s got tons of product information, prices and also details on where to buy it all!  Here is what my September 2014 NewBeauty TestTube included:

~It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product ($10): This product is really suppose to do miracles on your hair!  I sprayed it in my hair briefly and it for sure made it smoother and shinier, but I haven’t been using it long enough to see if it will fix split ends, prevent breakage and help maintain my color like it also promises.

September 2014 NewBeauty Test Tube
It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product

~Equitance Brightening Collection ($37): At first I wasn’t so sure how I felt about getting so many products from the same brand, but after thinking about it some more, I am happy.  This is suppose to to revitalize and brighten skin and you need the entire set to make it work like it’s suppose to, so I will give it few weeks and then form opinions on it.

September 2014 NewBeauty Test Tube
Equitance Brightening Collection

~Eau Thermale Avene ($3.99):  This is pretty much just water in a can, but I like it for hot days when you are out and about.  It’s also suppose to work well with injuries (and diaper rash), so I may have to try that with the kids!

September 2014 NewBeauty Test Tube
Eau Thermale Avene

~Miracle 10 Cosmetics Aha Gentle Exfoliating Cream ($12.80):  This cream is suppose to reduce the look of dry skin, reduce the signs of aging and promote a “glowing, even appearance”.  I can’t tell if it does any of that after just one use, but it made my skin feel nice!

September 2014 NewBeauty Test Tube
Miracle 10 Cosmetics Aha Gentle Exfoliating Cream

~Molten Brown Pink Pepperpod Nourishing Body Lotion ($13.86): Love love love!  I believe that some subscribers got a different brand in place of this lotion, but I am thrilled with the Molten Brown.  It’s certainly something I don’t buy on my own because it’s so spendy, but I love it.  This scent is fabulous and I can’t wait to use it all up.

September 2014 NewBeauty Test Tube
Molten Brown Pink Pepperpod Nourishing Body Lotion

~Lumene BB Serum (Samples): This stuff is fabulous!  It does everything a BB cream does, except it doesn’t have any color to it.  I may have to get the full size of this.

September 2014 NewBeauty Test Tube
Lumene BB Serum

~Your Best Friend Automatic Eyebrow Pencil ($12):  This could end up in the trade pile.  I don’t use an eyebrow pencil so I will pass it on to a friend or trade it for something I do use.

September 2014 NewBeauty Test Tube
Your Best Friend Automatic Eyebrow Pencil

All totaled I came up with a value of $89.65 for the September 2014 NewBeauty TestTube. This one still doesn’t compete with that first one I received back in March, but I am satisfied and will be keeping my subscription for sure!

What do you think of NewBeauty TestTube?  If you want to check them out or learn more, click here. If you want to order, but want a deal, let me know and I can send you an invite that will score you $5 off your first tube.

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  1. Tiffany Pittman

    That It’s a 10 product is my very favorite ever. I have really dry hair and use their oil and this miracle leave in product every day. My hair is incredibly soft and not dry at all. I highly recommend it.

    1. Jennifer

      That is good to hear!

      1. Chris

        I love this too! My husband purchased it for me and now my whole family uses it. Awesome stuff!

  2. Beth K.

    My box had a different lotion (French I think, way too perfumey for me) but it was good sized, and instead of the eyebrow pencil I got a 1 oz. face mask. Pretty underwhelmed with the sizes and all the foil packets, even if there are a bunch of them. I think this sub is getting cancelled. Debating on just replacing it with Memeboxes or Petit Vour or Boxycharm.

    1. Jennifer

      I so would have preferred a face mask to the liner!

  3. Nancy M.

    I received the same items, but I was kind of surprised that the booklet showed Memoire Liquide and stated that each TestTube would include one of the three pictured tubes . The Molton Brown and Pencil weren’t mentioned at all– I guess they took the place of the Liquide?

    1. Jennifer

      I wonder if you got the wrong information book? I think some people did get the Memoire Liquide??

      1. Nancy M.

        It was strange because everything else in the booklet was correct– was your Molton Brown and eye pencil shown in your booklet?

        1. Jennifer

          The Molton Brown was. The eye pencil wasn’t.

      2. Mary

        My booklet showed the Molton Brown lotion, which I was excited about, but I got the Memoire Liquide, which I am not excited about 🙁
        I think that they had a little mix-up when putting the boxes together. Oh, and I got a Your Best Friend face primer which was not in my booklet either. Is all good 🙂

        1. Jennifer

          My book showed the Molton Brown too. It didn’t show the Best Friend item though.

  4. Lindi

    I was totally hoping for the Molton Brown lotion and instead got another lotion (even though my book showed Molton Brown) 🙁

    1. Jennifer


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