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Two Questions today…..

~Would you rather a room be too hot or too cold? This is a tough one because in the winter I want everything to be super hot inside. In the summer, I want it to be too cold. But if I had to pick, I think I would say too hot.  I am just not into being freezing cold. I think there is a battle in homes and offices across the country about the thermostat. Women usually want it warmer. Men usually want it colder!

~Are you a city person, a suburbs person or a country person?  I am a suburbs girl (obviously), but I so want to live in a city someday for a year or two.  New York or Chicago would be ideal. To not have a car and to be able to walk or take public transportation to everything would be crazy to me.  If you have moved to a city from the suburbs, how long does that take to adjust to?  Detroit has just about no public transportation so if you live here you pretty much need a car!  Maybe when the kids are in college we can try city life!

I can’t wait to hear everyone’s answers!!!  Hope you are having a great Tuesday so far!

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  1. PA Anna

    Too cold. I hate being hot. I’m a country gal. We have a place in the country and live in the suburbs.

  2. Chrissy

    I would much rather a room be too cold! You can always add more layers but you can only take off so many before things get indecent, lol.

    I grew up in the country and it is not for me. The privacy is nice but I used to feel so isolated. Where I am now is perfect – very busy southern NJ suburbs, 15 minutes from Philly and a little more than an hour from NYC! All the benefits of city life but I get to keep my car!

    1. Jennifer

      That is a good distance! Can you get into the city (NYC) without a car? That would be ideal!

      1. Chrissy

        You can but you’d still need a ride to the Patco station which is about 5-7 minutes away. My bff lives in Brooklyn so I just part at her place and we take the train in!

  3. Heather@mylittleboxblog

    I definitely pick too cold as I hate the heat! I like it to be nice and cold inside even in the summer. Of course I live in KS and it’s super hot here right now – ask me in January and I will probably have a different answer 🙂

    I’ve always lived in the suburbs and the city really doesn’t appeal to me as it’s too crowded. It would be nice to walk places though and when I visited Boston I took the subway everywhere and it was nice not to have to worry about where to park!

    1. Jennifer

      It’s super cold in my house right now and I love it! Outside however, is a different story. SO HOT!

  4. Amelia

    I’d prefer being too cold. Whenever I’m in a cold place without a jacket, I think about how my body burns extra calories to maintain its temperature. Probably not enough to be significant, but it still makes me feel like I’m doing something good…haha.

    I’m suburban, too.

    1. Jennifer

      I never thought about that with the cold thing!

    2. Annie

      Your body actually expends extra calories to cool itself when you get too hot too. So you can feel virtuous in all sorts of uncomfortable weather! 🙂

  5. Casey

    I live in Dubai and honestly sometimes I just drive places because you get so sick of walking everywhere. You have to remember that you will end up carrying a lot of stuff (groceries, etc.) more often than not and it gets old. However, being around so many 24 hour restaurants, bakeries, and small shops is a plus. I guess it really all depends on experience! 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      Ohhh, how long have you lived in Dubai? I would love the 24 hour thing!

  6. Jenny

    I’m going with too hot too. I can’t stand the cold and since I bundle up even in the summer in the house it could be a little warmer. Funny Ns teacher is a little bit older then us 😉 and he keeps telling me her room is freezing so he actually took a hoodie in to leave at his chair for when he is just so cold. He isn’t normally a cold kid so she must keep it fridged in there. LOL
    I’m a suburb girl too and I think I could adjust to the city but I do not want to do the country. I need to be close to shopping and all other major things and not have to drive forever to get anywhere just not my thing.

    1. Jennifer

      I think I could adjust to the city much easier than the country. What would I do if I was hours away from a Target? I couldn’t handle that.

      1. Wanica McNeil

        I’m in the country most of the time. I live vicariously tru you in your Target clearance hauls and tj Maxx shops:)


    I’d rather be hot, unless I’m sleeping then I want it cold enough where I can add quilts. Even in July.

    I’m a suburbs kind of girl. And I currently live in Houston, but I live as on the outskirts as I can possibly be. If I moved to a city w/ public transportation… It would be Paris. I’ve been there twice and you can get anywhere walking or riding the tubes. It is great. And it is so beautiful there. I kind of wish I could get places here w/o having to drive everywhere. I also like how Europe has zippy trains you can catch to go between cities. Right now it is a 12 hr drive for me to go to my parents house. Wouldn’t it be epic just to catch a train and be able to sleep and eat and read all the way there?

    1. Jennifer

      It would be incredible to be able to take a FAST train from city to city!!!

  8. Kelsey Ellen

    City for sure.
    N and I are plotting to move out to Seattle in the next 5 years or so. I’d get rid of my car.. and he might with his too. Between the awesome bus system, being able to walk everywhere downtown, and the existence of zip car and ferries, I think we’re set no matter what.

    1. Jennifer

      And you can get your nails done at Julep!

      1. Kelsey Ellen

        I actually ‘accidently’ stumbled upon one when I was with N there 2 weeks ago.
        I claimed it was an accident, dragged him in and made him pick out a polish. I didn’t get the maven pricing at the shop, but I didn’t even care. it was really cool to see everything in person

  9. Laura K

    Too cold. You can bundle up, but too hot is just too hot.

    I live in the burbs, but I’m moving to the country. I’ve worked in the city, and my college years were spent downtown, but I won’t live there. Public transportation took soooooooooo much longer than getting around by car, and I was held hostage to their schedule. One time I had to take a train, and a bus, but the train was delayed which would have left me stranded for an hour in the summer heat if I hadn’t called for a ride. A friend in New York City told me about how “close” the train station was her to apartment, and it was 1/4 of a mile! Can you imagine hauling your groceries home on a hot day? Anything heavy? Then you get a taxi, and the cost soars. The cost of my car (car itself, maintenance, insurance, gas) is less than the added cost of living in the city. I also don’t want to live in a rabbit hutch.

    1. Jennifer

      The grocery thing always has me wondering. I guess I would just shop for a day or two at a time??

  10. Brianna

    I live in Chicago, and it’s pretty awesome. Our car was in the shop this week, but I could still walk to the bank, grocery, restaurants, post office, hospital, drug store, and an L train stop that would take me anywhere else.
    I grew up in rural Indiana, and I do miss the openness, but our kid is growing up in so much more of a diverse place, with so many more opportunities available. Like, how many kids get to go to Chinatown for the Mid-Autumn Festival or take the train to meet dad for lunch? I sure didn’t. We don’t have a yard, but there are great playgrounds 1/2 a block away (that I don’t have to mow) and a community garden plot that we’ve been playing in and getting loads of veggies from all summer. So really, even the annoyances of city life are relieved with a little effort. And the positives are just too cool. Someday though, I want my hobby farm.

    1. Jennifer

      Ahhh, where in chicago do you live? Can you adopt me???

  11. Laura

    Too cold. I live in AZ and it’s hot outside pretty much the entire year. I need it to be cold inside! You can always put more layers or blankets on, but you can only remove so much clothing before you’re naked!

    I’m definitely a city person. The public transportation here is a joke though. I’ve had to use the bus a couple times and it literally never came when I needed it (and I waited forever on a major bus route) so I ended up walking like 9 miles home.. in the middle of summer. Which was probably at least 110F! I did enjoy my 5 month stay in rural Wisconsin this past winter though! The small town-ness was really neat, though it was lacking in a huge variety of restaurants. Now would be perfect for living there though, my boyfriend has to have a low sodium diet to lower his blood pressure which means we pretty much never eat out anymore.

    1. Jennifer

      Ohh I couldn’t handle AZ heat! That is too much! I swear if I had to take a bus around here I would never make it. It would take hours!

  12. Stacie

    I think too hot… but within reason of course. I can’t stand being cold!
    I’m definitely more of a country girl. But not like backwoods country. More like small town country… You know, like the town NEXT to the suburbs? That’s for me!

    1. Jennifer

      LOL! That makes sense!

  13. Avalon

    For the first question, I would say I am a more too cold person. When it is too hot you can’t get more naked than you already are, lmao. And for the second I am a city/suburb person. I like activities but I like my quiet too. I live in NY and I refused to give up my car. But NY is just too much sometimes. I lived out of state for a few years so I know the difference.

    1. Jennifer

      I cannot even imagine dealing with parking in NYC!

  14. Jacquelyn Noell

    I prefer cold. I can always add clothes/blanket but it is harder to take em off. I do not like being uncomfortably warm. My husband is obsessed with heat though.

    And I grew up on military installations/cities my whole life. I now live in the country-ish. I miss not being able to walk/take a bus/train what have you to whereever I need to go. I hate that I have to plan my shopping trips on a 20+ minutes one way drive anywhere. Heaven forbid I forget something at the grocery store. But once I am home…the privacy, seeing stars, and quiet are so worth it.

    1. Jennifer

      That would be hard because I constantly forget things!

      1. Jacquelyn Noell

        I am that weirdo with the shopping list and print outs of my Mperks because I can not stand having to go back out. And when I need to go to department stores I just hit up Hall Road from one end to the other and make a day out of it.
        I also just do a lot of the shopping on my way home from work since I work an hour away from where I live.

  15. Elizabeth

    I would always rather be too hot than too cold. And, I’m a total suburbs girl. I like going into cities, but I don’t want to live there.

  16. Erin S.

    I lived in Chicago for a year and loved every second of it! The nice thing is you are so close to so many great suburbs like Long Grove and Naperville that when you need a city break it is there and you can just take the train. I miss it all the time! Plus, can I just say, the zoo is completely free – so many great free activities.

    I lived in NY most of my life – that city is too big for me, I like Chicago much better (although the food is a tie).

    1. Jennifer

      I would love to live in Chicago!

  17. Kristine

    I’d rather it be too cold, then I could snuggle up in my blanket.

    I moved from San Francisco to San Diego, which is not as compact of a city, and it was a bit of an adjustment. Then a couple years ago we moved to a place that was in between suburban and country, and I think I’m still adjusting. I miss things being open on Sundays and just the variety of places to take the kids, eat, and shop. I thought I’d be okay anywhere with a Target, and there are 3 within 10 miles, but there’s just so much time one can spend in Target. (Blasphemous, I know. I never thought in a million years I’d ever think or type that.) I want back to San Diego.

    1. Jennifer

      SF and SD are both fabulous places! I am jealousy. I can’t imagine things not being open on Sunday!

  18. carolyn

    cold i can dress warmer or grab a blanket but its hard to fix to hot

    defiently country i never liked living in the city and i don’t believe i would like the suburbs either

  19. Kathy

    Definitely too cold. Cannot wait for summer to be over. And my dream is to move to a walking city. I live in L.A. where you have to drive everywhere and I would so not miss my car.

  20. Mallory B

    I would rather be too cold. I love cuddling up in sweats and blankets in front of the fireplace. My husband mad I battle over the thermometer – he always wants to crank it up way too high.

    Right now I live in a small town. Not country, but definitely not suburbs. I’d like to experience city life for a bit, and then maybe live as a hermit in the woods (with internet access of course)

    1. Jennifer

      I always have to be bear internet!

  21. Kristin S.

    I’d rather it be cold and need to bundle up. I don’t mind the heat per se, but trying to work in my office while being overheated…ick! Not that it’s a problem here. I work with a bunch of men and it’s cold in here in the winter and it’s cold from the crankin’ A/C in the summer. I wear a sweater in the office year round!

    Definitely a suburbs girl. Although I love a good trip to a cabin in the mountains or little house on the beach….but only for vacation. 😉 City life would be fun with no kids I think….it just sounds like a lot more work getting places, shopping, etc. I can’t imagine wrangling my boys on public transportation daily! Props to those who do!

    1. Jennifer

      I think that would be difficult on city transportation with kids!

  22. Rebecca

    Too cold, definitely. I’ve worked in -48 degree weather and preferred it to a humid summer heat!

    I have lived in cities all my life (DC and Baltimore) and just bought a house waaaaay out in the countryside and I am in heaven. I miss the great food in the city but not much else. It’s so lovely here. I think the right answer is to try both city and country life …and then you probably end up in the suburbs anyway, haha. But I feel like I live at a bed & breakfast. I’m never leaving. The city is for visits only from now on!

    1. Jennifer

      -48??? Where did you work????

      1. Rebecca

        North Pole, Alaska. Had to work there for about a month last year. 🙂

  23. Ally

    I am from the Chicago suburbs and I went to school at U of I – Chicago and it was the best 4 years of my life. I didn’t own a car until I graduated and moved to central IL. Sometimes it was annoying to do grocery shopping and use the L or take a bus, but the diversity of culture and restaurants more than made up for it.

    I am a vegetarian and don’t have any restaurants near where I live, but when I visit friends/family in Chicago there is usually a vegan/vegetarian restaurant within walking distance.

    My mission now is to move back up there 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      I do not blame you one bit!

  24. mirta

    I have never lived anywhere except in a big city (inside the city) and never drove a car although I know how to drive it. I enjoy it like this, I couldn’t be able to live differently. I love subways and streetcars and whatnot 🙂 since we don’t want kids its easy for us like this but we will most probably get a car next year for convenience purposes and some easy not too far away travelling.

  25. Hannah

    1. I guess I’d say too hot, because it seems like I’m always cold.
    2. I would like to visit cities for an extended amount of time, but I could never live in one. I have grown up in neighborhoods, but I would love to have some land and a nice long driveway.

  26. Debbie

    I now like the cold because I became obsessed with my electric blanket. We kept the thermostat down and got under the covers and it had 2 controls so we were both happy. so much snow last year. I also like the suburbs. I work in Atlantic City NJ and live 20 mins out.

    1. Jennifer

      I might need to get an electric blanket for this winter! That sounds so cozy!

  27. JacLyn

    I think a room that’s too cold is better. It’s easier to get warmer if you are cold (put on a sweater/blanket/have hot cocoa/etc.) than it is to get cooler if you are warm.

    I’m a country girl! That’s where I grew up and that’s where we live now. 🙂 I love the quiet. <3 We are surrounded by farmers' fields and a couple months ago the cows got out and were walking around our house. My girls were having a great time looking at them. They came right up to our porch and were eating the flowers off it! How crazy! A local farmer came by with his dog and drove them back home, but it was a really cool experience. 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      That is crazy! We had a goat in our backyard once and thought that was pretty crazy considering we live in the burbs!

      My husband’s mom actually has cows (he grew up in the country) and I know they get out from time to time!!!

  28. Sam Stamp

    I would rather be too cold. My reasoning is that you can always put more clothes on but can only take so much clothes off. Also I have a tendency to get sick when it is hot out. Summer is enjoyable but can be difficult for me. I am a suburb person. I don’t like all the craziness living in the city brings or how secluded living in the country can make you. Living within walking distance of a store is my kind of place!

  29. Lia

    Would definitely prefer a room be too cold. I can’t sleep without at least a sheet covering me and the cozier the better.

    I’ve always lived in and around LA and here even if you do live “in the city” you will still have a hard time without a car. They’re working on it though. My carless friend from San Francisco reports it was much easier to get around on public transportation this summer than the last time he visited two years ago.

    I live in a suburb but we are only about a mile from a university so our neighborhood is semi-walkable. There’s even three places that have been featured on Food Network on our street within a few blocks. I could walk to the grocery store too I suppose but it’s too far to lug a bunch of bags back.

    1. Lia

      I suppose I should say it’s too far to lug bags back because there isn’t a frequent bus. When I lived in Berkeley the grocery store was further but the bus came every twenty minutes or so (both the store and my apartment were on the same major street). It’s more common up north to take a bus or train just a few stops.

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