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Fancy Box Options
Fancy Box Options

If you are anything like me, you think the Fancy Box website is a little (okay a lot) confusing. They have a ton of different subscription box options available so I thought I would do a quick breakdown of them.

Here are the Fancy Boxes currently available right now:
~(NEW) iJustine Fancy Box ($39)
~Culinary Fancy Box ($39)
~Rockettes Fancy Box ($39)
~Nicky Hilton Fancy Box ($39)
~T-Pain Fancy Box ($39)
~Snoop Dogg Fancy Box ($42)
~Fancy – Mystery Box ($10 / $20 / $40)
~Fancy Food Box ($39)
~Verbal Fancy Box ($39)
~Coco Rocha Fancy Box ($39)
~Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box ($39)
~Kelly Rowland Fancy Box
~Fancy Box ($39)

And below is a listing of Fancy Boxes which have been discontinued:
~Pink Fancy Box
~Ashton Kutcher Fancy Box
~Tyler Florence Fancy Box
~Isaac Mizrahi Fancy Box (This one never actually did launch. Not sure if it will down the road?)

There have also been various Limited Edition Fancy Boxes like the Mother’s Day Fancy Box, the Valentine’s Fancy Box, etc.

I am planning on doing something similar for Quarterly Co. boxes this week because that’s another one that changes things up a lot. Hope this helps someone out there!

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  1. Jenny

    Oh WOW lots of choices. I think you totally need to do a different one every month so that you can try them all out. 😉

    1. Jennifer

      There are even more Quarterly Co. boxes! It’s crazy!

  2. I am pretty bitter about the Isaac Mizrahi one not launching. All I can guess is that it’s QVC contractual thing!

    btw those bandaids in the next post? GROSSS (halloween food)

    1. Jennifer

      Aren’t those so nasty? Ahhh!!!

      And I know, I wanted to try that box too!

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