Latest Additions to the Subscription Box List ~ 9.21.14 Update

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Below are the latest additions (all were added as of 9.21.14) just added to the Monthly Subscription Box List and other updates made to the subscription box list.  You can also find them book marked here.

Added to the menu bar as well.
Added to the menu bar as well.

**Beauty / Cosmetic / Makeup Boxes**

~Scentbird: $14.95/month. Scentbird is a monthly fragrance subscription service. Each month you will receive an 8 ml purse spray of any fragrance of your choice (enough perfume to apply daily for a whole month) along with a custom perfume atomizer which arrives in your first box to protect your perfume. Scentbird has over 300 fragrances to choose from and if you opt not make a selection they will send you their monthly featured scent.

**Coffee / Tea / Cocoa Boxes**

~Steepist: $23/month. Steepist is a monthly tea subscription box. Each box is carefully curated with 4 tea samples with 4 -5 servings each. It also comes with tea sleeves so you can start your tea experience right away.

**Craft / Hobby Boxes**

~My Cake Decorating: $19.96/month. My Cake Decorating sends you a kit with 3 new guides and 3 new sets of tools plus lots of inspiring new projects and recipes each month.

**Fitness Boxes**

~Wantable Fitness: $20/styling fee + selections. Wantable Fitness sends you five hand-picked premium fitness apparel items priced at around $65 each. You can try them on in the comfort of your home and decide which items you wish to keep and which you’d like to return. You are billed for only the items you keep and the styling fee is deducted from the cost of the kept items.

**Kids Boxes**

~Artsy Fartsy: $24.95/month. Artsy Fartsy is a monthly subscription service that delivers do-it-yourself arts and craft activities for your kids directly to your door each month. Each delivery will contain all the raw materials and instructions needed to complete three activities. Boxes are available for boys and girls and are also separated into two different age groups (2-5 and 6-10).

~Doodle Crate: $19.90/month.  Doodle Crate, from the makers of Kiwi Crate is designed for girls 9 – 16+ and aims to inspires girls to learn new crafting skills and express themselves creatively. Every crate includes all the materials and inspiration for DIY projects such as patterned pouches, friendship bracelets, or colorful candles.

~Koala Crate: $19.90/month. Koala Crate, from the makers of Kiwi Crate, is designed for kids 3-4 years old and parks kids’ natural creativity and curiosity while saving time for busy parents. Every crate includes all the materials and inspiration for projects related to a theme such as colors, transportation or safari.

~Tinker Crate: $19.90/month.  Tinker Crate, from the makers of Kiwi Crate, is designed for kids 9 – 14+ and is designed to help them gain crucial STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills through hands-on activities that are also seriously fun. Every crate includes all the materials and inspiration for a super-cool project related to a theme such as motors, trebuchets, or slime.

**Men’s Grooming Boxes**

~Luxury Barber Box: $29.99/month. Luxury Barber Box is a monthly grooming subscription box for men. Each month you will receive over 10 products from various grooming categories plus a full size product showcasing their Brand of the Month.

**Miscellaneous Boxes**

~The Heady Box: The Heady Box is a monthly subscription box for the cannabis community. Each box includes a limited edition hard enamel hat pin, a limited edition Rig Rag, and a sticker pack. In addition, you will be getting at least four other items which could include t-shirts, containers, lighters, dabbers, other clothing items, and other items.

~PufferBox: $25.98/month. PufferBox is a monthly subscription box jam-packed with the best smoking accessories delivered right to your door in a discreet package. Boxes contain 5 – 10 items including smoking accessories, snacks and treats, and apparel and other memorabilia.

**Other Subscription Box News**

~The Organically Green Soap Company: The website for this company no longer exists and the company appears to have closed their doors.

~Whimseybox: Whimseybox hasn’t made any official announcement that they are closing their doors, however, August boxes have yet to ship. In addition, there has been no communication from Whimseybox since a posting on their Facebook page about the delays on September 9th.  Lots of subscribers have contacted their credit card companies to file a dispute for the boxes that were billed but not shipped.

As always, if I have missed any new boxes or if you know of any box news I have missed, please let me know!

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  1. Nancy M.

    Do you know anything about Taste For Sweets discontinuing? I’ve tried to contact them several times with no response and no box received this month. Looks like their FB page hasn’t updated recently, but I haven’t officially heard anything…

  2. PA Anna

    I feel bad for posting this especially since I was the one who brought it to your attention. I’m not sure what is going on with A&J Smelly Goods. Maybe everything is OK, but the FaceBook page is quiet and people are wondering if there will be boxes in September.

    1. Jennifer

      I will look into that one! Thanks! did you subscribe?

      1. PA Anna

        My sister subscribed and received the August box in September. She loves the box. She is unsure if she will be charged again for a box.

  3. Kimm Jones Furlotte

    Just read through all the complaints on Whimseybox on their Facebook page! So glad I had canceled mine a couple months before all the problems started. I read a lady paid for a full year $165 and not sure she will get any of that back or not. Another reason why I may pay a little more but will only commit to one month at a time and not the 3 month, 6 month 12 months deals etc. It’s too bad, Whimseybox was a fun box.

    1. mary m

      Yeah that’s too bad about Whimseybox. Loved getting it…

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