PopSugar Must Have Boxes on Rue La La!

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PopSugar on Rue La La
PopSugar on Rue La La

PopSugar Must Have Boxes on are Rue La La right now! You can pick up one introductory PopSugar box for $24.95 (a $39.95 value)!  This is an amazing deal and I’ll be picking one up some holiday gifts with this deal for sure.  Just a heads up that you will be enrolled in the monthly subscription when you redeem this, so kept that in mind and if you don’t want to keep it make sure you cancel.
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  1. Joan

    Hi! I’m new to popsugar. Is the introductory box the same as the monthly box? Do you know if this deal can be used to purchase the September box? Thanks. =)

    1. Jennifer

      Yes, I think it is, but I don’t know for sure. All the pictures show monthly boxes.

  2. Sara

    What month will this start with? My subscription just ended so I definitely am on the lookout for new codes but I already got the SEPT box.

    1. Jennifer

      I would think it’s September, but I really don’t know? PopSugar customer service could probably help?

      1. Sara

        I guess its just a voucher. I think I can hold onto it for a few weeks and use it for October.

        1. Stacey

          I’m waiting until October too 🙂 I happened to have a $4.15 credit on ruelala, so I feel like I scored big LOL

  3. caitlin

    Can you do this is you have an inactive account?

    1. Jennifer

      It says new, so I don’t really know?

  4. Avalon

    And I have a $10 credit! Woop woop!

  5. Ashley

    So is this what comes in the package? Or are they saying this is an example?


    These surprise-filled shipments include a mix of full-sized loot. No mini samples here.
    Every item has been carefully approved by a POPSUGAR editor.
    You’ll get a little bit of everything ? from jewelry (August 2014’s box featured Kendra Scott earrings) and on-trend scarves (like the Tilo ombr? number in September boxes while supplies last) to the latest makeup trends and exercise musts.

    1. Jennifer

      I read it as an example.

  6. Jill Banks Geraci

    I wonder what they mean by “introductory box”? I’m assuming there is a pre-determined box that all who use this deal will get? So it wouldn’t necessarily be the same as what regular monthly subscribers get? At least this is how I read it. Maybe like Birchbox does when someone redeems a gift – they get the intro/welcome box?

    1. Jennifer

      I am not sure? I think they were on Rue La La in the past and it was a normal box that was sent??

  7. Maddy

    The introductory box is not the same as the monthly box. In the details section it says that, ” You’ll get a little bit of everything ? from jewelry (August 2014’s box featured Kendra Scott earrings) and on-trend scarves (like the Tilo ombr? number in September boxes while supplies last) to the latest makeup trends and exercise musts.”

    Does anyone know where to put in a promo code in Ruelalala?

    1. Jennifer

      Now I read that as just an example of what types of items you could expect to find. Who knows though?

    2. Jennifer

      Because the scarf and the earrings together would make the intro box quite valuable and that seems to good to be true!

      1. Vanessa

        Same here. I read it that way as well. They are just giving an example. I bet its the monthly box for sure. If you sign up now you get Sept., but if you were to hold off until later in the month, you can get Oct. and/or even Nov. because it is good until Nov. 19th.

  8. Ashley

    The deal is a little confusing because it says “Expect your introductory Must Have Box within one-and-a-half weeks after voucher redemption. Subsequent subscription boxes will ship by the second week of each month.” So it does sound like maybe it’s a random intro box and then after that you’d get the regular monthly box

  9. Maria A.

    It says you can use the voucher from Sept 19 – Nov 19…

  10. Heather Harrington

    I had a $25 credit in my account, so I just got this box for free! I was jealous of the scarf and nike code in this months box, so hopefully it starts with September!

    1. Jennifer


  11. S

    The voucher comes with a picture of the August box…
    And it says to order between Sep 19 – Nov 19, so I don’t know if they had extras of that box and decided to lower the price as a result?

    1. Jennifer

      I didn’t get my voucher yet???

      1. Nicole A.

        Jennifer- check your junk box. For whatever reason, everything went to my inbox except the actual voucher, I found it in my junk box.

        1. Jennifer

          You are totally right. That’s where it was. Thank you!

      2. S

        That’s odd, mine delivered to my email within the hour.

        1. Jennifer

          It was in my spam!

  12. Alexa Angell

    Anyone else getting a message that the PopSugar Must Have site is offline for maintenance. But the message still says through the 16th?!?!

    1. Jennifer

      It should be up now?? I’ve been able to get on okay today? Maybe delete your cookies?

  13. Ashley

    They confirmed on their Facebook page that the Rue La La deal is for the regular monthly box, not a special intro box

    1. Jennifer

      Good to know!

  14. Rose D.

    I think “Introductory Box” just means your first box. And if you redeem right away, you would still get the Sept. box within 1-1.5 weeks.

    At least I hope so. I bought one for October redemption! (Again, I hope)

    Also, I haven’t gotten my voucher yet either.

    1. Jennifer

      My voucher was in my spam! But the confirmation was in my inbox. So odd.

  15. Hannah

    I’m canceling Love With Food today & was thinking about signing up for Popsugar with this deal…then I got my credit card bill 🙁

  16. Amanda

    I tried Popsugar for two months last year and cancelled. I wonder if this would work for me or is it only for brand new customers?

  17. Sarah

    I had a credit that I had no idea existed? I got it for free!

    1. Jennifer

      I love when that happens!

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