PopSugar Must Have Fall Style Spoilers!!!

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PopSugar Must Have Box Fall Style Spoilers
PopSugar Must Have Box Fall Style Spoilers

Thanks to the ladies over at MUT, we’ve got spoilers for the PopSugar Must Have Fall Style Box! Here’s what’s inside:

~Make Silk Cream Lipstick ($25)
~Marchesa Voyage For Shopstyle Printed Scarf ($140)
~Capsule Parfums Byway Eau de Parfume ($38)
~Joie Zorina Knit Hat ($98)
~Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser ($32)
~SugarPova Chic Gummy Candy ($5.99)

All totaled I came up with a value of $338.99 for the PopSugar Must Have Fall Style Box!  This box is now sold out, but cost $100 when it was available. I need to get everything in my hands and check it out in person before I really decide what I think, but so far so good. What are your thoughts?  Are you okay with a scarf in this box and the regular September box?

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

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  1. Kristina Moya

    Love it, but glad I didn’t order it 🙂 It would make a great monthly box.

  2. HeatherP

    Not in love :/ I do not like that the scarf and the hat dont go together in some way. I’m hopin gi love it when i get it tho.

  3. HeatherP

    And my scarf collection is growing at an all to rapid rate. I may hald back next special edition. Sorry in advance for my muttering, I’m just a little not wowed at the moment.

  4. I think the scarves will be different enough that I’m Ok with having two. I was hoping for a Joie scarf though! The hat is cute but it will be many months before I can even think of wearing that.

    1. Jennifer

      I wanted Joie mittens!

  5. Frances

    I’m definitely ok with two scarves. I like the looks of the hat too. I hate perfumes though and so do the folks I give “my extras” too. Oh well. It’s still a good value.

  6. S

    Anyone know if these are all the items in the box? Or if there will be others included?

    1. Jennifer

      I think this is it. The person who posted these had actually gotten her box.

  7. Shawn

    Not sure what to think of this mix until the box actually gets in my hands. It really doesn’t scream, “FALL” to me at all but seems like a decent box. I’m most intrigued by the fragrance that’s described as, “a sweet fragrance inspired by one unforgettable lap dance”. Huh? HAHAHA

    1. Jennifer

      I don’t know what a lap dance smells like, but I wouldn’t think it would be something you’d want to bottle up? I guess we’ll find out!

  8. A

    Someone has already listed the hat and scarf on ebay if you want to see closer pics

    1. Jennifer

      Awesome! I will check it out.

  9. Rachel Faulkner

    I was hoping for a throw blanket. The scarf isn’t my color for sure. I will make a lovely gift for my MIL’s birthday though.

    1. Jennifer

      I am always hoping for a throw!

  10. Liz

    uggg! cant say I’m super impressed. now the value is totally there but maybe its because it really does not get that cold in southern California, so no need to for a hat, scarf maybe! lol

  11. Chelsea

    Ehh, for $100 this box just doesn’t do it for me. First off… a scarf in both boxes? That’s kind of boring. Not to mention, our March box had a blue and black scarf. They could have at least given us a different color option. I wouldn’t pay $140 for a scarf and I wouldn’t pay $100 for a beanie (even if I did wear them)… so I feel like the real value here is a bit stretched. I feel like they could have done so much more with a fall special edition box. I’m disappointed. I wont be ordering another special edition box… just the monthly box.

    1. Jennifer

      I don’t think I would pay $100 for a hat either. Maybe $30???

  12. Jennifer D

    I think it’s missing something…either a bag, pouch or something jewelry like. Every special edition has had 7 items…this spoiler has 6.

    1. HeatherP

      Maybe that’s why I’m so mehhh about it. One more item and it may be a bit more worth it for me.

  13. Hilda

    I’m not sure what I was expecting for this box but seeing the spoilers I can’t help but be a little disappointed. Maybe I was thinking we’d get things that aren’t usually in the regular boxes. I’m certain the quality of the items are very high but at the end of the day we get lipsticks, perfumes and scarves in the monthly subscription box. Maybe I should wait until I see it myself but I’m contemplating selling this box unopened if anyone is interested.

  14. Beth Rang

    That’s a pretty scarf!

  15. Deborah

    I am wishing now that I didn’t buy this box now. I would of liked to see maybe one of the new fall make-up pallets coming out and Hourglass ambient lighting palette, or anything but a scarf since Sept box is having one… oh well 🙁

    1. Jennifer

      I am really surprised they did two scarves!

    2. Roxanne

      I’m with you Deborah. I figured it would be practically anything other than another freaking scarf. Don’t get me wrong they’ve sent us some nice scarves over the last years, but these two will make SIX scarves I’ve received from them since I started subscribing. It’s a bit much. And I’m disappointed in the hat… Aside from the fact that beanies do not look good on me, I would expect something like that in a winter box, not a fall box. I’m in Atlanta, I have zero need for that hat. Such a shame. No wonder they didn’t want to release a proper spoiler… they knew they had nothing good to show.

  16. A

    Instead of the lipstick… I would have loved a makeup palette.

  17. Kyla

    It could be gloves in the September box. But this is why I don’t understand why everyone always loves everything popsugar does. My first box was the horrific January 2013 box, so I’ve been waiting to get a scarf from them. On the one hand it’s good for those that didn’t buy the special box. On the other hand it’s a waste Of money too because scarves are great but not original and we certainly don’t need two back to back. However, if a scarf is an indication that we might FINALLY get a box similar to the September 2012 box that I never experienced, than maybe we are off to a good start.

    1. Jennifer

      They announced that scarf spoiler for September. That purple ombre looking one. I hope they ship September soon so we can find out what’s all in it!!

      1. Kyla

        Last I heard was from Liz at MSA that the only spoiler for September was just wool, cashmere, and Joie, and they have gloves that match that description as well as a scarf.

        1. Jennifer

          Oh no, the Joie wool / cashmere was the spoiler for the Fall Box. The scarf (the dip dye / ombre one) is the spoiler for the September box.

  18. Cortney

    I don’t mind a scarf in the LE box as well as the monthly. I love scarves for fall and I like the print (well, from the picture). The only thing I’m a little Ehhh about it the fragrance but I’m sure it will be great. Very excited to receive mine and give it a proper look over. Thanks for the spoilers, I was trying so hard to stay about from spoilers but this girl has no willpower.

    1. Jennifer

      Same here. I have zero willpower not to look.

  19. Sara

    I’m happy with the value of the box and I’ll definitely use everything in it (unless the gummy bears have gelatin, which I don’t eat). I do think it’s weird that PS is including a scarf in this box when we’re getting a scarf in the monthly box. It seems to be a pattern now that the SE boxes have a ‘higher end’ version of something in the regular monthly box. Although, the value of the scarf in the SE box isn’t really that much higher than the one in the regular box. I’m fine with that. . .although a bit worried the scarf might not be as contemporary as I’d prefer. I was *really* hoping for a wallet but this is really a nice box and I’m thrilled the brands include Joie and Marchesa.

    1. Jennifer

      I wouldn’t have been sad with a new wallet!

  20. Chrissy

    I am a scarf junkie so two is more than fine for me! However, I’m a little “meh” about a full-size fragrance – that can be such a hit or miss item.

    1. Jennifer

      The description alone has me very anxious to smell it.

      1. Chrissy

        It sounds like it will work for me but its still a gamble. Although I suppose paying $100 for a box of unknown items is also a gamble, lol!

  21. Sarah

    I swore I wouldn’t look, but I looked. Thoughts:

    1. The scarf is beautiful, but I’m concerned that I’m also getting a scarf in the regular September box. Hopefully the scarf in the September box is meant for outdoors and they’re not both indoors? It’s a beautiful print, though.

    2. Hat: I like it, but I hope it fits, unlike the hat from the summer box — it was too small for my big head. I think hats are risky because of that.

    3. I hope the perfume smells good. If it’s delightful to me, I’ll be pretty pleased.

    4. The cleanser: I have to be really careful what I use on my skin. I’m literally a Dr. Bronner’s soap for body wash and a Simple Foaming Face Wash and that’s it, otherwise I flare up. However, I am so happy that the ingredient list is minimal and there’s no added fragrance. This could be good. It’s nice that you can clean your makeup brushes with it, too.

    5. The lipstick: please do not be red.

    6: The candy: a cute touch. My boyfriend will probably eat these before I can get my hands on them.

    All in all, I’m not totally disappointed, but I also am comparing this to last year’s LE Fall box, which I thought was amazing.

    But, do those items scream fall? Yes, to me. I think they hit that nail on the head!

  22. Sarah

    One more thing — last year, I liked how they did things that were more like “relaxing, cuddle up” items. The bubble bath, the notebook — this year, that little “comfort, pampering” item is missing for me. I wish they would have done a really lovely fall-scented candle, a chunky, knitted scarf for outdoor football games, a make-your-own smores box, and just more items that scream “campfire, crisp leaves, late evening cool weather strolls” vs. “fashionable work wear — look glam in your exceptionally beautiful scarf, lipstick, and smell wonderful in your new perfume.” I just wish it felt more… snuggly. 😉

      1. Sarah

        Love that throw! That would have been incredible.

  23. Shannon

    I’m normally pretty jealous of the special Pop Sugar boxes, but not this one. The scarf looks similar to one we have received before. I am more excited about the purple ombre scarf coming in the regular box.

  24. SQUINJ

    I’m a little bummed I purchased this. I knit all the beanies I own (they just look better than store bought), and I would never pay the price they’re claiming the scarf is. I think $20 is the most I’ve ever paid for a scarf. I don’t wear lipstick, and perfume gives me a headache. Fall you think pumpkins, leaves, woodsy smells, new pencils, fresh notebooks… And there is none of that.

    1. SQUINJ

      Also, I feel like there isn’t very much in the box. Like the candy shouldn’t count (some of us are dieting!!), and… it just feels like they left stuff out.

    2. Jennifer

      I want to see some of the ones you’ve knitted!

  25. HeatherP

    I was realy hoping for a makeup palette too.

    1. HeatherP


  26. Lana

    Well, sounds like I?m in the minority ? but I love this box! I just hope it cools down quick because I?m excited to wear that great hat 🙂 Knit hats come in handy in New England! Cleanser sounds awesome, the lipstick is pretty, and the scarf is great (I?m sure not disappointed that we?re getting one in the September box too?can you really have too many fashion scarves?!) The lap dance thing on the perfume made me chuckle, but I liked the description of the scent, so we?ll see how it smells and I?ll make my call then! All in all, I?m excited. Well worth my $100 for the hat and scarf alone?

    1. Jennifer

      I hear that I am going to have to wear that hat here in Michigan by the end of the month. LOL!

  27. Mrs. L

    Hmmm…for the “special” boxes I think I expect more. Love the scarf. It’s a high end item which the special box should have. But a $100 knit cap? Hmm…again, maybe it’s just me but I expect “special” in these boxes, not stuff that I think would come with one of the regular monthly boxes. Doesn’t mean I don’t like the items, just that they don’t seem to fit the special I’m looking for.

    1. Jennifer

      I think I have a cream hat just like this. I need to dig mine out and compare it when my box comes.

  28. Julie

    I was really hoping for a piece of jewelry! Love the scarf and hat though. Hopefully I like the perfume since I’m running low on mine, but perfume is so personal I’m surprised they included that!

  29. sonia

    if anyone gets and does not want the hat id love to swap or buy it! 🙂

    1. Liz

      I don’t wear hats and would/will sell this one.

  30. PA Anna

    I can’t wait to see the box in person! I’m looking forward to the scarf and hat which will come in use soon. The perfume notes sound interesting although the description is unique. Not sure about the cleanser and lipstick. The boys will be excited about the gummies.

    1. Jennifer

      The description is quite unique!

  31. Tee

    I always say I’m not going to buy the next special box, but I always do. Even though everything is lovely, it’s just not me. I so so wish it were. I’ll have fun trying everything anyway!

  32. Kelsey

    I totally had my fingers crossed for a throw but I figured it wasn’t happening when I saw the box only weighed 2.8 lbs. I’m hoping for some good color variations. I’m not stoked on that hat, where I live in California I will get no use for it so hopefully I’ll be able to trade it. When I first saw this post, I thought it was for the monthly one so I guess that means I’m not wow’ed. I am excited for the cleanser. Is it just me or do we seem to get a ton of scrubs and lotions and not that many cleansers?

    1. Jennifer

      I would totally agree with that. I think we get SO much scrubs and lotions and serums and not enough cleansers!

  33. Nancy M.

    The scarf blue is my favorite color, but the whole scarf “thing” is starting to get a bit redundant. I dislike the hat, it will flatten my hair. Nothing special about the Gummies, and the full size perfume scares me– my Box is due the end of next week and I’m sorry that I signed up for it… 🙁

  34. Sadie

    I’m SOOOOOO okay with 2 scarves that I re-subscribed for the September box after a 5 month hiatus from PopSugar. This is my first Must Have Limited Edition Box. If the beanie fits well, I will be thrilled! I live in Alaska so scarves & hats are kind of a life requirement from now until… MAY. 😉 Not too excited if the lipstick is red…wishing for a more neutral shade. Still, I’m tracking this box like no bodies business until it gets here. Of course it’s stuck in Federal Way, WA for the last 5 DAYS!

  35. Luka

    I’m kind of disappointed. This is my first ever PopSugar box and I ordered after seeing all of the wonderful items people have received in the past – Kendra Scott jewelry, Nest candles, etc. This box feels like a slightly bloated version of a Glossybox to me, not really as much lifestyle and super focused on beauty. I’m on the fence as to whether I’ll keep it. I know these boxes are a gamble but none of this seems all that special or pretty to me.

    1. Jennifer

      Did you get the September box or the special Fall Style Box? This is the special edition which is separate from the monthly one.

      1. Luka

        I actually ordered both but am speaking to the limited edition box, it seems lackluster.

  36. Kim

    No, not happy with this one at all! I wish I could send it back or refuse it and get my money back!

    1. Jennifer

      Hopefully you can trade it away!

  37. Mrs. L

    Well, got mine, waiting for you to get yours to leave my opinion. I will say the cap is pretty nice (cashmere) and the gummies are in the shape of shoes and purses LOL.

    1. Jennifer

      Ha! I want to try the gummies!

  38. Laurie Ellen

    I started getting the boxes when a friend showed me how much great things she was getting. As soon as I became a menber, seems like the quality has gone down. Not renewing.

  39. Betsy

    Wishing I had not spent $100 on this box. Definitely not worth it!

  40. Luka

    I got the box and was going to sell it but after a bad morning at work I decided to just open the dang thing and have at it. I think I can use everything, even though I think the scarf seems a little Granny, but my god, that perfume really does not work for me. To me it came across smelling like bathroom cleanser.

    1. Jennifer

      Mine is suppose to arrive tomorrow and I can’t wait to smell it.

  41. Tamara

    Just got my Fall Special Edition Box. With the exception of the hat, I actually like everything. The hat is super soft, but it rarely goes below 50 where I live, so I doubt I’ll be able to use it. I was very curious about the perfume, but it’s not too bad – It reminds me of Bath and Body Works’ Vanilla Bean Noel, which is my daughter’s favorite. However, given the description of the perfume on the Capsule Perfume site, I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to give her the bottle (lol). I’m excited to try the face wash, the scarf is super light weight and much prettier in person than I expected, the lipstick is gorgeous and the candy will definitely be shared with my daughter. I only wish they had included a jewelry item or candle, too. I agree that this feels more like a regular monthly box.

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