September 2014 Mantry Review – “Euro Trip” + Coupon Code

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Cost: $75/month
Ships To: United States.
Coupon Code: Use this link to get $25 off your first month.
September 2014 Mantry
September 2014 Mantry

B’s September 2014 Mantry arrived yesterday afternoon and while he wasn’t here, I went ahead and opened it for him.  He actually prefers when I do that so he doesn’t have to stop for me to snap pictures every two seconds.

If you aren’t familiar with them, Mantry (aka the Modern Man’s Pantry) is a food of the month club that lets you discover the finest american artisan foods – and gives you ideas of what to do with them.  At $75/month it’s a spendy box for sure, but B totally totally loves it.

September 2014 Mantry
The Box

Mantry ships via UPS Mail Innovations (starts out as UPS and is typically delivered via USPS) and took two days to arrive to me.

September 2014 Mantry
The Mantry Crate

One of the best parts about Mantry is the wooden crate it is packaged in.  We have all of ours still and eventually I will figure out something to do with them.

September 2014 Mantry
First Look

Everything was wrapped up so I couldn’t tell too much from the first look.  I do know that I  couldn’t get everything repacked in this box with the lid on once I opened it all up though! How do they do it?

September 2014 Mantry
The Information Card

The September 2014 Mantry theme was “Euro Trip” and included the best of Europe (but made in America).  Here is what was inside:

~Schaller & Weber Garlic & Cracked Pepper Cervelat ($9.99): This is made in Long Island and looks like the perfect snack for watching football this weekend.

September 2014 Mantry
Schaller & Weber Garlic & Cracked Pepper Cervelat

~Rip Van Wafels Dutch Stroopwafel ($9.37): If you have never tried these before, you should.  B and I both love them.  You can eat it straight from the package if you are out and about or you can set it on top of your coffee cup and let the caramel melt so it’s even more delicious.

September 2014 Mantry
Rip Van Wafels Dutch Stroopwafel

~Sfoglini Pasta Shop Everything Bagel Fusilli ($7): I think we have had this (or at least something from this brand) in the past.  And I think it was excellent. I love pasta and you can for sure taste the difference between a $7 bag and a $1 box you buy at the grocery store.

September 2014 Mantry
Sfoglini Pasta Shop Everything Bagel Fusilli

~City Saucery Nonna’s Smokey Sauce ($8): You can use this gravy for a variety of things, but I am planning on using it on pasta (of course I am).  Hopefully on Saturday night!

September 2014 Mantry
City Saucery Nonna’s Smokey Sauce

~Aux Delices des Bois Herb Pancetta (~$7): I have to say, Pancetta scares me.  I feel like it needs to be cooked.  It doesn’t, but it totally looks like it does.  I don’t know what B usually does with this?  Maybe puts it on burgers?

September 2014 Mantry
Aux Delices des Bois Herb Pancetta

~Race City Sauceworks French Absinthe Herb Vinaigrette ($7.50):  I feel like I get a lot of BBQ sauces and mustards (too much mustard), but vinaigrettes?  Not so much.  This is super unique and will be awesome to try on salad.

September 2014 Mantry
Race City Sauceworks French Absinthe & Herb Vinaigrette

All totaled I came up with a value of ~$50 for the September Mantry box.  I really liked that it was all new products to Mantry (i.e. no repeats from previous boxes), but I would love if the value were a little higher!

Did you get Mantry this month?  What’d you think?  If you are interested in subscribing or just want to learn more, click here and you can save $25 off your first month! How fabulous is that? That would bring the cost of your first box down to $50 which is awesome!

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  1. Chrissy

    Stroopwafels are so good, omg. I love when I find them at Ross or Home Goods for cheap!

    1. Jennifer

      I wish I could find them there. I guess I will just have to go more often 😉

    2. Mairi

      Me too! I read that and basically yelled OMG STROOPWAFEL in my head. Delicious. World Market often has them, too!

      I am so curious about that vinaigrette.

  2. PA Anna

    Everything looks yummy!

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